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regular figures...mega sized...what about minis?

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by beaker, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. Louis Kazagger

    Louis Kazagger Well-Known Member

    LOL! PONDEROSA here I come. Sheesh, this "fan club" thing even dictates my meals for me now! ;)
  2. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    don't forget his Chef avatar...

    Ken's like a walking ad for Ponderosa.

    but i wouldn't ask him about "little joe" if i were you...

    (man...that one hurt ME...)
  3. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    AACK get out of my brain!!! evil i tell you, evil!!

    heh...now we can run around the forum chanting "one of us" in a high pitched voice and giggling...
  4. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Well-Known Member

    He prefers "Little Ken"...
  5. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>I just think some of this guilt has been put there by people who change their opinion whenever Ken does. There are two or three people here who ignored Corys idea before Ken said he liked it, then came over here and raved about what a great idea mini's were, and then once Ken had said they would be doing PVC's instead, go all out for the PVC cause and jumped down the throats of people who felt otherwise - and they do the same in the 'Ask Ken' thread<<<<

    Well Luke, youve heard of company 'yesman', welcome to forum 'yesman'. The almight grand poobah mighty favog Ken has spoken...the gospel of Palisades! Just kidding...but it does feel like people tend to have 'Igor' syndrome 'yes, very good boss!...oh, no youre right, not very good...oh wait, yes very good boss!' It is funny how when I posted some balked at the idea, Ken vaguely liked the idea, and mulled on possibilities...then it was like 'oh yeah, minis would rock!' and now its back to Pvcs over minis.

    Im grateful Ken posted earlier today about him seeing The Simpsons minis first hand, and his opinions on minis and detail and likenesses. I like the money the most of of the space WOS minis, but I guess I would agree they arent the most detailed things. The new Japanese TOMY Disney minis would be a better example of how TMS minis would rock.

    >>>It just saddens me that it has got this overwhelming, almost obsessive - if the product guy can't come here without all this going on then no wonder the Muppeteers themselves never stood a chance<<<

    YEah, that really BUGGED the crud out of me...the few times a JHC person or muppeteer would go out on a limb and say 'hey guys' on the old MC...people could just not help themselves, by inundating them with emails and crazy amounts of replies...which would turn into email notifications. No wonder we dont see any on here anymore.

    >>>I'm glad some people actually felt able to say truly what they thought, but i also know some people (one or two longstanding members particularly) who do have constructive opinions on things but don't want to face being flamed by Ken's fanclub and so avoid posting which is a shame<<<

    People should not feel afraid of flames...just come on here and say what ya think. Someone saying 'These figures suck' would just be lame, as noone in their right mind could think there is nothing cool from the 6" line. Lookwise, they blow Simpsons and Mcfarlane out of the water IMHO. But saying 'well, such and such needs some retooling' or 'whats up with such and such' nose or sculpt? it looks not so good' is indeed encouraged to give balance.
    Folks, when ya post, have validity whether it be positive or negative feedback.

    Finally...jamie wrote:
    "You read me right. The Fisher Price puppet figures are underwhelming and I always have felt that. <<<

    Well you may say Palisades figures are a 10 and the FP 78 line are a 5 or 6...but they ARE TWO Seperate things. Its like comparing micronauts to army men pvcs. The FP TMS 78 line is comporable to other 3-4" lines...where as the Palisades are of the new post Mcfarlane 1997 to present vein. Geez, people seem to forget that MCfarlane reinvented the action figure line as we know it. SO I cant even compare the two. The Fisher Price figures(for anyone who wants to know, go to the collectibles section) are without a doubt great back then and great to me now. How ya can say the likenesses arent spot on is beyond me. I dont wanna name series or names, but that Scooter to me beats out any other scooter likeness Ive seen recently merchandise wise.
  6. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    You think Animal is good likeness? And Gonzo doesn't look much like the original or later Gonzo. Terrible likenesses. They are good figures and i do love them, but not because they are "fantastic" as has been stated. They really aren't all that. They are quite good figures for their time, but nothing incredible special by todays standards as has been repeatedly mentioned by several people. Fans love things for nostalgic reasons, but that doesn't make them great. However the Fozzie and Rowlf are almost spot on and there's something about this Piggy that makes her special.
  7. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    I've nothing against you personally - i think your a great guy, more than dedicated to the line, and listening to and keeping the fans happy. I don't think anyone would doubt you've done a superb job and should be very proud - we all are !

    My reservations are more about any company being here, and also having such a close relationship with the fans :-

    On the one hand it's a good thing because you can tap into the fans for advice and opinions which can only make the product better. You can also listen to new ideas and sometimes things may come out of that. As well as that we've gained you and other Palisades employee's on the forum, and on a personal level you are all great, friendly and honest people.

    On the flipside - people don't seem to have grasped the idea this is 'Muppet Central' and not the 'Palisades Forum' - we get 101 new threads about packages or money orders being recieved where this should be an email type thing. People sometimes start a new thread because it worries them it might not get enough attention in 'Ask Ken' so the whole place gets overloaded with action figure stuff - i know all this is not your fault, but it must be very overwhelming for people who don't have an interest in the action figures, and what they may have come here for before (news chat, trivia games, general collectables) seems to be very overshadowed. It's one of the most important years for the Muppets - 25th anniversary, company sale, upcoming Muppetfest, new shows on the horizon - but they aren't getting enough attention. If you look at Toughpigs (where the more maturer fans hang out), i think the mixture of action figure chat and other stuff is perfect, and you participate there which is cool !

    The hysteria can be kinda annoying too. People are not used to having a product developer here so they get a bit overwhelmed by it all. There are people who are so obsessed with the figures or Palisades actually being at the forum that they give people with different views a pretty hard time. As i said, i know there are people who love, but do have opinions on the figures (maybe stuff like Dr Teeth could have been thinner and stuff like that) turning up at Toughpigs chat but when we say they should go and post to Ken at MC with their opinions, they say they don't want to bother because they'd just get flamed by the others. I guess as people have come to know you as a friend they also want to protect you, which is cool, but they kinda have to realise you are doing a job too and have come here for a reason, hence all the people apologising for 'nitpicking' before.

    So they are my thoughts on the subject although i want to point out that i really like you posting here and wouldn't have it any other way, just i can see also ways where this action figure boom hasn't been entirely good for the forum as a whole. I guess my reservations are more geared to the people, we have a lot of younger fans here and also now the influx of people who are more into action figure collecting than the Muppets so they are very excited by it all and quite rightly so, but it's EXACTLY the same as when Bill Baretta and Jerry Nelson came here - they posted a few times, the fans got over-excited and obsessively overwhelmed by it all and it all got a bit too much and the people never came back. I guess this is also the reason why people from Mattel don't post on He-Man forums or Hasbro on Transformers ones - sometimes the fans just get too carried away. I like the idea that the action figures are discussed, any figure news is reported, and opinions and ideas are sought but still retaining a cool and balanced atmosphere that we don't seem to be able to get here because it's become known as the action figure hangout where 'Ask Ken' is this daily phenomena - i guess it must seem a bit daunting to even you sometimes.

    I guess i'll probably be accused of whining by someone now but you did ask ! :D
  8. Louis Kazagger

    Louis Kazagger Well-Known Member

    Isn't that why the mods gave "action figures" their own section, separate from "merchandise" recently?
  9. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Yes, but it's pointless because the 'search for new threads' feature which 99% of people use to view the forum still lists all the threads from each category together. The only way you could get round it would be an entirely seperate forum script for collectables talk - maybe a mini subdomain of Muppetcentral exclusively for collecting !

    Y'know a lot of this would be solved by that FAQ appearing sooner rather than later. Ken called for it AGES ago to take the heat off him, and it would also take the load off the forum. When people asked a minor question, or wanted to enquire about their collectors club account we could just get into the routine of referring them to that and they'd hopefully get the message about where to go. Instead of someone just posting a FAQ up as a new thread on the forum which can be edited as needed it has to turn into a full scale 'Muppet Central' site project with pretty pictures and linked writing that will take forever to finish and constantly update - thats very nice and all good, but it's not serving the purpose it was supposed to in the first place.
  10. Louis Kazagger

    Louis Kazagger Well-Known Member

    Oh, I don't use that. I just go to the main topic "action figures" and refresh the screen and look for the colored envelopes. :) When I want to know what people are posting in "puppetry", I mosey over there.

    Ah, I see your point now. No one is really posting in those sections on a regular basis anymore, are they? Is that it? I just looked over the other topics and I'm pretty much just as caught up on those sections as I was when I scanned them a few days ago. So, you're saying those sections were a little more hopping, until this became known as the "action figure forum"?
  11. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Luke- I don't get it.

    I am not sure if you realize, but you have posted more on the ask Ken thread than everyone but Ken and me (and that's quite a feat) and you are the top poster on this one.

    When more Muppet product is released (TV programs, movies, specials) there will certainly be much talk about those things. A year ago we would have killed to have this sort of active communication with a Muppet product developer or someone in a high level in the Henson fold.

    I also have to object to labeling Muppet Central as a forum of less maturity. That's a bunch of bunk in this frogboy's opinion. There's more than enough room for a variety of forums on the Internet and I welcome that. Your statement would smack of elitism if it weren't so silly. Come on, man. Seriously. It is also insulting to imply that anyone here is a puppet (pun intended) of Palisades. I can only speak for myself, but I love the A level product. Sure, there are some definite issues and Ken needs to hear about that in a respectful and constructive way. Some have lost their tact when critiquing and that is unwise in any situation. I have certainly given Ken an earful of suggestions in posts and emails. Believe me. And Palisades has been really cool about helping fans get the product and had give-always.

    I could say that I have reservations about your posts, but I like the spark you have at times and you are certainly entitled to your position without me telling you that. But don't you think you've taken a train of thought a little too far into the absurd?
  12. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Yes, thats what i'm saying. Many, many people (especially the most regular people here) use the 'show new topics' or whatever it's called because it's the quickest way of getting to all the new stuff without having to go in and out of every single section which would be tiring if you are interested in everything. So putting all the action figure stuff into a seperate folder hasn't really solved anything - it was much better when everything went into 'Ask Ken' but people broke off and started different topics everywhere so that had to be done to at least help keep things in one place.

    I imagine this forum must be very annoying for people not interested in the endless action figure posts - i wouldn't be suprised if there are those who just don't want to trawl through it all so either they can never find all the other stuff, or they just leave without posting and we lose their contributions in the other sections.
  13. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Re: Luke- I don't get it.

    Originally posted by frogboy4
    When more Muppet product is released (TV programs, movies, specials) there will certainly be much talk about those things. A year ago we would have killed to have this sort of active communication with a Muppet product developer or someone in a high level in the Henson fold.

    Jamie, theres plenty to talk about on other stuff right now. Look back to Muppetfest last year and how much discussion there was on that even at the very early stages. Now look at it over here - two threads that have long died out besides the occasional banter which is pretty much muffin talk. They are shooting the movie in Vancouver, a pilot for the TV show is in the works - where's the hype about that ? When the Muppets appeared on that radio show there was very limited interest in it - if the Henson people looked in here to see the fans reaction on that appearance i think they'd be dissapointed. If EMTV went bankrupt tommorow (and it COULD well happen) do you think 80% of the people here could pull themselves away from the figures ? Personally i'm not so sure.

    I also have to object to labeling Muppet Central as a forum of less maturity.

    Toughpigs seems to have a lot of the original and older members of 'Muppet Central' thus i called them the more 'mature' fans as in agewise and also experience in the Muppet online community - i'm not making a comment on how 'grown up' anyone is. Whether it's elitist or not, go take a look over there - they seem to be handling it all much better than here.

    Come on, man. Seriously. It is also insulting to imply that anyone here is a puppet (pun intended) of Palisades.

    I wouldn't imply it if it wasn't so obvious. So many people change their opinion to whatever Ken's opinion is - this whole thread is one big example of it. Maybe this is because Ken provides good arguments as to what he thinks and why, persuading people, but there is a hint of everyone wanting to be Ken's buddy because he makes the cool toys.

    And Palisades has been really cool about helping fans get the product and had give-always.

    Jamie, it's ok - you can relax. I am not criticising Palisades - i totally agree with you. If anything, Palisades has tried to help the situation but i don't see it working.

    But don't you think you've taken a train of thought a little too far into the absurd?

    I'm just saying how i see it as someone who's been here a very long time and seen this forum go through lots of different things. I've heard the same stuff from other people in the online community so i don't see it as so absurd. Ken asked a question, i gave an answer as to my own opinion - simple as that. I don't really want to get into a flame war with people over this - i would never had posted my thoughts for that reason if i hadn't been specifically asked.
  14. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Well-Known Member

    Never wanted to pee in anybody's cornflakes. I always thought that those people that wanted to talk about other stuff would do it in other threads regarding the subject that they wanted to talk about. No one is certainly keeping anybody from doing it. Same with TP too. Got the impression that the people on that board were into a more Palisades-Free board, so I don't really post and just read.

    But you can't really fault me for the interest or the frequency of posts, and at least it has been relegated into one area. Would you and others be more comfortable if we were more centralized on a different location altogether, like a separate website, and didn't really get involved on this forum at all?
  15. Louis Kazagger

    Louis Kazagger Well-Known Member

    Uh oh, sounds like the beginnings of the "daily update by Drew" on the spawn.com mcfarlane toys board. Blah. You wanna see people who kiss developer butt, head over there Luke. ;)

    To hear Luke tell it, if you pulled out Ken, the MC Forum would be a ghost town without the action figure talk.

    Reminds me of the little towns across America where Walmart moves in, puts all the local shops out of business (the townsfolk don't support the little shops anymore, and only shop at Walmart). Then, ironically enough, Walmart finds the store in the town isn't profitable, and closes their doors, leaving the people nowhere to shop. WE NEED OUR WALMART! ;)
  16. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member


    No way ! That was not my reason for posting whatsoever and i personally love you posting here. In fact i'm sure the people at TP would love you to post a bit more and get involved, the toys have been a big hit there. I just think they've kept the hysteria down to a minmum which is very cool. Also nobody is faulting you on the interest or frequency - you've gone above and beyond the call of duty. In fact, i applaud you - you've stuck it out here when the actual Muppeteers couldn't ! LOL !

    I was just giving my opinions as to how the site has reacted to all this, anything about people not posting elsewhere as much or the figures overshadowing other stuff is more a site problem than anything to do with you - it needs to encourage more people to post in those areas, and also make more of the news and other fun stuff it can post so that people are interested just as much as the figures. You certainly have NOT peed in anyones cornflakes.

    I just think it would really help to have that FAQ up as soon as possible, and a solid rule that people get referred to the FAQ if it contains their question, and it NEEDS to be constantly updated. Also as you have already said, all questions to Ken that require an answer go in the 'Ask Ken' thread. That would pretty much solve 80% of the problems IMO i had noticed and get people into the routine not to just start threads to get your attention.
  17. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member


    Why can't you just let people talk about what they choose to without you constantly criticizing it? It's one thing to add to a thread, it's another to be one of a thread's top participants and criticize everyone for talking about the topic too much when you have certainly done quite a bit of it yourself.

    Your view that there has been too much figure discussion has been noted and it seems that a crusade to stop it or antagonize others contributing to it would only be futile. If you don't like a thread it's okay to say so, but you don't have to dwell on it. It's okay to move on. People will eventually come around to talking about something else. If figures are an exhausting topic, your continuous rant about the threads is the second. Geez. You can’t change what people want to talk about and if you could, what fun would that be?
  18. Louis Kazagger

    Louis Kazagger Well-Known Member

    Uh-oh, those action figure folk are starting to take over the neighborhood. We'd better move before property values start to drop. ;)
  19. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member


    If you'd bothered reading, i was not saying that i wanted to stop figure talk, or that the figures are getting talked about too much. I was just saying it could all be managed and co-ordinated better. Have you never heard of forum management ? Are you not a moderator ? Maybe i'm missing something here but the two things i'm calling for are things Ken himself has also called for !

    I contributed to the threads because i had something to say about that topic - i only brought this up because i was asked my opinion. I would also disagree with my continous rant about the threads being the second most exhaustive thing, i don't think i've said much about it other than the odd comment since we moved to this forum - actually a day doesn't go by without someone saying to me how you are continously the first person to disagree with them if they post something that isn't what Ken might want to hear.
  20. Louis Kazagger

    Louis Kazagger Well-Known Member

    Sounds like we need a "View new posts, except for the action figure posts" link. ;)

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