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Your Thoughts: Street Gang – The Complete History of Sesame Street

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by Phillip, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    I'd only assume just for reference. I don't know. :smirk:
  2. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    The inclusion of Abby is important, but I'd really like the focus to be on the rest of the 40 Sesame seasons. That seems to be what they did. :super:

    I wonder how much frank Frank Oz discussion it contains. We know he has some disagreements with the show's direction over the past few years.
  3. Dr. Bombay

    Dr. Bombay Well-Known Member

    I'm in Chapter 14 I believe and I have to say I LOVE THIS BOOK! It's indepth but not boring. Everything ties into everything else and it's just so marvelous to see how SS came together.

    I will say though that I'm VERY disappointed with inclusion of curse words, particularly the F-bomb. I realize this book isn't geared towards kids at all, but it's not classy to have them included. Yes, they are quotes from interviewees but still, I think it would've been better to censor them with the first letter and hyphens...we still get the gist of what is being said and, sure, we KNOW what's being said, but it just seems more in line with the innocence of SS to have it not printed all the way out.

    But that's my only complaint so far!

  4. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Well I'm not sure but don't authors generally prefer not to censor their interviews? I do understand your concern, I don't like it when people curse too much either.
  5. MuppetsRule

    MuppetsRule Well-Known Member

    I got mine today. I know what I'll be doing New Year's Day. :wisdom:
  6. BEAR

    BEAR Well-Known Member

    I just bought the book the other day with a Borders gift card I got for Christmas. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to plunge into it! I don't really want to read this thread much yet because I don't want it to spoil what I haven't read. I will post my thoughts when I get further into reading. So excited to read this book!
  7. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    I've been reading and skimming through the book and there's a lot of new info to me. Like the exact time Jim passed away.

    Plus, the funniest quote - "Prairie is the Muppet most loved by librarians."
  8. The Shoe Fairy

    The Shoe Fairy Well-Known Member

    Well, It is the COMPLETE history, and in recent year's they had to introduce another major female character, for various reasons.
  9. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Definitely! :) As long as the history of SS doesn't take a back seat to the more recent stuff that still needs to stand the test of time (no offence to the newer characters). :)
  10. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    I just got this book today! I'm only on page seven but it's a fun ride so far!
  11. Dr. Bombay

    Dr. Bombay Well-Known Member

    I just finished the book today, and I'm sad that there isn't any more book TO finish:( It's such a great read and so informative!

    I would say this is a great companion piece to "Sesame Street: Unpaved" where that book has tons of pictures and info to "Street Gang" having tons of info and pics.

    Great job, Mr. Davis!
  12. goshposh

    goshposh Well-Known Member

    Will the audio book be released on itunes?
  13. trekkie1701E

    trekkie1701E Well-Known Member

    I ordered the book what seems like forever ago at a local indie in San Jose (support those independents, guys!), and am finally gonna recieve it soon.
  14. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    I was planning to buy one the next time I could get out to a Borders or Barnes and Noble...but tonight, after I got home from work, I went browsing in the bookshop that's down the street from where I am. And I'm aimlessly scanning the nonfiction section, when on the third shelf I spotted a copy of "Street Gang."

    It's a good book, very interesting. I really loved what the book had to say about Richard Hunt (I'm kinda biased, as you can tell by my signature), and I liked reading about how the show evolved over the years...but wow, Northern Calloway had issues.
  15. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    I spend some time reading it in the store today, lol (may have to wait for my birthday!). Definitely appreciate the time given to Richard Hunt. ;)

    I'm not sure the whole world needs to know about certain cast members' lives. That felt a little odd to me personally.

    However, it was nice to read about Jason, one of the Sesame Street kids. I saw this 1981 NYTimes article recently about him and his mother, who was actually a Sesame Street writer. How difficult it is finding out your child is disabled, and how the doctors advised against taking him home. But how she was told by a fellow mother, "I wish I could tell you how wasted those tears are. That child will be the joy of your life." :)
  16. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    Just finished reading it! I would highly recommend it! I would have to say after reading this book that I can say with confidence that I would attribute the show demise to the creation of Zoe... Trust me when I say that is the turning point. I guess I didn't think about it because I never knew? But I am glad to know that Fran eventually turned things around with her character.

    Also loved learning new things about Richard Hunt as well as others who made the show what it was ans is!

    Yeah, Northern was spread across many places in the book, and I have to say that it very troubling, sad and tragic the way his life played out and ended and is most most clear in the end just how sick he had become.

    By the way here is a scene with Jason! I never knew the cut away scenes with David before, but it kind of creeps me out now.


    One thing I noticed about the book is it has a lot of recurring themes though out the whole book and coincidental things and that it's all so connected in so many ways' You truly do have top read one part for the next part or another to truly understand and for it to make sense. The who book really is connected so well and it all tied together really nicely. It will take you in one place seemingly in the middle on nowhere and make perfect sense later on. I wish I could describe better just what I'm talking about. For instance regarding recurring themes... There is a theme throughout out the whole book where evrything and force that's comes against the workshop fails because of just plain what Joan refers to as "dumb luck" and it happens over and over again. And I would not could Elmo out because he is a lot more important then he is giving credit for without even trying, knowing or realizing it. He was in the right place at the right time in history and the whole book is full of the right place and the right connections and the right people at the right time when ever things seemed to take a turn for the worst. And the whole book is eerily an example of the "six degrees" Theory... Even in years and decades and generations that at first seem to have nothing to do with each other. But it really is such a good read and the way it ended to me was more them perfect to make this one of the best reads out there. I would really suggest that the best way to read is from front to back... It is really well worth it to read it in the order!
  17. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    I do find it really interesting and a bit shocking how Abby Cadabby was John Ganz Cooney brain child of all things. And I am even more suprised that she gave her blessing and encouragement to the urban renewal project titled, "Around The Corner" I mean it was planned that at the end of every episode that a sponsor man would say “Guest of Sesame Street stay at the elegant Furry Arms hotel, Weather they want to or not.” … I mean what’s that? episode I don't want to ruin it, but their was just this one part during the making of season 25 when new management came in and wanted to "Barny-a-rize" and dumb down everything that was just too hilarious for Words! The new "PC" people and one research director put a complete halt on an episode involving a showbiz type named Walt "Dizzy" who was in search of an actor to play a chicken in a production he was doing. Well Telly catches the acting bug and obsesses over getting the part and practices clucking and flapping his wings. But Elmo gets the role instead, but Telly lands another one. As the script was being taken into the production stage, one of the newly appointed research directors put a halt to the script because as she put it "Research had concluded the material was unsuitable on the grounds of racism… And directly after she was concluded by and I kid you not that “The part of a chicken should only be played by a chicken… Essentially she is saying that they are being racists and insensitive towed chickens and possibly stereo typing them.

    At first they did not think she was even being serious, but after finding out that she wasn’t, the writers tried to explain to her that “The whole art of acting is pretending to be someone other who you are in real life, other wise you wouldn’t mount a production of Hamlet unless a real Danish prince happens to show up at the audition. And Norman styles had the funniest response to the whole strange ordeal.

    He “Suggested with a strait face that they should air the piece as written and see how much mail that they would get from outraged chickens. Baaaaahahahahahahahaha… :p
  18. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    That is truly disturbing, lol.
  19. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    Spoiler stuff!

    Tell me about it. And they had this whole big where they accused Jon Stone and Dulcy Singer of not adapting to what they called in their eye's, "change and innovation" and not doing things, "The Barney way". Newly appointed CEO for the Workshop David Britt was like "John was being pressured to do things differently, for good reason". And management was viewing Stone and Singer as " resistant to change and "thought they were comfortable old sticks-in the-mud who were opposed to change whatsoever." As John put it. But John argued that that it wasn't so much that they were resistant to all change, but they they "were resistant to ill-conceived, unreached, damaging change." And that they "were never asked about modification. We were told" But is it any wander why some people just find some of this research they they come up with to just be plain bogus, heh!

    It's funny, because all of a sudden these new people step in out of no where that this new David Britt guy assembles and what the book calls "an SWAT team of executives to shake up Sesame Street" in response to Barney the Dinosaur who had made "People's" lists of the "25 most intriguing people, lol". But these people come in and there are quite arrogant and they think they know better and what's best that what was worked for a quarter of a century, only to be prover wrong in the long run of things. I just find it a little sad that Jon never got to see the street go back to more of it's original forum. The funny thing it that it was an out cry from the fans of the show who wanted focus back on the core characters who made the show what it was and off of the newer stuff. I mean When Barney first got big he was taking a bite into the Workshops ratings, but Stone dismissed it as nonsense. He was right.
  20. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I need to get this book! I don't understand how such a SWAT team of executives rises to such a level. This does explain how things changed.

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