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The end of Playhouse Disney Live at WDW

Discussion in 'Bear in the Big Blue House' started by FlutterSnuggle, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh Well-Known Member

    And felt in the same Muppet spirit.
  2. PHDGrady

    PHDGrady New Member

    I registered in this forum specifically to reply to this thread.

    Bear, and his Big Blue House, have been a HUGE part of my life for the last 5 years. I had the honor of performing with him on a daily basis at Disney's California Adventure for years. Better still, I got to close the show with him out there. As far as I know, I was the last person on stage with Bear.

    I do the current Playhouse Disney show, with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It. Is. Not. The. Same. I, along with my fellow puppeteers, miss Bear on a daily basis. The joke backstage is that it's ALWAYS "too soon." And we always pause when we find orange fur on someone's clothes (cause that stuff never goes away! It's a badge of honor!)

    Anyway. I just thought I'd share in the love that we all have for Bear =) All the best, everyone!
  3. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    It's good to see that you guys out there miss him as much as we do here in FL... :) Question... does Bear still hang around there? Y'know, just in case...?
  4. muppet baby

    muppet baby Well-Known Member

  5. Elmo The Second

    Elmo The Second Active Member

    Wow I love bear in the big blue house. My favorite was always Treelo! He or she [i have no idea] was so funny
  6. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    Treelo was a boy.
  7. PHDGrady

    PHDGrady New Member

    Does anyone have a good site to post a large video file on? As a youtube sort of thing? I have the video of the final PHD in California. I also have some bear-cam footage, though not sure if that's kosher to post =) I'd love to share it with you! I'll have to find out the file size and let you know. It's big... high quality and all 22 minutes.
  8. Teenager's

    Teenager's Well-Known Member

    I'd Love to see both of those videos. Would you be opposed to breaking it up into shorter bits on youtube? or is it also to large of a file for that?
  9. muppets2

    muppets2 Well-Known Member

  10. Buff Beaker

    Buff Beaker Well-Known Member

    Man do I miss this show. This was my favorite back at MGM studios. I wish bear could still be in the disney parks in some form( ride, show, etc).
  11. BlakeConor14

    BlakeConor14 Well-Known Member

    Why have you thread bumped a ten year old thread?
  12. Blue Frackle

    Blue Frackle Well-Known Member

    Because he wanted to talk about it... :rolleyes:
    Buff Beaker and gavry3 like this.
  13. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Though all in seriousness, I wonder what became of those puppets.
    Buff Beaker likes this.
  14. Buff Beaker

    Buff Beaker Well-Known Member

    Because I just discovered this thread and I wanted to talk about how much I love the show.
    Blue Frackle likes this.

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