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Hensonville City 2011

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    Ellie: *pours Grace some iced tea* There you go!

    Ernie: *playing his saxophone*

    Bert: *trying to get glitter out of his hair*

    Ernie: *stops playing for a second* Abby, maybe you have a spell that could help Bert!

    Bert: I'll try anything at this point!

    Susie: *sighs, decides she may as well join the party*
  2. Lola p

    Lola p Well-Known Member

    Grace: Thanks!

    Abby: Ok... let me try...

    *Concentrates, and after a couple of seconds, all of the glitter is gone*

    There! I did it! :)

    Grace: Good job Abby!
  3. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    Link Hogthrob: *saunters to Susie* Uh, care if I dance with you? I'm feeling a little lonely. ._.

    Luanne: *shaking the glitter off of her* ><

    Angie: *dances to Ernie's saxophone* <3
  4. Lola p

    Lola p Well-Known Member

    Abby: Need help, Luanne?

    Grace: *Joins Angie and dances*
  5. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    Bert: Thank you Abby!

    Ernie: That was great Abby! Have you been practicing your spells :) ?

    Susie: W-well Mr. Hogthrob, I...I'm not much of a dancer! *embarassed*

    Ellie: C'mon Susie! Live a little! Dance! *pushes Susie into Link XD*

    Susie: Whoa! *steadies herself so she doesn't fall* S-sorry about that Mr. Hogthrob!
  6. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    Link Hogthrob: Luanne said the same thing to m-- oof! >< ...^^; *takes Susie's hand and leads an awkward waltz* It's all good, my dear. At least you didn't-- *observes his face* Ow! Ellie, you made Susie swell my beautiful eye. :'c

    Luanne: Aw, Linky, baby...are you all right?! :c

    Betty Lou: *knocking on Apt. #10's door* Hello...is anyone home? Hello? *sighs* I guess not. *shrugs and sits against the wall between apartments 10 and 11, embracing her dolly* ._.
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  7. Lola p

    Lola p Well-Known Member

    Abby: No problem Ernie!

    And, yes. I have been practicing a lot... I actually was able to make a broom sweep itself the other day! It was awesome!

    Grace: *Watches Susie and Link dance*

    *Giggles a little*
    DramaQueenMokey likes this.
  8. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    Ellie: Hey, it's not my fault that Susie tripped!

    Susie: Ellie!

    Ellie: Well it's not!

    Susie: Sure...*realizes she's dancing with Link* I'm d-dancing oh my...

    Bert: *hears noise from out in the hall, sees Betty Lou* B-Betty Lou! *is surprised to see her* H-hi there!

    Ernie: That sounds really neat Abby! Maybe you can help us clean up like that around here, I'm sure Susie would like that!

    Ellie: Where'd Bert go off to?
  9. Lola p

    Lola p Well-Known Member

    Abby: Oh, sure! I'd be glad to help out!

    Grace: *Giggles even harder at Susie*

    Don: Er... good question Ellie.... Where did he go?
  10. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    Link Hogthrob: *dips Susie, and accidentally clunks her head against the floor* Oops!...

    Angie: Ow!...

    Luanne: *face-paw* Oh, dear...

    Angie: Susie, are you okay?! D:

    Betty Lou: *sobbing* Oh, hello, there... *double-takes* B-Bert?... W-what are you doing here? Wow...i-it's amazing to see you again. *wipes away a tear* It's been so long since our last play-date. *shly goes over to Bert* :3 *sweeping the heel of her Mary Jane shoe* ^^;
    DramaQueenMokey likes this.
  11. Lola p

    Lola p Well-Known Member

    Grace: O_O

    Susie... you ok there?
  12. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    Susie: *is dipped* F-fine girls just fine! I'm just not used to all the flowing movements!

    Ellie: Don't worry about Nervous Nellie I mean Susie *giggles*

    Bert: *smiles shyly at Betty Lou* I-it really has been a while heh...I live here! Ernie does too! We're roommates with our friends Ellie and Susie. We're having a little party, would you like to join us?
  13. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    Betty Lou: Oh...y-you and Ernie do live here? Wow, what an unexpected coincidence! I just moved here a little while ago. Though, unfortunately, no one answered the door when I first arrived. I wonder why's that? *sighs* And sure, I would love to attend. *smiles* Mind if I invite my dolly, too? *shows Bert her favorite doll* Isn't she beautiful? :3 *giggles nervously* ^^

    Link Hogthrob: *kicks back on Ellie's sofa, resting an iced handkerchief on his swollen eye* x.x

    Luanne: *sits next to Link* Are you okay, sweetie? *kiss* <3

    Link Hogthrob: *sighs*._.
    DramaQueenMokey likes this.
  14. Lola p

    Lola p Well-Known Member

    Grace: *Joins Ellie in giggling*

    Abby: *Is randomly flying around just cleaning up random messes*
    DramaQueenMokey likes this.
  15. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Pssst, Ed--I have plenty of ideas of my own! Keep reading!
  16. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    Bert: *also giggles nervously* She's lovely just like you! *giggles nerouvsly again* I um...right this way! *leading Betty Lou to the 'party' *

    Susie: Mr. Hogthrob, would you need more ice? Or first aid? Where did out first aid kit get to?

    Ernie: Here it is Susie! *hands her the first aid kit before she can go bananas*

    Susie: Thanks Ernie! *accepts first aid kit*

    Ellie: *glad bit surprised that the first aid kit was found at all* I thought we lost that while moving back in!

    Ernie: But we packed a spare!

    Ellie: Thank goodness! *sighs*
  17. Lola p

    Lola p Well-Known Member

    Grace: *Spots Betty Lou walking into the room*

    Oh hi! Who are you?
  18. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    Betty Lou: *blushing heavily* R-really?...aw, thanks, Bert. *blushing shyly; following Bert; holding on to his arm nervously* H-hello, everyone...my name is Betty Lou. I'm from Sesame Street, and I just moved here today. I can't wait to meet everyone, and make new friends. c:

    Angie: Betty Lou! *picks her up and hugs her for a long time* Where were you?!

    Betty Lou: I was waiting at the front door, but no one was home...

    Luanne: Oh, deary me! We're all so sorry, Betty Lou.

    Angie: Yeah, we should have known to wait for you.

    Betty Lou: Aw, all is forgiven. ^^ Thank you for the apology. :3

    Link Hogthrob: *to Susie, groaning* The more ice, the faster my eye heals.

    Luanne: Aw... :c *hugging Link* <3
  19. Lola p

    Lola p Well-Known Member

    Abby: Hi Betty! *Rushes in and hugs her*

    Grace: Hi Betty Lou! I'm Grace, and the girl that just hugged you is Abby. Welcome to Hensonville!
  20. DramaQueenMokey

    DramaQueenMokey Well-Known Member

    Susie: Right away Mr. Hogthrob! *goes to get more ice*

    Ernie: Hiya Betty Lou! *waves*

    Ellie: Well Bert, you two seem to be rather aquainted ;D!

    Bert: *blushes deeply* Ellie!

    Ellie: *giggles* Hi Betty Lou, I'm Ellie! I like pink confetti! *tosses some in the air*

    Bert: Perhaps a little too much -_-

    Susie: *returns with more ice* Here's your ice Mr. Hogthrob!

    Bert: Betty Lou, that's Susie.

    Susie: *waves to Betty Lou* Hello :) nice to meet you!

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