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Your Thoughts: Elmo’s Christmas Countdown

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Phillip, Dec 23, 2007.



    Elmo's Christmas Countdown awesome! The end the muppets sings with Santa Clause for a rock n roll ending!
  2. NantoSeiken

    NantoSeiken Member

    Bert's laugh

    Somehow it didn't seem fair to me when Bert criticized Steve Schirripa for not doing the "Bert laugh" properly. Eric Jacobson's "Bert laugh" doesn't sound right either! ;)
  3. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    No actually you are right and I misunderstood what was going on in the song. I am definitely willing to admit that and thanks for pointing it out! :)

    Sort of like when Dan Rather made a mistake because he was so determined to be critical of Bush (and rightly so). I guess I had the same reaction to the special, lol. While the show wasn't perfect, I do agree it was cute and inspirational. And I wouldn't mind if they showed it every year (as long as they showed Christmas Eve on Sesame Street along with it!)

    (Unlike Rather, I'm willing to admit when I make a mistake. lol)
  4. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes: Here it goes....bashing the muppet performers. Besides everyone's not perfect. And Mr. Jacobson is just trying to fill the shoes of the great Frank Oz. You don't expect his Bert laugh to be EXACTLY like Frank's Bert do you? He's trying his best.:sympathy:

    Besides, it sounds pretty good to me.
  5. Davina

    Davina Member

    I have to admit, the set did kinda grow on me once i figured out what they were doing with it.. (sorry, I had been sick all day and was trying to get caught up on stuff while watching this, so wasn't able to give it 100% attention, some of us don't have the option of dropping everything just to pay attention to a tv program when there are pets and family and dishes to deal with... and i'd seen NO promotion for this show at all until like saturday.. heck i didn't even realize it was ben stiller narating til like half way through..)

    it was good, but not as good as it could have been. i did like that they did spread the humour around the age groups, that was nice, too
    but they really needed more of the characters to be involved, human or otherwise...
  6. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    BERT: Please do not laugh like Ernie Mr. Sirico.
    TONY: And why not, Boit?
  7. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Wow! "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" was pretty fun! I don't think it was quite as great (and I don't anything ever really will be) as "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" or even "A Special Sesame Street Christmas", but it was pretty good. I like "Elmo Saves Christmas" and "A Sesame Street Christmas Carol" okay too- but they still aren't quite the greatest either.
    The celebrities were fun though I will agree I didn't get much out of Jamie Foxx's performance. I was watching Elmo and the Rat King more than listening to him sing though.;)
    I was actually quite ecstatic that they included "Do You Hear What I Hear?" in with the Christmas songs. Nice to hear an actual Christian Christmas carol in there that talks about the reason for Christmas- the birth of King Jesus who came to die and rise again and thereby save the world from its sins and open the door to Heaven!
    (And yes, Elmo still needs to learn pronouns, but oh well.)
    I was glad to see the appearance of a lot of characters, even if some of them were non-speaking. At least they got to sing along. Obviously, Elmo and Abby Cadabby were front and center- but I've kinda come to expect that of the current Sesame Street. I'd love to have seen "Big Bird's Christmas Countdown" or even "Grover's Christmas Countdown" or maybe even a less popular character by comparison- like Prairie Dawn or how about even Bert and Ernie? I mean, they're definitely still popular- but it seems like I don't see them leading off many things anymore.
    But I'm glad there was some sort of appearance from Elmo, Abby, Big Bird, Snuffy, Grover, Cookie Monster, The Count, Bert, Ernie, Prairie Dawn, Baby Bear and his parents and Telly, Rosita and Zoe. And I think I maybe even saw some Honkers in there and yeah, I noticed Lulu and I think Maurice Monster. And Hoots was in there!
    And I was really glad to see Herry Monster in there! Sure, he was just singing in the background, but at least he's still included! I was beginning to wonder if he'd been retired too.
    Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I'll be looking for it on DVD next year! Merry Christmas to all and as Tiny Tim observed, 'God bless us, everyone!':)
  8. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    I would have to say that i'll buy it when it comes out on DVD. Why because i enjoyed everybit of it. I enjoyed the set no matter how it looked. I did after a while grow on me. So i really hope to hear about a Christmas CD of all the songs on there.
  9. bunny

    bunny New Member

    hi ya...
    The Elmo show was fun! Did the cute snowball have a name? I might have missed it.
  10. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    I think I remmber hearing when Henson sold the "Muppets" and "Bear to Disney that they couldnt cut a deal unless Sesame was still alowed to dub there puppets "Muppets" aswell.
  11. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    The special was good. But I do wonder why it keeps being called "the Elmo show" or similar things (at least that's what I'm seeing). Even back in the day when we had "Big Bird in China", it wasn't just called "the Big Bird show". It was also called "a Sesame Street show." At least in my experience.
  12. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Because many people feel that Elmo has "taken over" the whole show, hence why people refer to it as "The Elmo Show".
  13. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Yeah again, does not leave me with the warm fuzzy feelings, lol.
  14. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    That...is a good point. Back in the day when Big Bird was everywhere and at the forefront of everything that SS did, as much as I loved Big Bird, I wanted to see someone else joining the title of specials, hosting, and being spokesbird. I guess ultimatly, SS is about variety. Obviously some characters, such as Cookie, don't have what it takes to propel the show in a story format, but others like Big Bird, Elmo, Grover, Abby now, Ernie and Bert, and possibly Zoe should have their imput when it comes to specials.

    *drifts off imagining a Super Grover movie*
  15. PinballStewie

    PinballStewie New Member

    A lot better than I expected...

    Had it not come on immediately after "Ebert and Roeper" (or whatever it's called now), I wouldn't have even known about this (my mom likes that show). And yes, "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" was a LOT better than I expected. Stiller the Elf (and the snowball), the Count's "I Saw 3 Ships" (done all the way up to "...10 Ships"), and ESPECIALLY "The Bert and Ernie Christmas Special" all harked back to old school SS humor for me ;) And I know I'll get at least a little bashed for saying this, but I actually liked Kevin James' appearance as Santa Claus, because to my knowledge, I don't remember SS attempting to do any rock and roll-ish songs since Little Jerry and the Monotones "comeback" appearance in 2001 (and those kewl parodies of post-grunge-y bands like Pearl Jam, Spin Doctors, and Counting Crows!); and James' "I Believe" song sounded like a nice, fresh return to that!
  16. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    How can one enjoy it if its ghastly to the eyes? Im very easy to please Muppet wise. I LOVE Bear in the Big Blue House, Mopatop, Sesame Street, you name it.
    But I also believe in quality, and to me I felt there was a strong poverty of imagination, care and uniqueness.

    Again, you look at the 1980's Sesame specials...my goodness those were light years ahead of this stuff. The fact Telly was nowhere to be found sealed the deal.
  17. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Good. There was a time a couple years prior where JHC wasnt allowed to mention the Muppets on their site really, and definately not in theatre film festival retrospectives. It was always referencing Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, and "Jim's Legacy"

    This was ALL because of 2004. FINALLY, JHC can have Kevin Clash's Elmo, with Zoe appear with Gonzo and it's all good. The idiot lawyers trying to draw up what constitutes the legality (TM) of a Muppet do not care about the legacy of Jim Henson or the fans.
  18. bunny

    bunny New Member

    Anyone know if the snowball had a name?
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi... The snowball's name was Stan. BTW: Where's your signature from?
  20. bunny

    bunny New Member

    Stan is the Man!

    Oh my gosh.....love the name Stan! In fact, really love all the fun and quirky names that Sesame Street comes up with. My favorite: Little Murray Sparkles!

    My signature is a lyric from the song "I don't know how to love him", in the movie Jesus Christ Superstar.

    I haven't had many men! I promise!


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