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Future Muppet Replicas Wishlist

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by mikealan, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan Well-Known Member

    I'm not positive...
  2. Mistersuperstar

    Mistersuperstar Well-Known Member

    Animal, Gonzo, Piggy and Fozzie have all changed quite dramatically since they were first seen. At least Scooter is one character that hasn't changed much over the years so he could be made to pretty much everyone's expectations. I'm sure the jeans, jacket and sneakers would help to push the overall cost up tho. Are we guessing he is a similar size to Animal or is he smaller?
  3. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    I am guessing he is a bit taller than Kermit....is this right or wrong guys?
  4. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Technically Scooter should be slightly taller than Kermit, but in much of the poser head-to-toe images (some from Muppet Magazine) Scooter appears 3/4 of a head taller than Kermit. Gonzo's technically supposed to be shorter as well, but I think he's grown through the years. Muppet heights are always a debate because there have been many inconsistencies.

    Jim Henson didn't keep as many records of the characters as other companies might have when it came to height proportions - probably because they generally didn't have legs 99.9% of the time. Many of the size charts I have seen are of cartoon representations for graphic and lower-end product types. Not bad, just different.

    So, Scooter should be taller than Kermit, but shorter than Animal - likely a tad under Animal height when the fella's in his more natural crouched position. ;)
  5. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    What I don't get is that MR said that Gonzo is 26 inches tall. Kermit is 24 inches tall, how could that be? When you look at the prototype of Gonzo next to Kermit, he is shorter. This is really weird. :concern:
  6. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I recall it being said that the Kermit poser is a fraction smaller than the real life actual Kermit. That could be it. When I saw Gonzo recently at the YBCA (with his friend Mr. Goelz) I couldn't get over just how tiny the puppet is! I just wanted to smoosh him, but I didn't. Not his type, I know. ;) :concern:

    So, the fact that the Kermit poser was made smaller is probably the answer. :)
  7. Mistersuperstar

    Mistersuperstar Well-Known Member

    To be honest, the height of the characters aren't that important. When a group of Muppet posers are photographed together they are all adjusted so they all look better together. On the John Denver christmas album Kermit is nearly up to John's shoulder when, in reality, he would barely come up to his knee. It is going to be interesting seeing the actual difference in size tho. We rarely see them at "actual" height.
  8. Rugby

    Rugby Well-Known Member

    If Sesame characters are included, I'd like to see a Grover. That would be the best. Otherwise, Mahna Mahna would be cool, or a perfect to scale Robin.

    How are they going to do Fozzie? Isn't he going to be huge in size? I'll bet he goes for $600 if that's the case.
  9. Mistersuperstar

    Mistersuperstar Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing he will be the correct size but he won't weight very much. They will probably make his body out of something light or even hollow it out. We did have some approximated prices for the forthcoming replicas. Anyone still have the list?
  10. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    I remember Amy said that Fozzie is going to be $400.00...BUT that can always change.
  11. Mistersuperstar

    Mistersuperstar Well-Known Member

    Hopefully it won't change too much. That would be a very nice price for Fozzie.
  12. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    Master Replicas just announced on there forum that they will be putting up a list of new products up for next year in about two weeks or so. I cannot wait to see if the Pig herself made it and anything other Muppet related item. :o
  13. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    Yay! kermit is now sold out.
  14. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

  15. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    At master Replicas website. I wonder how the sales are going with Animal?
  16. drudo

    drudo Member

    I just wanted to throw in my two cents that I agree wholeheartedly with the general consensus that Scooter would be a great addition to the poser lineup!
    I really hope he ends up getting made somewhere down the line, and the sooner the better.

    Still, I'll be most happy when I finally have Gonzo, Fozzie and (here's hoping it actually does happen) Piggy to go along with my Kermit.

    Further down the line I would really like to see Rowlf and perhaps Bunsen and Beaker...though if money weren't an issue I'd gladly have pretty much any one they'd bother to make!

    I also agree with the thought that Sesame Street posers would be great, mainly for the sake of Bert and Ernie!
  17. Was Once Ernie

    Was Once Ernie Well-Known Member

    The new Master Replicas newsletter is out with the list of products for 2008. For the Muppets, they say:

    • Set of 5 "Muppets Moments" Figurines -- feat. The Electric Mayhem Band
    • Fozzie Bear Photo Puppet

    I don't know if it was just an oversight, but note the absence of the Gonzo, Piggy and Rizzo Photo Puppets.

    I also don't know what the "figurines" are, but I guess we'll just have to wait to find out.

  18. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    I am going to ask Terry if Piggy and Rizzo are still in the mix. I got to send him a e-card anyways...might as well ask. ;)
  19. Bear Man

    Bear Man Well-Known Member

    I guess since Gonzo has already been released for pre-order that's the reason he's not mentioned?

    Great to see that Fozzie is still on the cards, although the fact Piggy and Rizzo aren't mentioned suggest this line isn't doing all that well - I just hope that Gonzo and Animal's sales hit enough critical mass for MR to make the investment in Fozzie.
  20. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    It doesn't mean the line is not doing well. Amy told us last week that they are only going to be putting up what they have on the board so far. There is more items coming as well. This is not the full line-up for next year. So let's just hold on till we actually know what's coming and what's not.

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