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Why is Susan rarely seen on Sesame Street?

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by teenintosesame, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Darn. I guess I need to get better at this. Lol. It wouldn't have been impossible though. My sister who's in grad school in Charlotesville mentioned Sonia Monzono appearing in the area to give a lecture.
  2. Ilikemuppets New Member

    Wow! she did? That's so cool!:)
  3. jeffkjoe New Member

    My guess is that Loretta Long is now in her late 60's.

    She was probably 30 at least in 1969, putting her at 67. I would suspect she would be semi-retired by now.

    Not even Bob makes regular appearances on the show.
  4. Ilikemuppets New Member

    Nan, I can't ever see them wanting to retire from the show.
  5. jeffkjoe New Member

    I said SEMI-retired.
  6. mikebennidict New Member

    It's also possible that due to the fact they only produce 26 episodes a year not everyone that's part of the cast is on as much as others.

    I don't think Miles or Gabby are on as much either as well.
  7. Ilikemuppets New Member

    That could be true. But with twenty six episodes and only one month out of the year for filming each season? Bob MaGrath said it was like a hobbie rather then a job now with so few episode now. Maybe she doesnt want to do it as much as she used, but she does speak to schools evey year. But with all the humans split up between so few episodes, that could very well be a reason. But he is oviously on less then everybody else.
  8. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Actually, I never thought of Bob as being semi-retired. He's on the show a lot more than Susan is. He still seems to be there on more of a regular basis. I guess it's just a little confusing now that they don't make as many episodes per season as they used to.
  9. Ilikemuppets New Member

    I meant to say she is obviously on less then everybody else now days.:o
  10. anastasiav New Member

    She's still in the credits

    Interesting. I stopped by here today to find out the answer to this very question. If the wise heads at muppet central don't know the answer, then who does???

    I did notice, using Tivo pause yesterday, that she's still in the credits, at the bottom after the main cast but above Gabby and Miles.

    I hope she is well. I think its interesting that in the interactions between Miles and Gordon that they don't address it one way or another -- I've not heard Miles refer to "my mom", for instance.....
  11. mikebennidict New Member

    Of course she's still in the credits. No one says she's gone.
  12. anastasiav New Member

    True, but the Screen Actors Guild (of which I have to assume the SS cast are all members) normally has very strict rules about who can and cannot be listed in the credits. Since apparently she didn't appear at all in season 37 I was a little surprised to see her name.
  13. Actually, she did appear in the graduation episode, if memory serves.
  14. Ilikemuppets New Member

    Actually, He did refer to her when he was talking to Allen to see if he had any blueberries. He said he needed them so his mom could make her fabulous blueberry pie.
  15. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    "The American Fruit Stand" ep. is what Will is referring to, and he's absolutely right. Also, she was in the graduation episode last season.
  16. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Yeah. That probably will happen if there comes a time when Loretta leaves the show. They could mention that Susan is still around and refer to her on occassion, but still give Gordon and Miles all the airtime. Not that I ever want to see that happen. But it might some time and I guess we need to be prepared. Lol. During the last season of "Family Matters," JoMarie Payton left the show and because the writers didn't want to do an episode about divorce or death, they replaced her with an actress that didn't quite fill her shoes. I'd really hate to see a different Susan. Hopefully, Loretta will still be around for a while.
  17. Ilikemuppets New Member

    I know you said that if there comes a time, but she has been on the show sense day one and I dought she'll leave. But I guess being on Family Matters is a lot more of an annoying job then being on esame Street, LOL!
  18. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    I don't know, I always thought Elmo was much more annoying than Urkel. Lol.
  19. mikebennidict New Member

    Why don't we worry about that if that should happen.

    Otherwise why even bother discussing it at this time?

    There's already 3 sections to this thread do we really need another 3?
  20. Ilikemuppets New Member

    Well, I always kinda thouht of Urkel and Erine to be similar myself.:smirk:

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