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Season 36 Character Questions

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by The Count, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. MuppetDude Active Member

    I saw the episode, and I can see where some food can be added to the list:

    The Pineapple--probably shouldn't be added; they could've added any fruit to the script, so he's not very important enough to add to the list. Nice appearance by Peter Linz, though: "Wanna go to a movie?!"

    Mr. Healthy Food--a lavendar live-hand AM with thin blue eyelids, orange nose, brown hair and eyebrows, an upper row of teeth, and wore a fruit-print jacket, a carrot-shaped necktie, and a green hat with fruit on it. He held a microphone coming out of a banana peel. (Also, the Mice from the episode are the same ones used last year.)

    The Tomato, Potato, Lettuce, and Beet--probably shouldn't be counted, since they pop up in other episodes.

    The Broccoli, Apple, Cheese, and Bread, all from the new Global Grover France segment--These are an exception, since they've all got a personality; the broccoli had no eyelashes, and neither did the apple. The (Swiss) cheese had rectangular sides, with a triangular top and bottom, with ovalish eyes near its "point". The bread was sort of hot-dog shaped, with a brown mouth and small round eyes.
  2. The Count Moderator

    Heh, beat me to the punch. Or should that be fruit punch? Aaaaah.
    Statler: Leave the jokes to the bear.

    Anyway, thanks Phillip for moving the thread.

    And from Episode 4086: The World's Greatest Birdseed Cookies...
    Elmo's World: The Farm Animals.
    The Adventures of Trash Gordon: The Piles of Trash.

    Will keep everything updated so far. As for the excess veggies from 4085, won't add them now but might keep them in mind. We'll see what happens at the end of the season and where we stand then.
  3. The Count Moderator

    Before I forget... Was the bit with Queen Quagmire an animated bit? Or were they real Muppet characters? Or were they at least stop-animation characters?
  4. The Count Moderator

    And from 4087: As the Porridge Cooled.
    The Wizard.
    The Cricket, appeared during Global Grover England.
    The Singing Vegetables, these showed up at the end of the adventure in the Wizard's Magical Garden, should they be added?
    The Cabbage, appeared at the end of the adventure in the Wizard's Magical Garden, should it be added?
    Hope to hear from you guys soon.
  5. MuppetDude Active Member

    Elmo's World: The Farm Animals--These would be Old McDonald's animals, including a cow (the Cathlene puppet), goat (with grouch eyes), rooster, horse (brown Fred puppet), chickens, and various fruits and vegetables.

    The Adventures of Trash Gordon: The Piles of Trash--the same kind of puppets used for JHH and TAOEIG, but with a bit more colorful trash on them.

    The "Queen Quagmire" segment was a cartoon with the Muppeteers providing voices.
  6. The Count Moderator

    Thanks pal, that brings up to an even 3400 entries for the list so far.
    Got a list of characters, not from Season 36, I was wondering if you could help in identifying.
    Would appreciate what, if any, info you should have on the following characters to add them to the list. LMK if you need the specific episode numbers in which they appear.
    Granny Grouch.
    Olivia's Grandmother, name of actress who portrayed her.
    Cousin Abigail Snuffleupagus.
    Miss Blechman, name of actress who portrayed her if human.
    The Heartstrongs, names of actors who portrayed them if human.
    David, Elmo's doll.
    Barkley the Cow.
    Dan the Clarinet Player, name of actor who portrayed him if human.
    Forrest Wimbledon, name of actor who portrayed him if human.
    Ernest, Oscar's Brother.
    Tatyana, name of actress who portrayed her if human.
    The Toothpaste Fairy, name of actor/actress who portrayed it if human.
    Mr. Quincy, is this the same character as Mr. Quimby?
    If these are two different characters, plese explain how they differ from each other.
    The Worm Scouts.
    Characters from the story of Grouchelot.
    Pineapple Dentist, name of actor who portrayed him if human.
    The Sax-Playing Fox, what is this character's real name?
    María's Friend, what's this character's name and actor/actress who portrayed it.
    Mother Goose, name of actress who portrayed her if human.
    Triangle Guy.
    Prunella the Grouch, name of actress who portrayed her if human.
    Super Worm.
    Yankee Doodle.
    Yankee Doodle's Horse.
    Pirate Edna, name of actress who portrayed her if human.
    Jack, who is this character?
    Yes Man, or is it Yes-Man.
    Telly Bear.
    Hope to hear from you, my trusted sources, soon and have a good weekend.
  7. MuppetDude Active Member

    I do remember a bunch of these characters:

    Granny Grouch--from show #131: looks like Oscar in a pillbox hat, yellow dress, glasses, and lavendar gloves (actually the body of the lavendar live-hand AM is used for her body). Played by Jerry Nelson.

    Cousin Abigail Snuffleupagus--from #1800; she looks like Snuffy, but has a flower behind her "ear", and a flower lei around her neck.

    The Heartstrongs--they were played by Roscoe Orman, Loretta Long (husband and wife), Northern Calloway (their son), and Chet O'Brian (neighbor, or uncle). I'll have to see the clip again to figure out their names. They were a family in a series (or at least one) of soap-opera episodes.

    David, Elmo's doll--a furry orange doll with a lavendar nose and rainbow-striped body.

    Barkley the Cow--there are certain characters that I don't think should be on the list; if someone is pretending to be them (and it's obvious), it's not really a "character", but someone like superheroes are different. It's kind of hard to explain, but I hope that you can understand what I'm trying to say.

    Forrest Wimbledon--I think he's actually a guest star.

    Tatyana--this is the same actress who would later be on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and recording actress, Tatyana M. Ali.

    The Toothpaste Fairy--a fat blue live-hand AM dressed as a "greaser" with wings and wand. He's got a black pompador, leather jacket, lavendar eyelids, and orange nose.

    Mr. Quincy, is this the same character as Mr. Quimby?--I remember pretty well that the name is Mr. Quincy, not Quimby.

    The Sax-Playing Fox--appears in a street segment where Telly explains the letter "X", where a tux-wearing fox comes in and wants to play the saxophone. He's a Muppet fox (very simple design) with small round eyes and small teeth.

    Triangle Guy--Ah, one of my favorite episodes. This is Telly in a blue (towel) cape and triangle-shaped silver glasses. I don't know if he should be counted, but in the episode, a penguin takes Telly's outfit, and Telly decides whether or not he should hit him. (The fantasy sequence for this is hilarious; he imagines punching the penguin, who is layed in a gurney by two doctors, and Telly is put in court, ruled by the Count. The (penguin) jury find him guilty, and the Count sentences him to a number of years in prison, but can't decide how many; he keeps adding numbers!)

    Yankee Doodle--from what I remember this is a green AM dressed in colonial wear (tri-corner hat, etc.)

    Yankee Doodle's Horse--the yellow horse with gray mane.

    Telly Bear--probably shouldn't be counted; he's Telly with bear ears, snout, and paws. He disguises as a bear to play with Baby Bear's cousin (who's afraid of monsters).
    Cory Stoczynski likes this.
  8. The Count Moderator

    Thanks for the info.
    If Triangle Guy was a superhero persona of Telly's, then I'd include it.
    Regarding Barkley the Cow, I have no info on what/who this is and that's why I asked. But if this is merely Barkley in a silly cow disguise then I'd agree to leave it and Telly Bear off the list for now. Guess I'd have to get the episodes to make a final ruling though.
    Telly Bear, was this from the episode with Oliver, Baby Bear's cousin? Or was it some other cousin of Baby Bear's?
    Anyway, like I said above, will leave it off for now.
    As for the Heartstrongs, I'll wait for more info when you can provide it.
    Will make some additions now.
  9. The Count Moderator

    BTW: The descript you posted for the Toothpaste Fairy sounds very much like the one you gave me for the Tooth Fairy. Are they two distinctly different characters? Should there be two entries, one for each of these characters? Or are the same character?
    Hope to hear from you soon and have a good weekend.
  10. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

  11. The Count Moderator

    OK, another episode and another group of characters to ask about.

    From Episode 4088: Snuffy-Cloud in the Sky.
    Fairy Balloon Person, and the name of the human actor who portrayed him.
    Action Elephant.
    Mike? This was the guy who the Count called to when he wanted the music to start for the song whereby they'd find out the Number of the Day.
    Hope to hear from you guys on these and the characters from Episode 4087 soon.
  12. MuppetDude Active Member

    Oops. I got the two confused. I don't think I remember the Toothpaste Fairy.

    The Fairy Balloon Person is played by Richard Kind, but I haven't seen the show yet.
  13. The Count Moderator

    OK, will wait then. BTW: Have you seen 4087 yet? BTW2: Got some names of human cast characters and the episodes they appeared in, if I were to post them could you help with the actors' names? Or should I just try to get the episodes for myself?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
  14. The Count Moderator

    Uh, guys, rully need your help before we start falling behind.

    If anyone can help with descripts of the characters from 4087 and 4088, pleeeease come in and do your best.
    And the group from 4089: American Fruitstand.
    Gail, human kid, if possible name of actress who portrayed her.
    Amanda, human kid, if possible the name of the actress who portrayed her.
    The Delivery Woman, who brings in the boxes of all the food for Hooper's Store.
    Doug Clark, host of American Fruitstand.
    The Adventures of Trash Gordon: The Terrible Three-Sided Triangles.
    Also need help with the background characters from the last song about broccoli from the American Fruitstand street story, and the background characters who showed up during the song "A Cookie is a Sometimes Food".
    Also, the guest who showed up during Elmo's World: Singing was denoted as the Opera Singer. Is this a completely different character than Diva D'Abbruzzio? Would appreciate all the help I could get on these to add them to the list.
    Thanks and hope to hear from my trusted sources soon.
  15. MuppetDude Active Member

    Sorry I haven't helped you much this week; I've got a 5-page essay due and I've been doing work on it.

    Here's as many descriptions as I can shell out:

    The Wizard--played by Alan Muroaka, in a long white beard and moustache, greenish robe, and pointed (and tilted) brown hat. His magic wand is a flat sunflower.

    The Cricket--the same puppet used for Gus Hopper.

    The Singing Vegetables--since they are owned by the Wizard, I'd count them. They include a yam, corn, broccoli, beet, and carrot. (There may have been a few others.)

    The Cabbage--a cabbage wearing a jacket and driver's cap, holding a steering wheel. Maybe you should call him the "Taxi Cabbage". (Wocka-wocka! :o )

    Fairy Balloon Person--Richard Kind in a purple suit, top hat (with plastic balloons on the top), and white balloons on his shoulders.

    Action Elephant--the Muppet Elephant (no costume). I'm not sure you know this yet, but by last year the Elephant was made into a full-body puppet, performed by Joey Mazzarino.

    Mike--I'll have to recheck the episode again.

    Diva D'Abruzzo is the Opera Singer; it's just that Elmo refers to her by name at the end of the segment.

    I seen a picture of Hoots's song, and I seen an apple and a banana. (But I'll have to see the segment to figure out whether or not they should be added.)

    P.S.: Where's everybody else? :confused:
  16. The Count Moderator

    Aahh, that's good. Thanks pal, will wait till you get a chance to watch for Mike if that's the guy's name in 4088 during the Number of the Day song. Will also wait for the characters from 4089.
    As to where everyone else is... maybe they got sucked down the drain at the end of Ernie's bath?
  17. The Count Moderator

    BTW... What's your take on the following from 4087.
    The Three Chicken Bears, The Three Pig Bears, Papa Dog and Mama Horse? My instinct is that since these are the Three Bears turned into other animals they shouldn't be added, but it's always good to get a second opinion.
    Good luck with your work, got some stuff to take care here also.
  18. MuppetDude Active Member

    Gail, human kid, if possible name of actress who portrayed her.
    Amanda, human kid, if possible the name of the actress who portrayed her.

    Is it a good idea to add kids on the street? There's literally been hundreds of them, and though I can see why John-John, Joey, and Shala are on the list, I'm not sure if kids that put in one-time appearances should be counted.

    The Delivery Woman--not sure if she should be counted; she's a bit obscure.

    Duck Clark--the blue mallard puppet with black hair (with sideburns) and a gray suit. His microphone is the same mike/banana as Mr. Healty Food's.

    The Adventures of Trash Gordon: The Terrible Triangles--one was red with angry blue eyelids and lashes and small orange nose. Another was pink with angry pink eyelids/fuzzy lashes. Another was yellow with angry red eyelids.

    Also need help with the background characters from the last song about broccoli from the American Fruitstand street story, and the background characters who showed up during the song "A Cookie is a Sometimes Food".

    I've got good news; according to a news article, Rosemarie Truglio (VP or research and education) said that fruits and veggies are "new characters".

    The broccoli number included three string beans, a lettuce, a cabbage, and (I think) a yam and potato.

    In Hoots's number, they were a banana, apple, pineapple, and fig.
  19. The Count Moderator

    OK, thanks pal. Still need Mike from the song of the Number of the Day to finish off Episode 4088.

    And here's the list from Episode 4090: Cookie Moon.
    There was the bit in the street story where Cookie asks Slimey to get him to the moon, and Slimey calls WASA. Who was it showed up with a small worm rocket for Cookie Monster? How should they be added to the list?
    The Cheese from the Chasing the Cheese segment.
    Who hosted the Chasing the Cheese segment? Was it a "Chris Vermen Muppet"?
    The Adventures of Trash Gordon: The Wicked Wingtips.

    Will address some concerns in the next post, just hope to get help in adding these guys from the new episodes to the list.
  20. MuppetDude Active Member

    Oops, forgot about Mike!

    He was either:

    a) a yellow AM with a slim pink nose, sleepy eyes, and white hair, wearing a tux.


    b) an orange AM with pear-shaped pink nose, green eyelids, and white hair, wearing a tux.

    I haven't seen today's show yet.

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