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The most DATED thing on classic Sesame Street?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by jeffkjoe, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    The most dated thing on classic Sesame Street was Maria. David dated her, Luis dated her...
  2. superfan

    superfan Active Member

    Oh man, don't even....LOL!

    :rolleyes: ;)
  3. Mokeystar

    Mokeystar Member

  4. fuzzygobo

    fuzzygobo Well-Known Member

    another dated piece

    During Season 2, Sesame Street expanded its agenda to include identifying numbers up to 20. So there's a film of a boss in his office sending his employee (our very own Joe Raposo!) out to find a 20. "That's a 2 and a 0 together!"
    They skip numbers 1 trough 10, assuming viewers are familiar enough with them.

    11- Joe points to a calendar dated January 11, 1971. Not good enough for his boss.

    12- on the face of a clock. But the boss demands a 20. So Joe goes out into the cold New York streets.

    13- number of a crosstown bus

    14- street sign of 14th Street, which in New York is WAY Downtown

    15- 15 cents for a newspaper, (now costing $1.25) with the headline YOU'RE GETTING WARMER!!!!!!

    16- a runner with a 16 on his chest, who goes into a building numbered

    17- gets on the elevator to the

    18- 18th floor, and Joe follows

    19- to Room 19, Joe enters and gets chased by a gorilla (!), but the big ape has a

    20- mission accomplished!!!

    They showed this clip well into the late 70's, until the calendar probably showed the clip's age too much. I mean once kids started watching who weren't even born yet in 1971, it seemed like time to put this one in the vault.

    Then there are old fogees like me :sleep:
  5. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    that was really Joe Raposo? humm. i thought these might of been actors from some prime time show. like 1 of the SSU shows from the 2nd season witch had some of the cast from Bonanza
  6. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    I read somewhere that James Earl Jones said the alphabet on the very first episode of Sesame Street.
  7. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    I remember that one. I had forgotten that 1 through 10 was omitted, but it sounds right. If they really wanted to, they could always re-shoot a close up of another calendar, but I doubt if the current producers have any desire to show an old classic with a late great performer from the past.
  8. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Why would they omit 1-10? Had they ever done that before? Or, maybe they would always show a sketch about counting from 1-10 prior to this one.
  9. DTF

    DTF Member

    I remember that one too, but the only parts I remembered vividly were the boss' instructions and the gorilla with the 20. I know they showed it at least till I was 5 or 6 (1974-5) but even then it's one of those bague childhood memories - you know you saw it but can't place a time, etc. on it; thanks.

    I still remember thinking, "Why does that gorilla have a 20?" near the last time I was watching it. I was a great storyteller, though, even back then I did funny stories w/my stuffed animals. And, I can remember figuring, "Well, of course, that's why the guy wanted it, he needed the fellow to get it away from the gorilla."

    (Snip mental picture I must have had of a frantic boss worried because the gorilla had his "20.")
  10. Ziffel

    Ziffel Active Member

    And the skit from about 1970 where Ernie takes a picture of The Cookie Monster taking cupcakes had a very outdated camera. And of course the presence of something outdated is hardly a reason to not show the segment anymore, especially since these classic segments are so brilliant. But now it's rare to get any older segment at all, regardless of the existence of outdated material or not.
    Another thing too: 70's Sesame Street used some very outdated things itself back then, like those 30's black&white clips of trains and cars to teach about things like short and long (and they easily could have used 70's vehicles to achieve the same teachings). So if the 30's were okay for 70's SS, then 70's SS should be fine for this decade. :)
    Just as new generations keep loving shows like "I Love Lucy" ,"The Honeymooners" , and "The Andy Griffith Show" despite numerous outdated things, today's kids would love classic SS. If it's brilliant, well acted, well written, and funny, then it's timeless.

    I had to quote this because I thought it was hilarious!
  11. Sesame Archives

    Sesame Archives New Member

    It just so happens that I was born on that very date shown on that calendar! Was that the date that sketch was filmed? Also, who was playing the boss in that sketch, perhaps Jeff Moss?
  12. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    I'm definitely going to go with "Disco D". Love the song, very catchy, hopelessly dated! Lol

    But I agree with what someone said earlier, they show classic shows on TV all the time, and they're not just watched by adults. So why not put a little more faith in classic Sesame Street? I do not agree with the idea that older show can be somehow confusing or damaging to kids.
  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Hey... I said Disco in this thread 3 years ago....

    Not holding their interrest, maybe... Damaging and confusing, no.
  14. JLG

    JLG Active Member

    Any old segment explaining "TELEPHONE" would never used be used now, I'm sure. There must have been dozens of those, be they cartoons (remember that cat chasing the phone as if it was a mouse? ["Telephone?"] Hubley studios I think), or the Two-Headed Monster putting the two halves of the word together, or the Yip-Yips checking out a phone through the window and ducking whenever it rang.

    The concept of "telephone" is much more fluid and less specific than it was twenty years ago. Back then there were only telephones. Now there are cell phones everywhere (including in the hands of some Sesame-age viewers, which I find incredibly inappropriate), plus beepers, pagers, Blackberries, the internet, etc. Plus, it's very hard to find those "two bells on a stick"-shaped phones anymore. So I imagine most of those segments are permanently out to pasture.
  15. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Oh sorry lol, good minds think alike!

    Not sure I even belief that. Very often what's on the TV doesn't seem to reflect the actual viewing public.
  16. ISNorden

    ISNorden Active Member

    [other numbers snipped for space]

    LOL...you wouldn't happen to have a movie file of that clip, would you? I was born in early 1969, so the first couple of seasons include a lot of great-sounding stuff I missed!
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Pagers and beepers are out of date as well. There was some TV show that made fun of it, and I can't remember what it was. I think it was Arrested Developement.

    But the only thing that keeps telephones dated are the use of rotary phones, and phones that "ring" instead of have those prolonged beeps.

    Yeah, I don't know what to think of it either. Personally, there are 3 reactions to how an old film would be percepted. one is no reaction. The second would be "This film is old! I can't relate and therefore I don't have any interrest." and the third would be "WOW! An old film. It's interresting to see what things were like years ago."

    I just can't believe kids being confused. 2 year olds maybe, but when I saw something that was old, I knew it was old, even when I was 3 or so. I just didn't care.

    I will say in this day and age, all the filmed footage does look old, due to the film's graniness. You can imitate film on a digital camera. It looks pretty inorganic, though. The "filmed" inserts of today will hold up better in the future, due to the fact they are digital, and can't really degenerate like film does. That said, I'd rather see film that looks like film. Even (and especially) in animation. But that's another discussion for another day.

    This brings back memories of a long posted thread I'm too lazy to bother looking up. This was wa-a-a-a-a-ay back. Some parents on Amazon bought an out of print video from the 80's in 2003 (or so) and actually complained how dated the features looked, and how it actually didn't hold the child's interrest. Of course, the child was just over a year old. You can see the same sort of complaints from parents that use SS as a baby sitter all over Amazon. my favorite? A complaint about Sesame Road saying the songs didn't keep the kid as entertained when he was listenting to an all Elmo CD. Of course. I don't think the 18 month old would have gotten the reference to Billy Idol or Joe Cocker.
  18. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've seen some of those. Of course I don't know that person's situation. But it sounded like it was more the parent who was upset about how dated it look. The child may have been disinterested for other reasons (One-year-old is a little young).

    Plus, I've also seen a ton of Amazon reviews where parents say their kids love classic SS as much (and sometimes more) as the modern show. But there's little opportunity to see it. Everyone's different and have their own tastes, that's fine. I just wish everyone's interests were being represented. If Elmo's not your favorite (and there are kids who feel that way), you're out of luck. To me, if a show's main intention is to be educational, it shouldn't cut off a portion of its audience.

    Even at 3 years old, kids are being taught that unless they like what everyone else likes, they're out of the loop and wrong. When I have kids, I don't want them learning that lesson.
  19. ISNorden

    ISNorden Active Member

    You've already beaten me to the most obvious answers (traffic/pedestrian signals and phones)--but what about the TV sets with dials? They'd be considered seriously out of date by viewers who cared about clips being too old.
  20. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i love the reviews that say "My child enjoys these old episodes more than he enjoys current Sesame." But the bad reviews are always a riot. Like they miss the point entirely. There are some kids that like older SS, but some kids that love Elmo. I always see the occasional goofy review in which the parents buy something either out of date, or that's geared to a child older than the one they have, and then wonder why the kids lose interrest.

    Firstly, a 18 month child would probably rather be walking around, crawling around, exploring the environment, because it can. No matter what you do, some kids are pretty hyperactive. Secondly, if your kid likes Elmo most of all, you'd be better suited to get an Elmo's world DVD than an out of Print VHS that was made before the character was popular. It's tantamount to someone not liking the classic SNL DVD sets because they're a bigger fan of Will Ferrel, and really should stick to the Best of Will Ferrel videos.

    But I digress, as this is getting way of topic.

    To every decade of SS, there will be skits that are timeless (even despite having obsolete technology in the backgorund, or featuring a Muppeteer or cast member that's no longer with us), but there are a lot of dated pieces. That's why SS is different from, say Mr. Rogers. They use (and always have used) pop culture as a backdrop. Psychadelic stuff from the early 70's, the Disco era, 80's song and TV parodies, 90's celebrities... everything like that eventually causes it to become dated in the long run. The most dated thing in Current SS was the "Joe Hundredguy" skit. That was dated the day it aired, as thankfully that show was pulled off the air.

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