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The end of Playhouse Disney Live at WDW

Discussion in 'Bear in the Big Blue House' started by FlutterSnuggle, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. hehehe Member

    ""Playhouse Disney" Review

    AAO (and anybody else) you will find my review in the General Discussion section (unless Phil decides it doesn't belong there)
  2. AAO Member

    Well, funny thing that video you saw was my show.. and Donald thanks you... ;) I'm also friends with Leo, Rusty the wrench, and Roo...
  3. Carol UK New Member

    Oooh...I can't wait to see the new show...have my day off from working at Disney tommorow and am hoping to go to the studios. When it says 'soft opening' does that mean you have to be invited?
  4. AAO Member

    Actually, the show is now opened to the public! I'm back at Studios on Sunday doing shows all day...
  5. Carol UK New Member

    Seen the show now...it is different but i still enjoyed it. Some of the puppets look a lot harder to manipulate than others! Seeing Bear and friends was a little more exciting for me as they all looked like they do on TV - it is odd seeing Mickey as a puppet! I did like the show though, and so did all the kids sat around me! I will have to visit again when i get the chance, and stand up at the back so i can peer into the stage to see how it's done!
  6. hehehe Member


    I have reposted my review below, just in case:

    There are actually a lot of good things to say about this show, and one real negative thing.
    The Good:
    First off, I like how the overall theme song (the one that Casey sings right at the beginning) is one that's actually heard on the channel, as opposed to before. Sure the old "Playhouse Disney" song was catchy enough, but why not use the Wiggles version of the song in the Bear version? That was catchy and heard on the channel. But I digress.
    -- I love how the cast member host has a lot more to do in this show. Always fun to have someone acting live.
    --Clubhouse portion was excellent. Puppets were spot-on. However, I (thinking in the mind set of a kid) was confused by one thing: Mickey says he knows some great stories..and then activates the Mousekadoer for Mousekatools? Confusing to kid minds, I think. Instead, he should say something like, "Maybe some Mousekatools will help us figure out what to do."
    And speaking of Mousekatools-- AAO, I have a question. Is the audio for the show controlled by someone in house, or is it fixed? By that I mean, can the oppening music for each segment be delayed? Here's what I'm thinking: When the Mousekatools are first retrieved, Casey shouldn't say what show they're from, instead she should just do and affirming nod or a "Hmm" or something like that, so that when Toodles comes later at the start of each segment, Casey can say something like, "A toolbox. Hmmm. Which of our Playhouse Disney friends uses a toolbox? Shout it out!" That way, it would be more like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and more interactive for the kids to boot! Of course, as I said, this would only work if the audio can be delayed.
    --Handy Manny and Little Einstiens: Nice segments, good puppets, wouldn't change a thing.
    --Finale: Nice, feel-good ending with an okay birthday song and one major problem that goes under...

    The Bad:
    -Where, oh where in God's green earth was "Hot Dog!"? Disney really made a major mistake there. You cannot do Mickey Mouse Clubhouse without the Hot Dog! dance. It's just not done. That needs to be corrected, pronto.

    Now, which show is better? I would have to say the original was slightly better than this one, but, despite what everyone else will probably say, I like this one, too. Ingenious use of Toodles, and I hope it does well!
  7. hehehe Member

    So, AAO-- can the audio be delayed at the start of each segment? And what about "Hot Dog!" What's the deal there? (See my review above)
  8. AAO Member

    Everything that goes within the show like the Mousekadoer and Mousekatools are within the Mousekedoer and kids already know what Mickey's talking about thus they watch the show. Disney has already got feedback from children and family's during preview week/filming... we did some tweaks to the show as well as cut lines for time. Also, your question about the delay with the audio... not going to happen. These are used in order to help enable page turns with the book, character transitions, prop placement as well as technical work behind the scenes that need to be done quickly to give the final treatment of the scene. Also, HOTDOG song, actually not a fan and glad they didn't use it. But again it wouldn't make sense to use that song after Minnie's birthday at the END of the show... We want it to be catchy with the song Donald wrote. Also, in order to keep consistent with the television show, we would have to have Donald, Mickey, etc. do their hotdog dance and in puppet world with those moves that they use for CGI wouldn't read... Trust me.. Thanks for your question though! PM me if you have any other questions...
  9. AAO Member

    Also the idea with toodles is a great idea... but time wise within a theme park show for kids 2 and up wouldn't work.. plus toodles is operated through a very technical process surprisingly; we had lots of glitches with toodles on account he wouldn't leave the stage during page turns and could have caused damage. So the less they keep that toodle thing out the less managment and tech crews have to worry...
  10. Franklin Heart New Member

    well aren't you mr. info AAO
  11. AAO Member

    Well i give the information like it should be given...
  12. Franklin Heart New Member

    I know , i'm just messing with you. ::)
  13. wwfpooh New Member

    In fitting tribute to Bear & the Woodland Valley gang, I hearby gather the cast around for a final send-off:

    The moon
    The bear
    And the big blue house
    Will be waiting for you
    To come and play
    To come and play
    To come and play
    Goodbye now
  14. AAO Member

    nice send off. I'm sure the otters and treelo love it... lOL
  15. wwfpooh New Member

    All fans of the show ought to have enjoyed it as well.
  16. AAO Member

    sadly it was only cast members who really saw it.. the people in the audience really had no idea it was the end of something so great...
  17. wwfpooh New Member

    People are sadly becoming more ignorant, it seems.
  18. beaker Well-Known Member

    So is the Bear franchise, for all intensive purposes completely dead?

    RIP Bear
  19. wwfpooh New Member

    Pretty much.
  20. AAO Member

    It's sad to say that it's true. When Bear left a lot of the soul of the show at Studios went with it. The Bear franchise slowly stopped during the end of the live show run.. But people and kids even still know who Bear is! Funny, huh? He lives on through DVDs etc... I'm not quite sure if he'll be back... Such a great show and a true classic now..

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