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Miss Piggy on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by Phillip, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Muppet Loverr

    Muppet Loverr Well-Known Member

    Its really really simple all you doing is look at the bottomish of the screen and click download
  2. muppets4life

    muppets4life New Member

    I agree that Eric Jacobson has done it again! He knows that character literally inside and out! Miss Piggy was amazing with Craig...what chemistry!
  3. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh...

    I have never seen Miss Piggy so beautifull, so in character, and so on voice since...MTI? Yeah, she was good in VMC too. But my word is she good here. She has the deeper quality to her voice that is often missing. She gets the laugh, the hair toss, the way she moves her lower body and her head follows, the laying her head against his chest, the karate move that works, the hand movements, the inflections, the smile, the upper-lip-bite, the...everything.

    She talked about Gonzo's crush on her, which was amazing. She's taken anger management classes, and when Craig calls her fat...she doesn't even flinch. So that is how she has been able to ignore Kermit's snarky nature recently, she too has matured.

    Most importantly...she is back to her diva-nature, upstageing Fergy the whole way, digging into him as much as he digs into her.

    Craig himself...ahh, at last someone who knows how to treat the Muppets as people. He looks into her eyes when he talks with her, he asks sensible questions. He treats her, on the whole, as a person.

    Eric...he is my new idol. (Eric Idle, get it?) He has obviously listened to our complaints on his earlier performances, and he has taken the time to learn everything about Miss Piggy. She has never glowed so brightly in recent years as she did on the Late, Late show last night.
  4. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Well, now I can comment here since I've seen it at YT. Yeah, Eric does need some work with Piggy's live appearances but he's getting there. What I was disappointed about was that the ending got cut off. Craig actually wanted Piggy to karate chop him and Piggy mentioned that she's taken anger management courses about this. The part I missed was whether or not she ended up karate chopping him. Could someone either post the last part or at least tell me what I missed? I'm really curious here.

    Also, in case anyone missed what I said up there, I like that she got her old hair back. I wonder whether or not that was Eric's decision.
  5. Leyla

    Leyla Well-Known Member

    Actually, it's all up there now. Took me forever.:p Enjoy!
  6. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Overall I enjoyed it. Piggy did look like her old '70s self, which is always better than the '90s look. And I personally loved her voice.

    "Why do you wear your ring over your glove?"
    "Well if I didn't you wouldn't be able to see it!"

    LOL, You know I never thought of that before!

    Some of the jokes I could have done without. I didn't think the "arrested" jokes was all that funny, but it is a sign of our twisted times.

    Yes the muppets always did adult humor, but there's a difference between adult humor and immature humor, heh. And the fat jokes are annoying. I much prefer her interview with Morley Safer on 60 Minutes, when it was all about how pushy, flirty and egotistical she was, lol. She was confident and people were a little intimidated and captivated by her; and also amused that she had such a high opinion of herself. With the fat jokes, she's a pathetic punchline, and not a particularly original or clever one (plus fat jokes have proven to cause much damage to young people). They have nothing to do with her character. At least they didn't last very long, heh. Again, overall she came off great. :mad:
  7. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter Well-Known Member

    The one thing that bothered me about modern Piggy was the hair. I absolutely LOVE Piggy's hairstyle from The Great Muppet Caper. I'm hoping the look comes back for everyone. It's nice to hear that it is for our Pig. :mad:
  8. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry. I only see parts one and two now. That's alright though. I know it's not your fault or anything. It's probably just a problem with 'You Tube.' Could someone just verbally tell me what happened? That will probably be easier.
  9. Leyla

    Leyla Well-Known Member

  10. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    I thought all of it was cool. Eric did a good job with her and is doing well. I hope they do more guest stars on Craig Ferguson. He is one of the first guys that can actually one of my favorite late shows i like watching. But glad i could get it all on tape.

    (Still no internet but we are changing our serves to another. It will be at least two more weeks till we get the internet back up. but i'am missing everyone here.)
  11. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    They had great chemistry! Nice interview!
  12. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Leyla. Now I can sleep tonight. Lol. I was getting worried when Craig started insulting Piggy and she remained calm. I was worried she was losing her touch. Glad to see she's still herself.

    "I was lying about that anger management course: HI-YAH!"

    And just before that she said she didn't lie. Way to contradict yourself, Piggy, but we love you anyway.
  13. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    And I love the second karate chop...that one was the icing on the cake.
  14. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    She karate chopped him twice? I'll have to check that out again.
  15. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    She hits him once and he flies off the chair, then as it fades out, she leans to him, whispering, and decks him again.
  16. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Okay. I guess that's one of those things that might have been hard to catch unless you really pay attention. Your vision must be better than mine, Beau. :)
  17. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    You don't mess with the pig! LOL!
  18. MWoO

    MWoO Well-Known Member

    I thought the puppet looked good. Far better than stick figure piggy we've seen. The audio was bad so it's hard to comment on the voice one way or the other.
  19. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Your point being...?

    Remember guys, Piggy may be a movie star and a diva, but first, she is a pig. She's always had, always will have,a weight problem, but she is comfortable with that. She's a great role-model when it comes to showing that a woman doesn't have to be 'la skinnie' to have star power. The whole point of Piggy is that her presence outweighs (small pun) her appearance. And I think in this appearance, her presence was exactly as it should be.

    When she went down five size to her skinny-model look a few years back, I had to cringe...it just wasn't her. The blonde bangs don't work, the thin figure doesn't work. Bring back the Piggy we loved.
  20. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Absolutely, I love that she's always been comfortable with how she looks, it's not something you see from celebs, unfortunately. And this fat joke stuff is a fairly recent thing (unless it was Floyd and that's different). As someone said earlier, in her prime, Piggy was considered a beauty, though an unusual one. I think it just shows our society has changed, and not for the better. :mad:

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