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Billionaire Saban in Talks to Buy Muppet Makers

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Phillip, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I saw the new Transformer toys at McDonalds....TERRIBLE!!! YUCK!!! these are worse than the Transformer Rip-offs from the 1980's!

    However, I think I saw the Cheshire cat at a collector's store! If you really want it, I could probably get it for you! If they still have it, of course!
  2. JamieDenny

    JamieDenny Well-Known Member

    Hate to disagree but 'Uncle Walt' had a few flaws. The first being he was anti-semtic. He was anti-women and instead of negotiating with strikers he set the mob on them.
    Then there's the testifying before the committe of un-american activities. People who today would be called Democrats were called communists, lost their jobs, children and some even took their lives
    Then there was his friendship with J Edgar Hoover, the chief transvestite in charge of bringing 'criminals' to justice and erasing memebers of the Kennedy clan.
    We don't even know if the guy is who he says he is, three birth certificates is a little greedy, and I haven't even touched on the fact that he couldn't draw his company's symbol, Mickey Mouse.
    Disney was a creepy Anti-democratic Three birth certificated guy.
    He also had no sense of humour.
  3. radionate

    radionate Well-Known Member

    I see somebody has read the un-authorized biography on Uncle Walt.

    Word to the wise though, don't believe everything you read. While some of it may be based in reality, there are a lot of things that many folks have question the validity of.

    The 50's were an interesting time in Hollywood with the "red scare", but I don't buy into many of the stories that have been told. I find it hard to believe that Walt was a spy for the CIA/FBI/Whatever.:rolleyes:
  4. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

    Anti-semetic and anti-women. Yeah right.
  5. Bean Bunny

    Bean Bunny Well-Known Member

    Let get this baby back on topic....

    Okay, while it almost November and it looks we have winner at Saban unless someone else step in or EM.TV decide to further push back the sale. It looking very unlikely that Disney will buy the company since there would have been alot of press coverage or at least some rumor that would have been out by now. Hey, maybe DIC, 4 Kids Entertainment, or Mike Young Productions coudl step in for a bid :D .
  6. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

    Blech! Don't know what Mike Young Pro. is, but blech!
  7. Bean Bunny

    Bean Bunny Well-Known Member

    Mike Young make such shows as the new He-Man on Cartoon Network, Clifford The Big Red Dog for PBS, and Butt Ugly Martians among others.
  8. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

  9. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    For some reason I just had this weird dream ...

    Here's how it happened: I was on a bus.
    I was minding my own business, when all of a sudden the Saban himself walked on the bus.
    He had kind of a nonchalant expression on his face, as if he was going to be happy when he destroyed the Muppets.
    He was sitting face to face across the bus from me.
    I scowled at him. :mad:
    He didn't even look at me.
    I didn't know how I got up the courage to say it, but ... I blurted out quietly, "You're evil!"
    He looked at me confused.
    I drew back.
    I remarked, "Look, I'm really sorry ... I admit that was a rude thing for me to say ... but I just feel this way because ... well ...
    (tears came to my eyes, and I felt choked up) :(
    ... because I really want Fraggle Rock to be on DVD ...
    all 96 episodes ...
    and so do thousands of other Muppet fans ...
    I hope you see where I'm coming from ...
    and I hope you'll take my words into consideration."
    That certainly put a prolific expression on his face.

    And then my watch alarm woke me up so I could get up to watch O Canada on Cartoon Network.

    Maybe I don't understand what Saban is going to do with the Muppets, but at least I'm happy now. :D
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    What Bean said... about DIC, and 4 Kids...

    Dic: They had their share of hits and misses. Mostly Misses now-a-days. There was some great stuff like Inspector Gadget, the Super Mario Super Show, Heathcliff and Dennis the Menace. But now they Have that terrible Sabrina cartoon, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (BLEEECH), and even considered a Who wants to be a Millionaire cartoon (God must've intervined! There is no way in heck that was a good idea). The Archie's Mysteries show was okay, but they were SUPPOSED to give Inspector Gadfet a second series..which they never DID!!!)

    4 kids... BLECCCHHH!!! The only show they make I actually watch is Kirby, and just for king De De De and Escargoon. I gotta say, those guys are worth the whole show!

    Let's hope some how that Henson can find financial independance!
  11. Smig

    Smig Well-Known Member

    DIC is currently running tv-movie versions of many of its characters on Nickelodeon Sunday afternoon at 12:30 (ET)
    October 13th they ran an all-new GADGET film (In widescreen, yet)
    "GADGET"S LAST CASE" while nicely animated, it was a bit of a mixed bag, since they redesigned the characters a bit (Penny is a teenager now) and added elements from the Disney live-action movie. (The talking gadgetmobile) no idea when it will be rerun.
    (DIC plans at least 13 tv-films based on its characters/licensed properties)

    There HAVE been other (sort of) Gadget series The first was GADGET BOY and HEATHER, which was basically a toddler version of Gadget with his fellow agent/ guardian and transforming robot dog, G-9. Instead of Dr. Claw, the villains were the six-armed hag Spydra and her vulture henchman Boris. TO say this version sucked would be an understatement.

    Two more series were made for THE HISTORY CHANNEL. GADGET BOY'S ADVENTURES IN HISTORY - basically a second season of Gadget Boy with time travel added, and just as bad as ever. The
    other series was INSPECTOR GADGET'S FIELD TRIP, which was basically a travelogue series, as animation of the Inspector was combined with live -action video footage of assorted historical sites, making Gadget more of a tour guide. (he was the only character from the series to appear in this version)

    CURRENTLY, SABAN is now oficially called SIPanimation, and are now co-producing with DIC a NEW GADGET tv series, GADGET AND THE GADGETINIS. Gadget is now woking for an international organization, and is now teamed with, besides the Gadgetmobile, two half-size robotic versions of himself. There is no indication when this show will debut in the US. If you'd like a look, go to
    www.dicentertainment.com (the GADGETINIS artwork seem on this site is a early-pre production version, not the final designs)
    or go to www.sipanimation.com where Gadget himself acts as sort of a tour guide. (Check the "IN DEVELOPMENT section")

    And Finally, a all-new live action sequel to the first Gadget movie,
    titled IG2, will be released direct-to video this spring. This sequel may be brought closer in spirit to the animated version, as Penny and Brain will be given more to do, the character Gadget had as a love interest (Brenda)is gone, and Dr, Claw will once again be "Faceless" a complete story synopsis as well as whole mess of other preview goodies (added on to as the realease date approaches) can be found at www.gogogadget.com

    And one other fact..A live-action GADGET tv series was being considered to be developed by THE FAMILY CHANNEL, but was dropped.

  12. Bean Bunny

    Bean Bunny Well-Known Member

    also half owned by Disney through the Fox Family sale. Mr. Saban no longer with this company.
  13. danielromens

    danielromens Well-Known Member

    boyraisin says...

    Yes. Bean has the right idea. That was what I've been hoping for since early 2001. Those are the things Disney could do for Henson, and what Henson could actually do for Henson.


    Wake up man, if Disney owns Henson, they are no longer doing anything for Henson, they're doing it for Disney
  14. JamieDenny

    JamieDenny Well-Known Member


    Okay In fairness I have read two biographies about Disney.
    The first one was a sanitized and sanctioned one by the Walt Disney Estate. The second one was unauthorised but similarly it was uncontested. If it was untrue then surely the Disney Estate would have gne to court and PROVED that these were lies and the author would have had to have paid vast amounts of money in compensation.
    The Estate may well have tried to get an injunction against the book being published all that proves is that there were things in the book that they didn't want the public to read, they never sued.
    I want to know what evidence you guys have for being able to disprove the theories of 'Dark Prince' rather than just your 'gut instincts that we shouldn't believe everything we read.'
  15. Bean Bunny

    Bean Bunny Well-Known Member

    You should try "The Man Behind The Myth". "Dark Prince" was invovled in a battle when it came out against the Walt Disney Family and the company. Disney's Daughter also did a great biography about her father, she every talks about the Urban Legends about her father that Dark Prince talks about. Let just say that Mr. Disney was not working for the FBI.
  16. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

    D'oh! Typo, can't believe I noticed 'til now. I meant what "Henson could do for Disney" in the last part. Man, and I wrote that how long ago...

    When I said that, I meant that Disney would put the Muppets in the parks, stores, networks, etc. Keeping the Jim Henson and/or Muppet name in people's minds. And in return, of course, the Henson projects would make a lot of money for Disney. (duh)
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    A Go-Go-Gadget Thanks to Smig!

    Thanks for the update of my one of My Childhood heroes.

    My opinion, I'd kill to see Gadgets last case. Even though they incorporated the worst bits of the movie in it. It's going to be released on DVD and Video, but only in PAL format in Australia. Curses!

    Gadget Boy and Heather was a mixed bag. The idea of making him a kid was dumb enough. Don't want to get into the specifics. Just another Muppet BaBIES ripoff. Though I did like the Dapple Scenes and Boris the Vulture.

    I hope the second movie's improved on the first. I like Mathew Broderick and all, but he was NO Don Adams. I thought that the guy who played Dr. Claw's scientist, Kramer should have been Gadget. I can really see Harry Solomon (French Stewart, as he as known in reality) as Gadget better.

    Gadget and the Gadgetinis has been in developement ever since Inspector Gadget the movie came out. I hope it surfaces soon.

    And I have noticed that the DIC site has totally omitted Heathcliff Refferences. That was my second favorite Dic show.

    Hope they have new toys, soon!
  18. jeremyactor

    jeremyactor Well-Known Member

    Today it was announced that someone other than Haban has bought Kirchmedia. If Jim Hill is right about Saban thinking "I'll give you this much for Kirchmedia, and throw in the Muppets for $100 million," will this be the end of Saban's deal for the Muppets, or do you think he'll still buy them?

    You can see the article about the sale HERE.

    Sorry if someone beat me to posting this, but I hadn't seen it anywhere else.

  19. Smig

    Smig Well-Known Member

    Re: A Go-Go-Gadget Thanks to Smig!

  20. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    My opinion..again. Did Maurice LaMarche do the voice of Gadget? He alternated with Adams in Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, and subbed for Adams as the host of the video Gadget's greatest Gadgets (in which dubbed footage was used). I thought he did a decent job. Frank Welker wasn't in it? That's a shocker. His interpretation of Dr. Claw was the best. I remember seeing the episode "Gadget goes West" and (frank did not do Claw's voice) he sounded more like he had a sore throat than Menacing.

    I am psyched for the new projects IG2 and Gadgetinis, dispite the fact that
    A) live action movies are seldom as good as the actual show (Rocky and Bullwinkle was close, dispite the fact everyone BUT me hated it) and B) the Gadgetinis have the potential to become VERY annoying.

    It looks like Saban is doing one GOOD deed (of sorts) in conjunction with all those lousy shows he did (the good ones are long forgotten, and I'm the only one whose ever even HEARD of Walter Melon). But I still think whoever buys the Muppets should:

    A) let Kermit (or maybe even Rowlf) back as a regular on Sesame Street (if not this coming season, next season)
    B) Rerelease TMM, GMC, and MTM back to theaters (allong with Dark Crystal)
    C) Let Henson have creative control
    D) Make great Muppet stuff, both Merchandise and entertainment.

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