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Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock DVD

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Phillip, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. WiGgY

    WiGgY Well-Known Member

    Well I want to know how this is an effective test of the market. One store selling a stripped down DVD. Then they tell us that soon there will be the same DVD offered, only with more stuff. So, if sales are poor on the first DVD, and good on the next, does that mean all DVDs will have extra cool stuff? What if everyone buying now decides they aren't stupid enough to buy the same DVD twice and sales are poor on the second DVD. Will all future DVDs be stripped down? I just don't get it.
  2. froggiegirl18

    froggiegirl18 Well-Known Member

    so happy

    About going to the nearest wal-mart and buying the dvd's..the one close to my home the guy had no idea what I was talking about..so I was disappointed for a few hours..Then I went to my aunt's who lives about thirty minutes away to help with putting together a computer desk..since she did not have a phone cord that was needed to have the desk where she wanted it, we took a trip to wal-mart and there they were my mom bought two..one for me and one for her...I was skipping the rest of the night!!I went home and watched the first two...which I had never seen the first or the second. I'm not sure if the third one has problems because I have not been able to watch it yet I will before I go to work or after. I'm soooooo happy to see the beloved fraggles again because I have been watching the same 5 episodes over and over because those were the only ones my mom recorded since I was born two years after it came out. Anyways for those who haven't bought them yet invest the ten dollars..I think it's worth it..in fact if the next one is just as cheap..I'll buy the next one if it means that the entire series will be produced. Call me foolish but at least I will see more extra stuff.. :)
  3. BigTiny

    BigTiny Member

    Seemed to be a good test to me. I found my copy yesterday and LOVED it. Ok, so they merge two episodes. My kids never noticed. I mean, HiT is a childrens distributor, right?

    I never saw the first episode as I did not have HBO as a kid/teen. I was able to see an episode from time to time at a friends house and really loved it. Getting access to this DVD has turned out to be a lot of fun for my family! And the flier 'More Fraggle Rock Coming To Video/DVD Fall 2004' inside the DVD case is exciting as well.

    Sure bonus features would have been nice. And just having access to the first episodes will hold my family for a while. I believe that with the proper feedback, future editions of Fraggle Rock on DVD will be wonderful.

    Now back to 'Outer Space'...
  4. Wembley

    Wembley Well-Known Member

    What about Fridays that aren't before the weekend?

    -Rick "Wembley" Miller
    ..."You can NOT leave the magic!"
  5. froggiegirl18

    froggiegirl18 Well-Known Member

    yep the episode about the water is fine...the lip synch matches up...hip hip hooray for HIT..true not the best dvd out there, would be nice to see behind the scene stuff but at least we can see Fraggle Rock again!
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    personally, my qualms about WalMart are basically their gender biased employee payment and their elimination of Mom and pop stores, but I guess that's just me.

    So... do they even say what the "extras" are, or did they even hint at it?

    It may sway my decision to purchase this DVD... especially if they can fix the sound gaffe and the Merging of the first 2 episodes... but somehow I feel the extras will be corny.....

    But then agian, Hit pretty much deals mainly with a lame Dinosaur show that has become old hat by now... he's about 8 years behind the height of his popularity....his peak has been reached. So basically, that's why I think the DVD's will be like this.

    But It's great to see it in some form on DVD... specially since us kids with parents too poor to buy cable had to make due with the cartoon series....
  7. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    It's like seeing them on HBO for the first time again. I can't wait for more. :smirk: :excited:

  8. SillyRed

    SillyRed Well-Known Member

    I love the new DVD! My fave is the bonus episode "Let The Water Run"! A must have for DVD player owners!! :excited:
  9. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member


    :D :D :D
  10. baby sinclair

    baby sinclair Well-Known Member

    Are these dvd's selling out? i wanna know when tuesday rolls around should i automatically go to the store and pick this item up?Or is it no big deal and i can take my time?
  11. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    When I bought mine this passed Wednesday, there were like... 15 or 20 copies left. I may have beent he first to buy them. They didn't even have a price sticker on the rack. I wouldn't wait if I were you though, but that's only because I'm a fraggle dork. Need fraggles now!

  12. baby sinclair

    baby sinclair Well-Known Member

    lol thanx for the info.Alot folks are complaining about the next release but we may not get anymore of these if this dvd doe'snt sale good.Where i live i only know one person who use to watch fraggle rock
  13. Sir Didymus

    Sir Didymus Well-Known Member

    I am currently in Kentucky for a month, and I am just dying to get this DVD! I checked a Wal Mart yesterday, and the lady checked a piece of paper that said "Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock" July 27! I can't wait! After the lady told me when it comes out, a customer behind me said "Oh, I love Fraggle Rock!".

    I am counting the days!

    Sir Didymus
  14. Sir Didymus

    Sir Didymus Well-Known Member

    Also, I am going to buy 2 of these, just because I want future releases!!

  15. SillyRed

    SillyRed Well-Known Member

    The Closed Captioning has the first line of the theme song wrong. It's "Dance Your Cares Away" Not "Cast Your Cares Away"!
  16. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    "Rully, it's not 'Fishing Rock'!" :flirt:
  17. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    I don't think I'll get this DVD except on sale, but I'm glad it's out there. I know a lot of people have wanted it for a long time.
  18. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    At least there is closed captioning, most of the Muppet DVDs don't have it. I think that is really great that it does have closed captions. :excited:
  19. The Storyteller

    The Storyteller Well-Known Member

    I'm SO lucky! My Birthday is the 27th! :) Can't WAIT! ;)
  20. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    And hey, Phil, thanks for includin' my editorial link in your piece about the FR DVD, and for what you said about it. That's really nice. :o


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