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New Muppet movie in development for potential 2013 release

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Phillip, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    They added new characters to TMS as the scripts called for them. If a movie script calls for new characters to fill a certain spot the way the Moopets did, I'm fine with that. I'm sure the writers have the sense not to let the newbies eclipse the veterans.

    So many ideas being thrown around... it makes me wish they were doing a weekly show, just so they could afford to try some of the wackier ones rather than focusing on one box-office-blockbuster story.
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  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Well, one of the Tough Pigs people attended a publicity event for Nick Stoller's new movie The Five-Year Engagement last night, and learned a few things about the Muppets sequel:
    • Walter will be in it.
    • There wll be some "connective tissue" to the previous film (if that means what I think it means I just hope the only connective tissue is the return of Walter and maybe '80s Robot, and that the Muppet theater returns).
    • And it will focus mostly on the comedy.
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  3. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad Walter will be in it but I hope he's not the main focal point. Of course it's gonna be a comedy I don't think we want a Muppets tragedy. Lol!
  4. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah. The only question is how will Walter fit?

    Let me put it this way... if Walter doesn't appear in any future Muppet projects, there will be a depressing undertone. Sort of how like we never see Snuffy's sister anymore... or the fact Peg and Pistol (not to mention Chainsaw and Waffles) are completely missing from A Goofy Movie and that sequel, implying a divorce.

    If Walter were to be absent, think about it. The guy saved the Muppets in the context of the film, and Kermit was so grateful, he helped Walter fulfill his greatest dream, becoming one of the group. A Walter absence would imply there was a falling out, Kermit welshed on the deal, or something else unpleasant. I'd hate to think about that.
  5. Rowlfan5384

    Rowlfan5384 Member

    Well. I'm excited for muppets 2. I wonder if Gary, Mary,
    and Walter will return?
  6. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    I can see him having a Scooter-type (maybe Scooter's new assistant?) role amongst the troop, helping out all the Muppets with their various projects and such, and sometimes getting his own spots, which could work with the aforementioned "connective tissue" between the first film and the sequel.
    CensoredAlso likes this.
  7. jvcarroll

    jvcarroll Well-Known Member

    I see Walter as being a helpful kind of Scooter-type. Maybe he can be Scooter's intern. That makes sense. The Gofer's Gofer. After 35 years, he's earned it. ;)
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    That's basically what I'm thinking in terms of a show. Having Scooter be promoted to something else, and showing Walter the ropes... an eager Walter grasping onto his every word and action like (for the lack of a better reference) Doofus clings onto Launchpad, thinking he's the greatest hero ever.
  9. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    I don't wanna see Gary and Mary either. I wanna see the muppets. Sorry to be a Scrooge but they served their purpose already no need for them in the next movie. I'm not saying Walter shouldn't be in it however I think he could just be the costar and not the actual star.
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Also the fact that Roxanne wasn't in the sequel at all.
  11. Puppet crazy

    Puppet crazy Well-Known Member

    We don't need new characters taking up screen time from the other characters!
    I'd like to see more of the classic Muppets.

    After saying this, I don't want to read anymore about this movie! I don't want any spoilers. Excited already!
    CensoredAlso likes this.
  12. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Good point, after finally getting their due after all this time I wouldn't like it if they just had to take a back seat yet again.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Er, dunno if it's been mentioned already, but IGN FilmForce has an article up about Segel saying he won't even cameo in Muppets 2.
  14. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The only time new characters took focus away from older characters was back when said old characters weren't recast yet... most obvious in MCC and MTI.

    However, look at MTM. While it didn't have the sheer number of Muppet show characters that GMC had (Pops, Lips, The Jugband... all had pretty prominent parts). it did have some new characters that helped move the plot along. But even then, it was just some more rats and the advertising frogs. I'd tend to think any new Muppets would be there to move the plot along.
  15. LinkLady77

    LinkLady77 Well-Known Member

    Maybe PIGMET? lol
  16. LouisTheOtter

    LouisTheOtter Well-Known Member

    All right, before getting into the nitty gritty, I'll suggest that there's only so much obsessing to be done over details, plot, music and character screen time before we step back and recognize that no matter what happens with any of these things...

    WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER MUPPET MOVIE, POSSIBLY LESS THAN TWO YEARS AFTER THE MOST RECENT ONE HIT THEATRES. There's absolutely nothing about that statement that isn't good news and doesn't make me smile.

    Now, on to the questions:

    1. What would you like to see as the plot in the new Muppet "comedy caper" type film?

    I'm not particularly worried about the plot, as long as it achieves the stated goals of (a) concentrating on the comedy and (b) incorporating the classic Muppet characters. I don't think it has to be rooted in the Muppet Theatre (as per The Muppets) but I won't mind if there's some "connective tissue" to the most recent film as Stoller described. That being said, I really don't want an outright sequel and will be disappointed if it's marketed in that fashion.

    2. What characters would you like to see have the leading roles?

    I'd like to see "take-charge Kermit" back, now that he's dealt with the various issues that arose in The Muppets. More screen time for Rowlf, Statler and Waldorf, Rizzo and Pepe, please. And, of course, the usual suspects: Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Sam the Eagle, Bunsen & Beaker, Sweetums, the Swedish Chef and the Electric Mayhem (there MUST be at least ONE killer Mayhem song in this movie, as has been previously suggested).

    3.Do you want a Muppet villain (like in Muppets From Space, Letters to Santa and The Muppets) and if so who, or would you prefer the villain to be just a human role for one or more characters?

    I think it would offer more variety to the film, and to the Muppet canon as a whole, if the idea of a single villain was discarded in favour of numerous obstacles that the Muppets must overcome to achieve their goal (whatever that might be).

    4. Whether they were in The Muppets or not, what five minor characters do you hope have a bigger role in the new movie?

    The definition of "minor characters" is open to discussion but my votes go to Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Lew Zealand, Robin the Frog, and the duo of Johnny Fiama and Sal the Monkey. (I wouldn't mind Bobo sitting this one out or stepping back...he got significant screen time and some great lines in Muppets From Space and The Muppets, so let's spread the exposure around a bit more.)

    5. What style of music would you like for the new film? Are there any characters that you hope have a song in the new movie?

    As I've mentioned above, I'd love to see at least one big crazy Electric Mayhem number and, whether or not the flick follows the "Muppet road trip" theme mentioned by others, I'd love to see another great road-trip type of song like "Movin' Right Along."

    Bottom line: LET THE MUPPETS SING! They didn't actually get to do a lot of that in the last movie (for new songs, anyway) and I hope that changes with this one.

    Finally - I'd be delighted to have Walter back (I thought he delivered some of the biggest laughs in the previous film) and I'm not worried about new Muppets being introduced. As others have already noted, new characters didn't derail MTM or MTI and I'm sure they'd take their proper place in this new movie.
    newsmanfan likes this.
  17. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    I wanna be happy about the new movie. But I can't for some reason. Becuase it's a comdey caper. I guess that means that it's gonna be like GMC in some ways. (I don't really like the idea of re-doing movies).

    I've just gotta wait though. I hope this movie isn't rushed. I want it to be even BETTER than The Muppets.
  18. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    What's this that Nick Stroller said about a pilot episode?
    Is that for The New Muppet Show thing? What's he talking about?
  19. Yuna Leonhart

    Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Who said it's going to be like GMC in some ways? For all we know, it could be very different, despite being a caper movie. We can only really judge when we know a lot more of the new movie.
    Muppet fan 123 likes this.
  20. Pinkflower7783

    Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    We just said it's probably not gonna be exactly like Muppet Caper I think he just meant it's gonna have that same sort of comedy feel. Doesn't mean it's gonna be something that's already been done. Again it's still early to make any kind assumptions. I was concerned too hearing the word "Caper" even though I loved MC as well but really I think that's just giving us an idea of what kind of comedy will be in it.

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