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Remembering Jim Henson

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Twisted Tails, May 19, 2012.

  1. Vincent L

    Vincent L Well-Known Member

    Have you been monitoring me? That's exactly the dialogue I would have said in real life!
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  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Chapter 10

    “I voted for being second from a silly creature and the next one agreed with my debate,” Gobo shouted.

    “Come on Gobo,” Red said. “I voted first before you did.”

    “Red Fraggle, I showed the silly creature my determination and he agreed that I sing the second verse.” Gobo countered, with Beth and Colleen listening. “Even the pianist judged that I go next.”

    “Silly creatures! Ha! What do they know about debates,” Red said in a huff.

    “Wembley entered the room and said, “I agree with Gobo, and I go next,”

    “How dare Wembley take Gobo’s side,” Red thought.

    “Well, the silly creature was the judge, Red,” Gobo said. “Wembley’s right! He’s my best friend and he’s sings right after me.”

    “Well, silly creatures know about debates, but I voted first.” Red said angrily.

    “Give it up, Red, we both voted and the silly creature voted me.”

    Then, the argument started with Wembley in the middle. He wanted to run away until Colleen yelled, “QUIETTTTTTTTTT!”

    Since they heard from the silly creature’s command, Red and Gobo stood frozen.

    “What on earth is going you guys,” Beth asked.
    “I voted for singing the silly creature song, “Just One Person first,” Gobo insisted.

    “No way, I voted first for singing that stupid song,” Red said. “It’s so sentimental.”

    “It is not sentimental, Red,” Gobo said angrily.

    “Wait a minute! What song are you doing for Jim’s funeral,” Colleen asked.

    “Just One Person,” Gobo answered.

    “I remembered that song,” Beth said. “Gobo’s right, Red! He goes second on the song. There are two things my friend Colleen would like to have in a few days. First, she can’t stand fights and she never liked being in the middle of arguments just your friend, Wembley was in the first place. Wembley even doesn’t want you guys fighting all the time. Second, she loves songs. Not just Fraggle songs, but all kinds of music no matter what she listens to. I’m sorry, Red, but you’ll have to accept disappointment.”

    Before Red could say anything, she hanged her head down and sat with Colleen. She knew she was defeated, not a winner.

    “Ohhh,” Red groaned. “I wanted to go first,”

    “I know you didn’t get your spot, but there might be a song that will cheer you up,” Colleen said with a nice grin.

    If just one person believes in you.
    Deep enough, and strong enough, believes in you.
    Hard enough, and long enough before you knew it
    someone else would think,

    If she can do it, I can do it. Making it.. (Colleen sang)

    Then, Gobo joins in with Colleen.
    Two whole people who believe in you.
    Deep enough and strong enough believe in you.

    Hard enough, and long enough there's bound to be some other person who believes in making it a threesome.
    Making it...

    Next, Wembley joins in with Gobo and Colleen after softly saying, “Hi!”

    People you can say believe in me.
    And if three whole people, why not...

    Mokey then joined in after she entered the room earlier to find out what is going on with Red and Gobo.

    Four. And if four whole people, why not...

    Finally, Boober joins in without hesitation,

    More, and...

    Amy joins in as well before more Muppets join in with them.

    More and more.
    And when all those people believe in you,
    deep enough and strong enough believe in you,
    Hard enough and long enough it stands to reason you,
    yourself will start to see what everybody sees in you.
    And maybe even you, (maybe even you)

    Can believe in you, too.

    Amy looked at Red in deep thought, because she was always the Fraggle that loved challenges and sports. Now with their friend, Jim, gone, she may have lost her speed or maybe the edge she was willing to have. Now she knew it was time to spill out the whole truth.

    “Beth, I’m sorry that you acted like someone even a Muppet character.” Amy said, with a feeling of quilt that twisted inside of her. “I’m your sister and you can be whatever you want to be or you can be just the way you are.”

    Beth at first wanted to deny Amy’s advice, but the feeling made her think that her sister was really forgiving her even though she made an awful mistake, which drove her crazy.

    “I accept you apology, Amy,” Beth said, with a smile in her face. “I know that tomorrow will be a long day for-“

    “Wait a minute,” Figgie interrupted. “Where’s Trish,”

    “Figgie, how did you get here,” asked Amy, while still felling guilty for getting her best friend in trouble.

    “Well, I don’t why how I got here, but I can’t stay anywhere else. I even forgot it is so dark out there right now.” Figgie said, forgetting she was now shaking so much that it was hard to speak out the real truth.

    “This is all my fault,” said Gobo. “I wanted Trish to come along with us, but she didn’t go. All she wanted to do was to fight with Amy.”

    “No, Gobo,” Boober said, feeling the guilt feeling he has inside. “It’s my fault. I should never let her go.”

    “Boober’s right, Gobo,” Amy said. “However, I really messed everything up. I let her go and now she could be lost. I am going to go find her and I don’t care how dark it is. I sort of remembered how much of a ruckus she caused, the other night.”

    *Flashback* - the other night
    Trish could not get any sleep. While everyone else was asleep, she didn’t that realized that Boober came back in his or her room to get some sleep.

    Then, she sang a song that would really disturb Boober’s peace and quiet.

    Sometimes I have trouble
    Falling asleep.
    But it's not so bad.

    “Tosh, I’m trying to sleep,” Boober protested.

    I don't worry
    And I don't weep.

    Boober sighed and just shook his head.

    In fact I'm glad....

    Be-cause I get up off my pillow
    And I flip on the li-ight.


    Trish ignored Boober’s pleas and continued singing.
    I get down and get hip
    In the still of the night.

    (“Oh no!”)

    I stretch and I yawn and then I breathe real deep,

    (Boober shook his head again)

    And dance myself to sleep!

    (“Oh please, don’t dance.”)

    His protests did not stop Trish from dancing.

    I hoof around my beddie
    Just a-tappin my toes.

    (“You’re dancing?”)

    Before I know what's happened
    I'm a-ready to doze.

    (Boober gets frustrated and scratches his head)

    Got some partners I can count on called the Boogie Woogie Sheep (The Boogie Woogie Sheep appear immediately)

    (“The what?”)

    I dance myself to sleep!

    (“I don’t believe this!”)

    I gently rock-a-bye myself across the floor.

    (“What are those silly creatures doing?”)

    I turn and then I toss and then I start to snore.


    My trusty little bugle helps me spread the news (she takes a small trumpet from underneath

    (“Oh, not the bugle”)

    That I'm tappin' to "Taps"
    And I'm a-rarin' to snooze!

    Then, she blows her trumpet and now there goes Boober’s quiet night. He does his best to protest so she can stop playing that trumpet.

    (“You’re playing that bugle?
    What are these creatures doing?
    These c-creatures – they’re dancing!)

    Before he could say anything else, Amy woke up from the noise and yelled, “STOPPPPPPPP!”

    Trish took the trumpet out of her mouth and the tap dancing sheep stopped making tap noises.

    “What on earth are you doing? Amy said, with worry. “You need to sleep, Trish. And where did those sheep come from? Mom doesn’t allow farm animals in our house.

    The sheep then left the room with nothing else, but the sound of their tap shoes about to go fainter until they were gone.

    “Amy, I couldn’t sleep. So, I wanted to dance myself to sleep.” Trish said laughing.

    “Very funny, Trish,” Amy said. “You really need sleep or you will wake up grumpy the next morning. Right, Boober?”

    “Right,” Boober said, with a sigh.

    “I can’t believe you’re taking her side and I…..uh,…never mind. Ugh!”

    Trish put her trumpet back underneath the bed and turned off the light.

    “Boober was right,” Trish thought. “Fun is dangerous! We have nothing in common. I am a silly creature and he’s a Fraggle. How am I even going to trust him. Not only did I embarrass him, I showed off. Ohhhh! Why can’t I be like Beth? She is so quiet that I don’t give her a hard time at all.

    She got underneath her blankets and finally went to sleep.

    *Back to the present*
    “So, everyone, stay here," Amy said with the seriousness in her voice. "Because I am gonna go and find Trish. Promise me! Promise me that I will come back with my friend, Trish."

    “We promise, Amy,” Wembley insisted.

    Everyone now understood that once the promise is made, it cannot be broken.

    “So, don’t worry! I will come back and bring Trish back, okay? I am angry with any of you. I’m just worried about Trish. That’s all!”

    Amy left the room as Lisa finally came in and wondered what she missed.

    “Hey, Amy! I know what songs…..Amy?”

    “Amy’s not here, Lisa,” Colleen said, with a concern look on her face. “You missed her!”

    “Oh, why did I fall asleep,” Lisa asked, before burying her face with her blanket.

    “It’s not you fault, Lisa,” Figgie said. “She left, because she wants to find her friend before something terrible happens….or worse.”

    :jim: :dreamy: :sigh: :busy:++++:drool: :smirk: :coy: :excited:
    Trish finally found a coffee shop and ordered tea until someone said, “Trish, is that you?”

    “Are you Dominic,” Trish asked.

    “Yeah,” said the man. “I live here, remember,”

    “Oh yeah,” Trish said. “You are one of the people that moved out of California. You didn’t tell me that your dad had a job out here.”

    “Well, he always has business to take care of for everyone,” Dominic said chuckling. “What brings you here?”

    “I need you help,” Trish said with a harsh tone. “Vincent is in terrible condition, but he just has a headache.”

    “Tea will get rid of his headache,” Dominic insisted. “Is there anything else I can help him with.”
    “Not really,” Trish said. “Will you please come with me? I know where Vincent is at right now.”

    “Okay,” Dominic said sighing. “I am tired of staying at this coffee shop for too long.”

    Right after leaving the shop, Dominic and Trish quickly went to find Vincent without getting cautiously hit by cars or taxicabs. Although it took longer than they thought to find him, they finally found Vincent sitting on the concrete steps with both hands on his forehead.

    “Here’s your tea,” Trish said in a soft tone. “Blow it first before you drink the tea.”

    Vincent blew his tea before drinking it up. Not only was he shaking, he was scared of seeing a stranger.

    “What’s wrong, Vincent,” Trish asked.

    “I-I’m scared,” Vincent said, still feeling shaky.

    “Why,” Trish said concerned about her best friend.

    “After I heard that Jim died from pneumonia, I went upstairs to my room…..and cried.”

    “Then, what did you do,” Dominic asked.

    “I-I called the airport for tickets to New York and made reservations for a hotel as well.”

    “Did you tell your parents what you did that day,” Trish said. “Because I want to know if you did.”

    “Yes, Trish you know I did,” Vincent said, before taking another drink of his tea. “They accepted that I need vacation. So, I wanted to pack everything up, but I decided to take my backpack and stuff everything for what I needed.”

    Trish realized that he was right. His backpack was right beside him and it looked very full filled with things inside the bag. “Go on,” Trish said quietly.

    “Well, I finally got here after it took forever for the plane to get to New York,” Vincent started. “Before I exited the airport, I saw a little girl crying. She told me she was upset that Mr. Henson was gone and will never come back. I told her death is the part of our lives when there is a time that we can’t be in this world anymore. She sort of cried some more, but she said thanks before her mother took her hand and one moment I never saw her again. Then, I felt like a throb inside my head and I knew I had a headache.”

    “Then, what,” Trish said now feeling the truth coming out of his mouth.

    “I-I walked and then I sat down here. I didn’t want to get into accidents or get hurt. And I was waiting for you, Trish.”

    “You know New York is very crowded and – “

    “I know! Will you help me get to the hotel before I hurt myself.”

    “All right,” Trish said sighing. “Come on Dominic, let’s get him to the hotel before something bad happens to him.”

    “Right,” Dominic said, although he wasn’t so sure about Trish’s plan, he knew she was trying to do the right thing for Vincent.

    Vincent slowly got up before Trish put him on the shoulder and took his hand that did not have a teacup. Before they started walking, they heard a voice.

    “Trish….Trish? Is that you?”

    “Amy? She must have found me.” Trish said to herself, since Vincent and Dominic didn’t know what she was talking about.

    In fact, it was Amy who was looking for Trish. When they saw each other face to face, they started hugging together. Vincent and Dominic look confused and wanted to know what’s going on.

    “Dominic,” Trish said. “This is Amy, my best friend.”

    “Hi,” he said with a shy smile.

    “Amy, this is my best friend, Vincent.” Trish said with excitement.

    “How do you do,” Vincent asked.

    “I’m fine, but thanks,” Amy said with a grin on her face.

    “You’re welcome,” Vincent said.

    “Well, I’m sorry that I said that I will never speak to you again,” Amy said with a guilt feeling in her stomach. “Why did we put those funny looking creatures in the middle of our fight?”

    “I doesn’t matter much anymore, Amy.” Trish said. “Let’s just say that there should be more fights.”

    “You can say that again,” Amy said. “I believe all of us should go back to the hotel where the puppeteers and their Muppets are.”

    “I don’t blame you, Amy,” Trish said with a smile on her face. “Vincent, you got your backpack.

    “Yeah, you know have it with me,” Vincent said with a serious tone.

    Vincent no longer had a headache after drinking one cup of fresh tea thanks to Trish for getting the drink from the coffee shop.

    Up into the clouds to the heaven gates, Jim knew that might have a mistake.

    “Jim, are you okay,” Joe asked.

    “It’s funny,” Jim said sheepishly. “The Fraggles and the silly creatures might be friends. Now that’s what I call Perfect Harmony.”

    “What was the last huge project you did?”

    “Well,” Jim started. “I wanted to make a children’s show about world peace. Without creating Fraggle Rock, there wouldn’t be a Red, Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, or Boober.”

    “I understand,” Joe said patting Jim’s back before sitting next to him. “I met Don Sahlin and he heard that you were going to go into a Muppet’s dream.”

    “I can’t do that, Joe,” Jim said sighing. “Instead I left a tape for them.”

    “Really, Jim,” Joe asked.

    “Yeah,” Jim said with concern in his face. “So, what the hey. Kermit was always a good old friend of mine.”

    “Who was closer?”

    “Rowlf the Dog!”

    “You mean-“

    “Kermit will get his voice in a few months, but Rowlf…..he was like me, Joe. Laid back and calm! He will not get his voice back for a long time.”

    “I know what you mean, Jim,” Joe said with a smile.

    “Oh good,” Jim said in his Kermit voice.

    “You were Kermit the Frog weren’t you?” Joe asked in surprise.

    “Yeah,” Jim said in a quiet tone. “I lived a good life down there and so did you Joe. I was a leader like Kermit, Gobo, and who else would it be if it weren’t for those guys.”

    “Do you remember what it was like to be a “fearless leader.” Joe asked.

    “Yeah,” Jim said while softly rubbing his hands together. “Even Gobo and Jerry Nelson knew that I was a “fearless leader” I always said that nothing was impossible.”

    “So, you really miss Kermit and everyone else including your family, don’t you, Jim,” Joe asked sighing.

    “Yes, Joe,” Jim said. “Whatever they do for me, I will be smiling down there. Life is mysterious in many ways. And I love being here with Don, you, and the people that I will meet.

    “Come on, Jim,” Joe said, as he got up before letting Jim up. “Why don’t show some of the Hollywood stars your Rowlf the Dog voice.”

    “I doubt that, Joe,” said Jim smiling. “I will do the best I can with that voice I got from that dog. I’ll never know.”


    Song Credits
    Just One Person – from the Snoppy musical
    NOTE – You and everyone may not know that this was one Jim’s favorite songs.
    Dancing Myself to Sleep – Sesame Street song
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  3. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Oh Tosh was a Fraggle Boober had a minor crush on as is seen in Tune For Two, and Wembley's song is from Terrible Tunnel! But where is Trish's song from? Did you write? If so you have very good talent.
  4. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Can't have lasanga on the third week of March! Ha ha ha! That was funny, but I feel a little sorry for Beth! Great work!
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Thr Trish character I did..well she is human OC, she was nicknamed Tosh no thanks to Amy for teasing her and calling her something else that she is not. The song, "I'm Not Scared" was wrttien by Philp Balsam (music) and Dennis Lee (lyrics). Not only she did have that nightmare, I personally had that nightmare too right after seeing the FR episode, "The Terrible Tunnel." Yikes! Truth be told!
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  6. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah! I remember I had a dream about Junior Gorg coming out of my closet, because I never saw the show and saw a clip of it on a Muppet Show video!
  7. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Well, Beth as an OC does evidently goes to New York to find her sister, Amy and her best friend Trish. She later meets Colleen (Collgoff) and she becomes her new best friend. I got that joke from the fan-fic "We Know It's Probably Magic" when Kermit is killed off. No offense, but there were some sad parts of that fan-fic.
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  8. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Awww thanks for including me! That was so nice! Please let me return the favor! Let me find a way for you Collen, and Vincent to be in my story too!

    Did you write that? I would read it a friend wrote it, but no offense to anyone I wouldn't want to read Kermit getting killed. Heck the hardest choice I ever made? Killng Metora in my story
  9. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Well, I didn't want anyone killed in my fan-fic. I will get to Mr. Johnson in the mext chapter where he finds out that Trish is at New York and his wife finally takes him home after he recovers from an accident he was in. BTW: Please read chapter 10 when you get to it then click "Reply" so you can comment. Why did I add Jim? Because I saw his documentaries and I did the best I could to have him say things I thought he would say to his old friend, Joe Rasposo. I wanted Joe too, because I realized that he died first in 1989 before Mr. Henson did on May 16th, 1990. Thank you for posting your comments, Dominic!
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  10. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    NO problem!
  11. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    That was so nice of you! Thank you! I love Just One Person! It's such a good song!
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  12. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Well, I added Dancing Myself To Sleep which was originally performed by Jim Henson (Ernie) even though it is a Sesame Street song wirtten by Christopher Cerf (music) and Norman Stiles (lyrics). I don't know them very much, but that song makes me laugh. So, I wanted to add some comedy. What do Bert and Boober have in common? They like to do boring things and they have boredom, plus being neat. They like peace and quiet at night. They sometimes have fun thanks to Bert's Ernie and Boober's Sidebottom. BTW: Just One Person is my favorite song too, Dominic.
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  13. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    You are so sweet to include me in this fic even though I'm not around the forum very much! Thanks for your kind words and this is a lovely story!
  14. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I liked have Colleen and I as a couple. Boy if I did meet Miss Piggy Walter fainting would seem like nothing!
  15. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    How did I not notice this story was here?! I love it sooo much! Thank you!:)
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  16. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I know why Walter fainted, because he met Kermit in person for the first time after seeing him on televsion and movies for years. Thank you for your thoughts!

    You're welcome! I am getting very close to the day when the funeral occurs. So, more surprises coming! BTW: I cann0t believe you came back.
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  17. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Bingo! I love Miss Piggy and Kermit, and everyone else on Mupppets
  18. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    :coy: Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!
    :smirk: :excited: :dreamy: :sigh: WEMBLEY!!
    :coy: Oh yeah! I forgot that we got a new chapter now.

    Wow! This chapter took forever! Ugh! I was so busy that I forgot to get it done right away. I am slow at typing! I got everyone’s ideas and now here is the next chapter all of you have been waiting for. And please comment! Thanks!

    Chapter 12

    Boober wanted to talk to Bernie, but then the memory snapped back at him. It was the day circa 1987 before they were finally asked again for a Christmas special and the Fraggles were looking for jobs this time at the Jim Henson Company after they were welcomed to be part of the company. It turned to be a “disaster”, because not only did he ask to be in a Meryl Streep’s film for an acting gig, the agent hung him up. Maybe he forgot that Bernie was Jim’s agent.

    “You talk to Bernie,” Boober suggested.

    Trish thought maybe he would not hang up on a person who is a fan of the Muppets including the Fraggle Rock characters.

    She picked up the phone and said, “Hello?….Hi, Bernie!….No, this is Trish Johnson…..Trish Johnson, got it?…..Yes, I am a fan of the Muppets….Okay, my question is what did Jim Henson have?…….Pneumonia?……Why?……It’s not your fault and I…..Hello?…Hello?…..Can you hear me, Bernie?”

    There was no answer and she hung up the phone. What was she going to say that would to be harder to explain to the blue Fraggle?

    “Well, that was a disaster. Even he hangs up on me, just because I am a fan of Muppets and Fraggles. No offense, Boober, but…..I finally know what really got him down into illness.

    “Well, um…what did he say?” Boober said.

    “Jim got pneumonia and now…people…do they care whether they are brothers, sisters, and have perfect harmony? I don’t know what to do…but I do know that friendship is very important, and……we started becoming friends I guess. Then, there is going to be a time that maybe…I go back someday and meet him plus probably say hi or shakes hands….like he’s my friend.

    This looks familiar, vaguely familiar,
    Almost unreal, yet, it's too soon to feel yet.
    Close to my soul, and yet so far away.
    I'm going to go back there someday.

    (“I know what you mean, Trish!”)
    Sun rises, night falls, sometimes the sky calls.
    Is that a song there, and do I belong there?
    I've never been there, but I know the way.
    I'm going to go back there someday.

    (Trish & Boober)
    Come and go with me, it's more fun to share,
    We'll both be completely at home in midair.
    We're flyin', not walkin', on featherless wings.
    We can hold onto love like invisible strings.

    There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met.

    Part heaven, part space, or have I found my place?

    You can just visit, but I plan to stay.

    I'm going to go back there someday.

    (Trish & Boober)
    I'm going to go back there someday.

    “I heard you guys, singing, but I was wondering if I could sing that song tomorrow to pay a tribute to Jim.”

    “I would love that, Dave, and so would your old buddy, Boober.” Trish said with a smile. Now, she knew what songs that were meaningful and heartfelt would pay a tribute to Jim.
    :sigh: +++++ :dreamy:
    Red, Gobo, Dominic, and Colleen were walking down the hallway after finally making up to the second floor, Colleen bumped into a young teen girl (an OC from the fanfic “For Richard and for Poorer & other fan-fics she appears in), and the notes scattered all over the floor.

    “I’m sorry,” Colleen said, embarrassed. “Can you guys pick those cards? [To Dominic] Oh, why did I look at you, Dominic?”

    “It’s my fault,” said the girl. “I didn’t watch where I was going. Do you have a boyfriend?”

    “I guess so,” Colleen said blushing. “Are you a Muppet fan?”

    “Duh,” Sara said sighing. “I am looking for Scooter Grosse. He is supposed to help me with the rehearsals tonight.”

    “Okay,” Colleen said with a confused look. “Do you have a crush on Scooter?”

    “Yeah,” Sara said smiling. “Like I said, he is Kermit’s assistant and a go-fer.”

    “You smart too, right,” Dominic said surprisingly.

    “Well, duh,” Sara said. “Where’s Scooter anyway?”

    “Hi, Sara,” Scooter said appearing out of the doorway filled with music and sometimes chaos.

    “Hey, Scooter,” Sara said waving to the go-fer. “How’s the night so far,”

    “It’s fine,” Scooter said. “There was a fraggle named Gobo earlier and he wants a meeting before we start rehearsing. [To Gobo] Jerry, Richard, Frank, Kevin, Steve, and Dave will watch you guys. That way they know what songs to do to pay a tribute to their friend, Jim the next day.”

    “Gobo, is this a joke,” Red asked.

    “No Red,” Gobo said with a serious tone. “I did tell this silly creature to have a meeting in a room where there are instruments.”

    “Gobo,” Red said with guilt. “I’m sorry we had a fight, but remember when you and I were in an argument of who’s the leader and we placed Boober in the middle.

    “I was a jerk back then,” Gobo said. “I blamed Boober for warning us, but later when we got back to the Fraggle hole, well…Boober was not pleased, but he was right. We should have been quieter and we would have been to the trash heap right away for advice and not be thumped by gorgs, but if it weren’t for us with our argument; those “tall mountains” wouldn’t trap us around. Ugh!”

    (The conversation you hear is a reference from the season one episode, “The Challenge.”)

    “Then, just imagine when we were young Fragglets and we started making new friends. Little Red and Gobo,” said Red with a sigh.

    *Flashback* - at Fraggle Rock, young Fraggles ages 7-12 I think (Gobo, Red, Mokey, Wembley, and Boober) and Gobo’s Uncle Matt before the show started in 1983

    (Young Red)
    Give me one and give me two,
    Cover me with muck and goo.

    (Uncle Matt & Young Gobo)
    Give me three and give me four,
    Cover me with guck and gore.

    (Young Red, Gobo, & Uncle Matt
    One, two, muck and goo,
    Down my sock and in my shoe
    Three, four, guck and gore,
    Spin me 'round and sing some more.

    (Uncle Matt & Young Gobo)
    Give me five and give me six,
    Cover me with big, fat sticks.
    Give me seven give me eight
    Cover me with slime and slate.

    (Young Mokey, Red, Uncle Matt, & Gobo)
    Five, six and big, fat sticks,
    An ice cream cone for me to lick.
    Seven, eight, slime and slate,
    Sing it now and don't be late.

    (Young Boober & Wembley)
    Give me; give me number nine
    A bag of bones and a ball of twine.
    Give me; give me number ten,
    Run back home and start again.

    Nine, nine, a ball of twine,
    First it's yours and then it's mine.
    Ten, ten, that's the end,
    So run back home and start again.

    Run back home and start again.

    *Back to Present*
    “Well,” Sara said. “I guess it’s time for a meeting before we start rehearsing in that music room.”

    “Is that where the music’s coming from?” Gobo asked.

    “Yes, Gobo,” Colleen said. “Come on, we got a meeting to attend, I believe they’re ready.”

    :smirk: +++++ :excited:

    The music room was filled with Muppets, Muppet fans, and fans, which just enjoy entertainment even if it involves with puppets. They do know now that the puppeteers are behind them. The Muppets and their 18 to 22 inch Fraggles keep that a secret. So, Scooter started the show no matter how funny or chaotic it will get.

    “Hello,” Scooter started. “And welcome to our Muppet show, but since we are not performing at a theatre, we wanted to perform right here at a hotel. Without further ado…um..”

    “Psst, Scooter,” Red interrupted. “Can I introduce Fozzie Bear?”

    “Red, get back here,” Gobo whispered.

    “Well Red, you’re not the boss,” Scooter whispered to Red.

    “Well, I am not replacing Kermit and I am well…just play along kid.” Red said to Scooter.

    “All right,” Scooter said. “Don’t get too carried away.”

    Once Scooter exited the stage, some people started laughing, but it didn’t matter to any of them. All they want is to put on a good show.

    “Okay, for me to introduce for the first time is the only fun, funny, and freewheeling’ and fasting frantic, Fozzie Bear. Whoooo-hoo-hoo!” Red said.

    “Hey, hey, hey! Oh wait, wait, wait friend not so fast. Tonight I am going to use your assistance.” Fozzie said after pulling her to be beside him.

    “Oh yeah,” Red said, ready with this act.

    “Yes, ma’am,” Fozzie started. “You and I are going to tell the world’s old funniest joke. This is all spontaneous and unrehearsed. Right, Red?”

    “It’s unrehearsed,” Red said, but she couldn’t understand why she was repeating what the bear said.

    “Okay, okay! Now, friend of my heart!” Fozzie said.

    “Yes?” Red said quietly.

    “You just wait until I say the word, “hear.” When you hear me say the word, “here” you will rush up to me and say, “Good grief, the comedian’s a bear!”

    “Good grief, the comedian’s a bear,” Red repeated with such energy.


    “When you say the word “here.” Red insisted.


    “Gotcha!” Red said, knowing she better get this right.

    “Okay, now then! Hiya, hiya, hiya! You’re a wonderful looking audience. It’s a pleasure to be here-"

    “Good grief, the comedian’s a bear,” Red interrupted.

    “Not yet!”

    “You just said, here.”

    “That was the wrong “here.”

    “Which is the right here.”

    “The other “here.”

    The audience was laughing! Sure Red did like to get the attention from the audience, but that “Fozzie Bear” was about to drive her nuts.

    Fozzie sighed and said, “Go, go, go! Okay! Hey, hey, folks! This is a story you guys love to “hear”-"

    “Good grief, the comedian’s a bear!” Red interrupted again right away.

    “Will you stop that,” Fozzie said out loud.

    “But you just said, hear,”

    “Not that “hear!”

    “OH Which Here!”

    “Another “here.”


    “You know when you’re “hear.”

    “Good grief, the comedian’s a bear!”

    Fozzie now got frustrated and Red said, “Dohhhh!”

    Then, they both panted. She couldn’t believe this. Now this bear was driving her crazy. Maybe even crazier than Gobo! He was laughing so much that she must have learned the routine from Kermit after all.

    “All right, all right!”

    “Yes,” Red said quietly in her low tone.

    “You will know when I point to you.”

    “Never gonna work with a silly creature,” Red grumbled through those words.

    “Don’t grumble,” Fozzie said out loud.

    Red then stopped! Being Fozzie assistance was more difficult and she thought. She believe that if she did this routine one last time, she will get it right and the act is over.

    Fozzie clears his throat and said, “Say, a funny thing happens to me on the way to the theater. At the stage door, I pass a bunch of Muppet fans and suddenly I hear,” Fozzie to himself, before pointing to Red.

    Red sighed and said, “Good grief, the comedian’s a bear!”

    “No, he’s a not, he’s wearin’ a neck-a-tie.”

    Fozzie started saying, “Ahhh!” while Red blurted out, “You call that a joke? You’re despicable, bear! Come back here! Come backkk!”

    “Okay, everyone,” Scooter said as he came back to the center stage. “That must have been a good act,”

    “I didn’t get that joke,” Starler said.

    “Well, I don’t speak French you know,” the old Muppet fan, which was a senior male acting like Waldolf, before they said, “Do! Ho! Ho! Ho!”

    Scooter clears his throat and said, “Moving right along, we have our next act and now I will introduce Gobo Fraggle playing the song, “It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green.”

    The curtains come up with Gobo Fraggle sitting on a stool playing his chords on his gourd.

    “Hiya everyone,” Gobo said. “I am going to do a song that might cheer you up since there are times where it’s not easy liking your color or even yourself.”

    It's not that easy being green
    Having to spend each day the color of the leaves
    When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow, or gold
    Or something much more colorful like that

    It's not easy being green
    It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things
    And people tend to pass you over
    'Cause you're not standing out
    Like flashy sparkles in the water
    Or stars in the sky

    But green's the color of spring
    And green can be cool and friendly-like
    And green can be big like a mountain
    Or important like a river
    Or tall like a tree

    When green is all there is to be
    It could make you wonder why
    But why wonder why wonder
    I am green, and it'll do fine
    It's beautiful, and I think it's what I want to be

    The audience applauded with tears in their eyes.

    “I’m going to sing that song for Kermit and his friend Jim,” Big Bird said quietly to Elmo.

    “Elmo would love that,” Elmo whispered to Big Bird.

    “Thanks, Elmo,”

    Scooter sniffed believing that maybe Kermit wasn’t gone, but Jim definitely wouldn’t come back.

    “I’m sorry, folks,” Scooter said. “That song does make cry, but thank you Gobo for your song. Now that I am dressed for the next act except the mustache, Fozzie and I will do a rendition of the number….uh..Where’s Fozzie?”

    “Come back, here,” Red said out loud while still chasing Fozzie.

    “Stop it, this is really embarrassing,” Fozzie said.

    “Okay! You win this round, Next time, I will tell a funny joke.”

    “Just go away,” Fozzie said, embarrassed with his hand over his eyes.

    Red sighed and said, “Okay, I will apologize to you right away after the show.”

    “Okay, I will..um….accept an apology to you, Red.” Fozzie said.

    “You got it!” Red said with a grin before going back behind the curtain.

    “And now Fozzie and I will do a rendition of “Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear.”

    The pianist starts the piano and the duo were going to do the song with no trouble at all.

    I may go out tomorrow
    If I can borrow a coat to wear
    Oh, I'd step out in style
    With my sincere smile
    And my dancing bear
    Outrageous, alarming
    Courageous, charming
    Oh, who would think a boy and bear
    Could be well accepted everywhere
    It's just amazing how fair people can be

    Seen at the nicest places
    Where well-fed faces all stop to stare
    Making the grandest entrance
    Is Simon Smith and his dancing bear
    They'll love us
    Fozzie: Won't they?
    They feed us
    Fozzie: Don't they?
    Oh, who would think a boy and bear
    Could be well accepted everywhere
    It's just amazing
    How fair people can be

    Oh who needs money
    Fozzie: When we're funny!
    The great attraction everywhere
    Will be Simon Smith and his amazing dancing bear
    Fozzie: Together! Yes! Oh yes!

    After the silly number was over, Scooter came into the center stage again, “Well, before we go, I have some news to tell you and …oh yes Sara has giving me right now note cards that tell us which songs we are doing, but I will call the names first. Grundgetta?”

    “Here,” she called with a growling sigh.

    “Meryl Sheep?”


    “Okay, she’s here! Prairie Dawn?”

    “?Here,” Prairie called with a shy smile.


    “Elmo’s here!”

    Some people laughed at his response to Scooter.


    “Right here!”

    The chuckles filled the room before everyone was silent again.

    “Annie Sue Pig?”


    “Right! And I’m here with Richard Hunt, but I believe he’s in the back, so don’t tell him I said that. Sorry, back to the list! Mokey Fraggle?”


    “Gobo Fraggle?”


    Everybody laughed while Red felt embarrassed feeling her cheeks going dark red than her bright red hair.

    “Gobo,” Red said. “This is not the secret society of the Poohbahs.”

    “Oh sorry, Red.” Gobo said, realizing he said the wrong word. “Okay, present!”

    “Fozzie Bear?”


    “Red Fraggle?”



    The penguin made some noises that made everybody laugh.

    “So, he’s here and Mike is somewhere around this hotel. Telly Monster?”


    “Boo Monster?”

    “Here everyone and BOO!”

    That boo scared some of the Muppets, but it scared Red the most even though Gobo, Wembley and Mokey were being calm. She couldn’t believe that silly monster tried to scare her to death.


    “It’s Red Fraggle and don’t ever do that again.” Red said with a serious look since her baloobius fringed from that scare she had.

    “Sorry, Red….I am a big fan of yours….sort of…”

    “You are,” Red asked interested.

    “Well..yeah…I didn’t mean to scare you…sorry.”

    “Okay, Boo /Monster your apology’s accepted.” Scooter said. “Oscar…..Oscar?”

    “I’m here!” said a white beard guy.

    “Oh hi, Carol!” Scooter said, feeling shy. “I wasn’t talking about you. I want to know if Oscar is here.”

    “Well..as usual,….he’s in the trash can..a grouch is always a grouch. I did have a serious talk with him and he finally changed his mind and he’s going to the memorial for Jim.”

    “That’s great, Carol!” Scooter said with a grin. “Finally, Wembley Fraggle?”


    “I guess that’s everybody! Tomorrow is a long day! The memorial is at noon. See ya tomorrow, guys?”

    Since the show and the checklist part was over, not everybody was out of the music room. Wembley was so glad he did not wemble for a while. So, Jerry then wanted to have a talk with Gobo Fraggle.

    “Gobo Fraggle, I want to have a talk with you, because you should know why I met you in the first place.”

    “Okay,” Gobo said in his low tone.

    “Before I met you….well..I lost my daughter Christine and it was much worse than Jim’s illness. So, when I saw you for the first time, I wanted a friend…so I would not be so lonely anymore. Then, my young friend Steve…..he wanted to be friends with Wembley. I knew that once your Uncle Matt left for “Outer Space”, which is our world, I thought you and Wembley would make great friends. You two were roommates just like Steve and I became closer friends than ever even though he was sometimes like a brother to me.” And do you wanna a haircut, eh?”

    “Not today, Jerry.” Gobo said. “But I did get one right after Mokey was a ruler since she had a hard time being the leader. Like her song said, “it was time for all of us to live as one.” All of my friends wanted me to have a haircut since it was long and growing. After I got a haircut, well…Boober was no longer afraid thinking I have “bacterial suffrois”…and Red…even though she didn’t realize that my hair was being cut this short…she said I was the same old me.”

    “That you are,” Jerry said. “Well, it’s time to turn in for the night.”

    “Yeah,” Gob said with a grin. “It was great talking to you.”

    “You too, Gobo,” Jerry said. “Good night! See you tomorrow!”

    Jerry was now out of sight. How did he know that Jerry was sad when he first met the Fraggle with lots of purple hair? He also knew a memory came back to him that he started wearing hats right after getting his haircut from the smart “silly creatures.” Now, that he still had his hair short, it didn’t matter much anymore. All he cared was friendship before love. Not about how good Gobo looked or how smart he can be. He was pompous at times according to Jerry Juhl, but he didn’t know what that word even meant. Sometimes, it was better being a Fraggle than as a silly creature. Since, he was an explorer, in the future, he was going to be Traveling Gobo. Right now, he was called an explorer of Fraggle Rock, for the time being. He wondered what Matt was doing.

    Maybe he was talking a talk with the Storyteller. Besides, he promised his uncle that once he gets back to Fraggle Rock, Matt would go back to Outer Space. Gobo shook those thoughts from his head that it was time to think about his friends and….Jim. He was their silly creature with his bushy beard, and a good-looking grin on his face. Then, he remembered the day he found the letters and they did say the date was, “May 16th”.
    Song Credits:
    · I’m Going To Go Back There Someday – from “The Muppet Movie
    · Muck and Goo – from the Fraggle Rock episode, “The Garden Plot
    NOTE – This song was on the Fraggle Rock LP record album and is now in the CD set of “Fraggle Rockin’: A Collection”
    · (It’s Not Easy) Bein’ Green – Kermit’s theme song I guess
    NOTE: This was Jim’s favorite song to sing in his voice of the frog, because he felt that everyone has to know that no matter what color you like, sometime it’s not easy being your color or as a frog.
    · Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear – from the TMS episode with Juliet Prowse

    Fozzie's Monologue (Good Grief, the Comedian's a Bear) - written by Derek Scott (one of the writers of the TMS); Note that I wanted Red since she get some quotes from Kermit sort of, which then finds out that this bear drives her crazy
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