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Episodes that Have Stuck with You

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by D'Snowth, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    Yeah - i also remember the Happy Caps episode and also found it hilarious. There was another great Elmo-gets-angry episode that i actually just rewatched as i was converting old tapes to dvd - Elmo wants to show Maria his "silly wiggle thing" but Maria is super busy and doesn't have time to watch. Every time he tries to show he, she gets interupted by the phone or a customer or something. He keeps thinking of ways to get her attention which fails each time (like dressing up as "Customer Elmo" and bringing in his own toaster) and seeing his frustrated freak outs after each failed attempt was hilarious (this was before the shaggier Elmo debuted and while the character still had a slight lisp and was still funny and endearing). Towards the end Elmo decides to show Maria that he's angry - of course now Maria has time and asks him what he wanted to show her and he responds by letting out a primal anger scream...and Maria's reaction is classic ("Well...that certainly _was_ interesting. I've never seen anything quite like THAT before!")
  2. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

    That was episode 3557.
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  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Mmmmmwah! Goodnight Everybody!
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  4. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I think the main reason for that was because there were too many 'imaginary Snuffy' references which kids who watch SS today wouldn't understand. But I still think that could have worked. They could maybe edit around the 'imaginary Snuffy' parts. Plus they'd also have Marty Robinson dub over Brian Muehl's lines as Telly like in 'Big Bird in China.'

    On a new subject, there is one that I sort of thought of. Right now I'm working on this story and I'm thinking of putting Sonny Friendly in it and that got me to think of the first time I saw him on the street (not sure whether or not that's when he made his debut, but anyway). I remember he forced Maria to play a 'Wheel of Fortune' like game with him and since she was the only contestant she still continued playing even when she lost a turn so she would have won no matter what. There were three rounds. The first was in the Fix-It-Shop where she won an alarm clock which actually belonged to the lady she was fixing it for. Then the second was at Hooper's when she won a napkin holder which belonged to David. Then the third was when she was in her bathroom and she won a bar of soap which was actually her own. Anyway, I had that in mind and I thought this would be the place to bring it up.
  5. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I recall a similar bit where Sonny Friendly pops up at Hooper's Store, and has Gina play, lol.
  6. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    You have no idea how much that made me laugh. :p
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  7. Son of Enik

    Son of Enik Well-Known Member

    In keeping with the "Classic Sesame" theme, Mr. Hooper's passing has always stuck with me...I still remember watching the episode like it was yesterday. The producers really handled Will Lee's passing in a truthful, yet pure Sesame Street way and I still feel it is one of the most memorable moments in television history...I still get teary eyed when I watch clips of it.
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  8. Crazy31088

    Crazy31088 Well-Known Member

    To me, the episode which sticks with me the most (which is now on YouTube) is the one where Bob's friend Bernie tunes Oscar's piano to sound awful, and Grungetta starts spending a lot of time with him, which makes Oscar jealous. So, he enlists Olivia to go out with Bernie to keep him away from Grungetta, which works out because they really like each other. But in the end it turns out the only reason Grungetta liked Bernie in the first place was because he was dirty since he was spending time in Oscar's trash can to tune his piano! Definitely one of my favorites, and to me it represented the best of what Sesame Street could do.
  9. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    A more current one that stuck with me was that Telly and Oscar "Road Trip" story line. If nothing else for seeing Telly tell off Oscar. But we got some great lines like "You're not on that new Grouch Diet, are you?" and the return of the Two headed Monster's word sounding out thing. But mostly for Telly shouting at Oscar.
  10. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Speaking of Telly and trips, I'm suddenly remembering an episode from I believe was from Season 30 or so... I seem to remember seeing it during 1999 or so in which Telly is set for a playdate with Big Bird, and Mumford decides to help Telly get there quicker, but ends up zapping Telly to various different places, including a ranch out west where Telly asks a cowgirl "Can you tell me how to get... how to get to Sesame Street?"
  11. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

    I remember that one as well. It was episode 3830, and it reran as episode 3932.
  12. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

    For me, there's actually a LOT. I do have a lot of episodes on tape, however, there are quite a few that I DON'T have that I still remember.

    #3017: This picky guy named Mr. Quincy needs his 10-second toaster repaired, but it only toasted for 9 seconds. Even though it was close, he just HAD to have it perfect. The same thing happened later when he went to Hooper's for a foot-long hot dog that was only 11 1/2 inches.

    #3018: Baby Bear was feeling happy and lonely at Daycare because Goldilocks wasn't there. Lillian wondered if he liked her a little, but didn't want to admit it.

    #3029: Oscar gave Gordon a ride to a basketball game at MSG, but he just had to keep making a gazillion stops along the way so they would never get there, and they had to go through a toll both, got stuck in the mud, and when they got really close, the car wouldn't start. I'd give anything to see this episode again.

    #3030: Oscar wins a week at Club Mud for winning 1st Place in a yelling contest, but then he loses his voice and doesn't want anyone near his trash can.

    #3034: Oscar reads the story of Grouchelot to Telly and the Grouchketeers. In the story, "Worry-a-lot" wants to become a night of the broken table.

    #3041: Big Bird has a bad dream about feather-dusters.

    #3042: Telly wants to talk about the number 7 and has a great big "7", but it breaks into 7 pieces, and they fix it with some glue that this fox had in his pocket.

    #3051: Telly wanted to announce the letters of the day, but kept getting interrupted by the theme, the vegetable of the day, the footwear of the day, the word of the day, and the number of the day. There was another scene where Chicago thought Oscar's head was lettuce.

    #3061: The Worm Winter Games.

    #3062: Big Bird had this dream where Sesame Street was just like the Wild West, with "Tap-a-long Savion," and I don't remember any of the other characters' pretend names.

    #3070: Snuffy wanted to go to college with Savion, but couldn't. Later, Oscar keeps doing nice things for people by mistake, and had a special call-in 'Ask Oscar' show, where he nicely answered someone's question.

    #3074: Mary the Telephone keeps bothering Gina while she has work to do.

    #3082: Monty and a snake demonstrate "Beginning, Middle, and End." In the middle, the "Keep On Truckin'" film and the "Lambaba" song are interrupted.

    #3083: This heart with the word 'LOVE' printed on it is in love with Oscar, and won't get away from him.

    #3088: The Letter B Pageant with Prairie and everyone.

    #3128: Wanda Cousteau's debut.

    That's it for Season 24. Maybe I'll post others later.
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  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    That one I definitely remembered in the back of my mind. Not so much the toaster, but the fact he got a not quite foot long hot dog and then a Slightly over foot long hot dog, and kept complaining it wasn't exactly 1 foot. A definite precursor to Mr. Monk, no doubt. :D

    I probably have seen that, but I don't remember it at all. It sounds just hillarious.

    that one I only remembered because you brought it up. Seems today this would make a much more poignant episode (since we pretty much are this close to getting a footwear of the day segment). So many segments competing for the letter and number of the day. I tell you, it's almost as if the writers predicted that one to the nearest letter.
  14. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Alan's debut episode. I remember Big Bird having a Birdkateer meeting on the veranda of Hooper's Store, and how it was beginning to frustrate Alan a little, and right when he was finally fed up, and was about to ask the Birdkateers to take their meeting elsewhere, it turned out all along they were planning a surprise welcoming party for him.

    I also remember another episode from either Season 29 or Season 30 in which Elmo and Baby Bear have a playdate, but Baby Bear kept falling asleep. For reason, I swear at one point Elmo, for some reason, refered to Alan as "Paul" at one moment, I don't know why, but I distinctly remember Elmo calling Alan "Paul" at one point.
  15. ErnieandTelly

    ErnieandTelly Well-Known Member

    I just saw Episode 2861, where Big Bird yells Toothpaste and it keeps annoying me.

    It was on YouTube
  16. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    One episode I've been reminiscing about as of late is from Season 33, where there was a yard sale held in the arbor, and Telly keeps debating on whether or not he should sell his beloved stuffed horse Clark, because on the one hand, he's "too old" to keep him anymore, but on the other hand, it just can't bear to part with him because he means too much to him.

    Truth be told, most of my friends still had lots of stuffed animals well into their teenaged years as well; I remember spending the night at a friend's house one time when we were 13 or so, and he had a bunk bed in his room, and the top bunk had all kinds of stuffed animals, meanwhile in his older brother's room, he had a stuffed Cookie Monster hanging from his drum set.

    It took me a while to give up stuffed animals as well, but I did the most of them SEVERAL years ago, but most of you were aware I still slept with my stuffed Rocky the Flying Squirrel... however, for those of you who DON'T know, I DID give him up sometime last year as well. That, and I still have all my SST plushies from when I was a baby, I just display them though, lol.

    You know, when I think about it, it makes me wonder was Telly able to get rid of all of his other stuffed animals more easily? After all, in the "Bedtime Stories and Songs" video from the 80s (now on DVD renamed "Sleepytime Stories and Songs"), he and Big Bird are basically buried underneath all of his stuffed animals in Big Bird's nest.
  17. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    I'm in my late 30's and i still occasionally sleep with a stuffed animal. I started doing so in my 20's when a boyfriend gave me his large teddy bear. Plus i also have a large stuffed Cookie Monster that was given to me by college friends as a graduation present. I find i sleep better if i'm holding onto something stuff - even if it's a large pillow; i think holding onto something allows the mind to feel secure and rest/fall asleep easier, plus having some extra weight besides the blankets over my stomach helps me feel more comfortable.
  18. HeyButtahfly

    HeyButtahfly Well-Known Member

    I remember a few episodes with Elmo from when I was younger (ah the 90s- when Elmo slowly carried out his plan for world television domination). One was when his friend from Albuquerque was coming and so he ran around Sesame Street yelling, "Albuquerque! Albuquerque! Albuquerque!"

    There was one where Elmo decided the alphabet was his song and he'd sing, "H-I-J-K-Elmo-P."

    Elmo played the crying game, singing this song, "Boo-hoo, boo-hoo, wah, wah, wah!" Then at the end of the episode he really was crying, and the grown-ups thought he was just playing.

    And a couple of non-Elmo memories.

    Oscar has a newsstand. He makes Bob stand out in front of the stand in a striped suit and hat (I remember he looked like someone out of a barber shop quartet) and sing this "Come on and read at Oscar's stand..."- the tune was similar to "Alexander's Ragtime Band." I also remember Oscar being really rude to the customers (of course), at one point saying, "Hey! This isn't a reading room! Either buy it, or beat it!"

    One of my favorites from my childhood was where Big Bird, Telly, and a couple of birds go on a "rock music" tour around Sesame Street, and Telly has to carry the rock.

    I remember Telly and the pogo stick- he didn't want to try it because he was so afraid of falling off and getting hurt. I think he ended up tying pillows to himself and then getting on it, if I remember that part correctly.
  19. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    *British accent* I say, that's good thinking.
    I know how ya feel, I have things like an extra blanket folded up, and my bathrobe, etc at the foot of my bed, because I like having a little bit of weight over my feet and such as I sleep.
  20. ISNorden

    ISNorden Well-Known Member

    Three random memories of episode plots that have stuck with me since they were on the air:
    • Cookie Monster eating Hooper's Store piece by piece, being VERY literal about Mr. Hooper's instruction not to eat the cookies... :insatiable:
    • The Count having trouble remembering the number 4, substituting other weird words as he tried to jog his memory. ("One, two, three...hot dog?")
    • Bob sighting Snuffy in his black-and-white overalls, then arguing with Big Bird's description of the "ordinary" Snuffy.

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