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I just broke the top ten!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by beaker, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. radionate New Member

    Jamie and Luke,

    The fight is on my friends. But I couldn't stand the guilt if I ousted the frogboy, so its still tete a tete Luke!
  2. Luke Active Member

    Ack smalltalk young Padowan - i am already number 4 !!!!

    You need to beat Mr Summers and Mr Tooth before you reach the ultimate fight !!!!!!
  3. radionate New Member

    Tooth is away for awhile. That's no problem. And Byron, well I can distract him by saying there will be a 36 hour FOL marathon on TV. He'll be too busy trying to find it to post. Either that or I'll send him a copy of PlayFraggle with the Mokey spread.
  4. Luke Active Member

    That must be a back-issue that I missed !!!!

    Bring it on dude .... well, unless you have Britney or Penguin pictures in which case you win !
  5. Luke Active Member

    You know thinking about this now, it'd be nice if there was 'senior member' or 'veteran' after 1000 posts - i am giving up work for all this after all !

    Of course 'Penguin Master' would also be highly acceptable !
  6. radionate New Member

    Nobody has gotten to 1,000 posts yet. Maybe something magical will happen. It won't happen to Jamie as he's a moderator. But who knows what could happen! Ohhhhhhhhh, I sense flame wars started for folks to get to the magic number. It'll be either Kevin or BlueFrackle though. Best of luck to both of them.
  7. Luke Active Member

    Thanks so much for your confidence in me ! LOL !
  8. radionate New Member

    Wow Luke, I hadn't realized how high you had climbed. Kevin still has quite a leg up on you though. And now that I'm done with my show, I won't have a life for awhile so I'll be on here alot! Bwahahahaahahahahahahaahaha, watch your back Luke!
  9. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Ooooooh! Now you've done it! Well, I want the prize for the 1000th post but I'm not eligable because I'm staff. OOooooh! I'm just so hopping mad right now. I might just bring your totals down to 1 when you reach 999! That is - if I knew how. LOL! :eek:
  10. radionate New Member

    wow, we really are at war now. It's on Jamie, it's on!
  11. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Wooohoooo! I'm ready for ya! Bring it on you 500-league poster!:D
  12. radionate New Member

    Well if I spend another boring night at home in front of the computer I'll be a 600 leaguer before long!
  13. Luke Active Member

    .........and you guys said Hulk Hogan wasn't appropriate for Muppets From Space ? I think this thread is getting more like the WWE everyday ! :D
  14. radionate New Member

    I'd ask if you can smell what I'm cooking, but its just your penguins Luke. The spa just got tooo hot for them!

    Mmmmmm, tasty! But needs salt.
  15. beaker Well-Known Member

    begun, this post war has

    .:.:jedi cor3:.:.

  16. radionate New Member

    Not that I'm keeping track, but I just noticed that I just topped 600 posts too! (actually this will be 602). You have been warned!
  17. kane31666 New Member

    cool, with this post, i'm in 25th.
  18. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Wooooohahahahahahahahaha! Nobody will catch me! Wooooooohahahahahahaha! (i just like doing that):D
  19. Luke Active Member

    Looks like the heat is on for 2,3,4 and 5 though. If it's a photo finish i'll be the guy with the funny glasses and the rubber chicken ...... after stealing them from Kev ! LOL !
  20. beaker Well-Known Member

    oh my, posters #2-5 are in a heated battle for supremecy!
    yes jamie, we know...youre untouchable;) i would advise ya save your thousandth post tho, for something special! i think ive got a handle on 10th...dr. tooth's position might erode away soon since hes on vaycay til september. I dont know how some of ya do it...you dont get paid to be on MC do ya? i just have a couple hours a day on gateway, hehe(hmm, will cory ever buy a pooter? ha!) @(0o0)@

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