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Series 1 Arrives: When and Where

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Phillip, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. matleo

    matleo Well-Known Member

    Found em here in NJ at a Suncoast video (finally!) Actually had apleasant chat with a young woman (27ish) who was in AWE of the figures and each one was "her favorite" who she "loved" althpough she couldn't rmemebr Dr. Teeth's name. Funny story to add here... So we're talking and I mention that Dr. teeth is my favorite and then I turn to buy him and Kermit. I leave and start out of the mall and I pullout Teeth to look at him. As I look down, I notice that one of his hands has come off. So I go back to exchange him. The woman and her husband are now abotu to chack out and I walk up to the cashier (Dr. T in hand) and ask if I can exchange him cause he's broken.
    Clerk: Uh, sure, do we have another one ther?
    (I look) No.
    Clerk: Do you think you can fix it.
    (I give clerk daft look of bewilderment at suggestion I buy broken goods)
    other clerk: Sure he's the last one
    me: Yep
    Woman from previous conversatoin: No, he's not (pulls Dr. Teeth off her pile of goods) This one is. And you want him more (switches mine and hers) I'm not buying this one. Just gve me the others.

    Just goes to show, nice people aren't dead, their just hiding in NJ.

  2. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Well-Known Member

    That's funny...you know what really stings about that? That hand is PVC into PVC...simple mushroom joint. If it was popped back on it would be good as new but it jostled loose in shipping. Happens, but MAN I hate to hear that. That's a return in my book...and man...returns STINK.

    You ought to go back and offer to buy it at a discount then open it up and pop the hand on (prove I'm not a fool!)...but in any case, nice to hear someone being friendly and not pulling a "cabbage patch" on you.

  3. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    First I hear about Dr Teeths nose falling off(becausehe was dropped), and now his hand! LOL at least they go back togther,

    this stuff is supost to happen to Beaker! well i guess the mutant beaker makes up for that;-)

    Zack)Rowlf the, i hope Rowlf tail doesn't fall off when he comes out...wait a second...Rowlf doesn't have a tail...it must have fallin off,Dog.
  4. Thog

    Thog Well-Known Member

    I'm there every day! I think I'll get the Kermit one today.

  5. Michael Crawford

    Michael Crawford Well-Known Member

    More Muppets in Michigan

    We still haven't seen our EB Piggy, but the Ann Arbor Media Play had TONS of the regular series on the pegs this morning. At $8.99, you might want to wait for TRU, but if you're having trouble finding a Honeydew or Dr. Teeth, that might be the way to go.

  6. Prof Shubbly

    Prof Shubbly Member

    Just picked up my set from the EB in the Dufferin Mall in Toronto, Canada. (they had none at the Toys'r'Us in the same mall) They look very nice. I was just about to pull them out of the package when I thought I'd post here. The clerk at the store had just opened the case the day before and he was very impressed with the figures. He asked me a lot of questions about the line which I answered as best I could from all the great information posted here. I asked about the exclusive Piggy but the clerk knew nothing, though he did mention that other people came in asking the same question. At least they actually know what the figures are so that I can call to find out if they have the figures in. I'll have to keep visiting the Toys'r'Us to check for the Kermit because they hadn't a clue last time I talked to them. I'm really looking forward to getting the playset so that I can set it all up. :)
  7. Chad Kermit

    Chad Kermit Well-Known Member

    Miss Piggy EB version


    Just received three of these in the mail. Two for me and one for a friend. The Exclusive figure is great but all three have paint chips where her shoulder joins the body. The area is a clear white type of plastic unpainted. So a small portion of her arm is unpainted. The joints between the gloves and arms are all loose and you can see the connections. But I love the sculpt looks better than the photo. She comes with same accessories plus boa.

  8. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member

    Guys !

    Hey Guys,
    The Muppets are back where they belong !

    YES !

    In London !

    Series One, minus the Playset, HAVE ARRIVED IN LONDON !

    Last night the woman i spoke to told me they wouldnt be there until the end of July, When i called today they had juast got them in !

    You gotta love those Store Managers !

    So i got my whole Series One today (minus the Playset)

    They also have the Jen 'Dark Crystal' doll for £32.99

    They cost £13.99 and are available at Forbidden Planet .

    The adress -

    Forbidden Planet
    71 - 73 New Oxford Street,
    London WC1A 1DG

    Tel: 0207 420 3666
  9. Blake Wright

    Blake Wright Member

    Tuxedo Kermit hits Houston

    Hello all...

    I found the TRU exclusive Tuxedo Kermit this afternoon at the Willowbrook Mall TRU here in Houston. They had about a dozen of him. No sign of Series 1 though. Kermit looks good... but he was $10.99, which stings a bit.

    Happy Hunting...

  10. towels

    towels Well-Known Member


    No sign of them in the Portland area yet. (C'mon, we're as close to China as anyone!)
    However it's pretty much a universal "not yet" instead of a "what?" or "all out" so that's a little bit of a good thing.
    Now I'll get a Fathers Day gift, plus the figures!
  11. radionate

    radionate Well-Known Member

    For those who are trying to get the figures, the lady at TRU gave me the SKU number today. She said you can call any TRU in the country and give them this number to find out if they have them in stock. 531281.

    I've posted this elsewhere, but I thought I'd post it here as well.
  12. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member

    They've Arrived in Salt Lake City--

    They had all of the figures at the TRU in Sugarhouse--they've probably got them in West Valley and Murray as well, so if you're in the 'hood, pick them up---these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  13. Beaker 78

    Beaker 78 Member

    North Carolina

    I found a Kermit and Dr Teeth at EB Games in NC yesterday afternoon. They had (before I got mine) 2 Kermits, 2 Piggies, 1 Bunson and 1 Dr Teeth.

  14. Electric Mayhem

    Electric Mayhem Well-Known Member

    I just got my set of 4 from a Media Play here in Cincinnati. Funny how they weren't on the retailer list, but I had a feeling they'd get them anyways....

    Still have to go to TRU & EB for the exclusives...
  15. FER SURE

    FER SURE Well-Known Member

    Media Play is part of the Musicland Group. They include Media Play, Suncoast, On Cue, and Sam Goody. I think the funny part is they no longer include Musicland as those were all converted. The whole shebang is owned by Best Buy.
  16. Dr. Bombay

    Dr. Bombay Well-Known Member

    Yes, I picked up Kermit, Piggy, Dr. Teeth and Bunsen yesterday at the Sugar House TRU here in SLC. They were $7.99 piece which seems to be lower than what I've been reading others paying for them. I asked about the playset and the clerk told me that the would be there anytime between 3-6 weeks.

    I also checked out the TRU in West Valley. They only had Piggy and Kermit and not very many.

    I'm impressed with these figures in every area! The sculpt, design, packaging, etc. I noticed that Bunsen changes his coloring from green to yellow depending on what light source you're under. I can't wait for the others!
  17. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik Well-Known Member

    I called my TRU, again. And again, they still don't have the figures (they were rather rude to me on the phone. I think they're tired of me calling in every other day to see if they have these figures yet).

    So a little later I went to the mall to go to the EB and see if these figures are in yet. Right as I was entering the store, I told my sister, "They're probably not gonna have the figures, and I'm going to leave empty-handed." And then I looked, and they had the figures!

    I had no idea which ones I wanted, I wanted them all! I finally decided on Bunsen and the Miss Piggy exclusive (I'm not going to buy the regular Piggy). They were $7.99 each (I thought that was a little low, but hey, I'll take it!). The guys at EB were very nice (hear that Beavercreek TRU?), and they actually knew stuff about the figures!

    I left the store very happy, but I soon returned, because I wanted a Dr. Teeth as well. There was only one left, so I got him (one guy said that the Dr. Teeth and Kermit are the best-sellers so far). I was actually very pleased, and if they sell Series 2, I shall be sure to buy my figures there.

    (by the way, that was the EB at the Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek, Ohio, just for you folks keeping score at home)

    Actually, a funny thing happened when I took the Robot Rabbit out of the package. I had set it up for it to stand, however it fell over. I just then noticed that it was missing a foot. My first reaction was to see if I could return it or try to get a replacement foot, however I'm quite happy with this one-footed Robot Rabbit (somewhere out there is a lucky Robot Rabbit foot). It has a special charm to it, and I might actually make a crutch for my Robot Rabbit (as you can tell, I am not a super-collector).
  18. tomahawk

    tomahawk Well-Known Member

    series one

    i have my series one set and i haven't been this happy since MUPPETFEST.just waiting on beaker and the two exclusives.love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. FER SURE

    FER SURE Well-Known Member

    for the ease of those people calling their TRU here are the SKN numbers for all the figs and the playset.

    Piggy 531281 A
    Dr. Teeth 531281 B
    Bunsen 531281 C
    Kermit 531281 D
    Kermit Tux Exclusive 531254
    Muppet Labs 531289
  20. Miltb

    Miltb New Member

    Central Ohio has Series I

    Went to the mall yesterday and Suncoast has Series One ($8.99). EB did not have any on display and neither did Sam Goody. But maybe Sam Goody will not be carrying the Series since Suncoast is in the same mall. They look sooo gooood. Glad they finally hit this area. :p

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