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Diamond City's A Muppet's Best Friend

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ZootyCutie, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

  2. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 7

    "Hey, Misty. You okay about this Dimentio thing?" Fozzie asked. "You seemed a little worried this morning."
    "No, I'm fine." Misty lied. She didn't want to have this happen. She liked the Super Paper Mario universe, and David Bowie, but the two combined makes evil.
    "Oh good. I was-" Fozzie was interrupted by the sound of drums, and a lick of electric bass.
    "What's that racket?" Miss Piggy yelled, to try and hear herself over the noise.
    "That racket means that we're seeing more people." Kermit said, and lead the gang to a garage attached to a normal two story house, where two girls with red hair were making the music. One of the girls looked like she was in high school, and wore a red tube top, miniskirt, gogo boots, a white coat, and a biker helmet. She was playing the bass. The other girl looked like she was in middle school. She had a basketball jersy over a white t-shirt, basketball shirts, no shoes, and spiked wristbands and collar. She was on the drums. As soon as the bass player saw the gang, she stopped playing.

    "Take five, Patsy." She said to the drummer.
    "Hi, Mona!" Kermit said, with a hint of excitement in his voice.
    "He's never that happy to see me..." Miss Piggy mumbled.
    "Oh, hey Kermit! Hey Zoot! Long time no see!" Mona said.
    "We brought some friends along for vacation!" Kermit said.
    "Well, hi! I'm Mona, and this is my friend Patsy." Mona said. "Say hi, Patsy."
    "Hey man, how's it goin'?" Patsy said.
    "Patsy..." Mona scolded.
    "Wow, it's like she's got a mother effect on her." Misty said.
    "In a way, she does." Kermit explained. "You see, Patsy was the only survivor of an airplane crash when she was just a little girl. The plane landed in the forest here, and she was raised by the animals in the forest. Wario and Mona found her a few months ago, and Mona took care of her as if she was her own daughter."
    "That's amazing." Floyd commented.
    "Mona, we'd love to stay longer, but I have to introduce them to the others." Kermit said. "I'll see you later."
    "Bye!" Mona and Patsy called out at the same time, then continued playing.

    The Muppets then headed down the sidewalk up to a building that said "Diamond City Taxi" on a sign.

    "That's where we'd find Dribble and Spitz, right?" Fozzie asked.
    "Yep." Kermit said. "Don't touch anything with their cab, though."

    As soon as they walked close enough to the building, they saw an orange bulldog and yellow cat. They were standing as if they were humans, and were working on their cab. The bulldog was big and muscular, and had a blue cabbie outfit with a green cap with a red 'D' on it, and the cat was little, with a too big blue cabbie outfit, and goggle pushed on his forhead. They soon noticed the gang.

    "Hey! Long time no see!" The bulldog called, with a Bronx accent.
    "Nice to see you!" The cat said, also with a Bronx accent.
    "Hey Dribble. Hey Spitz." Kermit said to them.
    "So, what brings you to The Literal Gem state?" Dribble asked.
    "Vacation." Zoot said.
    "Well, great to see ya again!" Spitz said.
    "Finally! Another dog that I can have a conversation with!" Rowlf said.
    "I have to see that taxi!" Beauregard said, and without a though, opened it up, and pushed a button.
    "Beau, no!" Kermit called out.

    As soon as he pushed the button, the taxi sprouted wings, a tailfin, and got a spaceship-like look to it.

    "Cool!" Gonzo called out.
    "That's what I was saying!" Kermit called out. "Get out of there!"

    Doing what his boss said, Beauregard got out of the taxi

    "We're leaving." Kermit said. "See you soon."

    Little known to The Muppets, Dimentio was invisible watching the whole thing.

    "Those foolish puppets will end up becoming worthless, and then I can destroy this universe, without a plumber destroying me!" He said, then tripped.
  3. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    :D The ending made me laugh!
    I wonder who is this Mona chick though...huh. :)
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Wery intereschting... These are all game characters we're meeting right? Intrigued to know how it'll continue.
  5. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Doesn't he know that Wario's a former plumber? Ooh, irony!
  6. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 8

    "Okay, be careful, you guys." Kermit warned. "We're at Ashley and Red's mansion. Don't let them do any spells on you, and really don't touch anything."
    "Why not?" Scooter asked.
    "Ashley's a witch, and Red's her pet devil." Kermit said.
    "Oh." Scooter said.

    The gang cautiously walked up to the mansion door. Kermit grabbed onto the skeleton door knocker, and waited. Pretty soon, a girl with coal black hair in two pigtails, with a red dress, orange scarf around her neck being held by a skull brooch, an orange tiara, and red shoes with black stockings came out holding a stuffed rabbit. Following her was a tiny devil, a few inches bigger than Robin. He was carrying a mini pitchfork with him.

    "Oh. It's you." The girl said with no expression in her voice.
    "Hey, Ashley." Kermit said, with a little nervousness.
    "Why are you here?" Ashley asked, with a monotone face and voice.
    "Vacation." Zoot said.
    "Great, you brought the burnt-out musician." The little devil said sarcastically.
    "Whatever." Ashley said. "Go away. Come on, Red."

    With that, she grabbed red by his free hand, and shut the door.

    "That was fun." Gonzo said, getting stares from the other.

    The Muppets then walked across the street where there was a dojo. Kermit then opened up the door, and got the attention of the people in there. There were two kindergarden twin girls, one with pink hair in a ponytail, and a purple ninja outfit, and the other with orange hair in pigtails and a blue ninja outfit. They were both holding katanas. The other one there was a high school boy in blue karate robes with black hair with white edges.

    "Kermit!" The two girls dropped their weapons and ran over to hug him.
    "Hi Kat, hi Ana." Kermit said, with his voice slightly strained. "Hi, Young Cricket."
    "Hello, Kermit-san." The boy said, bowing.
    "What are you doing here?" Kat, the girl in purple asked.
    "Vacation." Zoot and Kermit said at the same time.
    "Let me guess, you're introducing us before you really enjoy here." Ana, the girl in blue guessed.
    "Yep." Kermit said.
    "Okay. We won't stall you." Young Cricket said.
    "Thanks." Kermit said. "See you later!"
    "Bye!" The three said at the same time.

    The gang then left, with no idea that Dimentio was still spying on them.

    "Ah ha ha ha! This will be easier than two plus two!" He said.
    "Did you hear something?" Kat asked.
    "I think Shadow just wants to come in." Ana replied.

    With that, the three headed to the back door, crushing Dimentio in the process, due to the fact they couldn't see him, since he was invisble.

    "That hurts more than what happened after eating that cayenne croquett." He weakly said, then fell.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah... Just because you're invisible doesn't mean you're immaterial. Oh well... *Mixes some garlic into the boiling pot with ginger root, mushrooms, chopped carrots and some mandragora root and brimstone smoke.
    Hey Ash... Soup's ready for the cottontail.
  8. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Insert laughter here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  9. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 9

    "My head hurts, dad." Misty's head was vibrating like crazy.
    "No wonder." Floyd commented. "We're right by a club."
    "Ah, Club Sugar!" Kermit said. "We can find three people here!"

    Kermit lugged opened the club doors, with Zoot helping. The result was an awesome experence. The dance floor was filled up, but the one person that caught the most attention was in the middle of the floor. He had white bell bottoms, white platform shoes, a red long sleeve disco shirt that was unbuttoned, showing his chest, sunglasses, a blue afro, and a mustache that was shaped like a music note. He was making the dance floor hot, and getting tons of attention. The ones not dancing had their eyes on him, and cheering.

    "Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy T!" The crowd called. He was a big hit.
    "Woah!" The others couldn't get over him.
    "That's Jimmy T." Kermit explained. "The coolest one here, and Wario's best friend."

    The song soon stopped, and Jimmy struck a pose, then came over to The Muppets.

    "Kermit, my main frog!" Jimmy said, giving Kermit a high five.
    "Hey, Jimmy!" Kermit said.
    "So, what bring's ya here?" He asked.
    "Vacation." Zoot and Kermit said at the same time.
    "Well, hope you're time is groovy!" Jimmy said, as he walked back onto the floor.
    "He is so cool!" Kikit said.
    "If I wasn't dating Lips, I'd so go for him!" Hands said.
    "Hey!" Lips shot back.
    "Who are the other two we're supposed to meet here?" Skeeter asked.
    "Follow me." Kermit said, leading the group to the turntables.

    As soon as they got there, they were surprised to see who they were meeting. The first was a boy, who looked like he was in second grade. He had a red polo shirt with a green collar and large 'V' on the front, along with green pants, red boots, red gloves, long brown hair, and a yellow helmet with a visor covering his eyes, with lights on it. He was at the turntables. The other one was a boy that was a few inches shorter than Sweetums, yet was the same age as the other boy. He had dark brown hair in a ponytail, a green and white track suit, sunglasses with one lens red and the other green, white boots, and a ring on his left pointer finger that was huge, and said 'COOL' on it. He had a boom box on his shoulder. Pretty soon, the two boys saw the gang.

    "Oh! Kermit!" The small boy said, and stop playing.
    "Hey 9-Volt. 18-Volt." Kermit said. "Guys, this is 9-Volt and 18-Volt, the resident DJs and Nintendo fanboys."
    "Word." 18-Volt said.
    "Right, big guy." 9-Volt said, then noticed Misty's shirt. "Cool shirt!"
    "Really?" Misty asked. "You like Kirby?"
    "Yeah!" 9-Volt said. "My motto is: If you can play it on a Nintendo system, you've got something good."
    "Okay." Misty said, with a hint of confused in her.
    "Let me guess: Vacation." 9-Volt said. "And you're introducing us before you enjoy it."
    "Yep." Kermit said. "We gotta go right now."
    "See ya!" 9-Volt and 18-Volt said at the same time.
    "Come on, we have three more to see." Kermit said.

    Ten minutes later, Kermit rented a boat, and was at the docks with the others.
    "All aboard!" He called. "We're heading to the labs!"
    "I can finally meet one of my idols, Beakie!" Bunsen excidedly said.
    "Mee me mo?" Beaker asked.
    "Yep, Dr. Crygor." Bunsen replied.
    "Just don't use the toilet." Kermit said, as the boat hit the dock at the other island.

    The Muppets then headed to the door of the lab, and Zoot pushed a button on a monitor.
    "WAGH! AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT!" A male's voice was heard on the speaker.
    "Grandpa, it's just guests!" A young girl's voice was heard.
    "You want I should get the straightjacket?" A robotic voice asked.
    "No, it's fine." The girl said.

    The door soon opened, and a girl that looked like she was in middle school came out. She had on black pants, a pink jacket fully zipped up, pink boots, circular wire glasses, and her orange hair in two braids. Behind her was a large robot. He was blue, with red and yellow speakers on his chest, and two yellow microphones on his head.

    "Oh, hi Kermit!" The girl said. "Hi, Zoot!"
    "Hi, Penny!" Kermit said to the girl.
    "Hi, Mike!" Zoot said to the robot.
    "Hello." Mike repiled.
    "So, I'll bet vacation brings you here." Penny guessed.
    "Yep." Kermit said. "Where's you're grandpa?"
    "Come in, I'll get him." Penny said.

    As soon as The Muppets walked in, they noticed something different than the other places: it was the only one with decorations for Halloween.

    "Okay, I'm here." The male voice said, as he came.

    An older man soon came out. He was slightly overweight, with no hair, but he had a brown mustache that pointed up. He was wearing a yellow cryogenetic suit, but the most surprising part was all around him. The right half of his scalp was a metal plate, and he had a visor with one red dot in it replacing his eyes. His right foot and left hand were also robotic. All of the gang, except for Kermit, Zoot, and Bunsen were shocked to see him like this.

    "Greetings Kermit and friends!" He said.
    "Hi, Dr. Crygor." Kermit said.
    "Are you on vacation?" He asked.
    "Yep." Zoot replied.
    "V-v-very nice." He stuttered.
    "I see you're ready for Halloween." Kermit said.
    "Yep!" Penny said. "I can't wait!"
    "Are you staying for the Halloween party?" Mike asked.
    "A party?" Kermit said. "Sure!"
    "Good thing we brought our costumes!" Gonzo said.
    "Well, we gotta get going." Kermit said. "We'll see you later."
    "Bye!" The three said at the same time, as The Muppets were heading back into the boat. Little did they know, Dimentio was still with them, and still invisible.

    "Ah ha ha! Halloween will be the perfect time for a little destroying of the universe!" Dimentio said, oblivious to the fact that his poncho was caught to the boat.
    "Hit it!" Fozzie said, as Kermit pushed the pedal, dragging Dimentio into the water.
    "I'll defeat them after I get the fish out of my lungs." Dimentio muttered. It was the start of evil, and The Muppets didn't know it.
  10. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Fish in the lungs... *giggles to self*
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Misty's head's vibrating? Uh-oh... Mystic Misty mindwarpin'!

    Post more soon!


    i love this story please! I want to read more!
  13. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 10

    It was another new day in Diamond City. Misty was in the middle of a mystical dream. She was enjoying time with animals that walked like humans. The most handsome and popular animal, a male wolf named Chip was about to propose to her, when suddenly:

    "Hey man! Oh leave me alone you know,
    Hey man! Oh Henry, get off the phone, I gotta,
    Hey man! I gotta straighten my face,
    This mellow thighed chick just put my spine out of place!" BAM! Her dreams were shattered by "Suffragette City". Well, her's and the other Muppets' dreams. Misty just crawled out of bed, and slipped into the bathroom, only to appear a few minutes later in a denim skirt, and a white t-shirt with a strange cat-like creature on it. She then headed down to the restraunt with the rest of the band. This time, she felt more hungry, so she ate more than last time. She then headed outside, and walked alone, trying to find something to do, when she got ran into by 9-Volt.

    "Sorry!" He said, helping her up.
    "That's okay." She said. "What's the hurry?"
    "I'm reserving my copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl." He said. "You want to come with me?"
    "Um, okay." She said, following him to the game store.

    The game store wasn't the largest around, but the still had a decent amount of games. 9-Volt saw what he was looking for: a small card that would reserve the game for him, and get him ten percent off when it comes. As soon as he did what was needed to do, him and Misty walked out together.

    "So, what are you doing?" He asked.
    "No clue." Misty replied. "I'm not sure what to do.
    "I just thought of something!" 9-Volt said, and whispered into Misty's ear, who gained a mischevious look on her face.

    Meanwhile, Kat and Ana were in the dojo's garden, playing with their dog, Shadow. They lived in the dojo, and they loved it, due to the nature all around it. Kat liked turtles, and Ana liked flowers. They were having a fun time, until Ana got hit squarely in the forehead by a shot of water, and fell. Kat soon looked around, and saw 9-Volt and Misty, both packed with water pistols.

    "Wait!" Kat called out! "Don't shoot!"
    "Save your excuses for the devil!" Misty said, and hit her squarely in the arm.
    "GAAUGH!" She cried, as she pretended to die.
    "There's some dangerous streets around here." 9-Volt said. "Let's go protect them.

    The two then trudged down to Diamond City Taxi, where Dribble and Spitz were polishing their cab. They then saw the two coming over, and spotted the water pistols.

    "You must be tired of livin'" 9-Volt said, and squirted Dribble in the chest, who pretended to have been killed, by slumping over onto the cab's hood.
    "It's curtians for you." Misty said, and squirted Spitz's forehead.
    "You got me!" Spitz called. "I'm dead!"
    "Now, where's Mona?" She asked.
    "Why are you asking me?" Spitz wondered. "I'm dead."
    "You're only half-dead." She replied.
    "She's practicing." He said.
    "Good." Misty said, then squirted Spitz again. "Now you're all dead."

    The two then walked down to Mona and Patsy's house, where they were practicing in the garage, but stopped when they saw the two.

    "FREEZE!" The two gangsters yelled at the same time. "NON-STOP!"
    "Wha-what?" Patsy was confused in the ruckus.
    "Mona, Patsy, we know what you've been up to." 9-Volt said.
    "Huh?" Mona asked.
    "You're better off dead." Misty said, and squirted Mona in the face.
    "AIEE!" She screamed. "What are you two doing?"
    "Still alive, huh?" Misty asked, then squirted her again, then she slumped over.
    "I'm dead." Mona weakly said. 9-Volt then took the chance to squirt at Patsy.
    "We don't kill women or kids." He said, as they left.
    "YOU JUST DID!" Mona called back to them.
    "Jimmy's next." Misty said.

    Jimmy was asleep under a tree, with an open dance magazine next to him. Misty took the chance, by putting her squirter right next to Jimmy's mouth, and shot a burst of water at him.

    "PWAH!" Jimmy said, as he woke with a shock. "Wha?"
    "Haha! Haha! Wahaha!" Misty and 9-Volt laughed at the same time
    "Water came out your nose, Jimmy!" 9-Volt said, between laughs. "Water from your nose!"

    Jimmy soon got up, and whacked the two mini mobsters with his rolled-up magazine, with an upset look on his face.

    "Why you little-" He angrily said.
    "Uh-oh!" The two said, and started squirting him while running, to try and slow him down. It did, and left him drenched.
    "That was close!" Misty said.
    "All right then." 9-Volt said. "The only one left is Ashley.

    Ashley was inside her mansion, writing in a journal, while Red was in the kitchen. The two juvenile goodfellas then kicked open the door, shocking Ashley a little bit.

    "Don't talk." Misty said, with her's and 9-Volt's water guns pointed up to Ashley's head.
    "What's going on?" Red called out.
    "I've got water guns pointed at me." She called back.
    "No talking!" 9-Volt said.
    "What?" Red called.
    "I'm being told not to talk." She replied.
    "Watch it!" Misty and 9-Volt said at the same time.
    "Whatever." She said, and got back to her journal.
    "That does it!" Misty said, and they both pulled the triggers, but nothing happened. They ran dry!
    "Tut-tut." Ashley said. "Always make sure you have bullets with you!"

    With that, Misty and 9-Volt ran to the kitchen, and refilled their guns. But, Ashley saw them coming, and flicked their wrists, making them drop their pistols, which Ashley took in each hand, and aimed each one at each of their forheads.

    "Say goodbye, you little assassins." She said, and squirted both of them at the same time, hitting them. They both then fell flat onto the floor. Just for fun, Ashley then squirted the guns a few times again at them.
    "We're dead." They said at the same time.
    "Watermelon, anyone?" Red had came out carrying a tray of fresh watermelon, sliced up into wedges.
    "Me!" Misty and 9-Volt said at the same time.
    "They came back to life!" Ashley said, with fake surprise in her voice.

    After the watermelon, Misty and 9-Volt took their seperate ways. Misty headed back to the hotel, and opened the band's door.

    "So, like did you get any revenge?" Janice asked.
    "I died!" Misty happily said.
    "You see?" Floyd said from the bed. "Revenge won't get you anywhere!"

    Try telling that to Dimentio, Bassman. Dimentio was right outside of the door, still invisible. He was following the two during their game.

    "If I can get my hands on another Floro-Sprout, I could eaisly destroy this universe with their help!" He said.
    "Come on, let's get some lunch." Floyd said from the room, and opened the door, squishing Dimentio in the process.

    "I've got to put myself in different places when I'm snooping." The jester weakly said, and then fainted.
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yaey! Cheers for Ashley! Thaz showin' 'em, we magic types rule and theyz drool!
    *Shoots water gun at Beaky Squeeky.
  15. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Try a cardboard box, Dimentio. That's how you usually get past me(for some unknown reason). XD
  16. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    What I miss?
    Wow, a whole new update.
    Shame on me!

    *Squirted by Eddie again*

    :/ It's because I'm Colombian--isn't it?



    Well, I must say this was a nice chapter and explains the random squirts I've been getting! You've saved Eddie from a terrible fate! Now, I love the light humor in your fics which is why I read them. :D

    I love getting a good laugh. I mean this in a nice way of course. Nothing offensive behind the text! While I was reading this--I had an itch to update my own fics but I can't---thankfully I am on the way! Almost the end of this cursed month!

    Update soon Zooty the cute!

    *Gets an oversized water gun and shoots at Eddie*

    Taste of your own medicine Ed! ; )

  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Only half squirts Claudia in passing. Hee, yes, now you know And I'm glad to see you made it through Muppetcast #28 what with your new siggy.
  18. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 11

    "Come on!" Dr. Teeth was carrying on more than a five-year old. "WHERE IS THE PIZZA?"
    "Let me check." Hands checked on her watch. "In a minute, we would have ordered a minute and a half ago.
    "Sure, I like pizza, but you've gone way too far!" Kikit commented, with her drink halfway to her mouth.
    "But I'm hungry!" Dr. Teeth commented.
    "You're always hungry!" Nurse Tounges said, which got an argument started.

    Meanwhile, Dimentio was outside of the buliding, vandalizing it. He had a can of purple spraypaint, and was writing on the wall of Mona Pizza. When he was done, the words "BOWIE= THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES" was written.

    "That should be good." He said, as he dropped the spraypaint can, which was empty and had some magic dust on it. Meanwhile, inside the building, Dr. Teeth was still carrying on.

    "PIZZA! GIVE ME PIZZA!" Dr. Teeth was now up at the front counter, where Mona was working.
    "Calm down!" Mona said. "Just calm down!"
    "But other people have pizza!" Dr. Teeth said.
    "They ordered first!" Floyd called from the band's table.
    "Still, I should have pizza!" Dr. Teeth was going over the top crazy.
    "We should borrow that straightjacket from Penny." Misty said.

    The other members of the band agreed to that, except for Zoot and Lips. They were preoccupied with doing something.

    "What are you doing?" Kikit asked.
    "Making the silverware dance." Zoot said.
    "Why?" Hands asked.
    "They like to party." Lips said.
    "Well, like, what are they dancing too?" Janice asked.
    "KENYA!" Zoot and Lips yelled at the same time.
    "What?" Floyd asked.
    "Yeah!" Zoot happily said. "They've got lions and tigers!"
    "And it's better than Norway!" Lips added
    "See the lion tours!" Zoot said, as the two continued to make the silverware dance.
    "I'm scared." Misty said.
    "So am I, Misty. So am I." Floyd commented.
    "Um, here's your pizza." Patsy had delivered their pizza just then.
    "Thanks." Floyd said. "Hands, do the honors."
    "DR. TEETH! PIZZA'S ON!" Hands yelled through her bullhorn, which got his attention.
    "MINE!" Dr. Teeth then ran to the table, knocking some people over in the process.
    "That's why I hate going out to eat." Nurse Tounges mumbled, as she put a bite of pizza in her mouth.

    After the pizza, the band headed out, with nothing to do.

    "So, what should we do?" Kikit asked.
    "I have an idea!" Lips said.
    "Your ideas are always terrible." Floyd said.
    "Yeah!" Misty said. "Last time we took your idea, you painted the bus to look like the General Lee!"
    "And you took out the windows." Dr. Teeth added.
    "But this is a good idea!" Lips pleaded.
    "Your last 'good' idea got me handcuffed to Animal!" Hands said.
    "We're going to the beach, and that's final!" Dr. Teeth said. "Come on."

    The band then headed to the hotel to get ready, while Lips trailed behind.

    "The General Lee's cool. Handcuffs are cool." He muttered to himself. "If I'm the only one that likes these things, that means I'm the only cool one!"

    He was paying too much attention to this, and less attention to where he was going, and ran into a stop sign.

    "Who put that there?" He said, then fell.
  19. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member


    Stop signs and pizza!
  20. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to see Wario on this thing. this is so funny!

    LOL! :) ;)

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