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Your Thoughts: Muppets Letters to Santa

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by Phillip, Dec 17, 2008.


What did you think of the "Letters to Santa" special?

  1. I loved "Letters to Santa".

    74 vote(s)
  2. "Letters to Santa" was good.

    71 vote(s)
  3. "Letters to Santa" was just so-so.

    27 vote(s)
  4. I disliked "Letters to Santa".

    13 vote(s)

  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Tonight’s the night we’ve been waiting for! The Muppets return to prime time in the NBC Special, "A Muppets Christmas - Letters to Santa".

    After you watch the show, post here and share your thoughts on all aspects of the special with fans from around the world.
  2. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Wow this is really turning out to be such a sweet story! I love Gonzo in this. He is really becomeing a heartfelt whatever! I'm going to have to get use to the new Scooter.
  3. bazooka_beak

    bazooka_beak Well-Known Member

    This was so cute and funny - isn't it coming out on DVD? Nothing listed on Amazon or anywhere I checked :/
  4. Skye

    Skye Well-Known Member

    Gonzo is absolutely melting my heart!

    This is such a sweet story. And it's so great to see so many different characters in this movie. Funny and heartfelt... very nicely done! :)
  5. Shadowkai

    Shadowkai Member

    I really liked the movie so did my parents. Gonzo was very very sweet in this movie which made me happy, but I gotta say my fave part is with Beaker and the christmas wish machine. XD I think he got what he wanted for christmas.
  6. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    WOW! So far so good! It's almost like a Gonzo Christmas special he's featured so much! I loved the heart song they sang. Plus, Crazy Harry's appearance was perfect! And Fozzie on the airplane wing: "We're winging it!" (Kermit: "That's not funny!")

    So, now that it's over, I msut say it was good. Not great, but still good nonetheless. I loved the end, Robin and Rowlf even got to sing! 4/5 in my book!
  7. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Yea I love this stroy it really does have heart!
  8. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    Nicely done nothing special but hey it's the Muppets
  9. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Well...hmm...ok. I mean, every great entertainers go through their initial period of being edgy and appealing to all ages. Then eventually, inevitably, they get watered down. This has happened to the Muppets, it was just that time. I found the special very sweet, but targeted mainly at children. I do hope kids enjoy it, and perhaps will be persuaded to give the older specials a chance too. :)


    I adored Gonzo's song about being Santa Claus. It really represented what I would like Christmas to be about--generosity to others. How many people who go as far as Gonzo did to make things right? Not many. And they kept hope that there's always a way. :) :concern:

    No bad pig jokes, thank you! The part where Kermit says he'd be the one to rub on the sun tan lotion was very cute, hehe.

    And glad the band showed up at the end after all, it was very in character. And I did smile when Bunsen said, "Beaker, you came back!" Too bad they weren't featured just a bit more.

    The jokes like the Muppets getting dumped from the garbage truck as Statler and Waldorf heckle, Crazy Harry and riding the wing of the plane were very Muppety. Koodos!


    Seriously, what's with all the ethnic stereotypes (the piegons, and the mob)? Is this 1910? Was the audience demanding dialect comedy? Very strange...
  10. Libba Yuki

    Libba Yuki Well-Known Member

    I hate to say it (especially with the praise it's gotten so far here), but I was pretty disappointed with this one...I actually thought it was kinda bad at some parts.

    It was far too kiddy to me, it felt more like something that Sesame Street should have done.

    I have a few favorite moments: Beaker's girlfriend meeping like he does, Gonzo and Fozzie's duet (Gonzo's role in this movie was really sweet, loved that he sang nearly all the songs too), Bunsen cutting in so he could dance with Beaker *awwwww!* (is it just me, or did Bunsen look a little different?), the pigeons, Gonzo going through the metal detector, Piggy's hairstyle in the final scene (it looked really nice on her), the Piggy/Kermit moments were cute too.

    The plot just seemed thrown out there, with little to no effort put into it for me...and the Muppets seemed watered down to me.
  11. rexcrk

    rexcrk Well-Known Member

    I thought it was great! I really liked what Beaker wished for the most for Christmas ;) . The ending was really great with all the characters too... and Rowlf spoke! (I kept thinking to myself how much a shame it is that we hardly ever see Rowlf anymore). And omg... BOBO was in it! FREAKIN' BOBO! And he was dressed in his "Rentro" outfit... Bobo was one of the highlights for me in Muppets From Space (I still say he should've been assisstant to the Wizard in MWoO, especially considering that Jeffery Tambor was the Wizard). I also loved the appearance of Crazy Harry.. that was perfect! Bunsen cutting in to dance with Beaker was hilarious (and very Smithers-like xD). Who performed Floyd? My gosh it was a very very good performance! And who did Robin's voice? It was nice to hear him talk, but he didn't sound that great =/.

    As much as I liked this special, I gotta say that A LOT of the puppets looked "off" to me (such as Fozzie, Piggy, and Bunsen). Gonzo looked good, though, I thought. And while I think Eric Jacobson does a great Fozzie and Piggy... I still think his Sam the Eagle needs some work. And also, it's a shame that Kevin Clash and Brian Henson don't do much performing anymore, because I miss their characters (Clifford, Sal, Dr. Van Neuter). Whoa speaking of Sal... where were Johnny and Sal?

    I hope if they release it officially on DVD that it's an extended version like they did with MWoO.
  12. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    I liked it, I liked it. Sure, there were moments when it veered toward the cute and cloying, but it was pretty good.

    For me, it was really, really good to see all the gang back together on the air. That's what made it for me.

    Here's my verdict on Scooter: sure, it's certainly a different voice, a little more high-pitched, but David Rudman's got the demeanor spot-on. Guess it comes from all those years of working alongside Richard Hunt; that said, he did a swell job. I just wish we could have seen a little more of Scooter - I loved his joke about "hits" on the Web site.
  13. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    I really enjoyed this special. It was very heartful and I think it's a new christmas classic.

    I love Gonzo in this special, and I thought there was a neat thing with him a Fozzie going. Plus I loved that Robin the Frog and Rowlf the Dog got a little more lines, well singing lines. I'm glad I took the time to wacth it and it's great Paul Williams got to write the songs, which were pretty nice songs (nothing compared to his work in the Muppet movie, but I guess that goes without saying.) One thing I personally would of liked to see more in here is probably Scooter and Rowlf joining Kermit and friends to go to the North Pole. But overall I totally loved it.
  14. goshposh

    goshposh Well-Known Member

    My only real complaint is that it was too short. The story felt compressed otherwise I loved it. Robin singing was a huge surprise!
  15. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    I do agree, it's clear David knew the mannerisms and attitude, very close to the real thing. Scooter had the appropriate attitude toward Kermit and even did the classic "That's great!" arm gesture, hehe. I think David captured the enthusiasm and youthfulness very well. ;)
  16. somethingofafan

    somethingofafan Well-Known Member

    I think this show was very good at showing Gonzo as a well-rounded character. There were a number of good Muppety moments (Statler and Waldorf's "Silent Night" gag; Crazy Harry). The overall tone was a little sweeter than I like (I much prefer the Muppets at their zaniest), but forgivable from a Christmas special. Much as I would like to see more, I'm glad they didn't try to pad the length beyond what the plot would hold.

    Overall, good. Not the absolute best, but a good solid entry in the series.

    Now if they could just tackle another holiday once in a while...
  17. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    I do agree with some of you guys that some of the Muppets look a bit different.

    Maybe it's just me, but Benson looked a little bigger, like he put weight on or something, :confused:.
  18. Colbynfriends

    Colbynfriends Well-Known Member

    It was great. I loved the Crazy Harry cameo, as well as Robin at the end. I also liked Beakers gf, wasn't expecting that. :eek:.

    I think so too. to me, it seems his glasses are bigger, and he has a more "pronounced" chin than he use to. But thats just me.
  19. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed the special. It had that "Muppet" feel to it... I've read on here with people saying Bunsen looked weird... Well I'm glad I'm not the only one. It seems the new structure of the puppet is a little off. His mouth seems too small as well as his ears are too far up on his melon head. Which causes his glasses to be a bit off. I could tell they used two Fozzie puppets on account that one's bottom jaw seemed to be more flexible within the material. Same as for Piggy... But I thought she looked great.

    I liked the heart with the story. Paul Williams writing is amazing! Fantastic job! It all sounded wonderful. Very heartwarming and touching. I loved it. Although I thought that maybe they would sing "I Believe in Santa Claus" in which Kermit sang on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    It did seem a bit short and fast paced. I really enjoyed the Very Merry Muppet Christmas... The puppetry in this was very well done. I see they mapped out the arm rods again... Some like it ... It kinda weirds me out because I expect to see them.. lol.. ;)

    I loved the airplane wing scene. That was my favorite as well as Nathan Lane and BoBo! Hilarious! Good writing... The "OZ" movie didn't have that much witty writing as this one did. I also noticed that Johnny and Sal were not in this.. I expected them to pop up with the mobsters in the restaurant. It didn't seem like Brian had anything to do with this one. I did like Brian's Scooter as well as Rickey Boyd's. Those were the closest to Scooter's voice I thought...

    All the Electric Mayhem spoke which was excellent. Rowlf and Robin and SWEETUMS!

    One of the best parts was with Sam the Eagle. I'm so glad he was featured!

    Again, special was great... just needed some tweaks as well as more time I thought..

    Kermit's dance in the Post Office was super awesome with his arms. The mail room scene, which I had already watched online, was still terrific!

    I pretty much enjoyed the special.. done and done... lol
  20. Libba Yuki

    Libba Yuki Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I noticed his glasses looked bigger and the chin too...it threw me off at first to be honest.

    I just can't get over how cute Bunsen and Beaker's scenes were (Bunsen trying not to look at the hot girl Beaker wished for, his happiness when Beaker returned, wanting to cut in the dance...only to dance with Beaker and not the girl. Too cute!)

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