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Remembering Jim Henson

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Twisted Tails, May 19, 2012.

  1. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    *looks at nagging stick*
    >Sigh< Guess I'll play an angel too. :halo:
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  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your genorosity! Chapter 13 is coming right up!

    Yes! I love your dependence! So, wait for it! Wait for it! Ah ha! I believe Chapter 13 is happening!

    You want to be an angel? Okay, but I will try to get back to the scene to the heavens where Jim Henson is and the angel tells him what is happening even though it is getting dark like the Earth is. That will be coming up on Chapter 14.

    Chapter 13

    *Flashback* - “the day the fearless leader died”

    It was not a stormy and rainy day at Fraggle Rock. That morning, Gobo woke up from his bunk and quietly walk out of their cave, careful not to wake up Wembley, since he was asleep. He walked through the quiet tunnels until he stopped at Doc’s old workshop, which was now vacant and empty. In his very own eyes was a small pack of letters, which were in a bag. Some of them were not sealed in envelopes, but other letters were sealed already. Not only letters, but postcards too. Were they from Uncle Matt? No! He already came home to Fraggle Rock to stay there for a few days. They must be from the silly creatures. So, you looked at a letter that was not sealed in an envelope.

    Dear Gobo & Friends,
    I am a fan of Fraggle Rock and I have heard about your stories by books. I hate to disappoint you, but your friend Jim has died.

    Your Fraggle Fan,

    Died? That’s what scared Gobo the most! Death! It happened at his home before. Wembley lost his friend, Mudwell, the mudbunny, even though now he accepts that death is the part of life. Even the ditzies almost died completely, because there was no music, which put into everyone into darkness and even fell asleep. So, the ditzies light their caves, because the music makes them live. Now, Gobo didn’t know what to do. He had a feeling this day would come. Would he show the letters to his friends right now? No! Then he snapped his fingers.

    “That’s it!” said Gobo to himself. “I’ll go tell the World’s Oldest Fraggle about the news.”

    Then, he carefully took the bag of letters, however it wasn’t too heavy. He quietly and quickly went through the tunnels to find the World Oldest Fraggle. Once, he found him and woke him up, he told him that he found the letters from “Outer Space” and to have a Fraggle meeting.

    The World Oldest Fraggle knew that day would come and blew the Fraggle Horn.

    The sound of his horn did wake his friends and all of the other Fraggles up and they quickly got dressed before they went straight to the Great Hall to found out what the news was.

    Right after the meeting, he and his friends looked and read through the letters. Not only was it a sad day. They knew what to do now. After they had a talk with their friends, Cotterpin, Wrench, and Junior Gorg, Red and Mokey went to their cave to have a talk about him, Gobo and Wembley went to their cave room and Boober well…he might as well go to Red & Mokey’s cave for a while to have a talk with Mokey and Red until he decides to go back into his own cave room.

    That night, Gobo and Red wanted to have a heart to heart talk. They have been friends so far for 7 to 8 years. But now, their home was so quiet and nobody was stirring; not even a Doozer or Red’s best friend, Cotterpin.

    “Gobo,” Red sniffled. “Why did he have to die?”
    “What happened to him just happened,” Gobo said while Red still didn’t understand how he died. “Death becomes tragic at the Rock, but for Henson, it was mournful for everyone. at “Outer Space.”

    “I can’t help it, Gobo,” Red said feeling so sad she could barely say anything that made her so upset. “I know it’s unfraggley to cry, but he was our best friend. He didn’t even say goodbye.”

    Poor Red! She was so unhappy that maybe she could lose her energetic ability and maybe her competiveness. Although there were some tunnels that were light and others that were dark, they decided to head to the Gorg’s garden quietly and sit on a rock. There they saw a moon, but it was not a full moon. Maybe, the universe has a half or a quarter moon. Although the night was so peaceful, Gobo was thinking about the moon.

    “Wembley, Mokey, and Boober should have been out here.” Gobo said. “The Gorg’s are asleep, the Doozer are in their homes asleep, but I am not tired and neither are you, Red?”

    “I guess not,” Red said sighing. “You know, Gobo?”

    “What,” Gobo asked.

    “How did we get the radishes from the Gorg’s garden?”

    “Oh, Junior gave us some radishes right after we had a talk with him.” Gobo said quietly. “I knew that his “Pa” wouldn’t believe about Jim’s passing at first, but I’m glad they took care of him.”

    “He once told us that he had the nightmares of Fraggles crawling around him from the full moon and you said that maybe he was being silly.”

    “Well, what else would you except, a Doozer crawling around him?”

    “Red,” Gobo said chuckling. “He never said about the Doozers in his nightmares.”

    “Oh,” Red said forgetting that asking questions does get her antsy at times.

    “One night, when Wembley and I were sharing our dreams, we dreamt about being on a Gorg moon. It is silly, but that’s what we dreamed about. Then, he realized there was going to be a day where he was going to make up his mind, but then again that must have been our fantasy.”

    Then, Gobo plays his gourd while plucking the strings with his guitar pick. Red did miss hearing music for a while already.

    Moon, moon, shine tonight.
    Hold us in your glowing light.
    Soon, soon silver bright.
    Fold us in your cloak of light.

    And shine on us now.
    Shine on us.
    Shine on us now.
    Shine on us.

    Moon, moon magic light.
    Come and touch our lives tonight.

    (Gobo &Red in harmony)
    Soon, soon deep and bright.
    Sleep a sleep of peace tonight.

    Come to us now.
    Come to us.
    Come to us now.
    Come to us.

    Shine on us now.
    Shine on us.
    Shine on us now.
    Shine on us.

    Shine on us now.
    Shine on us.
    Shine on us now.
    Shine on us.

    After the song, they knew that once they made peace with the Gorgs and finally understood one another, well without the Trash Heap’s magic, the Rock was no longer in danger for years to come. Now with their fearless leader gone, the sad news not only spread through the Rock, but also to the universe and the Gorgs.

    Even the Doozers in the Rock heard about it. Cotterpin? Yes! She remembered the first Fraggle she ever met was Red when she wanted to be a Fraggle instead of being a Doozer. The point was she was a Doozer, but a creative one. She was never born to build, but to be a drawer instead. She sort of remembered that when the great radish famine occurred, all groups were affected with no radishes at all. Nothing! Zero! When the Doozers started blaming the Fraggles or were against them, she knew that sooner or later she would have to stand up or even maybe become friends with Fraggles. Cotterpin believed that Fraggles were “noble, intelligent, and dependable” on their special needs even when eating Doozer constructions made out of radishes. Besides, Fraggles love radishes, and so do the Gorgs. Without radishes, then what would they eat instead? What would the Doozers do without building? They tried knitting, but they didn’t want to use a ball of yarn or needles of thread, and besides Doozers never like to wear itchy sweaters.

    It was about to be getting late and the two Fraggles were tired, so Red went to their cave room and Gobo went back to his cave room after saying their goodnights. Wembley was still awake.

    “Wembley..did I wake you up?”

    “No, Gobo,” Wembley said yawning. “I didn’t want to sleep alone.”

    “I understand, Wembley,” Gobo said as he put his gourd and guitar pick away. “One time, when I left for the Beast of Bluerock, I left and….I forgot that you were scared and you couldn’t sleep alone, right?/”

    “Right, Gobo,” Wembley said, as he climbed the ladder to get into his bunk.

    “I didn’t even grab my pickaxe….so that’s why you went looking for me and I knew that…..I couldn’t get through the Beast without a pickaxe. You are indecisive, but you can make up your mind sometimes.”

    “Yeah,” Wembley said. “Well, good night, Gobo!”

    “Good night, Wembley.”

    Then, he blew out the candle and then fell asleep with the only light of the flickering fire in their cave.

    The next day, there was no new letters or postcards and the day was normal at Fraggle Rock. The day after that, same as always and no signs of anything by letter or postcard. And the day after that, still nothing much, but Gobo wondered why there wasn’t much news of what’s happening after their creative leader was gone.

    However, before he went back to his cave room, he noticed that his Uncle Matt was about to leave.

    He felt something wasn’t right. They have explored together ever since he was young. Although, Matt Fraggle was clumsy and bumps into things, his nephew always helped him whenever he needed it. Once he was done exploring and wanted to go to another world, it was Gobo’s turn to follow his uncle’s footsteps and find unexplored caves that Matt has never been to.

    “Uncle Matt, where you going?” Gobo asked, worried.

    “As I told you nephew Gobo, I am going back to “Outer Space.”

    “Wait! Uncle Matt! Don’t go! Aw, your shoelaces are untied. Let me help you with those.”

    “I can tie my own shoelaces, myself, dear nephew.”

    After he tied his shoes, he unfortunately fell. His shoelaces weren’t tied right, and Gobo had to help him with those shoelaces. Uncle Matt was grateful with his nephew’s help, but still he wanted to go back to “Outer Space” so fast that maybe he forgot to say goodbye. He remembered the last time he tried to tie his shoes and tripped so badly that he laughed at him in a sarcastic kind of way. Gobo did apologized to his uncle for giving him a hard time plus having a heated argument.

    “Uncle Matt, I don’t want you to go, because you staying here for a few days is not done yet.”

    Matt let out a heavy sigh and said, “Okay, for you nephew, I will stay here for a while longer, until the time is right for me to go.”

    Gobo now understood that Uncle Matt did return the day before he heard that their leader was gone. Their leader was now at another world. A world filled with peace, perfect harmony, and now forming new friendship and old friends that he lost from the other world. He still couldn’t understand the reason why he created their place and then left without saying goodbye. He sadly went back to his and Wembley’s cave room. Wembley wasn’t there! Gobo probably figured that Wembley was looking for him.

    He grabbed his gourd and guitar pick out of the ledge, sat on his bunk, and strum a ballad that was not only kind of sad, but sort of meaningful of how it feels to miss someone or something you truly hold dearly to your soul.

    There was a time when I was here
    That you and I would be friends
    That our future would change
    And can never be broken
    And we so close to understood each other
    You cared about us
    That your eyes have met the others and mine
    So what we had was found

    The magic was here
    The magic was here
    The beautiful vision
    We wish it was known
    The magic was here
    The magic was here
    It always made everything come to life

    But I want to remember you now
    The moment you wrote us stories
    Like an open cave that was not closed
    Our future awaiting us
    And how our lives are now different
    But the adventure calls us with welcomed hearts

    Never leaving us alone
    Always welcomed or sometimes forgiving
    The choices you made for all of us
    The magic was here.
    The magic was here
    The greatest dream we always wanted
    The magic was here
    The magic was here

    But you wished us well
    That we could take care of each other
    Friendship came first before love
    It was always the best
    To be part of each other
    You and I
    There are times dreams are true
    And others that are more like fantasy
    And now the time had come
    That you left us a gift for us to share

    There are times dreams are true
    And others that are more like fantasy
    And now the time had come
    That you left us a gift for us to share
    The magic…was here

    After the song, Gobo felt a little bit better, but still maybe his gift was that “you cannot leave the magic”, but that was also what the trash heap said whenever there will be a day he decides to go to “Outer Space” or if he wants to stay at Fraggle Rock for a while longer until it is his time to go.

    Wembley finally found his buddy, Gobo and said, “There you are! I was looking everywhere for you.”

    Gobo was silent for a moment and laid back down with his head on the pillow to look at the rock ceiling.

    “Gobo…what wrong?” Wembley asked.

    “I don’t know what he really was, Wembley, but he was like…a wish granting creature so we could tell him what our wishes were at the Rock. We wanted peace with the Gorgs, make a friend with a Doozer, and makes friends with a silly creature. Those wishes were true. I don’t understand why he left us. I feel so confused! We told him not to leave the magic, but maybe…he did. What’s wrong with me, Wembley? I’m not as brave as I used to be.”

    “Gobo, don’s say that! I believe you’re still the bravest Fraggle of the Rock.”

    “Thanks, Wembley!”

    Gobo was calm now after having a talk with Wembley. They have been friends and roommates for a long time ever since his Uncle went to “Outer Space.” for the first time. Now, Wembley didn’t wemble as much and maybe someday will decide to be decisive himself. So, they would friends til’ the end. For the rest of the day, Gobo shook of those thoughts about the leader and started having fun with his friends again.

    The next day, Gobo went to Outer Space of an old vacant workshop one last time and there was something, but it was only one letter. He had it show to everyone!

    When the letter was finally opened it said that they were invited to Jim Henson’s memorial at St. John Memorial in New York on May 21st. The date according to the letter was dated on May 19th. That meant they have to go to Outer Space to find out some information from the silly creature of who their friend really was, and that was when they were going on a dangerous and long journey away from Fraggle Rock.

    *Back to the present* – May 20th
    Gobo will never forget that day they found out the sad news. He could not worry about their two different groups. Right now, he was worried about how Uncle Matt was doing back at Fraggle Rock. Now Gobo’s the one in Outer Space while Matt is at the Rock for sure.

    I've been lately thinking
    About my life's time
    All the things I've done
    And how it's been
    And I can't help believing
    In my own mind
    I know I'm gonna hate to see it end

    Back at Fraggle Rock, Uncle Matt was in Gobo & Wembley’s cave room wondering if his nephew Gobo will ever come back to Fraggle Rock again from Outer Space.

    (Uncle “Traveling” Matt)
    I've seen a lot of sunshine
    Slept out in the rain
    Spent a night or two all on my own
    I've known my lady's pleasures
    Had myself some friends
    And spent a night or two in my own home

    And I have to say it now
    It's been a good life all in all
    It's really fine
    To have a chance to hang around
    And lie there by the fire
    And watch the evening tire
    While all my friends and my old lady
    Sit and pass the pipe around

    (Uncle Matt & Gobo)
    And talk of poems and prayers and promises
    And things that we believe in
    How sweet it is to love someone
    How right it is to care
    How long it's been since yesterday
    And what about tomorrow
    And what about our dreams
    And all the memories we share

    (Uncle Matt)
    The days they pass so quickly now
    Nights are seldom long
    And time around me whispers when it's cold
    The changes somehow frighten me
    Still I have to smile
    It turns me on to think of growing old
    For though my life's been good to me
    There's still so much to do
    So many things my mind has never known
    I'd like to raise a family
    I'd like to sail away
    And dance across the mountains on the moon

    I have to say it now
    It's been a good life all in all
    It's really fine
    To have the chance to hang around
    And lie there by the fire
    And watch the evening tire
    While all my friends and old lady
    Sit and watch the sun go down

    (Uncle Matt & Gobo)
    And talk of poems and prayers and promises
    And things that we believe in
    How sweet it is to love someone
    How right it is to care
    How long it's been since yesterday
    What about tomorrow
    What about our dreams
    And all the memories we share

    “Don’t worry, Uncle Matt,” Gobo sighed. “As soon as we pay a tribute to our friend Jim, we will come back to Fraggle Rock. I promised I will be back, but….when will the time come to be back at home? I won’t break your promise or my friends’ promises that we would be back at the Rock."
    Song Credits:
    · Shine On Us Now (Moon Come Soon) – from the FR episode, “Capture the Moon
    - The Magic Was Here (rewritten from the song, "When Love Is Gone") - from The Muppet Christmas Carol
    NOTE: The rewritten lyrics are from me (Colette C.), but I still give credit to Paul Williams
    · Poems, Prayers, and Promises – by John Denver
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  3. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    I loved how you showed the relationships between the characters and the use of the Love is Gone with new lyrics. I sometimes feel like I'm the only one that loves that song.
  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    The two relationships I sort of went deep into were:
    :smirk: & :coy: Fraggle - roomates & best friends "til' the end"
    :smirk: & Uncle Matt - close & have their differences but sometimes it's hard to get along

    I did write the new lyrics, which was an honor for me to make it less mechalony, but it is still about what it was like for them to meet this creative guy. I knew you have a feeling you're the only one who likes this song.

    I could have said that myself, but I am so glad I wrote this part earlier that I think I am so getting those characters into character which is "nice" for a change.

    So, everyone, Chapter 14 is coming up! So, hang on to your hats...I mean please be patience, okay?
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  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Dominic? Sorry to bother you, but oh boy what a week. Mom has been ugh you know bossing me around. I have been resting! Ohhhhh! They are being so TYPICAL. Why won't they just leave me ALONE?
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  6. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Maybe you should take a break.You're very good with uploading chapters in my opinion.
  7. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Your chapters will be much better once you find an idea you like, so wait until you find one and you'll start to have fun again probably. If you're not having fun....don't write more!
  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I already took some breaks. I am calm thanks to you and Collgoff for your advices.

    No thank you! I know what I am doing. Just give me some time to figure out some good ideas. I can handle this myself.
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  9. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    What are friends for?
  10. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Friends are for caring each other and friendship always comes first, before love.

    Okay, now there is no more waiting. The story was lonely unfinished at the top, but now it continues. And please comment! I don't mind the criticism!

    Chapter 14 (Part 2)

    Back above the clouds into the golden place full of peace, joy, and harmony, Jim did all he could. He already talked to Don Sahlin, showed the celebrities his voices even the Swedish Chef, but he didn’t know what else to do. Then, an angel was behind him. Everybody called her Figgie, but her real name was Allison, but scarcely that name was kept a secret.

    “Tomorrow your fellow friends will pay a tribute to you, Mr. Henson,” she said to herself. “I know what he wanted down there and what he left all he could do. Peace, laughter, joy, and the harmony he believed on Earth. He is something! I didn’t know his time was coming, but his health was at risk.”

    Jim was listening, but he paid no attention to the angel behind him. He walked past her to find a place somewhere to sleep.

    “He was so quiet! What do I think his friends are called? Muppets? I have never ever heard that before at all. Maybe that kind man came with that weird name. The word “weird” is always familiar to everyone. We all dream for peace. Why did I come here? That’s right! I suffered from what? Pneumonia? No! I suffered from an awful disease worse than pneumonia. We no longer suffer from the pain anymore and neither does-Jim Henson? Why all of the sudden did I hear that name from the other angels? I wonder what it was like for him to work so hard down there.”

    She knew the message loud and clear. He was a man with dreams full of fantasy or even animals. A frog named Kermit, and then his closer friend, Rowlf the Dog. Swedish chef? So that’s why she heard the celebrities laughing far away. Not just a kind man, very quiet.

    “Maybe I will talk to him tomorrow. No! I should let him be. I live here in peace and so does Jim. I hope his friends are okay. They know he’s gone. If I heard he left some gift, then that shall keep him in peace without going back to Earth as a ghost or something else. Well, whoever’s time is next to come here for peace, they are welcomed young and old and all kinds of creatures.”

    Then, someone called Figgie to find a nice place to sleep. Figgie, the angel sighed and retired for the night to be fully rested for tomorrow.


    At New York, life was not normal. It was filled with people with conflicts. War was around at different countries. If Henson were still around, he would have made everything better. It did not matter to anyone who does not know a thing about Muppets. There were selfish, filled with anguish, and whatever they were thinking about. The Muppet fans however were not happy with others that now say that once someone is gone they would cheer like a bunch of crazies. Even Figgie knew it was wrong. When she told her friends that her idol Jim Henson was gone, they would just ignore her, but not her BFFs, Trish, Amy, Dominic, Vincent, and Beth right now. They were her new friends for sure. Would Kermit feel bad if someone didn’t care about Jim or someone was upset that his or her friends didn’t care about Jim or someone famous who was gone? Absolutely! He loved kids! Even the frog had friends. If it were humans, he probably would be really shy. She was glad that she had real friends that cared about her. Not selfish friends or people that don’t care about friendship.

    Figgie let out a sigh as she opened her backpack and out came a Kermit toy.

    “Kermie,” Figgie said trying to act Piggy-like.

    There was no way she had a crush on him. She loved the frog. Everyone loved the leader! Jim loved everyone no matter how he felt. Figgie was also not Piggy, but she loved glamorous clothes.

    She couldn’t help it. Her idol was gone! Everything was changing and now people just don’t care? How could she feel so horrible from hearing Jim’s passing everywhere? She sadly put her Kermit doll on the desk. Finally, after not being upset for four days, she broke into tears.

    “I feel like today is like history or is it me in the past.” Figgie thought. “No, I am not in the past and earlier I thought I heard a voice from the sky. The voice sounded like me and-Nah! I don’t think the voice was the same as mine. Oh well, I better some sleep, but before I go to bed. Maybe singing a song can put me to sleep.

    I know the whole world is everywhere
    It’s full of fruits and things.
    It’s full of air.

    But when I try to understand
    I always wonder in despair
    How wide, how far, how real it is

    And if the whole world is like me
    It must get lonely in the dark and I ask for tea
    And is there anybody here who really knows just how to see
    How wide, how far, how real it is?

    The whole world is real, but no one will reveal
    How wide, how real it is

    “I am a boss, but I never get mean to creatures.” Figgie thought. “I believe those creatures are the boss of themselves. Well, we are the bosses at their “Outer Space.” Ugh! I never force at them. That would hurt their feelings.”

    Figgie sighed and wanted to go to sleep until someone else came in. It was none other than Trish. She did not want to be alone.

    “Why are you here?” Figgie asked nervously. She knew she never ever saw this girl. But they were both Muppet fans and they cared about the Muppets too no matter what size.

    “I came here to sleep with you, because I do not want to sleep alone.” Trish said. “I know you don’t know me, but we can be start being friends if you want.”

    Figgie didn’t know what to say. She has been quiet for a long time, but that was not going to happen for now.

    “Okay,” Figgie said. “Moi will let vous be my friend.”

    “You speak French?”

    “Oui, Trish!”

    “You’re weird!”

    “I know! I speak French sometimes since I took those you know classes that were crowded and many of them spoke le francais or French.”

    “That’s why you’re weird?”

    “Sort of! I was so confused that I decided to watch the Muppet Show and listening to Piggy in her French kind of way made me like the language after all.”

    “Well, I had a crush on Kermit when I was younger. But then, I had a crush on either Gobo or Boober after I watched the show. Oh good grief! You won’t believe that sometimes I think my parents definitely act like Pa and Ma Gorg.

    “They were bossing you around?”

    “They sure were the bosses, and those Gorgs did scare the daylights out of me. Ugh! I sometimes try to tell my parents to leave me alone. They wouldn’t and treated me like a child or a powerless Fraggle.”

    “That’s terrible!”

    “I know! When I finally grew up, they stopped, and just let me be. So, I was sort of the boss of myself. I drive myself to places, go anywhere I want, and I even make my own food and for my parents.”

    “What happens when they don’t talk to you and are very busy?”

    “I wrote my parents notes and stuff.”




    “I know, right?”

    They had a great conversation until finally they slept together like they were friends just for one night.


    “Well, how should I know? I know pestilence, but I don’t know what it is.”

    Teaching Boober vocabulary was harder than they thought. Colleen and Dominic were acting like best friends again, since they have been spending their time together alone for too long. Amy forgot he was not good at those big words, but Beth knows. Not only was she smart, she always reads books and very good at resources.

    “Well, um, it’s a disease that is harmful for you, even though you don’t want to get it.” Beth said nervously. She was feeling so nervous that there was now a loss of words.

    “That’s what it is. Ugh! I always worry about pestilence.”

    “Well, we also worry about pestilence,” Beth said, with the feeling of her somewhere shaking. She hoped she was telling the truth.

    “Right,” Boober said dryly. He still couldn’t believe all silly creatures would be like, scared or even paranoid for their world.

    “Hey Dom, it’s your turn,” Colleen said softly.

    Now Dominic felt the pressure of his worries that were going to happen all around him.

    “Okay, what is…uh…well…um…I can’t do it. I simply can’t do it.” Dominic said, with the guilt he felt inside.

    “WHAT,” everyone in the room said together except Dominic.

    “I am no good at words much, but I like my friends. Those people out there are a bunch of fools. They don’t know diseases, the word of “quiet” or even someone they lost. All they think death is just nothing and play games. Ugh! No offense, guys, but I can’t even stand thunderstorms or getting wet.” Dominic said, with his hurtful truth being told.

    “Finally, something that makes sense,” Boober thought.

    “You don’t swim?” Beth asked wearily, as she got the feeling that he was feeling miserable.

    “No, Beth,” Dominic said, with the seriousness from his tone. “I tried to swim once as a young boy, but I almost drowned. Once I get back home, then I will find out what I can do. If you’ll excuse me, I am going to find Vincent. Good night!”

    Once Dominic left the room, Colleen left as well to find Dominic. “He’s just being silly,” Colleen thought. “But I don’t blame him that he was scared of something.” While Colleen was thinking about Henson again as she was looking for her “Dom,” he knocked on the door to know if Vincent was available.

    “Dom, I am very tired,” Vincent said sleepily. “What do you want?”

    “Vin, come on, can I please sleep with you?” Dominic asked in a quiet tone.

    “No, and I don’t feel like sleeping with anyone,” Vincent said, wearily.

    “Now who’s the grouch,” Dominic thought. “A grouch and a grump are very different from each other.”

    “Okay, then I will sleep with Colleen just for…”

    Vincent immediately groaned and shut the door normally before Dominic could finish his sentence.

    “Great,” Dominic thought. “He does want to be alone instead of being with a best friend.”

    “Dom,” Colleen said quietly, since she knew that the hallway was quiet. “You can sleep with me if you want to.’

    “Okay,” Dominic said sighing. “But only for this night. You are very nice!”

    “Thanks,” Colleen said. “That means a lot to me. We do have a big day tomorrow.”

    They were quiet for now, and then to Colleen’s reserved room before they fell asleep; knowing that this was their last night to have fun and get to know each other.

    Red and Gobo meanwhile were already tired, and they were supposed to sleep. They make a quick decision to touch their heads to share their dreams.

    “Dream a dream and see.” Gobo said, before yawning.

    “What a dream can possibly be.” Red said.

    As they were asleep, they were into from mist to now a land where the background had rocks. They walk to wonder where they were going. Then, they came to a place known as the Great Hall that included the Fraggle horn and a Fraggle pond. This brought back memories for the both of them. However, Red then found something familiar. She was young Fraggle and it was a few days before Gobo’s Uncle Matt went to explore Outer Space. Something else also caught her eyes. That young Fraggle looked sad. Red realized that she did meet Gobo first, then Wembley and Boober. She needed one more friend. A girl fraggle that could guide her, and then maybe comfort her, whenever she is in trouble from someone or even getting herself into danger.

    The problem was she was really scared of the Gorgs earlier. Red knew how it felt to be scared of those tall hairy mountains. That one day, she did try to get a radish for her friends, but it didn’t work out very well. She was almost “thumped” by a brown mountain. Ugh! How awful she felt. Now she dreamed that she wished there would be changes, unless it was useless to have changes around the Rock.

    There was a day when everyone was kind
    When their voices were soft
    And their words inviting
    There was a day when love was blind
    And the world was a song
    And the song was exciting
    There was a day
    Then it all went wrong

    I dreamed a dream in days gone by
    When hope was high
    And life worth living
    I dreamed that love would never die
    I dreamed that everyone would be forgiving
    Then I was young and unafraid
    And dreams were made and used and wasted
    There was no nothing to be paid
    No song unsung
    No radish untasted

    But the gorgs come at night

    (A Female Purple Lavender Fraggle) (You will find out what this fraggle is after the song)
    (But the gorgs come at night)

    With their voices loud as lightning (Red sang)
    As they tear your hope apart

    (Purple Lavender Fraggle)
    (As they tear your hope apart)

    (Red & the Purple Fraggle in Harmony)
    And they turn your dream to shame

    The lavender fraggle sings:
    And still I dream they'll come to me
    That we'll live the years together
    But there are dreams that cannot be
    And there are storms we cannot weather

    (Red & the purple fraggle in harmony)
    I had a dream my life would be
    So different from this darkness I'm living
    So different now from what it seemed
    Now life has killed
    The dream I dreamed

    After the song, back out from the Great Hall, Red now felt the past can be mysterious, but it still lurks out from her or even her friends. That purple lavender fraggle was Mokey. She sure was a quiet one, but they started becoming friends before there were even roommates and got their own cave.

    “Red, are you okay,” Gobo asked

    “Yeah,” Red said. “Let’s wake up now.”


    Then, they woke up remembering what a dream they had. Although it was in the past, they will never forget the first time they started having friends. Then, they went to their own beds and went to sleep to be up fully rested for the next day. However, what they didn’t know was Wembley, Boober, and Lisa was already asleep in the same room.


    Meanwhile, Piggy and Kermit were wandering around the streets of New York. No thanks to Piggy, because she did not make reservations earlier for the hotel, karate-chopped Frank Oz for the first time right after finding out that he will not let her be at Jim’s funeral and saying he was too busy than being around with his boss. Piggy felt so sad that she did that.

    Those thoughts came from her head. She was at the second floor and Frank Oz was rooming with Mr. Jerry Juhl.

    She knocked on the door and the door opened and it was Frank Oz, her friend and sometimes her boss, right her first boss and agent, Bernie.

    “Hey Piggy, I wasn’t expecting you!”

    “Were you expecting Moi?” Piggy asked nicely.

    “Yes,” Frank said. “But I have the bad news for you, Miss Piggy, because you are not going to be at Jim's funeral for the closing number.

    "WHAT?" Piggy shouted.

    "I'm serious, but we had a great time for many years. I am going to be busy and I loved being a director." Frank said.

    "I'll show you who’s busy. HI-YA!"

    Frank was now feeling the pain thanks to Piggy's anguish and her madness.

    When he finally took a deep breath, he said, "Piggy, I'm sorry, but those changes happen, but I promise you that we will see each other in two years if you like.”

    “Well Frankie dear, you will expect moi for two years, won’t vous?”

    “Yes, Piggy,” Frank said chucking a little.

    Piggy knew that she did have to forgive him and she did. She forgot that Frank was still thinking about Jim, that was also Kermit’s best friend. Frank was close to Henson just like Piggy formed a bond to the leading frog.

    Then, they noticed a light in front of an apartment. Kermit wondered who it could be. Then, he heard the barking from the dog inside the place.

    “What is it boy?” the voice called out.

    Kermit and Piggy could tell the voice sounded like a girl, but it was no childhood-like voice.

    The next thing happened when the door was opened and they saw another Muppet, but she wasn’t any kind of animal. She had purple face, hands, and legs with brown hair, brown eyes, a green nose, and a beautiful nightgown on.

    Then she was surprised. She saw a frog and a pig. She knew they must have a rough day. The dog they knew was Sprocket. He had gray and white with some fearsome breath, but he would never bite Kermit or Miss Piggy.

    “I am so glad it is not a crook or a stranger. I had an awful day. Kermit and Miss Piggy, I am one of your biggest fans. Yes! I can’t believe it.”

    “Rowf! Rowf!”

    “I know Sprockety old boy. You’re glad to see them too huh? Please have a seat.”

    Miss Piggy and Kermit sat on a comfortable couch that was big enough, to fit the two of them.

    “Um…I-I forgot your name.” Kermit said finally after being quiet from walking around the streets of New York.

    “It’s Colette!” the purple Muppet whatnot said. “I had gotten into bad tricks from those crooks and nannies, or vultures.”

    “Whom are you talking to, Colette?” the male voice Muppet called out.

    “I was talking to Kermit and Piggy, Charles.” Colette called out back.

    “Well, I am going back upstairs to get some sleep. Goodnight, French lady!”

    “French lady? Sheesh!” Kermit said wondering what the heck was going on. “W-Where did you come from?”

    “Oh! I am from Indiana! I was in born in California, but my parents and I moved out when I was close to being a five-year old Muppet whatnot.

    “Well, dearie, why do you look so sad?” Piggy asked sweetly.

    “Because nobody cares about me over here that’s why. They’re crazy pathetic vultures and really terrible. I feel like I am not wanted.” Colette said out loud before crying into her tissue.

    “You know Jim’s gone Kermit.” Colette started, after done crying. “If he were here, I would never ever be so awfully mistreated.”

    “I’m sorry, Colette!” Piggy said. “Would you like any help from vous?”

    “No thank you, Miss Piggy.” Colette said. “Here what’s happened earlier, you guys! First, while I was walking Sprocket, one of my purses was stolen. Then, a man almost kidnapped me. Then, whenever I talk to a stranger, the two words were, “Shut up!” I know it sounds terrible, but it happened.”

    “Y-you know you can’t talk to strangers,” suggested Kermit.

    “Well, Sprocket saved my life right after some crooks tried to steal my arm band or my shoes. Ugh! I’m glad I had a companion. Kermit, you were right! I can’t talk to you know those strangers. I don’t even know Charles much, but we’re best friends for now.”

    “Colette, can Mon captain and Moi have the couch to us. Just Kermie and Moi!”


    “Okay,” Colette said, sighing. She would never say no to Miss Piggy. “You both have this couch if you want. So, I see you tomorrow and we can have some more talk, okay?”

    Once Colette, the purple Muppet whatnot was out of sight. Kermit now is going to have a serious talk with Miss Piggy. If he wants alone time, he should sleep alone as well no matter what. He understands that he still loves Piggy, but he needs alone time just for one night. That is all he wants. One night only to sleep alone! He can sleep with Piggy for another time.

    “Piggy, you-you did it again.” Kermit said, with some anguish in his face.

    “Oh Kermie, you must sleep with Moi.”

    “I-I can’t do that tonight, Piggy.”

    “Kermie –”

    “Piggy, we had this talk earlier. I want alone time and that also means sleeping alone.”

    “But Kermie…I’m sorry.”

    “I-I know Piggy, but it’s just hard for me not to think about Jim. The last time I saw him was at a hospital. He was not just in...A coma, he was really sick. Then, he sniffled, and then continued on with his story.

    “I-I couldn’t believe it! He wasn’t getting any better. Before I could see him some more, I...I waved at him for “goodbye” before the nurses told me to leave and go back to the waiting room. Scooter was there, but saying goodbye was hard thing to say to Jim. After I left, I knew Jim was gone, Piggy.”

    “Was Frankie there?” Piggy asked.

    “Yeah, Piggy!” Kermit said quietly. “If Jim lived, we would move on to more projects. I guess the projects he wanted are now not going to happen.”

    Piggy knew Kermit was still feeling depressed from Jim’s passing. He is going to go through difficult times for years to come, but it will take him one flipperstep at a time, before he goes back at the top.

    She did let out a sigh and was thinking that might as well give up just for once and let Kermit sleep alone. Kermit now feels glad that he does need to think about his home, Robin, and maybe the friends he met years ago. Both Piggy and Kermit finally were falling asleep right after a long exhausting day.

    Sprocket also was already asleep in his comfortable bed after a long day being nice to a beautiful and kind Muppet to hang around with. Not only that he knows Muppets exist, so do Fraggles.


    “Oh Charles, doesn’t it seem nice to let Kermit and Piggy stay at my apartment.” Colette said while rubbing Charles shoulders. He was a green Muppet whatnot with blue eyes, short black hair, a white t-shirt and blue jeans with brown sandals.

    “It does seem nice!” Charles said quietly.

    Unlike his Colette, he was a smooth talker sort of what Kermit used to have, but he was just the guy that chills out and hangs out with Colette. He calls her “sweetie bee” whatever that means.

    “Charles, you are so cute.” Colette said cooing to him.

    “Oh Colette! Why do you have to be nice to me?”

    “’Cause I love you, unlike my dad.”

    “What’s wrong with your dad?” Charles asked softly.

    “My dad’s the only human in my family now. He is so tense, Charles. He doesn’t want me to hang out with boys.”

    “My dad sort of like you.”

    “Unlike mine, Charles. He can get on my nerves, drive me nuts, and just ugh, make me miserable.”

    “My dad really liked you.”

    “Your father’s not human.”

    “I know baby, but just chill out, and sleep with me.”

    “Okay, cool talker! We have a long day ahead of us. We got to be washed and ready for Jim’s funeral, but I don’t know that guy.”

    “I know Jim, sweetie bee. He was a friend of Kermit.”

    “Well, time for some sleep, before I wake Janice and Floyd up.”


    “They are sleeping the same room as we are. I invited them to my apartment too you know.” Colette said whispering to Charles.

    “Makes sense, Colette. Come on, let’s sleep.” Charles said.

    As Colette and Charles got underneath the covers and went to sleep, another bed had Floyd and Janice. Janice woke up wondering what the heck all the commotion was about.



    “Like what is going on?”

    “Jan, that’s just our Muppet fans, Charles and Colette.”

    “Fer sure?”

    “Yeah! Jan, go back to sleep.”

    “Rully? Like okay!”

    Although Janice knows the conservation was about Kermit and Jim, she loved Floyd and they were not the only ones thinking of Mr. Henson either.


    At the swamp, Robin was thinking about Jim as well, because not only was he sometimes silly, he was also a good friend to all kinds of Muppets. He was not alone! Maggie also knows as “Mags,” noticed something didn’t seem right. Unlike adults, kids don’t understand how Jim was gone. It just happened! Death can be hard to anyone especially frogs. Maggie couldn’t believe it. Kermit’s nephew was on her brother’s “Lonely Log.”

    “Why was Rob at that Lonely Log all day ever since we heard of Mr. Henson’s passing?" Maggie thought. “Last time, Mit said that he had to keep an eye on Jim, right after he and Robin went to Disney World. My brother knew Henson was coming down with something. Before, well, before Mit came down with a headache.”
    Then, something happened, and then Robin was talking to a star. Was the star Jim? It could be! Then, Robin got upset after telling that star to leave him alone. He wanted just his Uncle Kermit.

    She felt so sorry for that little frog. For Kermit, it was a different story, because whenever he sits there, she loses her sadness for her brother. She was mad at him, and telling them to get over the loss for anyone that passed away.

    Robin, well, Mags likes her little brother, even though he has many brothers and sisters that are bigger than him.

    “Rob, what is the matter?” Maggie said quietly.

    He looked at his sister, Maggie. “My uncle Kermit’s friend, Jim is gone.”

    “Then, why do you look so sad?” Maggie asked nicely.

    “Mags, Uncle Kermit has not been here for days.”

    “So?” Maggie said.

    Robin stared at her, and then shook his head. “I miss my Uncle Kermit.” Robin said bitterly.

    “I know, Rob! I miss Mit too! I know you are sad, but he taught us a song to remember just in case anyone was no longer with us.

    It’s in every one of us
    To be wise
    Find your heart
    Open up both your eyes
    We can all know everything
    Without ever knowing why

    It’s in every one of us
    By and by

    “Rob, now you try.”

    It’s in every one of us
    To be wise
    Find your heart
    Open up both your eyes
    We can all know everything
    Without ever knowing why (Robin sang)

    It’s in every one of us
    By and by
    By and by (Robin and Mags sang in harmony)

    “Rob,” Mags said sniffling. “I told to go out somewhere, but I was wrong. Whenever you go out there, everything does remind you of Kermit and Jim, right?”

    Robin nodded.

    “Well, since we’re frogs, it is not easy being green. When the right day comes, you and your Uncle Kermit will go out there and continue, but right now, that death that hit my brother really hard….that was hard for Mit. It was hard for my brother to look after Jim. I hope what Mit is doing is the right thing to do until he has the right time to come back and see us again.

    Robin was thinking for a moment if his Uncle Kermit came back, they would hang out together again with his brothers and sisters.

    “By the way, Rob, it’s getting late, you need some beauty sleep.”

    Robin nodded and finally got out of the Lonely Log by hugging his sister believing that everything might be okay. He understood his uncle was going through a long grievance for a while. Maybe Kermit found out that once Jim was sick, he knew there would be more bad news than good news. He heard that Kermit did get a headache one day and then, once Jim was gone, that was it. The frog was not in pain, but more like in grief to lose his friend that was also a leader.
    Song Credits:
    How Wide, How Far, How Long (slightly altered) – from the FR episode, The Gorg Who Would Be King
    I Dreamed a Dream – from the musical, Les Miserables (I really love musicals!)
    It’s In Every one Of Us

    I forgot to dedicate this story three months ago. So, it will go to Dominicboo1, Collgoff, Bouncingbabyfig, and redBoobergurl.
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    In the next chapter, Vincent finds out that shutting the door in Dom's face was a bad idea. He did it by accident and didn't mean to, 'cause he was too tired to stay much. I will make sure that gets fized. Thank you for your comments.

    Did you like the Robin scene with Mags? BTW: I imagine my Maggie would have short brown hair, little nice eyelashes since she is a female forg, and she has a sweet side, but instead of being mad at Mit, she gets worried about her brother. Wondering if he ever comes back.
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    So, to sum up, Maggie (my OC) has short brown hair, brown eyes, and has a sweet side to Robin, her brother.
    Kermit? She can be hard on her brother, but she forgets sometimes that he needs either a micracle or something that get him back on his fliipers (feet) from sitting on the "Lonely Log."
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    Chapter 15 – Paying Respects to their Leader

    May 21st, 1990 (before 12:00p.m.)

    “Well, Robin, remember the other day when you wrote a note to your friend, Jerry. He’s no frog, but I hoped he wants great songs that Jim loved.” Maggie said, while sitting with Robin on a log.

    “Jerry will definitely like my letter I wrote to him,” Robin said, with a little grin.

    “I did hear form Ed, my other brother that a pig is going to be at Henson’s memorial. So, who knows what will happen. I’m glad you got some sleep, Rob. Plus you’re no longer at Mit’s lonely log either. When, Jim used to come at this swamp when you were younger and I was a young female frog. I called Kermit’s friend, “Jimmy.”

    Robin laughed when she said, “Jimmy”, but he needed a good laugh once in a while. Maggie was silly back then and she thought calling the man “Jim,” or “James” was too formal.

    “Even Mit was used to the craziness at a theatre. Jimmy would always come up with crazy ideas for my brother. Before your uncle left, I told him to be careful and come back home safe when he had the time. Then, I kind of saw him getting on a bicycle and he…left. But my Mit will come back. We’re his family, but I didn’t know he had a family out there too.”
    “What was the last time Uncle Kermit was upset?” Robin asked.

    Maggie then felt a sting like a bite from a mosquito, but these insects never bite a frog, except other animals and humans.

    “When Joe Raposo was gone…Mit was sad and I told him to take it easy. I wasn’t too pushy on my brother at that time. But when I heard that Jim would be next…I knew you had to do something and write a note by telling Jerry to sing your two favorite songs for Mr. Henson. You know what, Rob?”

    “What?” Robin said.

    “I miss Jimmy too!” Maggie said, with a tear in her eye. “I missed his smile, the times when he was talking to Mit, and the day when he and your friends came to our home and we were told to go to Florida. That was the last time we had fun…and my brother enjoyed it too. Then, Mit…well he had to leave us, because…Jim wants a small talk with him. Then, we knew that Mr. Henson…wouldn’t make it. Oh, Robin, what are we going to do?”

    “Like my Uncle Kermit said, Mags. All we can do is wait. Wait for hope! Wait for a sign.”

    “I hope you’re right, Rob. Sooner or later, my brother is coming back and he promised.”
    “Charles?” Colette said to her new best friend.

    “Yeah!” Charles said dryly.

    “I had that dream again. It was Robin and I believe he is worried about his “Uncle Kermit.”

    “Oh sweetie bee, what about Robin?”

    “Charles seriously, take Kermit back to the SWAMP PLEASE.”

    He backed away once she was about to scream from his ears.

    “Charles I didn’t mean to scream at you, but please take Kermit back to the swamp.”

    “Okay, babe! What about Missy, you know the pig.”

    “Piggy? I’ll take her to the funeral.”

    “Oh and make sure she wears something beautiful.”


    “I heard that you don’t have to wear black.”

    “Miss Piggy will be glad to hear that, and Charles her name is Piggy, not “Missy Piggy.” You’re thinking of Peggy Lee huh?”

    “Sort of, and you go downstairs, babe. I will be right down…once I get dressed.”

    “Oh, Charles! What am I ever going to do without you around?”
    Back at Fraggle Rock, Uncle Matt was snoring while sleeping on Wembley’s bed.

    “Hello, sir?” the voice called out. “HELLO!”

    “AHHHHH!” Uncle Matt screamed, but he fell out of the bunk and crashed into the ground. He then shook his head and dusted himself off.

    “Are you Gobo’s Uncle Traveling Matt,” the light brown fraggle asked.

    “Yes, I am the one and the only Traveling Matt,” Uncle Matt said.

    “Well, then, Matt, I heard that your Fraggles friends are at Outer Space. By the way, my name’s Sunny.” the light brown Fraggle said with a small grin.

    “Yes my fellow Fraggles went to Outer Space…and my nephew Gobo.” Uncle Matt, now having a feeling that he is lonely.

    “Well Matt, I would love to meet Gobo. So, here’s the news so far, Lou is taking care of Lanford, you know that weird plant, and we fraggles are now about to wait for our friends, Red, Mokey, Wembley, Gobo, and Boober.”

    “Well, uh…Sunny, have you heard any news of Gobo coming back yet?” Uncle Matt asked dryly.

    “No, Matt…I’m sorry I woke you up…and startled you, but what was the last time you seen Gobo?” Sunny said, worried.

    “What are you talking about Sunny?” Uncle Matt asked.

    “Gobo, you know…your nephew, the fraggle with the purple hair, nice yellow sweater with red stripes, and a brown vest. Oh, please tell me what happened to him.”

    “All right, Sunny, I will tell about my nephew Gobo. Well, the other day, I was walking around the Great Hall until I heard that my nephew Gobo was leaving.”

    *Flashback* - The day Fraggles leave for Outer Space for a reason right after receiving the news that they must come to Jim’s memorial whatever that means

    Gobo told his friends that he is going to see the trash heap for advice if it is the right time to go to “Outer Space.” First, he had to go through the Gorg’s Garden. Then, something different was happening to Junior. He wasn’t doing his chores. He was crying.

    “Why don’t Mommy and Daddy know Jim? Whyyyyy?”

    Gobo didn’t know Junior was this upset that their leader was gone.

    “Hey little Fwaggle, what’cha doing here,” Junior said, drying his tears with his shirt.

    “I am here to see the trash heap, but we’ll play later.”

    “All wight, bye Fraggle.” Junior said cheerfully. However, he wasn’t glad that he could not play with a Fraggle for a while. He missed Henson too. He sometimes did help him with the gardening and stuff while he was around.

    Gobo finally got through the Gorg’s Garden and relieved that he hasn’t been “thumped” like forever. He got to the Trash heap while Philo & Gunge were fighting like crazy.

    “Boys, will you stop fighting? We got a visitor!”

    Philo and Gunge heard from Majory and she was right. This wasn’t the right day to fight. Not at all!

    He had second thoughts, what if he doesn’t want to go, what if there were silly creatures that act like Gorgs but…Nah! He didn’t think that would be true. Boober was just being silly or maybe Red was getting in his nerves again. What was he going to do?

    “Hello, Madam trash heap,” Gobo started. “I know it has been a long time. I am going to Outer Space with my friends and uh…it will be dangerous. So, the reason is we’re supposed to be at a silly creature’s memorial who was like a father figure to us.”

    “You’re going to Outer Space?” Majory asked.

    “Well, yes, but we could make friends with silly creatures that is they know we’re magical.”

    “Well, then, my advice is “go” and enjoy it with your friends.”

    “The trash heap has spoken,” Philo and Gunge said out loud.

    He was relieved and now it was time to tell his friends that this is the right day to go to Outer Space, because they had to pay respect and a tribute to Jim no matter what. However, when he came back there was chaos, but Red and Wembley were having a normal conversation since they didn’t like fighting with friends or being in the middle of them. Red knew she couldn’t take this chaos anymore thanks to Wembley.

    “QUIETTTTTT!” Red shouted.

    The chaos stopped including the fighting.

    “Are you all crazy?” Red said. “We can’t fight like this. I’m afraid it could break our friendship apart and..

    At that moment, she saw Gobo coming back from the Gorg’s Garden. Then, she was hoping the news better be good.

    “Red’s right,” Gobo started. Red was surprised that Gobo was not ignoring or driving her nuts. “We can’t fight like we don’t like each other. Henson wanted all us to be friends with a Gorg, a Doozer, and with a silly creature. I…spoke to the Trash heap and she said, “Go!” Before we go, remember that, “We cannot leave the magic.”

    His friends couldn’t believe this. Did the silly creature that was like their father to everyone believed in friendship. They understood that he went to their home for visits. Like Uncle Matt comes to his home for visits. They both traveled, but why he did leave so soon? As soon as his friends and Wembley was packing up his things, Gobo knew that going to Outer Space means leaving his home and his Uncle.

    “Remember the time…when I discovered Water Wheel Cavern and the Cavern of the Deceased…the place where Fraggles are buried…I guess that’s where Cantus is. I didn’t know our silly creature was like a father to us. When Henson was gone…a part of us died then. Why did this happen, Uncle Matt?”

    Uncle Matt shook his head knowing that his day would come, the time where the silly creatures really want to see them. Maybe make them happy again. He didn’t understand why his nephew Gobo has to go to Outer Space now. This may mean paying respects, and then singing a song to their silly creature up there. So he was responsible for putting the Fraggles, Doozers, and Gorgs into harmony. They didn’t know that, but they knew there was going to one day that there will be no more conflict or even a war.

    They were both silent while Gobo was packing his belongings. Uncle Matt was glad his friends told him all about how they got along with the Doozers and the Gorgs. It was not easy, but it took a long time to finally be in peace and no longer get caught be Gorgs.

    “I don’t why he left earlier,” Uncle Matt said sighing. “He was a traveler like me, nephew Gobo.”

    “Yeah,” Gobo said quietly. “He was probably an explorer too, but I didn’t know that…he wanted harmony for all of us.”

    “Well, I guess that means you’re leaving with the Fraggles?” Uncle Matt asked dryly.

    “Yeah,” Gobo said quietly. “That one time, when I never got along with you, we never liked to yell at each other.”

    “And I didn’t like you yelling at me, my dear nephew.” Uncle Matt said.

    “I guess we were being silly, but you were scared at the “face eraser.”

    “I didn’t know the silly creature does crazy things. What was his name again?”

    “Doc,” Gobo answered. “I have visited him a couple times, but I miss him. I wondered what happened to him? What if we understood each other?”

    “Well, are you ready for “Outer Space”?

    “Yes, Uncle Matt! I’m ready!”

    “Well then, remember this song, before you go to Outer Space.”

    Every day the world begins again
    Sunny skies or rain
    Come and follow me

    Every sunrise shows me more and more
    So much to explore
    Come and follow me (Uncle Matt sang)

    Every morning, every day
    Every evening, calling me away (Gobo & Uncle Matt sang in harmony)

    Wembley heard that song before and he sang it with his friends while they were camping to a cozy cavern he discovered. He couldn’t help, but break into song.

    While the sun goes 'round
    I'll still be found
    Following the sound
    Something's calling me

    When the world goes drifting back to bed
    Memories in my head
    Wonders follow me (Wembley sang)

    Every morning, every day
    Every evening, calling me away
    Every morning, every day
    Every evening, calling me away (Gobo, Wembley, & Uncle Matt sang in harmony)

    “Well, Uncle Matt, I promise to come back home right after our friend’s memorial, okay?”

    “Good luck, nephew and be safe.”

    *Back to the present*

    “Wow Matt!” Sunny said surprised. “What a story! I didn’t know you cared about Gobo. We care about everyone. I can’t believe he made a promise to you.”

    “Sunny,” Uncle Matt started. “Are you new at Fraggle Rock?”

    “No, sir! I have been around here for a while. Oh I forgot, Tosh is doing the laundry for Boober.”

    “Ah yes! The fraggle that washes my socks.” Uncle Matt said with a small grin.

    “You’re silly, Matt!” Sunny said with a smile. “Well, I better get going! I need to help the others for a welcome back party.”

    “Well, good luck Fraggle!”

    “Thank you Matt and you’ll do just fine. Gobo will come back soon.”
    Meanwhile, Colette served Kermit breakfast, which he didn’t mind. Piggy then screamed from the phone she was holding and very excited. “Thank vous Colleen, Bye!”
    She then ran to Kermit but she realized that she had to clam down.

    “Kermie,” Piggy said excited. “Moi goes to your friend’s funeral.”

    “That’s great, Piggy, except I have a bad feeling Robin’s worried about me.”

    “Robbie?” Miss Piggy asked wearily.

    “Yeah,” Kermit said, sadly. “I have to go to the swamp.”

    “Oh!” Miss Piggy said, feeling kind of sad that Kermie will not come.

    “I’ll take you back, Kermit,” Charles said, as he was walking down to the kitchen. “Maybe I know where your nephew is.”

    “Charlie, you can’t take my Kermie,” Piggy said, feeling so upset.

    “I know, Piggy, but I am just going to take him back home.” Charles said with a small smile.

    “Charles, what about the funeral for Jim Henson, huh?” Colette said with a serious tone.

    “I can’t do both, Colette. Either I take Kermit back to the swamp or I stay here one more day and leave this beautiful place,” Charles said dryly.

    “Charles, not everyone knows us, those crooks almost took Sprocket and my shoes. And that dog is going too, okay? Doc will probably be there no matter what,” Colette yelled.

    “All right, I will take him back to the swamp.” Charles said, now feeling guilty that he can’t come to that funeral.

    There was a knock on the door. It was Colleen and Alison bringing back Piggy something new to wear. There were bags full of clothes.

    “I am so glad I invited her,” Colleen said a big smile. “She is so gorgeous!”

    “Hello,” Miss Piggy said sweetly to Alison.

    “Hi, Piggy!” Alison said cheerfully. “My name is Alison, but everyone calls me Figgie.”

    “Moi is glad to see you Alison.” Miss Piggy said with a chuckle.

    “Did you hear of Jim Henson’s passing,” Kermit asked to Colleen.

    “I did Kermit,” Colleen said sadly. “When I heard he was gone, I ran upstairs and cried myself to sleep. I know you are not the only one who lost him. We all feel very sorry for your friend’s loss.”

    “Thank you Colleen,” Kermit said with a small grin.

    “You’re welcome, Kermit.” Colleen said nicely. “Alison, we better get going and go to Jim’s memorial.”

    “I’m coming,” Alison called back to Colleen. She was too busy looking through the dresses that should be right for Piggy. “I have seen all of your movies and the show, my gosh, you were absolutely wonderful.”

    “You love Moi being on the Muppet Show?” Miss Piggy asked sweetly.
    “Yes, I really did! You were wonderful out there. That reminds me! I do have a crush on a boy. His name was Kevin Nickson. Very nice young man and he were sort of like Kermit.”

    “You mean…you really loved Kevin like I loved my Kermie?”

    Kermit heard this girly conversation and scrunched his face. He said, “Good grief!”

    “Yeah! However, we went to a coffee shop one time and he said we were going out as friends. I told him it was our first date. He was not happy, but he didn’t mind hanging out with me. Then, when we went out, I told him we would have a second date, and then he flat out said, “This is not a date!” I couldn’t believe it! That made me love him more until well…one day he had another girlfriend and boy was I mad.”

    “Why would Kevin have another girlfriend?” Piggy asked quietly, so Kermit wouldn’t have to hear.

    “I had to talk to Kevin, but before I said that I always loved him, he broke with me…and left.”

    “Moi wouldn’t leave Kermie.” Miss Piggy said sadly.

    “I know, but your frog’s got a point. He really wants to go back home. I have to go now. I don’t want to keep Colleen waiting any longer. Bye, Piggy!”

    Once Colleen and Alison were gone, Piggy said goodbye to her “Kermie” before he left with Charles and then she heard the engine of a car before it took off.

    “Aren’t you glad we heard we don’t wear black?’ Colette said cheerfully.

    “Yes, Colette! Moi loves to wear anything, except black dresses.”

    “I hope you washed up, Piggy, because I cleaned myself everywhere too.”

    “Moi can’t wear white, but how about a blue dress.”

    Colette was shocked at this moment when she saw that beautiful blue dress. “Miss Piggy, I would love that.”

    “I better change then if that’s alright with vous?”

    “I don’t mind at all, Piggy.” Colette was now feeling that that pig is very happy for not wearing black this time for sure.

    While she was upstairs, Colette looked at Sprocket already awake and the dog came to Colette to sit with her.

    “Sprocket, you miss him too, don’t you boy?”

    “Row! Rowww!”

    “I know you want to see Doc, but he told me to take care of you for a while. You even saved my life from those bad guys.”

    “Rowf! Rowwww!”

    “I understand boy, but what if you weren’t here. I would be kidnapped or else killed.”


    “Serves you right! Those crooks should keep their hands to themselves. What a bunch of vultures!”

    “Rowf! Rowf”

    “All right! I will take you to your friend’s funeral, okay boy?”


    “Yes, I know Sprocket! You do want to go there so bad.”

    There was silence for a few moments, and then she saw Piggy coming downstairs after taking a long time to get dressed. She was wearing a blue dress, with her beautiful hair still up like a hairdo. Her lavender gloves also made her beautiful. The problem was: she hated the heels. Besides, she can only wears those shoes for one day.

    “Piggy, have you met Sprocket?” Colette asked with a small grin,

    “That big thing,” Piggy said sort of feeling mad. “Yes, but I bet he misses Jim too.”

    “Rowf! Row! Rowf!”

    “What did he say?” Miss Piggy asked, confused of dog language.

    “He wants to go to the funeral too. He misses Kermit’s best friend.”

    “I bet vous miss Jimmy,” Miss Piggy sadly.

    “I know,” Colette said. “We have to go Miss Piggy! Come on Sprocket old boy, you’re going too.”

    “Rowf! Rowf!”
    Trish couldn’t believe this! She was the one cleaning Oscar, even though he was a grouch that is rotten around everyone. He hated getting clean. He wanted to be messy and all slimy and stuff. Finally, she took Oscar back to Carol Spinney, the man that thanked her for getting him washed. Trish was pleased with Carol, and then she went back to her room, quickly to the bathroom to take a good long shower. She didn’t realize that the clocked read, “9:30A.M.”

    “Colleen should have done this,” Trish thought, while feeling like gritting her teeth. “If she was the one to clean up that grouch, I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

    After a long shower, the clock read, “10:10A.M.”

    Colleen let out a frustrated groan. Before, she was almost dressed; she heard a knock on the door.

    “Who wants to see me now?” Trish thought, with a feeling of red in her cheeks.

    As she opened the door, it was Dominic, and he wanted his friend, Vincent, to apologize to him about the other night he did was so inappropriate.

    “Dom,” Trish said quietly. “What’s going on?”

    “We got the fraggles washed and dressed up. They are with their respective owners now.”

    “And who exactly are they?” Trish asked.

    “They are Jerry Nelson, Karen Prell, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, and Kathy Mullen.”

    “Which fraggle did you wash?” Trish asked wearily.

    “Boober and Wembley Fraggle.” Dominic said in a serious tone.

    “Wow! I can’t believe it!” Trish said, excited. She felt so relieved that she wasn’t involved with those intelligent creatures.

    “I know, but you got a sock on your nose?” Dominic said laughing.

    Trish got embarrassed with her cheeks so red that she noticed that there was a sock on her nose.

    “Dom, will you please stop laughing?” Trish asked seriously.

    “Sorry,” Dominic said, after clearing his throat. “Did you have a good day too?”

    “No, I had a terrible morning to start with. Colleen left me to wash Oscar. He did smell a little bit better. Then, I came back here to wash myself off. Ugh!” Trish said, angrily.

    “We all have bad days once in a while,” Dominic said with a small smile.

    “Where are Beth and Amy?”

    “They’re downstairs reading Fraggle Rock books.”

    “And Vincent?”

    “I think he is behind my back.” Dominic said, wearily.

    “Okay,” Trish said, letting Dominic and Vincent into her room. “So, all of us are staying for tonight, then tomorrow we are packing up, right?”

    “I’m afraid so, “ Vincent said yawning. “Dom, I am so sorry that I shut the door in your face. I didn’t know what I was thinking and I don’t understand why Mr. Henson was gone this soon.”

    “Nobody does, Vin,” Dominic said quietly. “Well, is everyone going to the funeral?”

    “I guess so,” Trish said. “I am afraid we better go.”

    “Yeah,” Dominic said sadly. “It is the time to pay respect to Jim Henson even if we are Muppet fans or starting out to be.”
    Back at the lobby, Beth was reading a Fraggle Rock book, called, The Last Days of Fraggle Rock. At the middle of the book, she started crying.

    “Beth,” Amy said worried. “Why are you crying? What’s wrong?”

    “The Fraggles are about to leave…Fraggle Rock…why did they have to go to our “Outer Space.”

    “They lost their leader okay?” Amy said trying to calm her down. “How did they receive the news?”

    “From postcards and letters, okay? And I was one of them who sent a letter to them as fast as I could.”

    “Why, Beth?” Amy asked quietly.

    “Because I want them to get know them and maybe meet Red. I’m sorry, Amy! I feel so foolish!”

    “Beth, don’t say that,” Amy said with a serious tone. “Okay, I have been snappy and upset about everything including you and I was wrong, okay? I never met him! There is nothing that is okay anymore. Do you want to go now?”

    “No,” Beth said sadly. “I’m scared and too upset to go.”

    Amy had a feeling her sister Beth had the right to be upset.

    “But I have no choice,” Beth said sighing. “I really do have to go.”

    Then, they both saw Fozzie sitting on a chair, probably waiting for his friend Frank. He missed his Froggy friend, Kermit. But he couldn’t believe Jim was gone. He looked at the note that Rowlf wrote. It said,

    For my gentle-matured pal of mine, which is Jim. I would like you to do my favorite A.A. Mine song, “Cottleston Pie” for me. He said it was his favorite and I kind of joked about it. Good times!


    Then, something clicked to his mind. He remembered that Kermit read his Winnie the Pooh books to his nephew Robin not too long ago. So, he started singing to himself without anybody hearing it.

    Cottleston, cottleston, cottleston pie
    A fly can’t bird, but a bird can’t fly
    Ask me a riddle and I reply
    Cottleston, cottleston, cottleston, pie

    “Fozzie,” Frank said as he noticed his Muppet friend on the chair, he decided to sit with him. “Jim would be pleased, ‘cause that was also Rowlf’s favorite song as well.”

    “Frank, w-what took you so long?” Fozzie asked with a sad look.

    “I was thinking about him too. You were a close friend to Kermit and I was closer to Jim. I will sing that song for you, if that’s okay with you.”

    “You mean it?” Fozzie asked with surprise.

    “Yes! You ready to go to Jim’s memorial?” Frank said with a small grin,

    “I guess so!” Fozzie said, feeling that he wasn’t sure if he was ready at this moment.

    “Come on, Fozzie, we got a taxi to catch so we can get there on time.”

    As soon as they left, Beth and Amy could not take with the quietness at the lobby anymore. They left the place as well to get a taxi to take them to the church they are supposed to go to.
    Piggy looked at the young purple Muppet whatnot. She was no human, but she was just as beautiful as the pig was. They both didn’t say anything much until Piggy couldn’t take the silence anymore.

    “You heard Kermie’s going back to the swamp?” Piggy asked, with a sad look.

    “I did,” Colette said quietly, feeling so guilty for letting her new best friend, Charles to take him there. “I don’t know who to trust, but I do trust the Muppets, my friends, and my family.”

    “You even trust Moi?” Piggy asked.

    “Yeah,” Colette said, to admit it. “I really trust all of you guys. I don’t know why I drove all the way here to New York. I hope Sprocket’s okay in the backseat.”

    As they finally got to the church parking lot, she pulled the key off of the ignition of her car, brushed her hair, and then they both got out of the car. Colette then opened the back door to let Sprocket out. As they almost got inside the church, unfortunately she was going to get more upset. A man who was securing the church said that there were no dogs allowed at this time. She was devastated! This was not her day!

    Colette wanted hope, not restriction. She didn’t want to take Sprocket for another walk. Besides, she did not want to get anyone near her again. Not even the strangers that she never spoke to. Ever! She tried again and told them that this unfamiliar sheepdog is going to be respectful during the memorial service. They finally believed having one dog for this important funeral wouldn’t hurt.

    As they entered the church, they were oohed and ahhed of how big the church was inside and out.

    Next, the Henson family came in to figure out if reading a letter from their father was the right thing to do and let all of their fans and the Muppets hear during the service. Then the Muppets came in and told the family that they feel very sorry for Jim’s loss. The family appreciated it and told them good luck. The Fraggles although they were the last group to fit into the Henson family, did the same. However, Mokey was the only one who didn’t know him. All she felt worried about was Sunny. She remembered that one day that the little Fraggle had no parents and she adopted him. First of all, the light brown furry creature was not from the cave fraggle kind. Nobody told him about how Fraggle Rock finally had its peace to end conflict or war. She knew this was all her fault for leaving him back at Fraggle Rock. Down there alone and worried about Mokey.

    “Mokey, are you okay?” Gobo asked.

    Mokey shook her head and softly cried putting her hands to her eyes. Gobo then put his hand on her her shoulder to comfort her. She had a right to be upset. She didn’t understand why that “silly creature” only came there for visits. It was like Gobo’s Uncle Matt that comes to their home for visits too. So, maybe silly creatures invaded their home, but they knew them really well, what problems they were facing, and the solutions they could come up with. What about Mr. Henson? Now there was a reason why she didn’t know him. She probably forgot all about him. That was her trouble while being a philosopher and a dreamer and thinking about what world peace could mean for their home and the universe for the Gorgs.

    Although she didn’t know him, there was one thing Gorgs, Doozers, Fraggles, and silly creatures have in common. Music! That was probably the thing they always loved. Her little friend, Sunny loved it too. His favorite song was, “Dance you cares away. Worries for another day! Let the music play Down at Fraggle Rock.”

    The first time he ever laughed was when he heard stories of Red that she talks and maybe sings in her sleep. He believed she was very silly. Then, one day, he heard that “Jim Henson” died, not only could he not understand what was going on, he was still a very young Fraggle and didn’t even know their silly creature was even “dead.” Then, that one right, he was all alone. He just couldn’t sleep! He wondered if Mokey was like a mother to him. Then, there was Boober, the Fraggle who doesn’t really like fun and games, but sometimes he does. Sunny at first, didn’t understand him much like he understood Mokey, but he got used to him, when he found out that he had the best nose, but he didn’t mind him being suspicious.

    Unfortunately, he missed his parents. His mother got sick from the flu or something. His father was more of an explorer. Sunny forgot that Gobo was not the only explorer around. Then, tragedy happened around him. His mother couldn’t live any longer and died. His father however was missing, until he heard that he was caved-in and his colony did the best they could to get his father out of there. When one of them found him, he was already dead. That was how he got lonely until Mokey found him lying on the side of the Fraggle pond. He realized that friendship is what brings Fraggles together no matter what they ended up with.

    Mokey shook those thoughts from her head and now she was ready for this memorial and it would mean for a friend.

    Beth, Amy, and Dominic even talked to the Henson family that they were sorry that Jim passed away. The family thanks them for understanding the grief they were going through right now.

    The staff people then made specials seats. The front rows would go the Muppets, Fraggles from Fraggle Rock, and the children. The Fraggles didn’t know those small children were about at least a Fraggle’s height, but they were so adorable in their colorful dresses and suits.

    Miss Piggy sat with Scooter, the go-pher that was Kermit’s boss, but he didn’t know that Jim was also Kermit’s boos too. Jim didn’t mind the craziness. He was calm and laid-back like Rowlf, but for Kermit there were times when he could not handle the craziness. The last time Jim laughed behind him is when Kermit read one letter and he thought there were supposed to have “15 tall carrot”, not a parrot. Jim loved that joke and if his friend from their guest star. If Kermit misnamed things, it would make the audience laugh their socks off. Now that laughter just went away.

    “Uh, Piggy, where’s Kermit?” Scooter asked quietly to Piggy.

    “Kermie’s going to the swamp to see his brothers and sisters, Andrew.” Piggy said, with her telephone voice.

    Scooter felt embarrassed! Since, when did Piggy ever called him “Andrew” instead of “Scooter.” He did the best he could to make sure what songs will be in the funeral. He remembered that he checked his clipboard one more time before he handed the suggestions back to Richard. He understood that was what the boss wanted. Henson wanted colorful images or objects, clothes with good taste, rod butterflies, and most of all Muppets of all kinds. The funeral was about to begin, but before it did, the kids took their last flowers and put them with the other beautiful flowers. Everyone was anticipating for this funeral that nobody would ever forget.
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    All right! I got off topic! Sorry! Before I start on the next Chapter, I could imagine the organ playing right now. I will start off with:

    It's time to play the music
    It's time to light the lights
    It's time to meet the Muppets at Jim's memorial today.

    Whew! Now don't worry, I will have the next Chapter up with clips and stuff maybe Tuesday, because I have job shadowing, an appointment to go to, and studying. Yikes! Well, I better start working on that chapter right now.
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    That was fantastic.
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    Thanks, Dom! I added Sunny Fraggle, my OC, wanted some more Uncle Matt, Robin and Mags scene, Allsion (Figgie) a.k.a Muppet fan to see Kermit & Miss Piggy before he excuses himself that he has to go back home to his family, and Vincent (that's you!)(Yep, I got him into character, and he's right. He does not enjoy his solitude and never likes to slam a door in anyone's face.). Whew! I would say that is enough information. Next chapter, funeral things with sad and funny songs.
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    Chapter 16

    May 21st, 1990 (around 12:00p.m.)

    Sunny was now alone as he sat by the edge of the Fraggle pond. He now knew that his friends did leave. He looked at the pond, but to his disappointment, it was only his reflection. He missed Mokey and Boober, but he didn’t see Wembley much. He visited the fraggle only every few days. Now he imagined him as a light green fraggle with such funny-looking eyes and yellow hair. He also knew he wore a banana tree t-shirt. The only time he giggled was whenever Wembley was wembling to him. The good thing was that Sunny didn’t laugh so he could embarrass his friend. Feeling so denied and not going with his friends made him much worse. With nothing else he could do, the only thing left that made him feel a little bit better was to sing.

    On my own
    Pretending she's beside me
    All alone
    I walk with her till evening
    Without her
    I feel her arms around me
    And when I lose my way I close my eyes
    And he has found me

    In the rain the ground shines like diamonds
    All the sunlights are misty in the pond
    In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
    And all I see is she and I forever and forever
    And I know it's only in my mind
    That I'm talking to myself and not to her
    And although I know that she is not blind
    Still I say there's a way for us

    I love her
    But when the day is over
    She is gone
    The pond’s just a pond
    Without her
    The world around me changes
    The trees are bare and everywhere
    The places are full of strange creatures

    I love her
    But every day I'm learning
    All my life
    I've only been pretending
    Without me
    Her world would go on turning
    A world that's full of happiness
    That I have never known

    I love her
    I love her
    I love her
    But only on my own

    “I miss Mokey!” Sunny said, sniffling. “She was like a mother to me long ago, but now she is my friend. It’s not fair! I hope my friends come back.”


    Floyd and Janice finally got to St. John’s Memorial for Mr. Henson after they got a taxi ride. Like that was all they could really afford.

    “Like Wow!” Janice thought. “There are like lots of people here that rully know Jim.”

    The church pipe organ started playing the Sesame Street theme song. The Sesame Street characters and the people were the first ones to start crying. They knew that when the idea all started with a frog and Jim. Beth was also crying into Amy’s shoulder. She loved that show! It taught her numbers, manners, the important meals of the day and so on.

    “Poor Kermit,” Beth thought. “I know how it feels to lose a loved one even it is a leader of his.”

    When the organ music stopped, the Dirty Brass Band played a somber New Orleans style number, which was led by the Henson family, the Muppet performers, and several of its clergy. Trish looked at the program, and the song was “A Closer Walk with Thee.” She softly sang the chorus as long as her friends didn’t hear her.

    Just a closer walk with thee,
    Grant it, Jesus, is my plea,
    Daily walking close to thee:
    Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

    Even she was a Christian, no doubt about it that God did have a plan for Jim on Earth to accomplish great things. He was not only funny, but he was clean, quiet, and worked very hard. She can tell he definitely got an illness since he forgot to wear winter clothes. He never cared about how much anything cost. Dignity was the best word to describe what he really wanted in his life.

    Finally, the service begins with lots of silence for a moment. Richard Hunt, now a veteran Muppeteer can imagine that probably his Muppets are already at the service. He knows in real life the only friend he brought with him was Scooter Groose. He went to the stage and started reading letters from the children that grew up watching Sesame Street. That “word” Sesame Street clicked into Piggy’s mind. She knew the frog started a show before he did his own show called, “The Muppet Show.” To end his speech, he said, “We would laugh … and cry today, but only if we could breathe in Jim’s air…one last time.”

    Jerry Juhl came to the stage next, and talked about how working with Jim and Kermit was a great experience.

    Gobo meanwhile was getting confused. There were two Jerrys? How can you tell which one you became friends with first? His voice sounded nice, but still which “silly creature” named Jerry did he really get to know more?

    After Juhl was done talking. Jerry Nelson and Louise Gold came to the stage as the pianist started to play. The song was supposed to be called, “When the River Meets the Sea.”

    Jerry Nelson: When the mountain touches the valley
    All the clouds are taught to fly
    As our souls will leave this land most peacefully
    Though our minds be filled with questions
    In our hearts we'll understand
    When the river meets the sea

    Like a flower that has blossomed
    In this dry and barren sand
    We are born and born again most gracefully
    Plus the winds of time will take us
    With a sure and steady hand

    When the river meets the sea
    Louise Gold: (When the river meets the sea)

    Jerry & Louise: Patience my brothers
    And patience my son
    In that sweet and final hour
    Truth and justice will be done

    Louise Gold: Like a baby when it is sleeping
    In its mother's loving arms
    What a newborn baby dreams is a mystery

    But this life will find a purpose
    And in time we'll understand
    When the river meets the sea

    Jerry & Louise: When the river meets the almighty sea

    The Muppet fans in the church could probably tell that Jerry’s singing sounded more like Gobo’s, but for Louise her singing was definitely from the character Alice Otter or was it Ma Otter.

    Harry Belafonte, whom was a guest star on the “Muppet Show”, did his speech. Some of the people understood it and others didn’t, but when he told them that Jim would say, “Let’s do it,” the phrase perked everyone. So, he was the “boss.” Scooter forgot that Kermit the Frog was not the only boss around the theatre after all.

    When Harry Belafonte was singing, “Turn the World Around” with his backup group, everyone took out their butterfly rods and waved them.

    Miss Piggy felt so sad that she wasn’t with Kermie that day when Harry was a guest star. It was either Frank was busy or she wasn’t scheduled to be on the set that day. She was angry at that time and Kermit did apologize for not letting her in the theatre when they had the guest star coming. Even Jim! He probably forgot about the pig too. Frank convinced that he couldn’t bring both Fozzie and Piggy in at the same day. It just would not work that way.

    She would never karate chop “Frankie”, but sometimes she would yell at him and he could hear her. Goodness knows if anybody wanted to hear her yell at “Frankie.” Otherwise, she hated Floyd after that incident he caused to make her mad and sometimes Fozzie, but not to Jerry, Richard, or even Jim. Never ever to Kermit’s friend!

    After the song was over, Frank Oz was next to the stage. He even told about the Saturday Night Live days when Jim did a terrible and silly thing at the same time. When his speech was over, he left the stage with tears rolling down from his cheeks.

    “The Rainbow Connection”, Kermit’s signature’s song filled the whole church with Jim’s voice as the frog. The stage was empty! The butterfly rods started to flutter again and everyone including the Muppets, Fraggles, and Sesame Street gang cried. If Jim was dead, a part of the frog died too.

    Once the song ended, John Stone, the director and writer came on the stage and made a speech that was heartfelt, short, and sweet to the point. He even said that Jim was a good friend.

    Gobo couldn’t believe this. So this “Jim” had so many friends. They all cared about him and he was even called a “fearless leader.” He felt like he was a fearless Fraggle himself.

    After John Stone left the stage, then the soft sounds coming from a piano were the first notes from the song, “(It’s Not Easy) Bein’ Green.” When Big Bird sang that song and kind of struggled from that meaningful song, everyone cried. Once the song was done, he looked up from the sky and said, “Thank you, Kermit!” Then, he left the stage.

    Next there were more speakers including: Bernie Brillstein, which was Jim, Kermit, and Miss Piggy’s manager or agent and Michael Frith, the head designer for the Fraggles that made them a great home as much as possible. Next Jerry Nelson came to the stage and thanks to his hip man named Floyd, wanted to read a poem for his old friend Jim.

    Fearless Leader
    Doctor Dog
    Toothsome piano man
    Playing your joyous song of
    Is, was, and will be
    Remembering always the fun silly
    “Poke, poke poke, Bert, hee, hee, hee”

    Fearless Leader
    Mister hands open wide
    Sharing insights of joy and love
    Here! Will you sip? Will you feast?
    There is plenty for all

    Fearless leader
    Whim of steel
    You’ve convinced me, Convincing John
    Cantus, I hear your magic flute
    Whispering and echoing through the caves of my imagination

    Fearless leader
    Green flippered gentleness
    Fill my dreams with your visions
    Of unexplored possibilities
    Shine on, shine on
    Eternally bright in your hearts
    And minds
    Fearless Leader

    Then, Jerry Nelson left the stage before the priests came to the podium by reading the scriptures from different religions requested from the Henson family.

    One the sculptures were read, the Henson family came to the podium. There was their mother, Jane, and the children Brian, Cheryl, John, Lisa, and Heather. Cheryl and Brian read the letters that their father, Jim, wrote four years back before his unfortunate death. The words they read were:

    “I’m not at all afraid of the thought of death and look forward to it. I suggest you first have a friendly little service of some kind; it would lovely if there was a song or two…and someone said some nice, happy words about me. … This may all sound silly to you guys, but what the hey, I’m gone – and who can argue with me?”

    If those were his wishes to his Muppet and Fraggle friends including Kermit, then that was what he wanted. His legacy will never ever be forgotten in years or by decades in the future.

    Finally, Richard came to the podium to introduce their special music also known as, “Jim’s Favorite Songs.”

    One the songs were done, Hunt gave out the eulogy to everyone even for those that never heard of Jim much, but loved the Muppets.

    Now, Gobo had a feeling of that message that said, "Please watch out for each other and love and forgive everybody. It's a good life, enjoy it.” What did that mean? Then, he was thinking about Cantus. If all Fraggles have songs, then "everybody" including silly creatures have songs too.”
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