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Ask Ken at Palisades

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Cindy, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. Muppetsdownunder

    Muppetsdownunder Well-Known Member

    How much are exclusives such as the statler and waldorf set and the chef with banditos? I just wanted to know the price the Palisades collectors club charges for their exclusives and mini figures etc.

    from Paul :)
  2. Aerosmith

    Aerosmith Well-Known Member

    Swedish Chef - $20.00 + s/h
    Statler and Waldorf - $25.00 + s/h
  3. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    This first part is for Ken- the new pictures I've been seeing of the Swinetrek- can't remember if they were the final pics or not- have the regular starfield in the viewscreen. Can I take this to mean that the regular starfield default is in? Also, in the test pic on the Palisades website Daily Bit, what are those objects scattered on the left and right in front of the Swinetrek?

    Also, someone refresh my memory- between the two of them, Statler and Waldorf come with the avacado from the Pearl Bailey episode, 2 tomatoes (one of which looks just like the one from the show) and a carrot. Which comes with which?

    In the section on the main site it neglects to list the avacado; I wouldn't think it's been scrapped as we've already seen the sculpt of it.

    Anybody have the picture or the link to it? Thanks.

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  4. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    Both of them have 2 tomatoes each. Statler has the carrot and avacado.
  5. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Doesn't one have the carrot and the other have the avacado?
  6. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    Got the word from Ken- Statler comes with 2 tomatoes and the Avacado, Waldorf with one tomato (a duplicate of one of Statler's 2, the smiley one I think) and a carrot.

    Someone help me out here- do Link & Strangepork's waists move, and are Link's hands supposed to turn? And, of course, the MAMMA antennae question- which way? How do you fit them in there and get 'em to stay? Dang. This must be the Series 4 'issue'. That there's only one per series considering everything that could be an issue is staggering.

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  7. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    (unaudible cursing)

    Link and Strangepork both have swivel waists and wrists. The antennaes go in thick ends out.
  8. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    The Avacado was a little something 'extra' Ken added in for the fans after the initial accessory announcement for S6 - that's why the main site neglects to list it right now. It came later than the update.
  9. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member


    Just compiled the info you gave on S8 on the Palisades board before you announced it:

    1. There is a new exclusive being sculpted that has never been mentioned before today to replace the Sweetums which was delayed from S8 time period. It is a TMS designated figure.

    2. One figure has a book.

    Sam's book of ethics?

    3. One figure has a single accessory only.

    4. One figure has 9 separate accessories.

    5. One figure has a magnetic feature IN the accessories but not in the figure itself.

    Oo, oo, I think I know this one- one I mentioned to you. Is this magnetic Muppaphones that stick to the table? While on the subject, how many Muppaphones will there be?

    6. One figure has ball jointed elbows.


    7. One figure has an accessory that you can put other accessories into.

    8. One of the figures has a very large accessory, one that will be a challenge to fit inside the blister.

    9. One figure has an accessory that we are trying to work an interesting mechanism into.

    10. One figure will cause a major discussion on the board when people find out what he will NOT have packed with him.

    Better not be Marvin with no Muppaphones.

    11. One figure would fit in nicely to an existing Playset display even though he wasn't really associated with that Playset.

    Care to shed any more light on these, now that the cat's out of the proverbial bag?

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  10. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member


    Ken just announced the series 8 lineup

    Sam the Eagle :attitude:, Movie Usher Scooter ;), Dr. Phil Van Neuter, Marvin Suggs, and an improved exclusive Animal :halo: in his standard outfit with bongo drums (placement yet to be determined). There was no mention of a playset, but you can't have it all. What do you guys think? Are you excited? I am! :)
  11. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Well-Known Member

    Hey David...I will eventually sort the "Rumors" stuff to the actual figures, just not ready to do it right at the moment. The speculation will have to keep going just a little while longer!
  12. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Oh, mercy! I'm worried that Marvin won't have the Muppephones!! *Frets!*

    Then again, we can get those little fuzzy pom-poms and glue little eyes on them...

    BTW--YES! The line-up is VERY COOL!!
  13. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    According to the photos, Phil has regular pin joints.
  14. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    That was just a guess, and I posted it last night, before the pics of Phil were up.

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  15. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    You're a cruel man, Ken Lilly!


    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  16. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    My bad... and Ken did sort some of the rumors out. Marvin's the one with the ball joint elbows.
  17. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    Well, he has to spend some time working on the figures instead of telling us about them nonstop!
  18. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    He'll stop telling us about them when we stop asking him about them.
  19. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    Hey Kevin Marvin will have his Muppephones! The list has been posted some where, I'd post it but I don't remember where I read it. I know I was worried about it too!

    It's Sam that won't come with an American Flag that Ken said may cause Major disscustion about, I don't feel that way at all. I think Marvin not coming with muppephone would be major disscustion and reconsiteration. Sam not having a flag isn't a problem in my book, why there is tons and tons of American flag stuff out there from stickers, mini flag poles, and such that could be used for Sam.

    This is going to be an awsome set! Scooters coming with a whole Pop Corn cart!!!! Put the swedish Chef behind it and add Lew Zeland to the mix with Scooter and you got your self a sceen from TMTM!!!!

  20. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member


    I had wanted to make a small criticism- when I saw the picture of the Frog Scout Robin prototype, it didn't look quite right to me, not as good as the PVC Robin as Tiny Tim. I think it's in the eyes and the mouth. FS Robin's eyes look either a little too large or a little too round- the puppet's eyes are smaller and 'flatter'. Also, FS Robin's mouth looks pointy, like Kermit's, whereas the puppet's mouth is a little more rounded- look at his 'nose' on the show or in the movies and you'll see what I mean; there should be a gentler slope to the end of his mouth and it doesn't really come to a point like the figure's mouth does.

    I just wanted to point this out and ask if there are plans to make some 'tweaks' to the proto. Thanks.

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole

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