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Original Muppet Whatnot Workshop now off-line

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Phillip, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. The Shoe Fairy

    The Shoe Fairy Well-Known Member

    That would be interesting. Makes me think Oinker Sisters style.
  2. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    what I just DON'T understand like...why does it take em 4 - 6 weeks to ship one of these to us? doesnt only take 10mins to make one these things? :confused::attitude:
  3. TopperFraggle

    TopperFraggle Well-Known Member

    Here are some pics of the Whatnot that a friend in New Jersey was kind enough to go to the effort of getting for me. I asked that he be sent without the eyes and nose attached, though as I said in a previous post, it wasn't as easy as I expected to get them on right. A few of the pics have an orange glow- I didn't realize the setting on my camera wasn't quite right.







  4. muppetguy

    muppetguy Well-Known Member

    hey A Mickey Muppet

    i can say, i understand how you feel. But I can tell you possibly why it takes that long. I live in NY myself and have recently visited the FAO store to make a second one and when I got there, they were literally sold out of a lot of items. Some that I can remember was they were sold out of the blue body, red long curly hair, the tweed colored jacket. They were not getting these items in until the middle of January. I actually purchased mine online.

    The people at FAO actually build the ones they ship out, it is not a separate entity who does it. So you are literally getting whatnots still built by the FAO staff.

    Hope this helps.
  5. The 11th UrRu

    The 11th UrRu Well-Known Member

    It says it wont ship to me because Im outside of the US, anyone else have this problem? I thought they took international orders...
  6. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    I beleive you have to email them and ask for a shipping rate.then they will.
  7. Muppets Mad

    Muppets Mad Member


    i know this mite sound stuped but can you stick your hand up the muppet what nots to move its mouth or do you just have the pole to hold and the stick for its arm? :crazy:

    i would really like one, i like the orange body, shame they dont have a pink one! :excited:

    love sammi xx
  8. Davina

    Davina Well-Known Member

    yes, it is an actual hand puppet
  9. Wade Alan

    Wade Alan Member

  10. Eaglekiller

    Eaglekiller Well-Known Member

    Great job Wade Alan, that was really nice.
  11. strangepork

    strangepork New Member

    Got this reply today re international shipping:

    Your email was forwarded to me regarding your interest in purchasing and shipping two Muppet Whatnots to the UK…. Let me explain this to you correctly, we do not take international orders on our website. And the Muppet Whatnots can only be purchased on-line or in our New York store….it takes 4-6 wks for delivery on-line and in our New York store the Muppets only take approx.30 minutes to come to life. But unfortunately, the Muppet Whatnots are currently on vacation until February 2009 at our store. Perhaps, you have a friend or family member in the states, who can make the purchase for you. I hope this has been helpful to you.

    Thank you for shopping at F.A.O.Schwarz.

  12. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    I got pretty much the same reply:sympathy:
  13. Davina

    Davina Well-Known Member

    hrm.. that stinks...
    If I lived in the lower 48 I'd offer to let you ship em to me then I'd forward to you.. but I'm in Alaska, which would just be insane shipping either way.... maybe someone else can set up a muppet safe house for international orders... :)
  14. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson Member

    I went by the FAO NYC store this past Friday (my wonderful girlfriend surprised me at Christmas with a Whatnot gift set to build one), so I figured the best way to enjoy this was to drag her along and do it myself so she could enjoy the process.

    Sadly, the Whatnots are on "vacation" until the end of January as they are out of the body molds. The woman who was manning the counter (they still sell other Muppet-related items) told me they've been doing 3 times to amount of business they expected. I have no idea as to whether this is true or not, but I'm certainly hopeful.

    The store has a Muppet video pushing the Whatnot concept with the classic Muppet Show family of characters and is decorated with "signed" photos from the same characters wishing the Whatnots well.

    Beyond the usual DVDs and shirts, I grabbed a special WhatNots store Tshirt ($22) and when I go back to make my Whatnot, I want to grab the red and white striped scarf with Kermit's feet and signature embroidered. Very cool stuff.

    Between the store, the Street Gang book and being able to see Emmet Otter twice in CT, I am in hog's heaven when it comes to Henson and Muppet stuff right now.

  15. Ignorance

    Ignorance Well-Known Member

    Okay, I have a few questions, I'm really sorry if they've been answered before.

    1) I just got the whatnot kit, so now the only way to make it [besides NY] is to wait until February and do it online?
    2) I've seen it be asked if you can buy an extra handrod anyhow, but I didn't see an answer. If not, how hard would it be to make one and how would you do it?
    3) The curly red hair looks very different on the front of the package and online, does anybody have pictures of a curly haired muppet?

    Thanks very much.
  16. slimey

    slimey New Member

    My wife gave me the OK to get a whatnot for my birthday in Feb. so I just ordered mine !

    I got the blue body ,blue pointed nose, flat eyes w/blue eyelids, lounge jacket ,& bald fringe :D.
  17. strangepork

    strangepork New Member

    Has anyone in the UK had any luck with ordering a whatnot online? Enquired about ordering online from UK and delivering to a friend in US but customer services said it couldn't be done unless I used an American credit card. But everything on the website seems to indicate that they accept international orders!
  18. Eaglekiller

    Eaglekiller Well-Known Member

    I put in my order on Dec 24 and it said I would have to wait until Feb 28 to get mine. But today I got an email saying that my whatnot had shipped! It should be here anyday now, I am not far from NYC. :crazy:
  19. Davina

    Davina Well-Known Member

    probablly depends on what items they're waiting on..
    nice to know there's a chance of getting them sooner though
  20. aixia

    aixia Member

    I got an email today saying mine (ordered end of December) had shipped. Seems they were being conservative in their shipping estimates and how long it would take to restock after Christmas.

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