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Your Muppet mistakes

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by bingboingcutie, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    With Christmas coming up, perhaps I should mention that when I was younger I mishead certain song lyrics from A Muppet Family Christmas, most notably Deck the Halls. I thought that both Grover and the black cows lines were something to the effect of "time to play a game of barrell". And I thought Guy Smiley's line was "Till the noogie, lash and lashes". (actually, for years after that I thought it was "Till the new year lash and lashes", but then I looked up lyrics a moment ago and I was even wrong on that line).

    And in The Christmas Song, I thought the line was "Jack's not roasting on an open fire, Jack's not nipping at your nose".
  2. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Well-Known Member

    HA! I like that mistake!
  3. bingboingcutie

    bingboingcutie Well-Known Member

    No Jerry Nelson did the voice of the trash heap![/quote]
    How did I not see that? I think it was a mix-up; I had heard Skinfred (or however you spell that) on Believe it or Not and decided that he sounded a lot like Marjory, ultimately concluding that she was, in fact, played by Dave Goelz.

    I seem to confuse lots of voices and faces, which sort of relates to another mistake relating to Muppets. To me, Chevy Chase and Harrison Ford look like the exact same person. So, having seen Chase on Follow That Bird, when I watched Star Wars for the first time and saw Han Solo I leaned over to my sister and said, "I know him! He's from Sesame Street!" Even during the credits, I was like, " 'Harrison Ford.' See? I was right."
  4. CaseytheMuppet

    CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh, I could go on forever... The one that annoys me to this day is that I thought Statler's name was pronounced StaLter. :boo:
  5. bingboingcutie

    bingboingcutie Well-Known Member

    I mispronounced all sorts of stuff, too. I used to call Eric Jacobson "Eric Jabson".
    CaseytheMuppet likes this.
  6. Puckrox

    Puckrox Well-Known Member

    I still have to remind myself Steve's name is pronounced "Whit-my-er" and not "Whit-meer".
  7. KirbTreelo05

    KirbTreelo05 Well-Known Member

    -When I was little, I thought Ernie and Bert were brothers. xD

    -When I started watching Fraggle Rock, I thought Jim Henson played Traveling Matt. xD

    -And some point before getting into BitBBH again, I forgot what gender Ojo was. :rolleyes:
  8. Puckrox

    Puckrox Well-Known Member

    ME TOO. I figured it out eventually, but man, I was so convinced it was Jim.
  9. KirbTreelo05

    KirbTreelo05 Well-Known Member

    Ha! So, I'm not that only one! xD

    Well, we know now, but the voice Golez used for Travel Matt does have a similar quality that Henson used with his deeper voiced characters.
    Puckrox likes this.
  10. bingboingcutie

    bingboingcutie Well-Known Member

    When I was little, I assumed that everyone on SS was a monster. Praire Dawn, Bert, and Ernie included. After all, they certainly didn't look like humans at all.
    Puckrox likes this.
  11. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias Well-Known Member

    Erm...I accidentally put in one of my fics that Sam the Eagle was voiced by Jim Henson. :o Oops...
  12. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    I remember many years back flipping through an issue of Entertainment Weekly and turning to the Video section, coming across a little blurb on there about upcoming direct-to-video sequels which mentions Kermit's Swamp Years, with an illustration of Kermit getting excited over a pile of dollar bills. When I turned and stopped to that page, the first things that caught my untrained eye were the drawing, and mention of the title "Inspector Gadget 2: Dr. Claw's Revenge" - I thought, "Whoa, Kermit's gonna cross over to the path of evil by teaming up with Dr. Claw??" But then I read that Swamp Years was in development, hence the illustration.

    Just goes to show what flipping through stuff too fast does to you.
    (Although it would be real hilarious if such a thing did occur) :laugh:
  13. KittyxMs Pepper

    KittyxMs Pepper Well-Known Member

    I only started being a Muppet fan for, I don't know, 3 months? Anyways, for awhile I thought Beaker was Gonzo..... I was drawing Beaker one day and I drew him with a thing that you hit a gong with.....

    I thought that Miss Piggy was voiced by a girl.

    My friend mistaked Janice for lips, she put a ponytail in her hair at the top of her head and said "I look just like the Muppet Lips!" She also got super confused when I tried to explain to her that Lips is a boy, not a girl.
  14. KirbTreelo05

    KirbTreelo05 Well-Known Member

    With lips like that, I can see why someone would think that was her name. xD

    I think the biggest Muppet mistake I've made so far, was not getting those Palisades figures when they were around. I remember coming across some packs in a store during an out-of-state vacation with my family. I was busy looking for a souvenir to take back home with me. I coulda sworn I remember seeing one based of the Veterinarian Hospital sketch with Rowlf as Dr. Bob and I think I saw a set with Statler and Waldorf. What I really don't remember is why I didn't get any of them. Maybe they didn't have a wide variety to choose from or they were kinda pricey...If I had known that they would stop making them, I would have grabbed at least one of the ones they had instead of that stuffed beanbag puppy...which was super adorable, but still.

    I really hope we'll be seeing good Muppet figures like those again! I want 'em! :excited:

    Another Muppet mistake I noticed while typing that little story up there would be thinking that Statler's name was said and pronounced "Stantler". :rolleyes:

  15. bingboingcutie

    bingboingcutie Well-Known Member

    Me too! I just got my hands on a set of Muppet Babies mcdonald's toys in search of some Muppet figures. I'm still waiting for the set at Disneyland to come out.
  16. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I made a few...

    I used to call Animal Fuzzy because I probably heard Fozzie, and since Animal looks fuzzy, that's probably why.

    I called Dave Goelz, Dave Go-Lez

    I thought Piggy was voiced by a girl

    I thought that Jim Henson was still alive, and he did the voice of Kermit still

    Yup, many flaws...
  17. MuppetySmurf

    MuppetySmurf Well-Known Member

    LOL, The first time I saw MTI, I thought it was Mr. Pimple!:o
  18. KingR76

    KingR76 Well-Known Member

    After racking my brains for some time (its what happens when you're almost about to hit 36) I remembered how I thought that Boober was performed by Mr. Oz. It was the "Down at Fraggle Rock." line that sounded like Fozzie that was part of it.

    Obviously now I stand corrected.
  19. Emilia

    Emilia Member

  20. Alvin

    Alvin Well-Known Member

    Muppet Mistakes...why never! I find myself correcting people when they make a mistake...and I am not even aware I did it til after I did it! LOL!

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