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Remembering Jerry Nelson (July 10, 1934-August 23, 2012)

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Oscarfan, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    OMG That is so funny! :laugh::batty: They're even rockin' with the monocle and beard! You are awesome, Frackleman! :)
    FrackleFan2012 likes this.
  2. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    I didn't take those photos but thanks for the comment. I love it when Abby, Zoe, Rosita, and Prairie Dawn all are wearing beards even though they are girls. LOL! :laugh:

    This may be a sign that The Count will appear in new material including TV appearances and newly-produced segments.
  3. Collgoff

    Collgoff Well-Known Member

    You really think so?
  4. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I do. The Count can't be retired. He's one of the most popular Sesame Street characters.
  5. DannyRWW

    DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone... I wrote a letter yesterday to tv Guide about how they didn't mention Jerry Nelson in the in memoriam section for 2012 (the issue came in the mail yesterday...I figure they will probably ignore me...but if a bunch of muppet fans right in maybe they will print one of the letters we write and give Jerry the respect and acknowledgement he deserves.... the e-mail is letters@tvguidemagazine.com people may not know his name but he has had an impact equal (or greater than) to larry hagman or dick clark on the world of television
  6. cahuenga

    cahuenga Well-Known Member

    I love the pictures!!! its strange to me that they include Prairie dawn, I hope she would appear more often in the future!
  7. Collgoff

    Collgoff Well-Known Member

    That's true!
    I hope the new muppet movie will have The memory of Jerry Nelson.
  8. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Yup. Jerry should did. I hope Jerry Nelson gets a mention during the "In Memorian" montage of the Daytime Emmy Awards, best known for performing The Count. :batty:
  9. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    I hope so, too.
  10. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    Jerry Nelson and the Count appear in JibJab's annual year in review video:

  11. Vincent L

    Vincent L Well-Known Member

    There's also "Stay out of Chick-fil-A", which I find amusing. :laugh:
  12. theSHE124

    theSHE124 Well-Known Member

    Uh, should the video's theme be excluded from this thread? Well, in my opinion, the end of the world shouldn't be joked around. :concern:
  13. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    The Mayan calendar thing has been a joke ever since the news came out.
    theSHE124 and ProboSowa like this.
  14. ProboSowa

    ProboSowa Well-Known Member

    I saw that video a few hours ago. Needless to say I was glad when I saw Jerry.
  15. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Yup. Me too.
  16. MrBloogarFoobly

    MrBloogarFoobly Well-Known Member

    I had a question: Listening to "Eye of the Storm" from Truro Daydreams (such a beautiful and poignant song, favorite one on the album), and I was wondering: Does anyone know who Matt is? He references Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, his daughter, and I think the Jon is Jon Stone.

    Anyway, such a beautiful album all around. Really moving experience.
  17. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    I believe the "Matt" you're talking about is Matt Vogel, who is a current puppeteer on Sesame Street and The Muppets. I think Matt may do The Count in the future because Jerry Nelson said that Matt would be the best performer of The Count if Jerry dies.
  18. Collgoff

    Collgoff Well-Known Member

    I bet Jerry put it down on his will!
  19. MrBloogarFoobly

    MrBloogarFoobly Well-Known Member

    I thought that at first, but all of the other names mentioned in the song are people who have died.

    Although it's possible; it doesn't make mention of "Matt" in the song being dead, only Matt telling Jerry Nelson that his turn is going to come.
  20. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    I'm late but yeah, the JibJab video having Jerry was terrific. I was very mad Jerry was left out of the tribute section of Katie Couric's "2012-in-review" special.

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