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Remembering Jim Henson

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Twisted Tails, May 19, 2012.

  1. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I know it's a little late and today is May 19th meaning two days before Jim henson's funeral twenty-two years ago. It has the puppeteers including Karen Prell, Mike Quinn, Kathy Mullen, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, and a special cameo, which is Philp Balsam. Okay, here we go, guys.

    May 19th, 1990 after 4:00p.m

    Karen was living in her house for now, but the next day she has to go to New York the next dayher siting on her rocking chair sipping a nice cup of tea after she invited her next door neighbors (even though they were not her kids) to stay for a while until their parents could pick them up the next day. "I wish Jim were here so i can tell of story of how much fun Red Fraggle had with me." she thought.

    Then there was a knock on the door and she knew it would be Red Fraggle by now. As she opened the front door, Red imediately started hugging her while Steve, Mike,Wembley, Mokey, Gobo, and Boober were standing there wondering what are they going to do with her.

    "Red, what happened?" explained Karen.

    Red sniffled and said, "Those fiends tried to kill us."

    Karen felt angry for those terrible silly creatures since they acted like a bunch of "gorgs."

    "I'm sorry, Red." said Karen. "I should of seen you earlier. This world has been crazy and terrible agaiin with Jim Henson now gone and it's not fair."

    Red got confused after wipin her tears away. "Who's Jim Henson?"

    Karen chuckled after she asked who the creator was. "I'll explain it you on the way to New York, okay?"

    "Okay!" said Red with a sigh.

    Then, she escorted to the Fraggle five to a guset room where the kids have a feeling they cannot wait to meet them in person. Next, she knew why they didn't come by themselves to California.

    "Mike, how did you find them?"

    "They were at an appartment with some bad people who loved to cage animals, but we can explain in your room for now. It's a long story!"

    "All right, but as long as the children take good care of the Fraggles, I wouldn't mind."
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  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Yesterday was the day when Jim Henson's funeral was held at St. Paul Memorial in New York. Chapter 1 & 2 are coming up right now.

    Chapter 1
    Karen was concerned about the way Red felt tonight. As Mike atarted walking back and forth, his wife started feeling antsy and said, "Honey, stop pacing around and tell me what happened to Red and her friends." Mike stopped and sat down on the bed with her and said, "Okay, here is what happened to them, Karen."
    "Do you want me to interrupt?" Karen asked.
    "No!" said Mike wiping the sweat off his forehead. "So, I went to Toronto right after you told me to look for the Fraggles since you and the Jim Henson team worked in Canada. Guess what I found out? Steve was with Wembley, but Red, Mokey, Boober, and Gobo were missing. Wembley explained that they split up to two pairs. So, he and Wembley decided to go one direction and then Red, Gobo, and Mokey went to another direction. Do you know what happened next, honey?"
    "What?" asked Karen with a sad puppy look.
    "Wembley said that Boober pushed him out of the way before the net caught him and the silly creature said, "Hey, I got a fwaggle!"
    "It would a Fraggle, Mike." corrected Karen. "Was that human much worse than a gorg?"
    Mike took a sip of water from a water bottle and said, "Yes, Karen! He was a bad bunny, but Steve finally found Wembley who was trying to find his friends. He then told me that something was suspicious and I saw a black truck. I wasn't stolen, but I found out it had cages of other animals, but they didn't speak. As the truck started driving away, we decided to follow that black f-150. We drove all the way to an abandoned apartment at the State of Seattle. When we got inside, there was no sign of the Fraggles. So, we followed that black truck again all the way to California to another abandoned apartment and I heard some singing. So, I went inside the house and there I saw them in a cage, but it doesn’t look like a gorg's cage. I imagined the song sounded like this:

    Well they threw us in a cage and there's no key.
    We gotta find a way that we can get free.
    There's just one thing that might be found.
    Gotta rock this joint till the bars fall down.

    'Cause everybody here's gotta shout till we all break out.
    Gotta rock our way to freedom.
    Gotta roll right back and seat(?) 'em.
    Gotta flip flop skipity hop,
    Back to Fraggle Rock.

    Mokey took a stick and she banged bars.
    Red started rockin' till she seen stars.
    Boober blew a harp like a wild thing.
    Got myself a guitar and began to sing.

    'Cause everybody here gotta shout till we all break out.
    We're gonna rock our way to freedom.
    We're gonna roll right back and seat(?) 'em.
    We're gonna flip flop skipity hop,
    Back to Fraggle Rock.

    Back, back, back, back, back to Fraggle Rock (3 X's)

    Don't need no key don't need bail.
    Gonna bust right out of this old jail.
    Gonna beat those bars till they drop their locks.
    Gonna spring ourselves loose with the Fraggle Rock rock.

    'Cause everybody here's gotta shout till we all break out.
    We gonna rock our way to freedom.
    We gonna roll right back and seat(?) 'em.
    Gonna flip flop skipity hop,
    Back to Fraggle Rock.

    Gonna flip flop skipity hop,
    Back to Fraggle Rock.

    "Oh, I remembered that song!" said Karen with excitement. "I did Red's voice at a recording studio in Canada, even though I let someone else do her movements on the actual show."
    "Anyway," said Mike after clearing his throat. Before Steve, Wembley, and I started talking to them, Boober said, "It's hopeless, Gobo! We're never gonna get outta here. Ugh! This place smells terrible and disgusting."
    "That's Boober, alright!" said Karen laughing. "By the way, Dave told me one day that he chose to talk to Boober, because they both have the same worries about their days and goings."
    "So, we finally took them out of the cage with a screwdriver and -"
    "Screwdriver?" interrupted Karen. "Wait a minute, the cage had a lock and it was harder for them to get out."
    "Exactly," chuckled Mike. "We got them out and I told them why they came out of Fraggle Rock. Gobo explained that since Uncle Matt was home, their fans send them postcards and letters that he found from Doc's workshop and it was sad news. Most of them said that Jim Henson, the creator, died, but they don't know who he was exactly. So, they went to "Outer Space" to find anybody who knows Jim Henson."
    "I wish they could of been more cautious like Boober always was." said Karen with a stern look in her face. "I'm glad they came here, but the reason why we need them is because of Jim.
    "So, they have to appear at Jim's Henson's memorial the whole time?"
    "No, just for the song of "Just One Person."
    "I see what you mean, honey, but I won't make it with you. Besides, I have to work and I would love you home safe and sound when you decide to come back home."
    "What about Red? She's my best friend, but she's a Fraggle and I am her "silly creature."
    "Well, promise me you let her decide if she wants to go back to Fraggle rock or not."
    "I promise, Mike!"
    In the guest room, there were three children named, Trish, Amy, and Beth. After all the introductions from the Fraggles, the children listened to their story of how they got out of Fraggle Rock and not knowing Jim Henson very well. After their story was told, Trish then said, "Hey, let's act a story of The Three Wishes and instead of that we'll call it "The Friends that Always Complained. Red, you are the excited one, Gobo, you will be her friend since you love discovering things, and Mokey will be the Fraggle that gives out wishes.
    "Trish," said Amy. "You have left Wembley out! He can be the flying creature with Mokey. Boober, do you want to act out?
    "No thanks guys!" said Boober. "I'm going to help Karen with her laundry."
    "Okay," said Trish. "We'll see you soon, then."
    As soon as Boober left the guest room, the Fraggles and the children were excited. Then Trish said, "Since nobody volunteered as the narrator, I guess I am the narrator then. So here we go everyone.

    Once upon a time there were two friends named Red and Gobo who lived down at Fraggle Rock and they lived in a same cave. They had doozer sticks and clothes to wear for the winter. They even had a baby tree creature and a doozer doing construction so they can have more doozer sticks. Every day, Gobo would go to the Gorg's garden to find radishes, but one day when he was about to get a nice pair of radishes, he saw a female Fraggle named Mokey, and she yelled, "Stop!"
    "Huh?" said Gobo. "Who are you?"
    "I am the Fraggle that guards your radishes and the Gorg's garden is my home." said Mokey.
    "Okay, I will come get the radishes later." said Gobo.
    Before he went back to the cave, Mokey stopped him and said, "Wait, before you go, I will grant you one wish for Red, one wish for you, and one wish with Red and Gobo.
    "Thanks!" said Gobo. Then, he went back to Fraggle Rock to see Red.
    When he got back to Fraggle Rock, Red brought him dozzer sticks and one small radish.
    So, throughout the night, they argued and complained of what they want at Fraggle Rock until the next day Gobo said, "Boy, I wish I had a nice medium radish."
    Then there was a mist and the medium sized radish appeared in front of him.
    "You're crazy, Gobo!" yelled Red. "We got three wishes, you got a radish, and I don't get one. I just wished your radish was on your nose."
    Sure enough, there was a scent of mist and the radish went onto his nose.
    "Now look what you did, Red," screamed Gobo. "Now get this radish off my nose."
    Red tried and tried to pull it off but it just wouldn't budge.
    "We could had a doozer, a Fraggle, or a new hat, but I can't go to Outer Space with a radish on my nose." said Gobo.
    Red thought and then said, "Wait, Gobo! We have one wish left and we should say it together."
    So, they took a deep breath and said together, "We wish the radish off of Gobo's nose and a flying creature."
    Then there was a gush of mist and the radish was off of Gobo’s nose. Also, the flying creature appeared before their very own nose.
    "Hi," said the flying creature. "You granted three wishes and you shall be my friend."
    Gobo and Red laughed and realized that you have to be careful of what you wish for.
    The End

    "That was a great story, Trish." said Red excited.
    "Yeah, that story was beautiful." exclaimed Mokey.
    "Thanks guys." said Trish. Then she, Amy, and Beth looked at the clock and said together, "Oh no! It's past our bedtime."
    "That's okay," said Red with a chuckle. "We're not tired yet except we sleep when Fraggle rock is dark."
    "Wait a second!" said Amy. "I got a song! It was a song I used to hear when I was younger and I used to watch Fraggle Rock. It is called, "Our Melody."
    "I thought it was "The Grand Medley." said Beth.
    "It doesn't matter, Amy." said Beth. "It is just a melody."
    Trish knew what to do and she said, "All right, let the melody start. Red?"

    Red sings
    la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
    Mokey sings with a high note
    la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
    Gobo sings in a low note with his dee and das
    Wembley sings with his bings and boings
    Trish and Red sing:

    Our melody
    Come and sing it with me
    It's a song where you know you belong.
    Then, they all did the song in a round before they finished up with together with:
    "Cause we know we belong to the song.

    "That was fun. guys." said Amy. "Can you excuse us? We have to change into our night clothes if you are okay with our decision."
    "Sure!" said Gobo. "Come on guys, let's go find our silly creatures. Maybe they know about Mr. Henson." Then, they left the guest room while Amy, Beth, and Trish started changing their clothes and discussing about their favorite Fraggles.
    Back in the living room, Jerry, Steve, Kathy, and Dave were discussing about plans for the funeral. Jerry decides to have a long talk with Gobo, Kathy wants a conversation with Mokey, and Steve would love to have a talk and some playtime with Wembley. However, Dave was worried about the event, because he knew he was going to have some serious talk with Boober. After he had a long talk with his performers, he went to the kitchen and found Boober helping Karen in the kitchen.
    "Spices." said Karen. "Thanks, Boober! I need to go get some spices, okay? See ya later!"
    After she was out of the kitchen. Dave came in and said, "Hi, Boober!"
    "Hey Dave," said Boober. "I haven't seen in a long time."
    "Thanks," said Dave. "The reason why I come to talk to you is that... well, there is a change of plans."
    "What?" asked Boober.
    "Well," said Dave. "I am going to a different Muppet or silly creature. I'm afraid you will get stage fright, Boober. You're afraid of height, allergic to dogs, and you're germaphobic. One advice to you is take it easy, okay? I don't want to get hurt and I would love you to sit with a kid. Maybe they will understand how you feel since Henson is gone."
    Boober took a deep sigh. "All right! I'll do it!"
    "Good," said Dave. Then, he gave Boober a big hug and went out of the kitchen.
    A few moments later, Karen came back to the kitchen and said, "Hey, I got some spices to flavor my food for the kids."
    "Not now Karen." said Boober with a sigh. "I'm going to go talk to the kids."
    "Okay!" said Karen. By the way, thank you for helping me with the laundry and the cooking."
    "You're welcome!" said Boober.
    Then, he walked out of the kitchen to go find the kids.
    At the front porch, Jerry was lying on his back on the wooden bench swing while Gobo sat looking at the beautiful stars. Gobo thought about the time where he saw the stars back at Fraggle Rock.
    "Gobo, I got some good news for you. said Jerry with excitement.
    "What is it, Jerry?" asked Gobo.
    "You're going to be at Jim Henson's funeral." explained Jerry.
    "That's great," said Gobo. "Who's Jim's Henson?"
    "Well, can I show you a photo of him?" said Jerry.
    Jetty took the photo out of his pocket and it revealed a colorful picture of Jim Henson in the middle and from left to right had Wembley, Red, Gobo, Boober, and Mokey with the Doozers in front of him.
    "Now I know him." said Gobo. "I guess Bobber was scared of him.
    "He was at first," said Jerry. "But Jim sometimes makes his day whenever he felt like something was wrong at Fraggle Rock."
    "Yeah," said Gobo. "But look at the sky. Isn't it beautiful?"
    "Yes, Gobo!" said Jerry. "I wish Jim were here, "I'm going to go back inside, all right?"
    "Sure," said Gobo. "I just want to stay here for a while."
    As Jerry went back inside the house. Gobo thought Jim would be one of the stars.
    "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have the star I see tonight. Star, I wish that Jim is having a good time up there even though I'm down here. My friends and I are going to a funeral to pay a tribute to Jim. What are we going to sing? I know all of our fans are everywhere, but who loves us? I guess Jim loved us. Maybe we should look for each other and have a good time for ourselves. Jim, we miss you! Doc left us and now Jim! We all miss you! You never even said goodbye to us. Boy, I love being an explorer, but I wish Uncle Matt were here."
    After Gobo took one last look at the night sky, he went back inside to look for his friends.
    Meanwhile back in the kitchen, Karen was cooking some grilled chicken and fries for Trish, Amy, and Beth. Red then entered and smelled something that looked really good.
    "Hi Karen!" said Red.
    "Hey, Red!" said Karen. "What's up?"
    "Well, I heard a conversation from the silly creatures."
    "You mean from Steve, Jerry, and Kathy."
    "Okay! Do you know who is Jim Henson is?"
    "Well, sort of."
    "Well, like your friend Mokey, he was a sketch while artist. He showed me how to create props for you and your friends and sometimes clothing. That's when I decided to help Jim with his work at Fraggle Rock while you and your friends had fun. So, I met Mokey and we had almost everything in common. We were dreamers, artists, and sometimes quiet. At the last moment, his team thought I would suit better with Red. Then, I let Kathy have Mokey while I was stuck with you. You were at first kind of shy and stubborn -
    "I am not stubborn." said Red.
    "Well, you were shy, but you began to like me since you have a lot of craziness and silliness in you. Remember the time when you wish you were Mokey. Well, just remember to be yourself. If one person believes in you, anybody can believe in you, Red."
    "Where's Boober?" asked Red.
    "He went to the guest room to talk to my invited next-door neighbors. Just remember, Red. Be yourself!"
    "Thanks, Karen." said Red. "See you later!"
    As Red went out of kitchen, she knew what to tell her friends as she went carefully upstairs to the guest room.
    Back in the guest room, Boober, Mokey, Gobo, and Wembley to talked about the good times and memories they had with Jim to Amy, Trish, and Beth.
    "Well, speaking of songs, Mokey do you have a song?" asked Amt
    "Well, there's a song I did after I was captured by a different group of Fraggles. I wonder where Jim would be right now, but maybe he hears my beautiful voice."

    Sunlight and shadow,
    And oak trees, bravado,
    And rivers that race to the sea.
    Puff balls, fireflies,
    And larks in the sunrise,
    All know a way to be free.
    And here's to their roamin',
    Here's to their homin',
    Ah, how I wish it was me.
    Pity a soul that's not free.

    Ants have a highway,
    And birds have a skyway,
    And winds can go wandering far.
    See how they climb,
    In the mercy of time and,
    They don't know how lucky they are.
    And here's to their roamin',
    Here's to their homin',
    Ah, but I wish it was me.
    Sit for a moment and pity a soul that's not free.

    "Awesome," said Beth. "Mokey, I loved your song. Maybe Jim does hear your voice since he is up in heaven. I seen your show, but the world still has not a whole lot of peace."
    "Hey guys," said Red.
    "Hi, Red," said Trish. "Your back just in time, because we now want to hear a song that you and Boober id while you were caved-in."
    "I knew that episode." said Amy. "But I had a near-death experience after I hurt my back from running down the stairs. When I ran, my foot felt like it slipped and I fell down from those stairs. It hurt so bad that I had trouble breathing and I thought I broke it. I realized that it wasn't broken, but it was very sore. So, I had to use a wheelchair. Before anybody could reach me, I feel asleep and when I woke up I was on my bed. I couldn't believe I survived that terrible fall I had from those awful stairs. I realized that I should walk, not run down the stairs."
    "Before I woke up, the experience I had was Mr. Henson. Jim Henson! He told to have a good life and enjoy it. You see what I mean? Friendship is a great thing to have. Even though Beth and I are sisters, they call themselves friends too. Sure they don't have a lot in common, but they're still friends."
    "Wow!" said Gobo.
    "Yeah," said Amy. "I would call cave-ins a death trap."
    "Okay," said Red. "If that song remind us of Jim, then I know he will be smiling down at us for doing this song.

    Remember when,
    Now and then,
    Everything went wrong?
    And then our friends would sing,
    The friendship song.

    Remember, Red?
    You and I,
    We'd nearly cry,
    To know their love was strong,
    And by and by,
    We'd start to sing along.

    We sang,
    Try a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends.

    You work all night.
    You work all day.
    You still can't keep,
    Those worry blues away.

    Try a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends.

    Life comes up.
    Life goes down.
    There's just one way,
    To keep it,
    Going 'round.

    Try a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends.

    Remember when,
    Now and then,
    Everything went wrong?
    And then our friends would sing,
    The friendship song.
    "Well, I am really tired, but I didn't bring any music. Oh, I wish Jim were here." said Amy.
    "Amy," said Trish. "You know Jim is gone, but he lives in us and we love him very much.
    "Wait a minute," said Beth. "Maybe a lullaby or slow music will put us to sleep."
    "Yeah!" said Amy. "If the Fraggles will sing, we will go to sleep."
    "Just like they lull Junior Gorg to sleep." said Trish. "Okay, Mokey you start, then, Wembley and Red and Boober will do backup."

    Cold moon,
    Lonely as can be,
    Sailing where the starlight fades to blue.

    Don't you,
    Sometimes feel like me,
    Wish the friends you dream about were true?

    And they would sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.

    Some day,
    You may tumble down,
    Sad because your light is nearly through.

    Moon stay,
    I will search around,
    Climb until your light is bright as new.

    And then I'll sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.
    Sail away with you.

    After the song, Gobo falls asleep right after Wembley and Mokey got tired and went to sleep with their head down. Red and Boober quietly walked out of the guest room and went to Karen's bedroom. Karen was there with her night clothes on. She gave Boober a colorful blanket which was similar to the one he got from the Trash Heap to make him brave right after he was feeling' blue. Boober got worried about his blanket. "What if Red touches my blanket?" said Boober.
    "Don't worry about her." said Karen. "I'll handle with Red."
    "Thanks," said Boober. "I'm getting tired. I need some shut eye."

    Miss muppetfan24/7 out!
  3. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Good use of songs. It's good how both the Fraggles and their perfomers exsist together! Very very good! Warmth is what's needed in Muppet productions, and this is a good example!
  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys! I knew Jim Henson wanted warmth in those characters, but since he is gone, it is very hard to not think about the creator who did Kermit, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, and the Muppet Show.
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  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Sorry about the wait! I had summer jobs and applications and a counselor job on my mind. Now on to Chapter 2!

    Chapter 2
    May 20, 1990 after 1200a.m. (very late & early)

    Trish tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep without thinking of the creator who made the Muppets popular on television and movies. Then, she woke up Amy.
    “Trish,” croaked Amy. “It’s still late! What’s wrong?”
    “Well,” said Trish. “I am not a child. I’m a college girl and I didn’t tell the Fraggles about how old I am.”
    “That’s okay,” said Amy. “Everyone makes mistakes.
    “Amy, you sound like Big Bird that’s silly and six years old.”
    “I am not, Trish. I’m in high school and I have to go to school on Monday when Jim Henson has his funeral.”
    “You’re jealous, because I got out of college for the summer.”
    “I’m jealous, because you go wherever you want. You have a car and I can’t even drive.”
    “Shhh!” shushed Trish. “You’ll wake up the Fraggles.”
    “”I might as well, Miss Perfect. You think you are so childish.”
    “I am a grown young adult. You’re thinking that Fraggles are a bunch of silly creatures.”
    “I did not say the Fraggles were silly creatures. I said they are a bunch of underground silly creatures from CANADA.
    “Amy, now Gobo Fraggle is waking up. So, why don’t go to sleep and stop being so paranoid at me.”
    After Amy was asleep, Gobo Fraggle was already awake from the entire racket they made.
    “What’s all the ruckus?” said Gobo.
    Trish started feeling bad for waking up Gobo and started to cry.
    “Gobo, I’m sorry,” cried Trish. “I didn’t mean to wake you up. I woke up Amy and then we had this argument. She’s so stubborn sometimes. She didn’t watch Fraggle Rock, because her family didn’t have cable. I don’t get it, Gobo. I’m too upset to talk to Amy right now.”
    “Where’s Red and Boober?” asked Gobo.
    “They probably went Karen’s bedroom. They’re going to be okay.”
    After a long quiet conversation, Trish let Gobo sleep next to her since there was room for two people. After they said goodnight to each other, they drifted of to sleep. However, Amy couldn’t sleep this time. She realized that Fraggles were not just silly creatures, they were her friends. Most of all, she missed her parents, but most important, she missed Jim Henson and Kermit. Then, she walked to the window quietly and looked up into the dark with one star shining bright in the night sky.

    Then, she took a deep breath and sang,
    One little star, all alone in the sky

    Do you ever get lonely as the twilights drift by

    Back in Karen’s bedroom, Red couldn’t sleep and looked at the night sky with one beautiful star and sang,
    One little star, in the darkening blue

    Do you long for another just the way that I do?

    In the hallway, Boober carried the colorful blanket and small light weighted bed with him. He believed that the night sky was beautiful even though he couldn’t see it.
    Sky begins to fill; darkness ends the day
    Someone who I love is far away.

    Back in Karen’s bedroom,
    One little star, reaching far through the night
    Do you shine on my someone? Are we sharing your light?
    Oh, one little star, shine on us both tonight.

    Meanwhile, in the guest room, Amy said,
    Gee, I wish Kermit was here to sing me a lullaby,
    and Mr. Henson was here, and we'd all be together.
    I wonder what they're all doing tonight up there...

    Amy, Red, and Boober sing, but in harmony, and then end the song together.
    One little star (one little star)
    Reaching far through the night (reaching far through the night)
    Would you shine on my someone (shine on my someone)
    So we're sharing your light? (please, share your light)

    Oh, one little star, shine on us all tonight.

    After the song, Amy went back to sleep in the guest room, boober went back to sleep with his colorful blanket underneath him to keep him warm, and Red finally went back to bed to sleep next to Karen. Everyone knew that tomorrow was going to be a long day.

    Please understand that since Gobo did the song in a fraggle fan fiction where Red ran away for being angry to her friends of going to the Cavern of Sparkling Lillies, I made a tough decision to let Boober do this song so I can a three part song just like Big Bird, Olivia, and Snuffleapuagus or Snuffy did the song in the Sesame Street movie, Follow That Bird.
  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Trish, Amy, and Beth are humans and they are basically Muppet fans that they love including Fraggle Rock. Trish grew up watching show and later in this story, she might have a crush on Boober. Amy on the other is in high school and believes that the week of May 21st might be her last week of school. Beth is Amy's sister, but she is the opposite of Amy. Just like Boober. she likes quiet days than to party and always bundles up whenever any room in her house gets cold. She's also very quiet and loves to nap. Before I go to another, Boober is going to relax and maybe a nice long walk -
    :sigh: DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
    Boober how did you get here? You know this is Outer Space and -
    :sigh: I'll think I'll take a walk.
    Well, I hope he gets back to Fraggle Rock safely. Where was I? Oh yeah! He's having a nice quiet night with plenty of sleep.
  7. Twisted Tails

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    Well, here is Chapter 3 that has a nightmare and the part where the puppeteers and the Fraggles get on a plane for the first time. By the way, I am doing my best to stay in character for the Fraggles even this is my first time to pay a tribute to Jim.

    Chapter 3

    Trish entered a dark cave which looked more like a Fraggle cave. She was so scared that she got lost.
    "Hello," called Trish. "Wembley? Red? Mokey? Boober? Mokey? Where is everyone?"
    She had a bad feeling that something wasn't right about where she was? Before she could speak, she heard laughter echoing form the tunnels.
    "That better not be a Gorg." Trish said to herself.
    She called again and said, "Hello?"
    She heard the laughers of the creatures coming closer. She realized that there were not Fraggles, but a bunch of cave or small monstrous creatures. She started screaming and running through tunnels until she ended up in the Terrible Tunnel.
    "Is this where Wembley went here all by himself?" she asked himself.
    Filled with terror, she saw the moving shadows which made her herself, but instead she sings a song to maybe make her feel less terrified.

    I'm not scared of staying out or hanging 'round when ghosts appear.
    I'm not scared of anything except of being here.
    I'm not scared of skeletons or spooky caves or big, black cats.
    I'm not scared of anything, except something like that.

    Then, the big winds whipped so hard that she accidentally stepped in a creature and before she disappeared, she screamed for help. After trying to scream, she was gone with a cloud of smoke.

    It was six o' clock in the morning and she woke up screaming.
    "What an awful dream!" Then, she started crying and patted her face with a tissue to get rid of the tears streaming down her face. She hoped she didn't wake up Gobo with her screaming or when she was talking in her sleep. Then, she found Gobo and his friends eating their Doozer sticks. Now she was relived that they were okay and not in peril. However, she wondered where Boober was. Tiptoeing out of the guest room, she came across a hallway and found Boober awake from his sleep. When he saw a silly creature, he got scared.
    "ACK! Stay away! You'll carry diseases!"
    "Whoa!" yelled Trish. "I don't have a disease yet and I am not sick."
    Now she felt like the way she talked to Boober didn't seem right. Then she cleared her throat and said,
    "Let me start me over. My name is Trish Johnson, but you still can call me Tosh. My friends call me Tosh, because they believe Trish is such a silly creature and grown up since they found out I watch Fraggle Rock."
    "I want to go home."
    "Well," said Trish. "So, you're homesick! Maybe I can love you."
    "I don't want you to love me,” sighed Boober.
    "Okay," sighed Trish. "You probably like me and we can be just friends. How about a song?
    "Oh no! Not a silly creature song!"
    "Boober, just try to listen to me."

    Do you like me?
    Am I okay?
    Do you like me?
    If you do please say,
    That you like me,
    Just this way.
    I want to hear it from you.

    ("Oh, Tosh!")

    ("No, really, Boober.")

    Do you like me?
    Do you think I'm swell?
    Do you like me?
    You know me well,
    If you like me.
    Won't you tell?
    I want to hear it from you.

    We always have a super time,

    When we play and sing a song.

    But I wonder if you still like me,
    Even when I do things wrong?

    ("Oh, Tosh!")

    (Sighs) Yes, I like you


    That is true.
    Oh I like you.

    (That's great!")

    Can we just be best friends?
    I like you.
    Now can we can we best friends til' the end?

    ("Sure! I don't mind!")

    Now that you've heard it from me.

    ("Oh goodness, thanks Boober. I need to change right now.)"

    (All right, goodbye!"

    ("Goodbye! (Pause) Oh, but, um, Boober?")

    ("What now, Tosh?")

    ("I like you, too, Boober.")

    ("Oh ... (sighs)")

    *********************** :sigh: :flirt:
    “Oh, this is my friend, Red,” Karen said. She looked at Red with a smile on her face. “We don’t exactly look like each other, but we both have the same craziness,” she said with a laugh. Except for their differences, Red and Karen were wearing their same red sweaters.
    “I’m the one that wins, Karen,” Red said excited, looking out at the two girls who started to laugh with her, not at her.
    “We both win, Red, ‘cause we’re best friends,” Karen muttered and the girls including Red laughed.
    “So, the plan is you and your puppeteers friends are going to New York including the Fraggles?” asked Amy.
    Beth started laughing, but Karen got irritated by the way Amy’s best friend was acting differently. “Now look, Beth we are trying to help you, not make you as a joke.” she began, but Amy was not offended by the female’s request at all.
    “I know,” explained Amy. “Trish should watch over Boober and take him to New York.”
    “No way,” warned Beth. “What if he gets hurt or comes back to his home sick.”
    “Girls,” began Karen. “If I can handle Red, then I will talk to Trish. I will promise her that she must keep an eye on Boober. Dave’s right! The red-haired Fraggle should take it easy and none of us want him to get hurt.”
    “Okay,” sighed Beth. “I will calm down and not laugh at anyone anymore.”
    The two girls then watched Red and Karen mapped out a plan while the puppeteer was jolting down notes on a notebook. She realized that she has to take the notebook with her so she knows what the plan is.
    “There is bad news,” Amy said sadly. “Beth and I can’t make it to Jim’s funeral and we have to go to school. So, since our friend Trish is going to New York. I hope she comes back here home and safe.”
    Then, the girls knew it was time to go back to their homes. They gave Red and Karen a hug and said their last goodbyes with their bags packed and ready to go.
    “Come on Red,” said Karen. “We’re almost ready for the trip to New York.
    ******************* :excited:
    There were those who believed that the Fraggles and their fellow puppeteers existed to each other, but there are others that don’t have the magic that Muppet fans do. After what seemed a long car ride to the LAX airport. The Fraggles and their friends made a grand entrance. At first, they started fighting at each other, but eventually got along with each other. After going through their check through and the security, they were ready to go an airplane and face some excitement and challenges. However, Karen didn’t want to go to New York without her husband and started sobbing.
    “Karen, don’t cry and get upset.” Insisted Mike. “You’re going to be okay and you’ll be fine at Jim’s funeral.”
    “Mike,” began Karen. “Bernie called and he said for all of us not to wear black according to Mr. Henson’s request. Plus I know that the Muppets are supposed to be at the funeral as well.”
    “I am going to miss you when I’m gone,” said Karen. “I really promised Red that I would be with her tomorrow.”
    “Who is she with?” asked Mike.
    “Gobo,” explained Karen. “Red is going to be sitting with Gobo.”
    “Honey, the people are staring at us like we are making a scene.”
    “Oh, sorry! I am still going to miss you. It’s hard to let you go and you have to go to work soon. By the way, we got our tickets and I got boarding tickets already.”
    With no other choice, he rummaged into his backpack and found a handkerchief for his wife to use.
    “Thanks,” cried Karen. “I needed that.”
    “Before you go,” Mike began. “Can we have a goodbye.”
    “All right,” insisted Karen.
    After a quick kiss on the cheek and then on the lips, Mike told her to make her getaway immediately before she misses her plane. After the puppeteers had a long talk with the airplane officials they promised that the Fraggles and their silly creature friends will be protected and safe without any harm done.
    Mike knew that his wife was leaving for a while. He made a speech and said,
    “Honey, you’re going on that plane right now, but I will tell you this. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon for the rest of your life. However, don’t leave your friends and please come back to California safe. One more thing, I love you. They will love you no matter what Muppet you are with.
    “Honey,” began Karen. “I love you too.”
    After on last hug for goodbyes, she went out of the gate to the tarmac, which led to the plane.
    “Ma’am,” Karen said to stewardess.
    “Does this plane go to New York?”
    “Yes ma’am!”
    “Thank you!”
    Then, she immediately found Kathy Mullen and sat to next to her to talk about the good times they had with their Fraggle friends on the production of Fraggle Rock. Red was with her best friend, Gobo, Mokey was with Wembley, and Trish was sitting with Boober so they get a conversation about their differences.
    Back at the airport, Mike slowly touched the cold glass window as the plane slowly went to the runaway and then at the end of it, the plane took off and Karen was gone for now.
    “Good-bye, Karen.” Sobbed Mike. “Here’s looking at you, kid.”
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    Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Well, I cannot believe I got no reply on my third chapter. Collgoff, bandit and Yorick? I hope you are having a good Memorial Day too and you might be reading this fan fiction story ASAP. I might as well go to Chapter 4. I will warn you that there might be a sad part or an emotional part So, grab your teddy bears or your Fraggle plush toys for any of you Muppet fans out there.

    Chapter 4
    Friendship was always a bond that forms into two pairs to have forever until they are no longer with you. The Fraggles have sung songs to each other with a little help from their silly creature musicians Philip Balsam and Dennis Lee. Karen and her good friend Kathy realized that the Fraggles, puppeteers, and themselves have put themselves into first class. It was a relaxing place where they don’t have worry about noise and anyone complaining about the world being nothing but a wasteland filled with disaster and corruption. Everyone was interested by the way Trish put her lavender gloves on and put her hair up into a bun. Besides, that silly creature had long hair and very good looking.
    “Oh, I am now so protected since I don’t like germs either,” Trish cried with excitement. “By the way, I love doing laundry, but I am not very good at cooking.”
    “Keep it down, Tosh,” warned Boober.
    “I’m sorry,” whispered Trish. “I just can’t wait to see New York, but I miss my parents including my dad.
    Before she began her story about her dad, Red, Gobo, Wembley, and Mokey gather around like she was going to be a storyteller.
    “Well, I am fan of Fraggle Rock and I watched it every Saturday morning and I was interested at all of you. Like Traveling Mat, he went on vacation even though he didn't tell us where he was going. One time, I had a brother and he was a Jim Henson and Fraggle fan too, but he died in a awful accident and… I never saw him again. I don’t know where my father is, but I-I can’t help it. Before your show came to an end, my friends called me Tosh and that nickname stuck me. It’s not fair that I have only my mother around. So, I don’t think there is going to be any peace in my neighborhood anymore.”
    “Gosh,” said Gobo. “That's bad!"
    “I know,” cried Trish. “I don’t want to lose him, but I am scared of everything. That includes germs, insects, and ?I hate words that start with the letter H.”
    She started sobbing with her tears streaming down her face. Then, she took out her handkerchief and wiped out the wetness from her face before putting the wet handkerchief in a plastic bag and putting it in her purse.
    “Can I get you anything for you two?” asked a friendly steward.
    “Blanket!” insisted Boober.
    “A blanket and pillow for me, please, said Trish.
    Right after the steward left, Trish started feeling uneasy. She missed not only her mom and dad, but her best friends Amy and Beth. She wondered what they would be doing instead of going on vacation with her. She couldn’t help it, but rest would probably calm her down for a while.
    Meanwhile back at the aisle where Karen and Kathy were sitting. They didn’t say anything for a while, but she didn’t want to be quiet.
    “Did you say goodbye to Mike?” asked Kathy.
    “Yes! Now we are going to be a long trip to New York.” Sighed Karen.
    “I heard that Dave doesn’t like New York much, but he has to be there for Jim. “
    I had heard him reminiscing that he always remembered Jim who was a sketch artist, director, producer, or writer. The Fraggle characters are not only ones who got hit by Jim’s passing.
    “What else?”
    “The Muppet Show household character and Sesame Street.”
    “That’s so sad, Karen,”
    “Well, I know that four out of five of the Fraggle clan will be at the funeral to pay a tribute to him.”
    “Anyone else that I kind of?”
    “At the last song, there will a bear, whatever, go-fer or Scooter, grouch, penguins, and other characters.
    “I see, Miss Prell. You better not forget that those Fraggles cannot leave the magic, but they will have the magic with them no matter where they go even if it does lead them to their home.”
    “Thanks, but I don’t understand why Red or her friends haven’t told anyone of what happened to Cantus the Minstrel.”
    “Maybe they are keeping it a secret or he is up at the sky with Jim Henson looking down at us.”
    “Now look who is being the dreamer like Mokey?”
    “Well, Fraggle Rock will never be the same without Jim.”
    “No,” said Karen sadly. “But they will still have each other. They will live as one group even though they love to do different things.”

    “Finally, I see sometimes fascinating which is a Fraggle,” sneered the man with a sheepish grin.
    “What are you doing here?” said Trish angrily.
    “I want to se that Boomer of yours.”
    “It’s Boober, you jerk. Now give us some space.”
    “Well, now that your boyfriend is out of the picture, miss. Why don’t you and I have a drink and make you love me for-
    “No,” snapped Trish. “Stay away from me and Boober. Now get out of here.”
    “Fine,” said the man angrily. “I will pick on somebody else then. Have a nice day, miss.”
    Then, he stomped off out of first class before Trish even thought he was one selfish gorg.
    “What happened?” asked Boober.
    “It’s nothing really.” Said Trish. I’ve seen your show and it was great I tell you, but since the creator is gone, I guess it’s sad that he never planned on anything new or different. If that guy came near to you. I would have smacked him. Then again violence would not solve anything. I’m glad I told him to leave.”
    “Was that a gorg?”
    “I would say that man I already met that sneers at us was a gorg. I believe that bad people are a bunch of gorgs. Well, if you’re not resting, then I will. Besides, it is going to be a long trip to New York.”
    Then, she leaned back slowly to put her head down on the pillow and drifted off deeply to sleep dreaming about Fraggles or any other creatures.

    I am totally out of new ideas, right noiw, because I didn't get any sleep last night. If there are any of you Mfans out fans going to respond, I will continue. If not, then I have no other choice but to leave the story alone. It's your choice or your loss.
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    Well, I finally watched the first season and second season , even though I saw some of the episodes twice. Now I believe I can get the characters to stay true I guess. I took way too long, because I had work to do that was putting behind on this story. No more spoliers, okay? Well, I hope you enjoy it.

    Chapter 5

    While everyone else was asleep, Jerry quietly rummaged through his bag and took out his postcard that had an airplane on the front and gave it to Gobo. We could imagine that he would be left-handed since he is still writing his postcard to his Uncle Matt.

    Dear Uncle Traveling Matt,
    I left Fraggle Rock and ventured into Outer Space. As my friends and I traveled further, we were outer and outer. We boarded a shiny creature and followed the silly creatures including our good friends, Karen, Kathy, Jerry, Steve, and Trish. The silly creatures the shiny creature an “airplane.” I tried to warn them, but I was stuck Hope all I swell back at Fraggle Rock.

    Your Nephew Gobo

    Gobo next quietly took the written postcard back to Jerry explaining to him to mail it to Arizona where Doc lives and he agreed before going to sleep as well. He knew that he was scared sometimes, but Jim was always a “fearless leader.” With nothing else to do, Gobo then took his gourd out of his small pack and strum his strings remembering what he used to sing when Doc was about to move to the desert.

    Ain't it just the way it goes?
    We pull the petals off the rose.
    We never say hello to stay.
    We always say good-bye.
    We always say good-bye.

    And ain't it just the way it seems?
    We pull the petals off our dreams.
    Our hearts can say we're here to stay,
    But we always say good-bye.
    We always say good-bye.

    Weep for the day when a new friend comes your way.
    Weep while you play for your friend will make you cry.
    Weep for the night when he journeys out of sight.
    Friends always tell you good-bye.
    Friends always tell you good-bye.

    “Why did he have to go?” he thought. “Well, I guess a little snooze wouldn’t hurt.”

    Finally, Gobo felt tired and fell asleep thinking about the good memories he had with Jim. He wasn’t going to come back home with his family. He was probably up in a glorious place with Cantus, Waldolf, Kermit, Rowlf, and Dr. Teeth, plus many other Muppets he was with.

    ------ :smirk: ------

    The Fraggles then woke up feeling a little bit better after a long dangerous journey that they begun. Their cabin-mates respected their privacy since they were going to Jim Henson’s funeral. After the plane landed safely without any chaos, the puppeteers and Trish escorted their Fraggle friends to the airport right after she helped them with the luggage. Although Gobo realized he was still in Outer Space he tried very hard not to think about his Uncle Matt, the Doozers, Gorgs, and the Trash Heap. He already learned that you cannot leave the magic from Marjory, but the problem was that his friends had to go to Outer Space and be at their friend’s funeral.

    “Where and who is our escort?” asked Trish.

    “Well, there he is now,” said Karen with excitement.

    “Karen, you don’t mean Richard Hunt, do you?”

    “Trish, I did mean him.”


    The elder man with a nice grin had some gray hair with a green jacket over his white shirt plus old jeans with brown shoes.

    “Hey, everyone! It’s great to see you again and you brought the Fwaggles.. I mean the Fraggles along. My speech is sometimes a little bit of slurry. My name is Richard Hunt by the way.”

    “You’re a Gorg?” asked Red.

    “Not exactly Red, because well I was never dressed as one and I only did the voice of the bumbling fool. So, I am very glad to escort all of my friends. I can also carry your luggage, Trish if you don’t mind.”

    “Not at all, Richard. My arms get really tired of hulling all of my stuff.”

    The Fraggles and their silly creature friends exchanged looks before following Jerry and Gobo since they decided to be leaders.

    :smirk: :dreamy: :coy: ---------------------------------- :sigh: :excited: :jim:

    “Where am I?”

    The man’s eyes opened wide and then he worried about his daughter Trish.

    “Mr. Johnson, it’s me Beth,” said the girl.

    “What’s wrong with you,” he yelled. Where am I? Where are Trish and her mother?”

    “Mr. Johnson please,” pleaded Beth. “I am trying to give you attention from me. My friend Trish and my sister Amy went to New York for Jim Henson’s funeral.”

    “Was I in a car accident,” asked Mr. Johnson.

    “Yes, but I’m glad you’re alright, but not for long. I had a bad dream last night and Death took you away, but I don’t want you to die, Mr. Johnson. It’s not fair!”

    He remembered now that he woke up from his hospital bed. Maybe his wife was fine, but he was still very nervous about seeing Beth.

    “I am feeling too cold, Beth,” explained Mr. Johnson. “I am worried ABOUT MY TRISH.”

    “Mr. Johnson, don’t scream or-

    “You don’t get it, do you,” interrupted Mr. Johnson. “Well, I am going to find my Trish right now.”

    Hr unhooked himself carefully and walked slowly, but pacing back and forth and remembered why he worried about his daughter.

    “I used to watch Frackle or Fraggle Rock with my daughter. Apparently, maybe I should not go after her. Maybe I have been protecting her too much. I have been an explorer like Traveling Matt or Gobo.”

    “Mr. Johnson, will you please get back into bed. If you don’t, you’ll hurt yourself and Trish will never forgive you.”

    He agreed with her and went back to his hospital bed before hooking himself back on if he remembered what he was doing. Then, she took out her medium-sized and was practicing a few chords.

    “The world has gone crazy since Jim left us. I was his fan, Beth. I don’t understand why people are now cheering just because someone is dead. It’s supposed to be somber, not happy. Maybe a song will cheer me up.”

    Before he was about to fall asleep, Beth strummed her guitar with a song she sort of remembered in her head.

    Bring back the season.
    Bring back the time.
    Bring back the wonder that used to be mine.
    Laughing and splashing, we lived in a glow.
    Bring back the wonder we knew long ago.
    Bring back the wonder we knew long ago.

    Wind on our faces, and race on the lawn,
    Life was so new it would last on and on.
    I was in love with the soft river flow.
    Bring back the wonder we knew long ago.
    Bring back the wonder we knew long ago.

    “Goodbye, Mr. Johnson,” whispered Beth. “I will see you tomorrow.”

    Song Credits

    Pedals of a Rose – from the last Fraggle Rock episode “Change of Address”

    Bring Back the Wonder – From the Fraggle Rock episode, “Red’s Sea Monster”

    I made another tough request and I wanted Beth to sing “Bring Back the Wonder” to Mr. Johnson, Trish’s Father. She sings this song, because she knew in the past that people teased her and thought she was something else. The song does remind her of thinking about her childhood days when she was having fun with Amy and later her best friend Trish.
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    Yes, I got more Colleen and now moving on to what comes next. Let me know if you enjoy it or not.

    Chapter 6

    Two ghostly figures then appeared at an empty spot of New York City.

    “Jim, are you sure it is safe that no one’s here,” asked Joe Raposo.

    Yes and no for now,” answered Jim Henson. “I remembered what Uncle Deadly’s advice was if I were dead. The first thing was to have no contact to any living creatures including Fraggles. Second was one false move and I will no longer be with the Muppets in heaven. Third, I can’t have lasagna on the third Wednesday or week of March.”

    “Then, what can you do?” asked Joe.

    “I may to have to go into one of the Fraggle’s dreams,” chided Jim.

    “Jim, I don’t get you, sometimes,” shrugged Joe. “Are you sure the phantom Muppet convinced you that you can only appear in their dreams.”

    “Yes, Joe! Besides, what could happen if I was in their dreams? It could be Boober’s dream instead.

    “Jim, are you saying that you want to be in a Fraggle’s dream. Hahahaha! Oh Jim, it is not being easy green or being you.”

    “True, but I don’t want to break the rules or Death will be my worse case I ever encounter.

    “Well, you’re the fearless leader Jim. You were afraid of death before you died on Earth.”

    “I sometimes was, but I was a hardworker. I promise you that I will be in a Fraggle’s dream.”

    “What if a different Fraggle shows up?”

    “Well, then I will handle that crazy Fraggle or Sidebottom. Oh, I don’t want to say that name again, Joe. That was Jocelyn Stevenson’s idea.

    “You mean the writer’s idea?”

    “Yeah, but I hope Death doesn’t show up. Besides, Uncle Deadly works with Death.”

    “How am I ever going to keep you out of trouble? Well, it wouldn’t hurt, but be careful.”

    I’m fearless, Joe. Always careful and never hurt a fly.”

    “You’re silly, Jim! After the dream, make sure you come back to heaven. Someone else might join you very soon.”

    “Okay, Joe! You win! Who are you going to hang out with right now?”

    “Don Sahlin! We’re discussing about the good times on the set of Sesame Street.”

    “Those were good times. I was the playful Ernie after all.”

    Then, Jim let out an Ernie laugh.

    “I’ll see you when I see you, Jim.”

    Then, Joe went back to heaven to find Don Sahlin, the man who made the Muppets of Sesame Street.

    :jim: - - - - - - - - - - :drool:

    Back at California, Beth left the hospital with her packed guitar case in hand and went outside to wait for her mother to pick her up.

    “What am I doing?” she thought. “I am like Boober or whoever the Fraggle is. I do wash clothes and cook. I should have been to New York with Amy. Wait a second! I’m germaphobic! Arghhh! What’s happening with me? I’m worried about Trish’s father and I hope he’s okay. I wish Amy were here. I used to be the fun girl I was.

    She shook her thoughts out her head and felt like talking to herself.

    “I am not fun at all anymore,” she said to herself. “I want to be a funny nice girl. Not act like a paranoid Fraggle. Yeah! That’s what I do and maybe start traveling, but Jim Henson was the traveler. I am not what I used to be.”

    With nothing else to say, she quickly took out her guitar out of the case and started remembering a tune that Gob experienced when he decided not to be an explorer anymore.

    Once I knew,
    Just what to do
    Once I knew my name.

    Far and near,
    The road was clear.
    Living was a game.

    But now I seem to walk in dreams,
    And nothing stays the way it seems.

    How I long for then.
    Easy once again
    Once upon a time I knew my name.

    Maybe yes,
    Maybe no.
    Questions on my mind

    Do I know which way to go?
    The answer's hard to find.

    I know that no one's made of steel.
    I sometimes think that nothing's real.

    And then I wake at night.
    I can't tell wrong from right.

    Once upon a time I knew my name.
    Once upon a time I knew my name.

    Beth now wondered where she was. “Why did my sister leave me here,” she asked herself. “I’m jealous, because she wants to see Gobo, Red, Mokey, Wembley, and…. Boober. I-I wanted to go to New York. She said no and I stayed home.”

    Then, she let out a deep sigh while she was putting her guitar away into her guitar case. Since her mother did not pick her up. She made a dangerous decision to walk home. It took her fifteen to twenty-five minutes walking safely and cautiously all the way back to her house while carrying along her guitar suitcase with her. She was wearing an old white t-shirt and the same old bright blue jeans that she wore yesterday. She tried to open the door, but she realized that she did not take her keys. Felling so out of luck and miserable, she now feels like the world has now changed too much. Not only that made her sad, but also she didn’t like being a human or a “silly creature” as Fraggles described them.

    “Jim,” she started before wiping a tear out of her eye. “I miss you, because well… I want the world peaceful. It’s not! I do not understand! Why was I born to be a human instead of being a Fraggle or a Muppet? Nobody understand me except Amy knows me what I really am. I dance my cares away. There are worried\s for another day. Let the music play. Down at Fraggle Rock!

    “I didn’t see it on cable network. What’s the big idea? Fraggles? Silly Creatures? I have no clue. Oh, the world IS full of TROUBLES disease, and doom."

    Then, she broke out into song singing,

    Look at the world.
    What can you do?

    'Cause it makes you ache,
    And it leaves you blue.

    And I guess my heart could break apart,
    With a long good-bye,
    'Cause it makes you cry.

    But I had a dream,
    It was time to begin,
    And every creature. . . (she sobs and then…)

    (Beth imagines the Fraggles including Red, Gobo, Wembley, Mokey and Boober singing in the Great Hall right after hearing of Jim’s passing from postcards and letters from their fans plus the World's Oldest Fraggle) (Reference from fan-fic “He Will Never Be Dead In My Heart)

    We were sister and brother.
    We were part of each other,
    And it made us one.
    And it made us win.

    “I am alone and it’s not fair,” she said to herself between sobs. “My mom and dad are not here. I wish you were here, Mr. Henson. Maybe they went to New York too and forgot all about me. What am I GOING to do? I can’t just sit here and have nothing else in mind.”

    Feeling worse than miserable, she decided to cry herself to sleep on the porch swing with nothing else to do. She believed that tomorrow might be a better day so she can do something around her town while her friends are away.

    Song Credits
    One Upon A Time (I Knew My Name) – From the Fraggle Rock episode, “Gobo’s Discovery”
    “It Makes You Cry” – From the Fraggle Rock episode, “The River of Life”
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    OOOH! OOOH! you used "It Makes you Cry" which is one of my all time favorites! That made my day!:dreamy:
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    Favorite songs! Gosh I have so many. I also really like "Sister and Brother" "Sunlight and Shadow" and many more.
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    The lyric "sister and brother" is from "It Makes You Cry". I also did use Sunlight and Shadow too in Chapter 1 which means it is at the very beginning of the story. So, working on Chapter 7 and I might have it done soon. Thanks!
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    ('Groans)! Oh well! I might as well work on the next chapter then. BTW: What are your favorite Fraggle Rock songs?
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    Chapter 7

    The Fraggles and their silly creature friends were on a journey. Karen took out her notepad from her small purse and knew what her plans were for the rest of the day. First, they want to have a visit to St. John so they can see him more time before he is buried, Next, have a stop somewhere to eat so Prell can make one call to Mike. Finally, stay at a hotel to figure out what songs to do even though all of the Muppets will only appear in the last song, or the closing number as Scooter would describe to end the funeral service.

    Gobo was so excited that he could hardly wait to explore Outer Space. He strummed his guitar knowing that he is definitely enjoying being the way he always was as an explorer.

    “It sure is great being an explorer.”

    Headed down the road I'm going round and round.
    Walking through the light and through the free and easy land.
    All I want to know is how the world goes round.
    All I want to be is a traveling, be a wandering man.

    (Then, a silly creature appears next to him.)
    Well you go one way.
    See it's some kind of fun way.
    Start exploring the two way
    Wow it's just like a thruway.
    When you get to the three way.
    Can't be sure it's a free way.
    Got to find me the true way.
    That's the only way home.

    Well you go one way.
    See it's some kind of fun way.
    Start exploring the two way.
    Wow it's just like a thruway.
    When you get to the three way.
    Can't be sure it's a free way.
    Got to find me the true way.
    That's the only way home.

    When his song ended, he heard someone say, “Pssssst, Gobo?”


    “It’s just me, Gobo! It’s Amy, remember?”

    “Well, hi Amy!”

    “I’m sorry about my disguise, but I don’t want Trish to see me.” Without hesitation, she took off her brown coat and swung it to her shoulder to carry.

    “You know Trish is your best friend.”

    “I know that, Gobo, but I missed her. So I kind of followed you guys, but it almost looked like nobody could see me. Well, the reason why I came here was I had a fight with my sister Beth and she really wanted to go with me, but I said no to her. That’s when we started arguing and finally Beth yelled at me and went to her room crying.”

    “Gosh, maybe you hurt her feelings.”

    “I guess I did make her feel bad, but my sister doesn’t want to have fun anymore. She’s like Boober Fraggle, Gobo. She no longer goes to parties or hangs out with her other friends, except Trish and I.

    “She’s got her true friends?”

    “Exactly! If Beth were here, I will probably make an apology to her and we will be great sisters again. When she started yelling at me last week, I thought she was crazy.”

    “Don’t you hate it when you and Beth yell at each other. It almost sounded like the time when Uncle Mat and I were fighting.”

    “Well, we don’t like to get mad at each other and if I didn’t have her, I would be the only girl and have one friend.

    Gobo knew what it was like have a fight with a friend, then your friend is trying to make someone else feel bad. His friends had a fight before, but that didn’t stop them from ending their friendship and they would still forgive each other.

    Trish then saw Amy. “Oh no,” she thought. “Amy is here!

    “Trish,” Amy said in a quiet tone. “I’m sorry that I woke up Gobo last night and had an argument with you. You were right! I do see Fraggles after all, once they touch my hand. They’re so magical and considered to be the most intelligent creatures I ever seen.”

    “I accept your apology, Amy.” Trish said with a sigh. “So, uh, you ready to go St. John too visit him even though you have not see him in person”

    “Sure,” Amy said calmly. “Well, I am glad you’re keeping an eye on Boober, because this place is pretty dangerous. Otherwise, let’s not keep the group from waiting. We have to go to the St. John church.”

    “Wait a minute,” thought Beth. “Amy and I are really getting along? I don’t believe it! She is my best friend. Might as well visit Jim even though he is no longer here anymore. Now I really like crying.”

    Then she heard something from Jerry Nelson and others while they were still walking along the path of sidewalks.

    “According to his instructions, from Jim,” Jerry started. “He wants us not to wear black and his last request was to have a jazz band, because he loves jazz.”

    “Karen, you said the church was located at 1047 Amerstrdeam Avenue at New York, New York?” asked Richard.

    “That’s right,” answered Karen.

    “We’re far away from here,” Richard said panicking. We need a train or a taxi.” Then he thought for a moment for a moment and when they saw yellow cab coming, he yelled, “TAXI!”

    The taxi finally stopped and every one of them one at a time got into the cab before it drove away.

    “What’s a taxi?” asked Red curiously.

    With that, the girls laughed except Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, and Boober, because they knew it was no joke. Silly creatures really don’t understand what the twenty-two inch creatures are trying to say. Karen looked at Red feeling bad that laughing at her was just like teasing.

    After being quiet for a while, she paid the ride to the taxi driver. Finally, the cab finally stopped to the entrance of St. John and everybody including the Fraggles and the silly creatures got out of the taxi before it speeded away. They got out so quickly that they forgot to say thank you to the driver. When they entered, they saw of people crying, not just the silly creatures, but the Muppets too.

    Karen, Kathy, Jerry, Richard and the Fraggles went closer to the casket since the people carried it in earlier that day.

    Gobo went first and Jerry put him on his back so he could take a closer look. Then, he cleared his throat before saying something to him.

    Well,” Gobo started. “I can’t believe you’re dead. I never got to tell you so many things. We both were great explorers and-” He started sobbing into his purple handkerchief after wondering so many moments he had with Jim, but he couldn’t help it.

    “Everyone loved you and I… I guess this is goodbye.” Gobo said between sobs. Jerry then hugged him while he sobbed into his purple handkerchief.

    Red was next! Karen lifted her up and put her on her back.

    “You were my best friend. We would sing songs, play silly games, and maybe tell great jokes. I-I didn’t want you to say goodbye to you.”

    Then, she couldn’t say anything else and started sobbing as Karen was patting her back to calm down.

    Boober, meanwhile felt like he lost all hope, but maybe it will come again soon. Trish then nicely asked him to be on her back. At first, he refused because he was afraid of heights. Finally he sort of gave up his complaining and she put him on her back.

    “You let us had fun and you had fun with us. Sometimes you help me with the laundry and the cooking. Why did you have to die like that? I hate long goodbyes, but terrible that you’re gone.”

    Finally, he sobbed and Trish put him back down, gave him a clean handkerchief and a good hug.


    “Yeah, Boober?”

    “I hope you’re clean.”

    “Don’t worry Boober! I’m fine and I am not sick, okay?”

    “I lost a great friend and “fearless” leader.” Mokey said. “Cantus showed me that you have to listen and have an eternal “ping.”

    When you long for the height of the mountains,
    When you long for the blue,
    Leave your heart where it’s deep and it’s down again,
    Lose your heart til it’s new (Mokey sang)

    Seek your heart on the high blue skyway,
    Keep your heart and it’s bound.
    Steep your heart in the deep of the earth again.
    Lose your heart and it’s found. (Everyone except, Karen, Kathy, Steve, Jerry, and Richard sang)

    One I thought I could fly like an eagle can.
    Once I thought I was brave.
    Now I wait till my heart starts to beat again,
    Deep in the heart on the cave

    Seek your heart on the high blue skyway,
    Keep your heart and it’s bound.
    Steep your heart in the deep of the earth again.
    Lose your heart and it’s found.
    Lose your heart and it’s found.
    Lose your heart and it’s found.
    Lose your heart and it’s found.

    Thank you for everything for what you taught us, Jim,” Mokey said.

    Last but not least was Wembley. He couldn’t decide whether or not what to say about Mr. Henson. Instead of talking to his silly creature Steve, it was best to talk to his best friend

    “I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him. I really miss him, Gobo.” Wembley said. “It was just like Mudwell, the mud bunny except he didn’t into a mud puddle.”

    “Well, Wembley Gobo said. “Sometimes life isn’t fair, but there are times where we do have to say our goodbyes.”

    Time to say goodbye to your home,
    Places you’ve known,
    Heart like a stone,
    As you go.

    Time to scramble down from the stream,
    List rock and stream (?)
    Golden and dreamed while you go, (??)

    (Wembley joins in the song with Gobo)
    Goodbye, Goodbye,
    And every eye is dry.
    Leavin’, there’s no grevin’ just a rainbow in the sky.
    Goodbye, Goodbye.
    Goodbye, Goodbye.

    Time to say goodbye to our own,
    To our only home,
    Only place we’ve known like a glove.
    Every dream we dreamed happened here,
    Laughter and tears,
    Moments and years that we loved

    (Everyone except Karen, Kathy, Jerry, Steve, and Richard join in and sing)
    Goodbye, Goodbye.
    And every eye is dry.
    Leavin’, there’s no grievin’ just a rainbow in the sky.
    Goodbye, Goodbye.
    Goodbye, Goodbye.
    Goodbye, Goodbye

    With nothing else to say, Karen, Kathy, Steve, Jerry, and Richard with the Fraggles now know it is time to go somewhere to eat and relax, because they have a big day tomorrow. They quietly left the church while everyone else didn’t notice what the Muppets or Fraggles were even up to.

    Beth woke up from her sleep. She realized that she was no longer sleeping on a porch swing. She was in her comfortable bed even though she was not changed into her nightclothes. With nothing else to do, she started walking around her room to find someone to talk to. Unfortunately, she finally found a Red Fraggle toy even though she did not look like a stuffed animal.
    “Oh Red,” cried Beth while talking to the delicate Red Fraggle toy. “I don’t know what to do. You’re not stubborn, but you are an energetic playful Fraggle. I’m scared and I miss my sister, Amy. Well, she’s my best friend too you know. I remembered when you sang a lullaby to Landford, even though you think lullabies are mushy and gushy I guess. I am not being mean to you, Red. It’s just well… after all of these years; I was acting like Boober, which sounds dumb. It was like you tried to be Mokey, because all of your friends were into Mokey’s poem. Now, I know exactly how I feel now. I am really a boring and dull silly creature. What should I do now? I wish you were here. I used to enjoy swimming and playing games. Oh, I wish I were in my sister’s footsteps instead of Boober’s or my dad’s.

    Then she sang a slow song while rocking her Red Fraggle figurine.

    Down a dark path through the willow woods,
    There is a pond where,
    Dream boats are docked in the cattail reeds,
    I know, I've been there.

    At the end of the trail,
    When the last light has failed,
    You can turn in your day cares,
    And hoist up your sails.
    Catch a ride out on a dream,
    No fears, no cares.
    I know, I've been there.

    Wind on the pond strums the lily leaves.
    Stars come, twinkling,
    Moon on my cheek like a silky sleeve,
    Starts me to thinking,

    That the wind wafts and blows,
    And the pond ebbs and flows,
    And the moon comes and goes as it pleases to.
    The wind, and the pond, and the moon and me,
    Dreaming, our dreams.

    With a quiet sigh and a groan, she put her toy back on the shelf where it belongs. Then, she noticed something that hasn’t seen before and also found a note. “What’s this?” she asked herself. “It says,

    Dear Beth,
    We know how much you miss your sister Amy and your best friend. We made arrangements and now you have an airplane ticket plus passes to New York for Jim’s funeral at St. John.

    Mom & Dad

    P.S: We took you and your guitar case as long you have your guitar to your bedroom so you will not feel crummy anymore.

    “That does it,” Beth cried slamming the note back to her chair. “I am going to New York as soon as I packed up all my belongings. I don’t want my friends to miss me any longer. I am going to see Red and she’s my favorite. I don’t care if I have to stay here all cooped up any longer. I’m glad my parents went on vacation. I care about my friends and my family, not death or laundry.”

    Finally, after she packed up and put her tickets and her notebook in her small bag. She took one set of keys and locked after herself with her stuff and was ready to go find her friends. She didn’t know that she was standing up for herself so she might see her friends after all. As she got to the airport, she went through security; making sure she had her tickets and finally got a plane. She hopes she finds Amy soon before it is too late. After getting on an airplane, they asked her if she wants any drinks. She always said no unless all she wanted were blankets and a pillow. She was so tired that she fell deeply asleep.

    In her dream, she now has an alter ego named Belle. Something wasn’t right. Unlike Sidebottom, she was not a Fraggle, since Beth and Belle were silly creatures. Then, the worse came. Belle, the fun girl brought in Sidebottom, which was Boober’s alter ego. Two funny creatures! Now she claims that Belle has a She couldn’t stand it anymore. She finally woke up, because her dream was no longer strange, it was a nightmare.

    “I gotta tell Boober,” Beth said with panic. “Side-bottom’s in my dream, not his.”

    Then, she fell asleep although she had troubles with her dreams before.

    :smirk: :dreamy: :coy: :sigh: :excited: :jim:
    After a long taxi cab ride back to New York City, They all decided to take a walk. Then, Amy had an idea. She said,
    "Trish, we need to talk."
    "Great," thought Trish. "Now she wants to have an argument with me instead of being grateful for what I done to her.
    "Everyone knows you are a traveler, miss know-it-all." Amy said smirkly.
    "Well, I am more of an explorer and stop calling me "miss know-it-all." Trish yelled.
    "Oh sure! You are so scared of death."
    "I am not scared."
    "Then, admit that you are a coward."
    The argument continued! Boober and Gobo tried to stop them from arguing, but it was about to heat up.
    "Then, I demand you to apologize."
    "I demand an apology to you? There is no way I would do that."
    "You know what?
    "You are stubborn!"
    "That does it," yelled Amy. "You said my secret and you cannot say it. I am not your friend anymore, Trish. Mybe your name's Tosh, isn't it?"
    "You're the one who called me Tosh?" Trish asked.
    "Yes," said Amy. "It's your fault that Boober's here. That paranoid fraggle."
    "I did nothing to him. Mokey took him to Outer Space."
    "Yeah! You are such a Doozer!"
    "I am not!"
    "Yes you are!"
    "Fine! Why don't you take Boober with you. I am never ever going to SPEAK to you again."
    Then, Amy walked away to follow the rest of the group and Fraggles.
    Gobo and Boober were now with Trish. She was so wrong to argue with Amy, but she just couldn't stand her. Now it was like Uncle Mat and Gobo fighting all over again.
    "Gobo," Trish said. "You go with Amy. Boober and I are going to take a walk. We'll be with you guys later."
    Gobo nodded with a "yes" and walked away to find Amy while Boober and Trish went to a different direction to clam down.
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    I'm sorry I took forever with the next chapter, but here is Chapter 8 with the first section that is edited and makes a little bit more sense. There are some good fraggle rockin' songs and regular stuff if you know what I mean.

    Chapter 8

    After a long taxicab ride back to New York City, They all decided to take a walk. Then, Amy had an idea. She said,
    "Trish, we need to talk."

    "Great," thought Trish. "Now she wants to have an argument with me instead of being grateful for what I done to her.

    "Everyone knows you are a traveler, miss know-it-all." Amy said smartly.

    "Well, I am more of an explorer and stop calling me "miss know-it-all." Trish yelled.

    "Oh sure! You are so scared of death."

    "I am not scared."

    "Then, admit that you are a coward."

    The argument continued! Boober and Gobo tried to stop them from arguing, but it was about to heat up.

    "Then, I demand you to apologize."

    "I demand an apology to you? There is no way I would do that."

    "You know what?


    "You are stubborn!"

    "That does it," yelled Amy. "You said my secret and you cannot say it. I am not your friend anymore, Trish. Maybe your name's Tosh, isn't it?"

    "You're the one who called me Tosh?" Trish asked.

    "Yes," said Amy. "It's your fault that Boober's here. He’s nothing, but a paranoid Fraggle."

    "I did nothing to him and I do not believe he is paranoid. Mokey took him to Outer Space."


    "Yeah! Besides, you are more of a Doozer than a Fraggle.”

    "I am not!"

    "Yes you are!"

    "Fine! Why don't you take Boober with you for good. I am never ever going to SPEAK to you again."

    “I am not taking Boober with me. He’s scared of me and he knows I am a SILLY CREATURE.”

    “Fine, Trish!”


    Then, Amy walked away to follow the rest of the group and Fraggles.

    Gobo and Boober were now with Trish. She was so wrong to argue with Amy, but she just couldn't stand her. Now it was like Uncle Mat and Gobo fighting all over again.

    "Gobo," Trish said. "You and Boober go with Amy. I am going on a walk alone. See ya later, Boober It was n-nice knowing you."

    Gobo and Boober agreed with her suggestion. Boober believed that hanging out with his own kind made him a little bit safer. Finally, they walked away to find Amy while Trish went to a different direction to calm down.

    ---------- :smirk: :sigh: :drool: ----------
    Meanwhile, at a nice luxury hotel filled with tourist, travelers, and explorers, Lisa, a fan of the Muppets used to have a crush on Robin when she was very young. She and Scooter were now betting on what songs would make it to Mr. Henson’s funeral.

    “Scooter, I bet you three dollars that the song, “Just One Person” will be performed by the Muppets,” suggested Sara.

    “That song’s already on the list, Lisa.” yelled Scooter as he slipped a five-dollar bill inside a drawer.

    “Sorry, Scooter,” apologized Lisa. “I had a rough week and without Jim now, Kermit has no voice.

    They were quiet for a long time while Lisa was trying to come up with ideas. Then, she decided to say something that made her so nervous.

    “Out of all the Muppet songs, the only song is so Fragglish is - Wemblin’ Fool. So, put that song on your checklist.”

    “Check,” Scooter said.

    “Was Richard Hunt here a while ago,” asked Lisa.

    “Oh yeah! He came around the hallway and saw me in your reserved hotel room,” Scooter said.

    “Great,” Lisa said. “Well, I wanted Robin to sing “When the River Meets the Sea”, but instead I heard that he wrote a note to Mr. Nelson that his songs “Halfway Down the Stairs” and “It’s In Everyone One of Us” will be sung by his good old friend Jerry after all. So, Scooter, you got those two songs down as well.”

    “Yeah, Lisa!”

    “Wonderful, then you go check on the other Muppets. Thank you, Scooter!

    No problem, Lisa! See you later then.”

    “Bye, Lisa!

    “Goodbye, Lisa!”

    After Scooter left, Lisa was relieved that now she could think about what other songs would pay a tribute to Jim Henson. She was glad Scooter started helping her and for coming to New York one day earlier.

    ---------- ;) :jim: ----------
    Beth woke up and realized the sun was not close to setting yet. She was revealed that the long ride was miserable, because she felt like she was about to shake. After getting out of the airplane. She saw a card that said, “BETH.” When she entered the airport through security and making sure she didn’t leave anything around. Someone she sort of met greeted her. Beth now kind of remembered what her name was, but it didn’t sound like she knew her old best friend.

    “Hey Beth, my name is Colleen, a fan of the Smurfs and the Muppets.”

    “Oh, I missed you so much,” Beth said smiling while giving her a big hug.

    “Did you see the Fraggles before,” asked Colleen.

    “Well, should I-I call you C-Collgoff or Colleen or was it the other way around even though I uh – “ Beth stammered.

    “You are such a wembler,” Colleen laughed.

    “Okay, so I do have a crush on Wembley or was it Gobo,”


    “Sorry, but Colleen ,I have a bad dream,”

    “Don’t tell me it is a bunch of gorgs when you turned into a Fraggle.”

    “No no no! My dream had Belle as my alter ego. The worst part is SIDEBOTTOM is in my dream.”

    “WHAT,” screamed Colleen.

    “It’s true, Colleen! That awful Sidebottom is in my dream, not Boober’s. Having too much fun is not good at all.”

    “Then, why can’t you tell him your troubles?”

    “Because he knows that I’m a silly creature filled with disgusting germs.”

    “That is a problem! I have seen them before on TV, but I know where they are.

    “Well, where are they?”

    “Maybe they are somewhere around New York City.”

    “Oh brother! I knew this would happen.”

    “Come on, Colleen, We’ll find them before it gets dark.”

    “Sounds like a good plan.”

    Then, they walked out of the airport to begin their journey to find those Fraggles, Trish, and Amy. However, while they were still wandering around the streets of New York City. Beth knows something is missing.

    “How about we should come up with a song while we around to look for them,” suggested Beth

    “Great idea, Beth! What is it the one where Cotterpin – “

    “Colleen, let’s get on with the song.”

    “Okay,” Beth said. I don’t have a baloobious, but I won’t be scared. Oh! Oh! Yeah!”

    “You got it, best friend. You know your rhythm,” Colleen said.

    Every time I hit the highway,
    Feels my spirits start fly alone.
    I’m my own. (Beth sang)

    (“I know what you mean, Beth.”)

    Thank you breeze you’re blowing my way.
    Got no cares and got no cause to moan.
    I’m on my own.
    Every way I wander is the way to go.
    Every way I wander I find one more way to grow.
    I’m on my own.

    (“Now, let’s do this song together.”)

    (“Oh, okay if you insist.”)

    (Colleen and Beth sing together with harmony.)

    Goodbye fears, you’ll never find us.
    Goodbye worries, afraid we’re not at home
    We’re on our own.

    Hello sky, we’re right behind you.
    Hello, highway, please don’t mind our tone.
    We’re on our own.

    Every way we wander is the way I want to go.
    Every way we wander we find one more way to grow.
    We’re on our own.
    We’re on our own.
    We’re on our own.
    We’re on our own.
    We’re on our own.

    “Colleen, that was interesting,” Beth said. “I didn’t know you could do the low voice the way Cotterpin did.”

    “All you could do was pass the time by singing,” Colleen said.

    “Well, uh can we just find my sister, Amy, Trish and Fraggles,” Beth said.

    “Okay! Do you really have the Booberish kind of talk,” asked Colleen.

    “You don’t even want to know, Colleen. It’s a long story!”

    ------ --------

    Karen was very nervous, because she forgot that Dave once gave her a secret that New York was not his favorite place. Since everyone including the Fraggles started getting respectful after the visitation for Jim Henson at St. John, she accompanied them to a restaurant. The girl talk took a long while between herself and her friend, Red Fraggle after Prell made her orders. She found out that maybe having a salad would not hurt her once in a while. After they had their own meals, Karen then excused Red that she has to a call to Mike.

    Then, she walked to an open payphone to put her change in the slot and dialing her husband’s number by memory. He answered finally on the third ring since there was a lot of commotion going on.

    “Hello? Mike? This is Karen and I am with my friends including Red at the restaurant,” she cried filling with some enthusiasm since feeling so intrigued that she was ready for the next day.
    “Oh, hi sweetheart!” answered Mike. How was your trip?”
    “It was exhausting and now we are with Amy,” she said with honesty “She’s very sweet and Jerry made a tough definite plan that Gobo should hang out with her instead.”
    “That’s great,” said Mike warmly. Then, he tried to say something about the funeral, but she couldn’t hear him ‘cause she felt like there was a lot of singing going on. She saw if wasn’t from the Fraggles, but it must be from the “silly creatures” she figured.
    “What? I can’t hear you, Mike,” she yelled. “There’s so much noise going on.”
    “I’m at home and it is very quiet,” he answered. “I just woke up from my nap and had a nice quiet day.”
    “You’re sounding like Boober, Mike,” she said. “That Fraggle always wants a quiet day. Boober is here is with his friends, but Trish wanted to go to a hotel to relax instead of hanging out with us.”
    At one moment, a man was talking loudly to himself. She started groaning and thought, “That was rude and very annoying.”
    “What is all the singing going on?” he said loudly to himself. “I even see a bunch of rats. They don’t even belong here.”
    Karen gave him an angry look and tried to concentrate on what her husband was trying to say.
    “ – and so a kid came to the door to tell me why you left and I said that you were at New York. The kid wishes you good luck for a safe trip. He later told that he should have gone out with you. I felt so sorry for him that he was so glum earlier today.”
    “Well, I hope the little boy is okay,” said Karen. “Red and I are having a great time here at New York.”
    “Wonderful,” said Mike. “You are really as tough as Red Fraggle.”
    “You don’t understand,” the man yelled to a quiet woman. “There are little rodents at my favorite restaurant. I don’t what they are and why do you give a quiet stare.”
    Karen gently tapped the tall man at the shoulder. “I am trying to have a conversation here, sir.”
    “What?” the man said staring at her and looking back at the quiet lady. “There’s a puppeteer talking at me, ma’am. I do not even know what a puppet is. I probably know that you are a vegetarian for crying out loud. Also, the woman I talked to is a worker who works with PUPPETS.”
    “Do you mind, SIR,” she said trying to get his attention. “I am trying to make a call to my husband and you are not cool to be so loud.”
    “It sounds like a party, ma’am,” he said loudly to the woman not paying attention to Karen’s warnings. “She is wearing a sweater like that rodent down there with a long red bushy tail.”
    “Get out of here mister and that rodent is a FRAGGLE,” Karen yelled.
    “Karen? Are you okay? What’s going on out there,” said Mike. “It’s so quiet in my house that there is no noise in here for now.”
    “I’m fine, honey,” answered Karen. “So what are you doing now?”
    “Oh,” started Mike. “Got my laundry done and cooked myself a meal already. I was planning to baby-sit the little boy across the street since his parents are going out somewhere, but I can’t decide what to do.”
    “Now you sound more like Wembley,” said Karen. “I hope you take good care of that kid then.”
    “Not only is she a puppeteer, she entertains that stupid Fraggle,” the man said to the woman. “I wished those creatures would go away and these people are singing to entertain them right now.” How rude is – “
    “Excuse me,” Karen yelled with determination. “I’m trying to talk to my hubby Mikey here.”
    “Ma’am, she’s from California. Definitely a popular puppeteer,” the man said to the silent woman. You’re thinking that FRAGGLES are real creatures.” He stared at Karen and then continued talking loudly to a non-talker. Why would there be a puppeteer here?
    Karen had enough with the loud talker, took the phone off her ear, and yelled at him to get out of her way. When that didn’t work out, she immediately saw a waiter right away and told him to escort the man out of the restaurant since he was not giving her space while having a phone conversation with her hubby.
    “Ma’am,” he said loudly as he was dragged to the door “You are crazy, because you love puppets more than friends.”
    “I’m sorry, Mike,” Karen said after the rude guy was gone. “I could not stand that man. He was so annoying and he looked more like Large Marvin than Feeny to me.”
    “I wished I did not drink too much coffee this afternoon after you left,” he grumbled under his breath.
    “I miss you honey.” Karen said with a smile.
    “I miss you too, Karen,” said Mike with a sad expression in his voice. “So, you are coming to California right after the funeral or the next day when you get over Jim’s loss.”
    “I just had a meal with Red and she brought her own meal, which is radish and doozer sticks. Well prepared pompous Fraggle she always is.” Then, she let out a giggle believing that her part of the event was more like a joke.

    Poor Mike. He was like Boober Fraggle or a Doozer kind of guy working so hard that he did not have time for fun and games or to hang out with a little boy across the street. Karen felt so horrible for leaving her friend Red while she is busy having a phone call with her sweetheart while he was at home doing not much except talking to his crazy and beautiful wife. Speaking of conversations, she forgot that she had to pay her meal. She wouldn’t mind if she and her friends would stay a while longer to hang out and entertain their friendly fans. The noise died down a little so Prell can now hear her husband.

    “I should go now, pumpkin,” Karen insisted. “I do not want to leave Red Fraggle all alone.”
    “Well, I know how excited she was glad to see you,” Mike said quietly “It sounded like she acted scared to you like the very first time you guys met”
    “I know, Mike! I will call you tomorrow when I have the strength to talk to you,” Karen said, and said her sweet goodbyes before he quietly hanged up, which meant their conversation was done.
    With her promises made, she sat with Red, but this time Mokey also joined with them at the table.
    “You okay, Karen,” asked Red. “We heard some gorg brain that was so annoying a silly creature had to get him out of here.”
    Karen’s eyes were wide-eyed with shocked. “I forgot what was behind me that was being all you know loud talking and rude,” she said. “I was talking to Mikey.”
    Mokey giggled. “I like the pet name you give to your friend. He sound’s so dreamy.”
    Karen was satisfied with Mokey’s explanation. “Well, so does Mike, Mokey,” she said, and they all finally let out a great laugh knowing that there’s good times that are about to come.

    Then, the doors opened and it was their silly creature songwriter, Philip Balsam. Once he saw Gobo Fraggle, he started a song while playing his guitar.

    Follow me, Gobo! Follow me! You see,
    Every day the world begin again
    Sunny skies or rain
    Come and follow me

    Every sunrise shows me more and more
    So much to explore
    Come and follow me

    (Gobo joins Phil Balsam with harmony)
    Every morning, every day
    Every evening, calling me away.

    “Now Gobo, you start,” suggested Balsam.

    While the sun goes ‘round
    I’ll still be found
    Following the sound.
    Something’s calling me

    When the world goes drifting back to bed
    Memories in my head
    Wonders follow me (Gobo sang)

    Every morning, every day
    Every evening, calling me away

    (One more time, Gobo,”)

    Every morning, every day
    Every evening, calling me away

    All right, Wembley! Your song’s next?

    “Oh boy,” Wembley said excited. “This song will knock your socks and baloobiuses off.”

    I believe in magic words.
    I believe in love.
    I believe in buried treasure falling from above.
    One more time the world goes round.
    One more magic day.
    Now I've learned the magic sound that speeds it on its way.

    And it goes pukka, pukka, pukka, pukka squeetily boink.
    Sweet melody.
    Pukka, pukka, pukka, pukka squeetily boink.
    Neat harmony.

    Whoa, pukka, pukka, pukka, pukka squeetily boink.
    That's music to me.
    Pukka, pukka, pukka, pukka squeetily boink.
    Pukka, pukka squeetily dee.

    You can learn the magic too.
    You can learn to sing.
    You can learn the special words that live in everything.

    Teach your ear to here the stones.
    Listen to the trees.
    Magic is as magic does.
    It lives in you and me.

    And it goes pukka, pukka, pukka, pukka squeetily boink.
    Sweet melody.
    Pukka, pukka, pukka, pukka squeetily boink.
    Neat harmony.

    Whoa, pukka, pukka, pukka, pukka squeetily boink.
    That's music to me.
    Pukka, pukka, pukka, pukka squeetily boink.
    Pukka, pukka squeetily dee.
    Pukka, pukka squeetily dee.
    Pukka, pukka, pukka, pukka squeetily dee

    After Wembley’s song, Phil decided to take a break from Fraggle Rock songs.

    “Well, I guess it’s Gobo’s turn again, but if he knows the song, then I can play it if I want to.

    “I know a song that reminds me of my home, but the silly creature taught me this song last night, because the creator was a fan of John Denver “

    “Who’s John Denver,” asked Red.

    “Well Red,” Alison started. “Like Gobo, he does play a string instrument, but it is a guitar, not a gourd.”

    “Gotcha,” Red said.

    Gobo started with his string instrument and starts the song while everybody joins in the chorus.
    He was born in the summer of his 27th year,
    coming home to a place he'd never been before.
    He left yesterday behind him
    you might say he was born again,
    might say he found a key for every door.
    When he first came to the mountains
    His life was far away
    on the road and hanging by a song.
    But the strings already broken
    and he doesn't really care,
    it keeps changing' fast, and it don't last for long.
    It's a Colorado Rocky Mountain High,
    I've seen it raining fire in the sky
    the shadows from the starlight are softer than a lullaby.
    Rocky Mountain High, ...in Colorado....
    Rocky Mountain High.

    He climbed cathedral mountains; he saw silver clouds below,
    saw everything as far as you can see.
    And they say that he got crazy once and that he
    tried to touch the sun,
    and he lost a friend, but kept the memory.
    Now he walks in quiet solitude, the forest and the stream,
    seeking grace in every step he takes,
    his sight is turned inside himself, to try and
    understand, the serenity of a clear blue mountain lake.

    And the Colorado Rocky Mountain High,
    I've seen it raining fire in the sky
    you can talk to God and listen to the casual reply.
    Rocky Mountain High...in Colorado....
    Rocky Mountain High.

    Now his life is full of wonder,
    but his heart still knows some fear,
    of the simple things he cannot comprehend.
    Why they try to tear the mountains down
    to bring in a couple more.
    More people, more scars upon the land.

    It's the Colorado Rocky Mountain High,
    I've seen it raining fire in the sky
    I know he'd be a poorer man if he never saw an bird fly
    Rocky mountain high
    It's the Colorado Rocky Mountain High,
    I've seen it raining fire in the sky.
    Friend around the campfire and everybody's high....
    Rocky Mountain High, Rocky Mountain High,
    Rocky Mountain High
    Rocky Mountain High

    While everyone else was having a good time, Amy was not having a wonderful time at all. She was sad, sort of grumpy, and felt so bad for yelling at Trish, her only true best friend.

    “Hi,” said the woman that ignored the awful man a while ago.

    “Don’t guess, you’re a Muppet fan too,” Amy said with a heavy sigh.

    “Well, I was quiet and I forgot to tell him to leave Miss Prell alone. I’m glad someone dragged him out,” the woman said, as she was putting her hand on her knee.

    “Trish was right! I was wrong to call her Tosh. It’s a Fragglish name. Big deal,” suggested Amy.

    “Well, my name is Alison, but you can call me Figgie,”

    “Well, Figgie, they are having a great time and I am just so blue,” Amy said.

    “So, you got the blues and now without your friend or your sister, you lost all hope and feeling helpless,”

    “Well, I have never ever been this sad before.”

    Amy then sings,
    Going down the road,
    Sun don't shine.
    No one in the world is a friend of mine.
    Looks like trouble so it's looking real fine.

    Get blue.
    (Doop do dooba dooba do da do)
    ("Will you be quiet? (Groans)!)

    Boober joins in while continuing the song, even though she believes this is his favorite song.
    Going down the road,
    Sing a little song.
    People say they're happy,
    But people are wrong.
    Trouble's gonna get us and it won't be long.

    Get blue.
    (Doop do dooba dooba do da do)

    Going down the road,
    The sun don't even shine.
    No one in the world is a friend of mine.
    Looks like trouble so it's looking real fine.

    Get blue.
    (Doop do dooba dooba do da do)
    "Ah, dooba do yourself," Boober and Amy said together before sighing.

    Amy now realized she was not the only one who was having a bad day. Then, she noticed that since Trish took a direction all by herself. She could put herself in peril. She knew exactly what to do and she doesn’t want anyone lost in this crazy city. She made the mess to Trish and she has to fix it by finding her. With no chance to lose, she wants Boober and Mokey to go with her. Although Boober was scared, he was so glad that Mokey came to Outer Space with him. Then, they left the restaurant without noticing that Red, Gobo, and Wembley are still having a conversation with Phil.
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    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh, I forgot to give the credits of what the songs were:

    Chapter 8
    - One Way Home (One Way, Thru Way, Free Way) - From the Fraggle Rock episode, "Sir Hubris & the Gorgs"
    - Lose Your Heart (And It's Found) - From the Fraggle Rock episode, "Mokey & the Minstrels"
    - Good-bye, Good-bye (Just a Rainbow in the Sky) - From the Fraggle Rock episode, "Manny's Land of Carpets
    - The Wind, and The Pond, and The Moon and Me – from the Fraggle Rock episode, “The Beanbarrow, the Burden, & the Bright Bouquet”

    Chapter 9
    - I’m on my Own (slightly altered when sang by duet) – From the Fraggle Rock episode, “The Cavern of Lost Dreams”
    - Follow Me – from the first Fraggle Rock episode, “Beginnings”
    - Pukka, Pukka, Pukka Squeetily Boink (my favorite Wembley song) – from the Fraggle Rock episode, “Wembley’s Wonderful Whoopie Water”
    - Rocky Mountain High – by John Denver (I made a definite song choice for regular songs)
    - Get Blue – from the Fraggle Rock episode, “I Don’t Care”

    So, what do you think of my song choices everyone?
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    Vincent L Well-Known Member

    It must be hard writing a story like this, as the relationship between the Muppets/Fraggles are quite confusing.
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    Well, the Fraggles and the Muppets are part of a big Muppet family. Otherwise, getting ready to do chapter 9 sometime this week.
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    Chapter 9


    Lisa woke up from the middle of her nap in her reserved hotel room. She knows it must be Beth outside of the hallway. She opened up and found Beth and Colleen exhausted.

    “Are you okay,” asked Lisa while she let them in since she knew Beth before since she was in her school.

    “No,” Beth started. “I can’t find Trish anywhere I might as well find her tomorrow. As I got here, somebody was making noise and I heard Oscar, the grouch said that he doesn’t want a bath.”

    “So, that’s how you smell awful,” said Lisa, as she was holding her nose from the smell.

    “Right,” Beth said. “I got closer to him and he was so grouchy. Ugh! He’s sometimes reminds me of my dad. Ugh! If you need me, I am going to the assigned hotel room with Colleen and take a shower. I am filled with nasty germs from that dark green Muppet.”

    “Okay,” Lisa said, with a chuckle. “I will see you in the morning then. Bye!”

    Lisa then closed the door gently after Lisa and Colleen left the room before she collapsed on her bed and closed her eyes to finish her nap before Scooter comes back with results for Jim’s memorial.

    While Lisa was tired, Colleen and Beth were back in their room and Beth was extremely angry for getting near Oscar at his fowl and awful smell.
    “Look at me, Colleen,” Beth said, with her cheeks growing hot on her face. “I am covered with germs and soiled myself. Yuck!”
    “Don’t worry about getting dirty,” suggested Colleen. “You can get cleaned up tomorrow.”
    “No,” Beth said. “There’s no way I am waiting til’ tomorrow. I am washing up right now.”
    “That’s going to be your second shower for the day, Beth.”
    “There is always something exciting around there. That’s what’s wrong with this world.”
    “You are so Booberish.”
    “That’s right! I help my parents with the laundry and the cooking. I don’t even swim!”
    “Maybe someone can teach you how to swim.”
    “I don’t want to talk about it right now, Colleen. I got a shower to have right now.
    “Okay,” Colleen said sighing. “By the way, you did tell me earlier that when you were young, your friends heard you watch Fraggle Rock and they said that all Fraggles are pesitimic. I stood up from those liars for you and I told you the truth Boober Fraggle is the pesitimic one in Fraggle Rock.”
    Beth did not answer from Colleen since she was already in the bathroom as she took off her soft while silk robe and stepped in into the shower so nobody would bother her for a while.
    “Oh well,” Colleen said to herself. “She will talk to me later once she cleans up her germs and odor from that filthy Muppet. Sheesh!”

    :excited::smirk: :coy: :dreamy: :sigh:

    It was now close to nighttime and Trish couldn’t get over the way Amy acted by arguing and making her friendly creatures suffer. With a lot of noise around her even the cars honking so loudly, she was very scared and lonely.

    “That Amy drives me nuts,” Trish said to herself. “Now I sound like Red. Ohhh! No one cares about me anymore.”

    Lonely, lonely as can be
    No one knows and no one wonders what becomes of me.
    No one understands the way it feels to feel like me.
    Sick of only me
    Lonely as can be

    Show me, why I can't be free.
    Show me something better than just lying here with me.
    No one understands the way it feels to feel like me.
    Sick of only me
    Lonely as can be
    Thinking about the loneliness of me.

    “That song sort of made me too happy, but I am all by myself,” Trish said, while watching the cars go by. “If I had not been fighting with Amy, I wouldn’t be so lonely in the first place. I should have told her to stop fighting with me. I even try to tell her that Fraggles are kept a secret.”

    Then, she hears a deep and serious voice.

    “Listen,” the voice said.

    “Who are you,” Trish called out, so it can hear her.

    “Listen,” the voice said again.

    “Listen to what? What are your rules?” Trish said questioning.

    “There are no rules and those are the rules,” the voice said.

    Before she blurted anything else out of her mouth, the white light came and before her eyes was a tall elderly looking tan Fraggle. She forgot it was Cantus, the Minstrel who travels through unknown places of Fraggle Rock.
    “I don’t have time for this, sir,” Trish said, while feeling shaky.

    “No time is wasted time,” Cantus said.

    “Then, what am I,” Trish asked.

    She was shocked that she was talking to a Fraggle. It was the silly creatures that travels and is the minstrel leader of the Rock.

    “Youuuuu are youuuu,” Cantus answered.

    “So, I-I am a silly creature and y-you are a (n) F-Fraggle,” Trish said, shuddering. Then, what am I supposed to do now?”

    “Listen,” Cantus said.

    Before she could explain what he meant, the Fraggle disappeared, and then she heard a song that sounded familiar.

    Feel the water flowing.
    Feel it coming, feel it going,
    In the river, in the rain or in the sky

    One day it's an ocean.
    One-day ice in motion
    One day it's a teardrop in your eye.

    Once I wasn't here,
    And then I suddenly appeared,
    And now I seem to be at home in earth and air.

    Just like water flowing,
    I know where I'm going.
    Look beneath your boots and I'll be there.

    It's just a dream away.
    You've got to leave to stay.
    We'll meet again someday,
    Just a dream away

    As she walked closer before he even started taking in his deep breathing in and out. She started remembering who he was. He had brown hair, blue eyes, a nice old brown cap (sort of similar to Boober’s), and looked young in his teens.

    “Was that you singing, sir,” Trish asked.

    “AHHHHHHHHH,” the teenaged boy screamed, waking up like it was a nightmare. “Monsters! Gorgs! Is this the road to Harry Krishna or am I at Hollywood?”

    “Stop, please,” Trish said out loud. “It’s just me. You probably had a nightmare”

    “Is that you, Trish,” asked the boy, wearily.

    “Yeah,” Trish said. “I am myself, but what’s your name?”

    “Vincent Liu,” the boy said. “What else would I be, Trish. I still live in California, but I used to be one of your close neighbors.”

    “I came because I-I want to go to Jim Henson’s funeral,” Trish said, feeling so shaky that she was at a loss of words.

    “I know,” Vincent said softly. “Can I tell you why I moved somewhere else instead of being your neighbor?”

    “Why do you want to do that,” Trish asked with concern.

    “Well, before I tell you my story, there’s one favor you can do for me,” Vincent said trying not to stammer.

    “What would it be, Mr. Vincent?”

    “Will you please get me some tea? I have an awful headache from sleeping on the concrete steps?”

    Trish groaned in a Red kind of way and walked away to find tea for her friend that was lost, but then was found.


    Beth was finally done washing after scrubbing off the smelliness she got from a disgusting Muppet with lots of soap and water. Then, she got dressed by wearing clean clothes including her t-shirt and shorts before covering them into her white silk robe. Then, she came out of the bathroom with her dirty smelly clothes and put them a Ziploc bag.

    “Are you done being claustrophobic,” Colleen finally asked after she was done reading her book.
    “Yeah, I sort of am, Colleen,” Beth sighed. “Will you go get someone to wash Oscar? I am not doing it.”
    “Ha! Why would I do it,” Colleen said.
    Beth then stared at her with an annoying look.
    “All right, stop giving me those angry eyes. I will wash Oscar. I knew you can get annoyed at grouches.”
    “You got that right,” Beth said in a huff. “I never go see near a germy creature. I would smell like rotten garbage. Yuck!”

    Then, they heard an explosion and some yelling. It must have been from Gonzo and Fozzie realizing that they said something that made Crazy Harry cause an explosion. Next, they heard a loud crash probably from a Muppet penguin. Finally, the chaos got a little worse. It was from Gobo and Red Fraggle.

    Colleen had no idea what it was and she opened the door so she can hear what they are fighting about.

    Sorry I made this chapter short, but the next one will be a little bit longer. Promise!

    Song Credits
    Lonely As Can Be – from the Fraggle Rock episode, “Playing Til’ It Hurts
    Just A Dream Away – from the Fraggle Rock episode, “Gone But Not Forgotten
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