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Music Video: "All I Need is Love" with CeeLo Green and The Muppets

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by Phillip, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I could have sworn I saw The Swedish Chef attempting to cook a turkey throughout the first few minutes of the video.

    I'd say more like that guy who was invited to a party but doesn't know anybody except the person who invited him, who knows the others.
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  2. Misskermie

    Misskermie Well-Known Member

    I liked when Kermit proposed a mistletoe!

    It was a great vid!

    And it had more Muppets than expected!
  3. Rowlf's ears flopping around is always the best part of any video! (being him was a great Halloween costume this year) :sympathy:
    Zoot's classic note was also great! :cool:
  4. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with Big Mean Carl, but it was really funny seeing him trying to eat Cee Lo's head. Also, it was nice seeing Rowlf, Lew Zealand, Scooter, and other characters that haven't been used as extensively as Gonzo, Animal, and Pepe. If I'm not mistaken, I saw Quongo the Gorilla too...QUONGO!!!:)
    Kermit and Miss Piggy's mistletoe scene was awesome, and Walter saying "homie" was the icing on the cake. And Cee Lo's Muppet look-alike was great, too.

    Cons: As stated before, I wish they had the rest of the Electric Mayhem, especially Floyd (he would have had some great lines if they put him in). Zoot's note was funny, but he seemed lost without the rest of the EM. Fozzie's scenes were kind of weak, and I wish the Swedish Chef would have SAID something instead of doing that pantomime/silent routine with the turkey. Also, who IS the guy who plays Santa Claus? I've never heard of him.

    Other than that, I give it 5! 5 stars! Ah ah ah ah! :batty:
  5. Rachel83706

    Rachel83706 New Member

    When Piggy put her hand inside that jewelry box Kermit was holding, I was POSITIVE it was going to snap down on her. - I mean, her red dress and gloves DID look a lot like the dress in Pretty Woman ;-) (Was I the only one who thought that?)
    I felt a little disappointed LOL

    Also, I get all the negative comments on the Lo-Co puppet. I know what you guys mean by "not looking Muppety" It seemed a little off ... but as a whole the video was worthwhile.
  6. He is a fairly well known comedian named Craig Robinson. He is probably most known for his role as Darrell in The Office. He was also in movies like the Judd Apatow movies, and Hot Tub Time Machine. I thought he made a very nice Santa!
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  7. Rachel83706

    Rachel83706 New Member

    I'm confused! Swedish Chef was in the video
  8. Plaid Fraggle

    Plaid Fraggle Well-Known Member

    I too am surprised more people don't recognize Craig Robinson! Guy's hilarious!

    I really loved this video. And it was the first time I ever heard the song, too, so hooray for a great first impression!! [​IMG]

    Everyone has already mentioned excellent parts, but I'm just gonna say when Cee Lo mightily raises his hands at the 2-minute mark and the whole gang pops up... it made me SERIOUSLY want to similarly summon some Muppet buddies [​IMG][​IMG]
  9. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Agreed 100%!!! :D (and, I just gotta see that costume!)

    Um... what's that, about Santa Claus?
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  10. fragglerockr

    fragglerockr Well-Known Member

    Here's my .02 cents. Ok, more like $3.00...

    I kinda liked the video. I do agree with everyone it seemed a little all over the map. I think it could have used a stronger concept but that just splitting hairs. It was good to see the characters as themselves in a normal (are they ever really?) setting.

    My biggest issues with it, and it's nothing to do with the video, is the song itself. It's not that it's cloying or that they sampled Mahna-Mahna for it, it's the mix. Holy crap! When I first downloaded it from iTunes I thought something had gone horribly wrong with the sound quality of the download on their end. I now realize that's how they recorded it. It is awful. I have heard amateur demo's recorded in a bathroom that have better sound quality.

    Here's what I mean specifically. One - there is waaaaaaay to much reverb. I don't care how they overprocess Ceelo, (that works for him) but the Muppets have always had a fairly straightforward sound. It's just the right amount of warmth to keep them from sounding flat and give them tone while still having funny character voices. It's always the right mix to add depth but never too much. Even with the Electic Mayhem. A little reverb goes a long way. We don't need Muppets in echo chambers. I suspect however this was Ceelo's call and not the producers of the Muppets. I suppose it would be weird to have Ceelo with ton's of reverb and the Muppets with none, but man, they should have thought it through better.

    Two- it's sometimes over and underprocessed almost drowning out the Muppets- becuase of this, the final mix sounded tin-ey. Characters that I never have trouble understanding (like Pepe or Kermit) I was like, what? What did they say? Especially Pepe's rap. It killed it. The C-food line was too funny but I totally missed it because he was almost mixed down too far in the mix. Fortunately, I got the joke from the video. Another good example is Piggy's introduction saying: "Cee-Lo". Had I not seen the video, I never would have figured out that it was her. That's not a slam at Eric it was just hard to make out who was saying it, becuase it was so metallic and shrill.

    I guess I'm being overly critical but I think the producers could have done better. Other than those obvious complaints, I liked it. I think Ceelo, as an artist has good sense of humor so I was ok with him working with the Muppets. Just fix the sound issues if you do it again, for frogs sakes!
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  11. Plaid Fraggle

    Plaid Fraggle Well-Known Member

    This was an EXCELLENT critique and I hear just about everything you addressed. Props.
  12. DannyRWW

    DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    I got to say I agree with the comments about the reverb......I did not like the song when I first heard it....it took seeing the video for me to really enjoy it because you get to see the muppets and it makes it easier to understand who is all saying what.....and Walter was in it....and I can start seeing his role as overly eager and overly sincere being something the Muppets can use.... his muppet cover for his I phone was hysterical...and yeah I could see him at a party with the Muppets filming everything
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  13. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Yes you probably were. :p
  14. galagr

    galagr Well-Known Member

    :oops: I typed in "I could've sworn I heard the Swedish Chef's voice, but he was nowhere to be seen". What I meant to say was, "I could've sworn I heard Swedish Chef's voice during Pepe's rap, but he was nowhere to be seen".
  15. LinkLady77

    LinkLady77 Well-Known Member

    Walter can truly feel like he's "arrived" with the Muppets now...he's received a karate chop from Miss Piggy. LOL!
  16. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    It was nice to see Walter in the video. He's truly one of the Muppets now! I'm not a fan of Cee-lo Green by any means, but the video was interesting to watch. I like how the song sampled "Mahna-Mahna". Overall, a good music video.
  17. Ill try and remember to post it in a few days when I get back home. It is a cozy brown dress made of blanket material. It also has a hood with big floppy ears, of course! So I should post it on a thread about fan made art or something early next week hopefully.
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  18. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Haha, yes I wish I could "mightily raise" my hands and make Kermit, Miss Piggy & Co. magically appear by my side...complete with a puff of smoke, too.

    And how did you make those Muppet Christmas Carol smilies?!
  19. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

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  20. Muppetboy09

    Muppetboy09 Well-Known Member

    CaseyTheMuppet made them, quite unique if I may say so myself! [​IMG]
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