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MC:BB - An All New Season

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Beauregard, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Erine81981 Active Member

    Wow! Aniaml loves classic music. *thinks for a few minutes* Whoa that is so awsome! Jam out dude! Would you care to dance Al? *bows head*
  2. Beakerfan Active Member

    Why I'd love to!
  3. The Count Moderator

    *Intercom: I wanna rock! Oh sorry, did I wake youz guys up?
  4. Erine81981 Active Member

    Sorry i fell asleep before i could sharnta you. So let's give it another try. Animal, hit it!
  5. Beakerfan Active Member

    Animal: *hits the CD player* *the CD player begins playing Mozart*
  6. Erine81981 Active Member

    Thanks Animal. *dances around the room with Al in arms* You are the sweetest little thing i've ever layed eyes on.
  7. Beakerfan Active Member

  8. Beakerfan Active Member

    *Animal sees Kyle and Alex dancing* WOMAN! WOMAN! *animal tackles Kyle to the ground and begins chasing Alex*

    Me: Ahhhhhhhh!!! Animal! Down! Down boy!
  9. DanDanStrawberry Active Member

    *wakes up* Is that an animal? Or is it Animal? Oh lord I'm going back to sleep...
  10. Beakerfan Active Member

    *finally sneaks into bedroom where Dan is still sleeping*

    *whispers* Please don't find me. Somebody help call him off.

    *Animal runs in and sees Dan in bed*

    Animal: DAN! DAN! *begins jumping on the bed*

    *I quickly sneak back out to the living room to check on Kyle*
  11. Erine81981 Active Member

    *shakes head and crossed eyes* Did anyone catch the number on that wild man?
  12. Beakerfan Active Member

    Kyle! Are you Ok? I'm sorry about that!

    *meanwhile in the bedroom, Animal is still going nuts, jumping on the bed and smashing things*
  13. Erine81981 Active Member

    *shakes head and hits it* Yea, i'm doing ok now. We might need to help the others. We don't want to happen to me what might happen to them. We need a strategy!
  14. Beakerfan Active Member

    Ok, uhhhhh......... I'll tackle him to the ground, you help me carry him to his drum set. At least then he'll be doing something somewhat constructive.
  15. Erine81981 Active Member

    Sounds fine to me. *both sneak into Dan Dan's room* You ready? On my mark. Get set. GO!
  16. Beakerfan Active Member

    *runs at Animal* Dan watch out! *tackles Animal* gotcha!
  17. Erine81981 Active Member

    Good job Al. *grabs Animal's hands and drags him out of Dan's room* There. We got him. Come on Animal. Drums is what you really want.
  18. Beakerfan Active Member

    Animal: DRUMS! *begins banging on his drums, then takes a bite out of a cymbal*

    Me: *smacks forehead* Oh, this is never going to work out!
  19. The Count Moderator

    *Intercom: Attention housemates... Today marks the beginning of another week here at MC BB/LS. And that means... Eviction time.
    This week, we have the following two housemates selected for elimination: Alex (Beakerfan) and Kyle (Erine81981).
    There'll be a thread posted for the eviction voting, you can either post there who you choose to get rid of, open to all MC watchers. Or, if you feel more comfortable, send in your votes to my E-mail address through the forum's mailer as the PM box would overflow to blow-out capacity.

    Hope to hear from you soon, the voting will last only for the day and I hope to announce who will be staying later tonight.
  20. Beakerfan Active Member

    Kyle!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! They're making one of us leave!!!!!!! How could they tear apart the dynamic duo like that?!? *pouts*

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