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Sesame Street Season 35 New Characters

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by The Count, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    :cool: Can't wait to see that list. (Believe it or not, I once had a dream that I seen it, but as soon as I clicked on the post, I woke up! I must be going crazy... :zany: )
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK, just watched the last episode missing from Season 35, and I have a few questions before putting the finishing touches on ML V11.
    From Episode 4078.
    1 What were the animals that showed up during Elmo's Opera Lullaby? Do you think they should all be included in the listings? Or are they just random generic animals that don't necessarily merit individual entries in the listings?
    2 Who were the characters involved in this song about a mom who sings "Tortelini" to her child to get the child stop repeating the word "Mama"?
    Do these characters have names? If so, please supply them.
    And don't forget to include descripts of the characters asked about above.

    And another few questions to whoever can answer them, MuppetDude or someone else.
    3 How do you think it would be best to add the two AM's from the song "Beep"? Do you think it would be fine to just list them individually as "Beep Anything Muppets" #1 and #2?
    4 Do you think that off-screen characters like Charlie from Charlie's Restaurant and others should stay on the listings or be eliminated cause they never showed up on screen?
    Hope to hear from you guys promptly, so that you can see all the hard work put into getting ML V11 ready.
    Thanks for all the help and have a good day.
  3. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    1. The animals included three sheep; one white one dressed as a Japanese kabuki girl, a black one dressed in a pharoa-type egyptian outfit, and another white one who I think was also dressed as a kabuki girl. The rest of the animals included Buster the Horse in a blue and silver sorcerer's robe, with a moon/sun headress, and there was a pig dressed as a clown, a reddish-brown wolf dressed as a brown-dress Valkyrie (complete with blond pigtails!), a blue turkey in a sort of "Old English" outfit with ruffles and a powdered wig, a chicken dressed in a belly dancer outfit, a rooster dressed as a Mexican Hat Dancer, and a blue/red/orange duck dressed in "Old English" garb, with a tall powdered wig. If you want to add them to the list, you might call them this:

    The Opera-Singing Zoo (SS, from Denyce Graves's "Operatic Lullaby"). You could also leave off the "Denyce Graves's 'Operatic Lullaby'" if you want.

    2. All of the singers were monsters with mop-like hair, and none of them had names. The baby was pink, the mother (or sister, I don't know) was grey with pink hair, and the rest included a yellow monster with brown hair, two blue ones with blue/pink hair, and a green one with brown hair.

    3. Depending on what they looked like, I'm not sure if they should be added at all.

    4. You can always say that they're "unseen" right beside the "show initials" they come from. For example:

    Mr. Shimmelfinny (FR, unseen)

    It also depends on how frequent they are mentioned (at least twice, I'd say).

    There's also another character I think you left out of your list: Walt Dizzy. In one episode in the nineties he directed "The Chicken King", and he was a short lavendar AM with brown fuzzy hair and moustache, a pink nose, a red plaid shirt, a yellow baseball cap, eyelids, and glasses. He carried a bull horn, and only made one appearance.

    And for a bonus, here are a few extra to add to your list, all from "Elmo's World"

    THE BEACH BALL--a multicolored beach ball with brown eyelids and a black mouth.

    THE FOOTBALL--he has a black mouth and stiches for "lips". He also has brown eyelids.

    THE HAT--a dark grey derby with a red/pink mouth and pink eyelids.

    THE CRASH HELMET--an orange/green helmet with a large mouth and tinted visor. He had sleepy eyes, but since they were under the visor I couldn't tell what color the eyelids are.

    THE SHOE--a pink kid's shoe with blue laces with pom-poms, and sleepy lashed eyes. Here mouth is at the toe of the shoe, and she has a red mouth.

    THE LOAFERS--these shoes were seen in the Elmo's World episode about Ears, and were black with blue eyelids.

    THE HIKING BOOTS--a tan pair of boots with round, lidded eyes on the toe, as well as a mouth. One had a red handkerchief sticking out of him.

    THE JACKET--aka "Zoe's Jacket". I've already told you what she looked like.

    DIVA D'ABRUZZO--an orange live-hand AM with a dark pink nose and silver eyelids, and a black mole on her cheek. She wears a large poofy pink dress and a tall powdered wig with white feathers in it.

    THE TELEPHONE--a rotary-dial, with black lashes on her round eyes that are near her receiver. Her mouth is near the front of the phone.

    THE CACTUS--he has white eyes and black eyebrows.

    THE TUMBLEWEED--her face is in the middle of a rotating wheel that looks like a tumbleweed. She has pink, lashed eyes and a turned-down black mouth.

    THE JET PLANE--a blue, white, and gray jet with a propellor for a nose, a black mouth, and black pupils located on each of his front windows.

    THE TOOTH--a white tooth with brownish, lashed eyelids, a red mouth, and a black mortarboard with tassel.

    THE GLASS OF WATER--a glass with white ping-pong ball-like eyes.

    THE BIRTHDAY CAKE--a white cake with green, pink, and yellow decoration, with green lashes, and around her black mouth, she has pink "outlined" lips.

    THE WILD ANIMALS--they include a brown bear with teeth, Chicago the Lion, a tiger, an elephant, and Joey and Davey Monkey (although one of them has black lashes).

    Aside from them, I will also give you the names of the Fluter-Tooters, but not now. (I've forgot who's who.) The Fluter-Tooters are a group of lavendar birds with curved orange beaks, and often have feathered hair.

    Two of them were known as Claude and Carlada Cuckoo, who are the parents of Baby Cathy Cuckoo. The two parents had only a few thin feathers on their heads.

    If you can, don't post the list until I or someone else gets the name of the Fluter-Tooters.

    Does any of this help your list? :D :D :D
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Do you have to ask? Of course it's a help to/for my list! It probably won't be posted till tomorrow or Friday, since I have to redo the numbering sequence before posting.
    As for the Fluter Tooters, I already have Floyd Fluter Tooter on the list but any additional information will be appreciated.
    As for the list above, except for Walt Dizzy, everything else's from Elmo's World right?
    Is Walt Dizzy from SS? If not, then what Henson production?
    As for the characters from the song "Beep", search out BlueAM's "AM Questions" thread cause there are descripts of the two there.
    As for the monsters from the song, they'll go by the wayside.
    As for the animals, I think that "The Opera Singing Zoo" would be best.
    As for the off-screen characters, I think I'll keep them as is in the listings.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you again soon.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh yeah, before I forget... are Elmo's World: The Loafers the same characters/entry I already have listed as "Elmo's World: The Squeaky Shoes"?
    Thanks again and have a good day.
  6. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    Walt Dizzy is from Sesame Street.

    And yes, the loafers are the same puppets, but with different eyes and voices, so both can be included.

    As for the names of the Fluter-Tooters, here they are. I'm guessing which name goes with which bird:

    Flo (dark hair, and glasses)
    Flip (pink hair)
    Felix (bald)

    And Claude, Carlada, and Cathy Cuckoo aren't from Elmo's World.

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