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MC Dorms: Sorry, We're Closed Take 2

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, May 19, 2009.

  1. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (laughs): I'm not big on tomatoes, either. Fortunately, ketchup counts ... right? *to Dr. Teeth* No, seriously ... big Jareth fan over here. *waves arm* I totally dig your outfit.
  2. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Ailie: Well, yesh...ketchup is good but regular tomatoes...they evil... X_X

    Dr. Teeth: *smiles weakly* Thanks, Kelleh... *squeaks* I jus' wish I coul' breathe...

    Spamela: *surveying, quietly* Mmmm...so much like grapefruits...
  3. Winslow Leach Active Member

    Tony drops a crate of tomatoes, and begins smashing them with a baseball bat.

    Tony: Tomatoes! YEEEECH! BAAAAH!

    smashes tomatoes.


  4. Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    At Cold Comfort, the gang is splitting a Matterhorn - the parlor's newest giant sundae.

    Erin: Hi, Ed, come on in. Why don't you and your guys try one of these? They're enough for a group, and they've got five different flavors in them.
    Storyteller: Oh, isn't this nice, they put little plastic mountain climbers on it.
    Beige: Yeah...and this one up top is wearing an oxygen mask, and...wow, he's got full-blown altitude sickness.
    Scooter: You know, they make a sundae called the Everest that's big enough to feed 20 people and...what's that song playing on the muzak?
    Nora: It sounds like "The Happy Wanderer" and...oh, no, they're up to the "Valderi" part.

    (gang quickly grabs the sundae and shoves inward in their booth as a pig in hiking gear and tracht comes falling down from somewhere over the parlor)
  5. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Chamberlain: *devours a few bugs swiftly and places the rest of his hoarded insects in a bucket* *glances up to see Spamela fawning over Dr. Teeth and scowls* That wasn't supposed to happen... >_> *skulks behind the bush again*

    Zoot: *crawls on top of the roof of the EM bus* :confused: ... :confused: ... *lies down on it*
  6. Winslow Leach Active Member

    Newsie, still in his Barney outfit/P.J.s, is talking to anyone who will listen.

    Newsie: Yes, Mother sponges me in the tub. I can't do it myself, I'm too preoccupied with playing with my collection of sea monkeys. I have them all named. Monkeybreath...Monkeyarm...The Claw...Apeface...Chimp An. Zee...and Paul. Ho ho ho ho ho! Paul! What kind of name is that for a sea monkey? Paul? ! Heh heh heh heh!

    Mother usually washes my hair with a bar of soap, but once in a blue moon she'll surprise me, and wash it with no-tears shampoo. Although I think that's false advertising, as I do get tears in my eyes when the suds inevitably corrode my vision. They get all red and burny, and I begin sobbing...

    After tubby time, Mother douses me with baby powder, which is just dandy, then she helps me put my jammies on. Unfortunately I'm a bit too heavy for her, so she can't carry me to bed, but we play pretend, and make believe she's carrying me. She tucks me in, then places a rail on both sides. I have a nasty habit of falling out of bed, and the rails protect me...most of the time...
  7. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Chamberlain: *shoots a tranquilizer dart at Newsie and it pricks him in the back of the neck* ...ah, peace and quiet...

    Ailie: ARABIAN NIIIIIIGHTS! LIKE ARABIAN DAAAAAAYS...MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, ARE HOTTER THAN HOT IN A LOT OF GOOD WA-- *slams into a tree and the towel unravels from off of her head* *falls over* X_X
  8. Winslow Leach Active Member

    Newsie falls, completely out.

    Lefty jumps onto his stomach, and does a wild tarantella.
  9. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (smiles at Ailie): You know, that song can be taken SOOOO wrong ... LOL.

    Pearl (watches Newsie get konked out by Chamberlain): Well, *sigh*, ain't no worse than how dinosaurs act, I reckon. *to Chamberlain* Poor little fella took "findin' your inner child" a little far, didn't he?
  10. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Ailie: It...can...but I has a corrupted mind already. X3 *stares at Dr. Teeth's tight, Jarethy pants again* O_O Muh... *tongue hangs out*

    Chamberlain: *nods and hides inside the bush again like a sketchball*

    Dr. Teeth: *pokes his head into the bush* :confused: Can I has mah own clothes back now?

    Chamberlain: Nyahahahah...never...
  11. The Count Moderator

    Pack your shield, pack your sword.
    You won't ever get bored.
    Though get eaten or marred you might.
    Come on down, stop on by.
    Hop a carpet and fly...
    To another Arabiaaaaaaan niiiiiiiight!

    *Arriving at Cold Comforts. Hey Erin... Hmmm, that sounds tempting... But I think we'll go with the Tropical Thunderdome.
    *Places order and a sundae for the spooks and I is served with little plastic palm trees on the side and little paper umbarellas accompanying cherries on top. We get Piña Colada, Rum Raisin, Lemon Daiquiri, Lime in the Coconut, and Manguava Madness. Chopped bananas, pineapple sauce and macadamia nuts finish off this dessert.

    *Bringing spoons and napkins, Dig in guys.
    *Finds a cherry with the stem tied in a knot. Wha? Wonder who...
    *A figure resumes working at the counter, avoiding looking straight at our table.

    UD: What's that you got?
    Me: A knot-tied cherry.
    UD: Oh... That's the first sign. *Continues eating.
    Me: Of what?
    UD: Secret admirer.

    :batty: :flirt:
  12. Winslow Leach Active Member

    Lefty ducks behind the counter, giggling.

    Lefty: Heh heh heh...ooh, floor sprinkles!

    picks up several sprinkles from the floor and eats them.
  13. The Count Moderator

    *UD shoots Lefty with a small surge of blue lightning. Do not meddle in the affairs of our master.
  14. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Ailie: *climbs to the roof of the EM bus with her sleeping bag and places it onto the left side, crawling into it* Nya.

    Zoot: *pokes his head out of a window* Ailie? Don't you wanna sleep in here? What if it rains?

    Ailie: Then throw me up an umbrella...? =P

    Zoot: *sighs* She'll track mud in here and soak up everything if it does...

    Dr. Teeth: But it migh' not... *shrugs* Myeh, let her do what she wants, I guess. =P
  15. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (to Pearl): So, what now?

    Pearl: Well, I guess it IS time to hit the ol' hay. What's a gal got to do to get some shut-eye 'round here?

    Kelly (shrugs): Close your eyes?

    Pearl (grins): Ha-HA. My, you ARE a droll one, aren't you?

    Kelly: I've heard there are hangers in the closets....

    Pearl (sarcastically): Well, I reckon I'm a bit too frail for somethin' like THAT.

    Kelly: Well, c'mon. We can always go camp out in the park. I could use some nightly fresh air anyway.

    Pearl: Whatever you say, sugah. Wouldn't mind sleepin' under some trees mahself.

    *Kelly and Pearl leave for the park with some sleeping bags*
  16. The Count Moderator

    *Back at our cozy little den... *Reading through messages... What? No! So that explains...
    Uncle Deadly has been spirited away on business, attending to a new soul admitted into the hereafter.

    *Goes to post the news with a heavy heart.
  17. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: *wakes up before Chamberlain and the third of the EM, sets up a table on the grass, and leaves a heap of toast for whoever wants it*

    Ailie: *takes one, hugs Spammy, and dashes off to school*
  18. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (wakes up in zombie mode): MMMM ... toast ... that smells SOOOO good .... Hey, thanks, Spamela.
  19. WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: You're welcome, Kel. =) *spreads out on patch of grass to tan for a while*

    The two EM members are playing in the distance..

    Zoot: *blowing his sax*

    Dr. Teeth: And when I see her, I'm gonna give her all the love I got...
  20. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (lying on the grass, singing): YA-da-da-DA-da, Ya-da-da-DA ...

    Pearl: What in tarnation is THAT?

    Kelly: It's supposed to be that song that Kermit sings getting ready for his date in The Great Muppet Caper.

    Pearl: Do you sing?

    Kelly: In the shower, yes. Do I dare do it in public? No.

    Pearl (grinning): You know, my brother Earl liked singin' in the shower, supposedly. It might do you some good to just let it all out.

    Kelly: It's not exactly my career choice.

    Pearl: But it sure is FUN ....

    Kelly: Yeah, and then people will think I'm even more pathetic than I already am. *sighs* I'm not singing in public.

    Pearl: Well, if there WAS a song you could be convinced of singin', which one would it be?

    Kelly: Hmmm ... I like "1000 Words" ... that evil thimblebeetle song of Red's ... "Yakko's World" ....

    Pearl: Ain't those last two kinda fast-paced tongue-twisters?

    Kelly (nods)

    Pearl: I see. You pick songs that take forever to get right so you can claim you stink at it worse than a pootin' skunk decomposin' on a pile of dirty diapers, right?

    Kelly (stares at Pearl): Where do you even come UP with that kind of figure of speech? *sigh* I'm hungry.

    Pearl: You know, I've been lookin' at this here map, and there's just this ONE bar over yonder on a street called Whitmire Wharf. Now that's just an awful waste of local flavor, darlin'. This town needs a saloon, quick.

    Kelly (chuckles): You SERIOUSLY want to open a saloon? Where would you put it?

    Pearl (grins): Well, I reckon I can put it here next to that bridal and groom shop up here in the left corner. After all, ya gotta have somewhere to go when you get left at the altar.

    Kelly (facepalms)

    *Kelly and Pearl hear a strange small engine sound, turn around, and spot Cotterpin riding up on her scooter*

    Kelly (grins): Hey, Cotterpin! Been awhile!

    Cotterpin: Wow, Kelly! I KNEW I'd find you somewhere around here! *looks at the large, rather rotund dinosaur in the flashy clothes* Who's this?

    Pearl (nods): Pearl. Pearl Sinclair. I'm a singer.

    Cotterpin (stares at Pearl's clothes): Uh-huh. And you have to wear that costume?

    Pearl (smiles): Well, I'm the first country singer back home, which means I get to pick mah OWN wardrobe. Ain't you one of those Doozer things I've been readin' about?

    Cotterpin: Yep, I'm Cotterpin Doozer. I'm an architect (mostly). *to Kelly* So, reconstruction is still in progress, right?

    Kelly (nods): Yep. Still no word from on high about opening day. A few are just kinda squatting here and there until the Dorms open back up. What have you been up to?

    Cotterpin (looks away): Oh, nothing, nothing. I've just been drawing up plans, you know, heehee!

    Kelly (smirks): You're hiding something ....

    Cotterpin (fake-shock): I would NEVER! *pause* So, heard from Digit or Waldo yet?

    Kelly (shakes head): I don't think I've seen them yet, to be honest. There's some temporary housing set up somewhere. I guess we should go see if anyone's around.

    *Kelly, Pearl, and Cotterpin head to the temporary housing facility*

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