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Muppet Listings 14.0

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by The Count, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Now it feels a bit more like home. Where ya been BlueAM? Missed you and your threads. This batch will be added, bringing us up to 2890.
    Happy holidays and have a great weekend.
  2. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    Thought I'd help with a few minor details. :D
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    No more entries? 99 are needed to finish off ML15. Probably won't be posted till after Christmas as a big present to you guys, mostly cause I'm swamped fright now with studying for my final exam and some other errands here at home.
    Hope to hear from you guys soon, and happy holidays.
  4. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    I've finished all of my finals, so I may have some time to post some more additions. :D

    However, I may not be able to add more until next year.
  5. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    You wanted more entries? You got 'em! :D

    LORETTA--one of Kingston's friends; a lavendar girl with blond yarn hair, green nose, eyelids, earrings, black Janice-esque hat, and I believe she wore a leopard-print shirt.

    STAR WHITE--appeared in a book about Snow White's sister. She's a live-hand lavendar AM with blond hair, pink nose, blue dress, and white feather boa.

    STAR WHITE'S MIRROR--a talking vanity mirror. Its mouth was at the bottom of the mirror.

    FARMER BROWN AND HIS WIFE--a Muppet version of "American Gothic" with orange and lavendar AMs. They appear in "Cluck Around the Clock".

    DR. T. BERRY BEARZILTAN--appears in an episode to help Baby Bear stop sucking his thumb. He's the Baby Bear puppet from TMS with a white lab coat, black eyebrows, moustache, and thinning hair, and "Herbert Birdsfoot" glasses.

    THE TOOTH FAIRY--a fat blue live-hand AM with wings, dressed as a 50's greaser. He has sleepy lavendar eyelids, black hair, white shirt, black leather jacket, and an orange nose.

    BONNIE RABBIT--a blue/grey live-hand monster turned into a rabbit, with an orange nose and feathery pink hair.

    GUS HOPPER--a small green AM designed to look like a grasshopper.

    THE GREAT QUACKINI--the white duck dressed in a cape and tophat.

    SEYMOUR THE TURTLE--another name for the Shelly Turtle puppet.

    THE FRY GIRLS--five Muppet foods that appear in "Healthy Food", and include an apple, pear, loaf of bread, pineapple, and broccoli.

    TONY THE TURTLE--a green turtle.

    MADAM ELMA CLUCK AND THE POULTRY CHOIR--a flock of chickens dressed in Victorian costumes, with powdered wigs and fluffy dresses. Madam Elma was the rooster puppet dressed as a female.

    WORMSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO--a sextet of worms dressed in African shirts. They sang "African Alphabet" during Sesame's Worm World Music Festival, which also included:

    SQUIGGY MARLEY AND THE MUD MAKERS--a group of rastifarian worms. The lead singer was blue with dreadlocks.

    THE MIAMI SLIME MACHINE--worm musicians that back up Gloria Esteworm's song. Three wear balls on their head to imitate "i's". (You could change the entry to "Gloria Esteworm and the Miami Slime Machine")

    GOOEY ARMSTRONG--a red worm with a white collar, blue necktie, and trumpet.

    THE POLKA WORMS--a group of worms dressed in lederhosen and Swiss yodeler's clothes.

    And here's three more:

    LUKE WARM--a green AM with "eye-glasses" with blue eyelids, brown hair, oval blue nose, red plaid jacket, and wearing a beanie with a propellor.

    IDA NOMER--a lavendar AM with orange pigtails, blue eyelids, green nose, red "poofy-sleeved" dress, and freckles.

    GORDON BLUE--a blue AM with a black beret and hair, black/white striped shirt, lavendar eyelids, and round pink nose.

    CERO--a penguin.

    A few corrections:

    SCOTCH should be changed to SCUDGE (they rhyme it with "Thudge" in an Ed Sullivan sketch).

    PICO should be changed to FICO.

    The cat's name from "Dog City TV Show" is spelled "Ms. Fluffe" (it still has the accent mark over the "e").

    The prince from "Don't Eat the Pictures" is named Prince Sahu. His cat is named Tamot.

    Rutlidge is Elizabeth's stuffed lion. Miranda is Lulu's doll.

    Feliz Navidad, mi amigo. :)
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you and happy holidays and I hope you did well on your exams.

    1 Should "Farmer Brown and his Wife" be listed as a single entry? I'd think they should since that's the name of the actual painting being spoofed, right?
    2 Seymour the Turtle, is this the turtle that Big Bird adopts as a pet when it just wanders into Sesame? Thought it was an actual turtle and hadn't listed it till now.
    3 Gonna keep Gloria Esteworm and the Miami Slime Machine as two separate entries, cause the real singer split up and went on a solo career later on if that makes sense to you.
    4 Scotch has already been changed to "Scudge" but thanks for telling me why.
    5 Along those same lines, why should "Pico" be changed to "Phico"?
    6 As for "Mrs. Fluffée", I listed as you had suggested in your previous post but will change it as soon as I get home.
    7 Mayhaps you can help with this little side search. Who are the characters that appeared in "Here is Your Life, Eggs!"? Me thinks there was Stephanie the Chicken and Corney the Corn, but were there others? And if you have them, I'd appreciate getting the characters from the other "Here is Your Life!" sketches to round them off.
    Hope to hear from you soon, and have a great winter vacation.
  7. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    1. I'd go with "Farmer Brown" and "Farmer Brown's Wife".

    2. Yes.

    3. I prefer if they go together, since Gloria Estefan went solo, but Gloria Esteworm didn't.

    5. If this is the character that sings the "Baile Del Penguino", I hear a distinct "F" sound instead of a "P". In closed-captioning, his name is spelled "Fico".

    7. I remember the name "Farmer McGregor", and the Sun and the Cloud, but that's all I remember.

    :sing: --Feliz Navidad, prospero ano y felizidad.

    And good luck with your finals, too. :D
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK, finished adding everything and we're up to 2927 entries.

    Quick questions.
    8 What was "Cluck Around the Clock"?
    9 The episode where I got the names of Rosita's, Zoe's, and Lulu's dolls/toys is from a recent one where they have a sleepover at Gina's. Eventually, Big Bird, Barkley, and the Letter and Number of the Day end up staying there as well. Wanted to get it cleared up: are the three girls for whom the sleepover was initially held Rosita, Zoe and Lulu? Or were they Rosita, Zoe and Elizabeth?
    10 Me thinks there was a game show hosted by Guy Smiley where there was a Sun character, Moon character, and Star character all trying to be placed in their home. Any help with this one would also be appreciated.
    11 Who was the woman who took her letter J to be repaired at Al's Alphabet Repair Shop?
    Hope to hear from you guys soon, and have a good night.
  9. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan New Member

    "Cluck Around the Clock" was the song sung by Chris and his Alphabeats, with four chickens. It was from 1990.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks TotallySpiesFan. Looks like we've got another Cartoon Network watcher among us. Got some shows of theirs that are among my faves.
    So, have you given the list a looksee? Hoping MuppetDude will return now that we're in 2005 and help out, if not him then maybe some other trusted sources throughout this forum and the internet at large.
    Thanks for comin' and enjoy the list.
  11. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan New Member

    These names need to be changed:

    Bill the Bubble Guy's Granma can be changed to Bill the Bubble Guy's Grandma
    Britany Speares Muppet can be changed to Britney Spears Muppet
    Busya can be changed to Businka
    Gary Cowanga can be changed to Gary Cahuenga
    Kippy Ben Kippod can be changed to Kippi Ben Kippod
    Leeza, Cinderella's Stepsister can be changed to Lisa, Cinderella's Stepsister
    Py can be changed to Pii
    Radishd Dude can be changed to Radish Dude
    Shakie Sanchez can be changed to Shakey Sanchez

    I don't know who these characters from SS Israel are:

    Ibtisam (SS, from SS Israel)
    Tzachi (SS, from SS Israel)
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi TotallySpiesFan, mind if I call you TSF?
    Made all the changes you suggested except for two: Busya will stay as is, cause that's her name in Russia similar to why I have Xiao Mei Zi listed as such instead of Little Plum. Also, Leeza from HC is something I wanted to ask about. You say it's "Lisa", but after hearing it it sounded as if there was a distinct "z" pronounciation in the character's name and why she's listed as "Leeza". Can you provide any textual proof as to one way or the other? If so, please post it here and I'll take it under consideration.

    Gonna have to read through the posts here to clarify my requests, but here's what I'm currently interested in finding.
    A. The names of the grouch trainers/owners of the individual international worms from the Worm Olympic Games episodes.
    B. The name of the Worm Aeronautics and Space Administration's chief officer, portrayed by Lynn Thigpen.
    C. The names and descriptions of the characters from all four Spaceship Surprise sketches: Planet CH, Planet SH, Planet TR and Planet H.
    D. The names and descripts of all the characters from the story of The Plant Who Wanted to Be a Boy from Season 34.
    E. The names and descripts of all characters from the story of Numberella.
    Hope to get some help from the kind folks here and have a great weekend.
  13. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan New Member

    Well, according to the book, "Sesame Street Unpaved", it's actually Businka, not Busya. In Hey Cinderella, Lisa is pronounced LEE-za. Besides, Baby Skeeter and Skeeter will be deleted since they're not in non-animated world.
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK then, so let me ask you this.
    1 Should I make an entry in my JAWS speech dictionary to have "Lisa" pronounced as lee-za instead of lisa?
    2 Businka may be the English accepted name for the character known as Busya, but I'm setting a few norms of consistency. If I changed it from Businka to Busya, I'd have to change Xiao Mei Zi back to Little Plum not to mention the entries for Da Niao and Neno. So, for those two entries I'm making an exception and keeping them with their names from the country of their respective co-productions.
    3 Baby Skeeter and Skeeter "will" be deleted? Not sure if you read the comments I made on those two before, but they'll stay listed.
    Reasons: A poser puppet of Baby Skeeter does indeed exist, and though I generally don't include the poser puppets in the list, this one is the exception. As for Skeeter, it's not that hard to imagine a grown-up version of Skeeter, especially when some of us have ideas for a customized figure of her using an S3 Scooter Palisades Toys figure like the one our own Quinn Rollins (better known as Gonzo) made himself.
    Other than that, hope you can understand my thoughts on the stuff above.
    And if you can help with any of the requests in my previous post, please go ahead and post 'em fright here. Hope to hear from you again and have a good night.
  15. KGJC

    KGJC Active Member

  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Uh, "Ditto" to what BHS?
    Hoping for some help with the requests above so as to fill the remaining gaps for the list's next version.
  17. muppet_dk

    muppet_dk Active Member

    Sorry but it can't, the correct spelling of the name is PY. Thats how NRK writes it on their tv-guide.
  18. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan New Member

    Here are some more entries, from Muppet Valentine Show:

    WALLY-- the Whatnot Muppet wearing sunglasses and with a red nose and brown hair. He's the writer and host of this pilot.

    BIG MOUSE-- The six-foot tall mouse who appears in a sketch "Froggy Went A-Courtin'".

    RUFUS-- He's already listed, but he also appears in "Muppet Valentine Show".

    CRUMPET-- A small piece of food.

    And some Muppet Show guests as characters:

    Lt. Jamie Smithers (Ruth Buzzi)
    Gloria Goodbody (Ruth Buzzi)
    Tiffany Gonzales (Rita Moreno)
    Billy Lee Boomer (Jim Nabors)
    The Bakery Guard (Jim Nabors)
    Arnold Stockman (Paul Williams)
    Carl Boomer (Harvey Korman)
    Lola Bramswell (Lena Horne)
    Robot Politician (Peter Ustinov)
    Professor Arnold Nood (Peter Ustinov)
    Dr. Felix Oglebomb (Peter Ustinov)
    Dr. Kent von Frong (Peter Ustinov)
    Billie Lee Boomer (Sandy Duncan)
    Clara Cartwell (Candice Bergen)
    Sir Avery of Macho (Avery Schreiber)
    The Art Museum Guard (Avery Schreiber)
    Beverly Shepherd (Phyllis Diller)
    Mrs. Klinger (Valerie Harper)
    Lola Thomas (Twiggy)
    Gretchen Powers (Kaye Ballard)
    Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers)
    Boris the Gypsy Violinist (Peter Sellers)
    The German Masseur (Peter Sellers)
    The Salvation Army Preacher (Peter Sellers)
  19. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan New Member

    Here's one more:

    FERRAO: Rua Sesamo's resident grouch who was only one of the two Muppets on the show before Tita would arrive.

    Does anyone know who these Rechov Sumsum characters Ibtisam and Tzachi are?
  20. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan New Member

    Guy Smiley's helping hand show sketch was "Where Do I Belong?"

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