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The Muppets and the Dark Crystal

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Dominicboo1, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 13.
    "There's one more in the Laybrinth!"Kermit said.
    "That will be the most dangerous of all!"Fozzie said as they embarked on a Perilous journey.
    "Beware Muppets,"came a voice. "Don't worry I am a friend. I won't hurt you."
    "Who who are you?"asked Kermit.
    "I am the the Crown Goblin Prince."he said. "Would you like a cookieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?"
    "More like a kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooky!"Piggy said whispering to a nooding Red.
    "I'm sorry.... I have eccentric moments! It comes from being a hermit this long! Long really long."
    "Why are you a hermit?!"asked Gonzo.
    "Oh my adopted Dad wanted to kill me!"he said.
    "Yeah...."Piggy said.
    "Wait that would be Jareth!"Kermit said!
    "That's right,"he said in a solemn voice clearly having gotten over his deranged hermit moment."He adopted me, I thought he loved me but he learend as long as I live he can be mortal. So he decided to kill me!"
    "He's nuts!"said Fozzie.
    "Yeah they do have nuts in 'em"the Prince said pointing to his cookies.
    "No!"Miss Piggy said. "He's a nutty cookie!"she said to Fozzie.
    "I meant Jareth."said Fozzie.
    "Like Homicidal Maniac like so called Son that becomes a hermit!"Miss Piggy said shrugging her shoulders! "
    "A Goblin Prince will have to kill him!" the Prince said, "So since they all died we have no hope!"
    "You're the prince!"Toby said impatiently!
    "Oh yeah!"he said! "That's right!"
    "He's going to kill Jareth?!"Piggy asked."We don't have a prayer do we?
  2. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Great job! Porr Red! She does the best with her tricks and the hecklers mess her up. Awwww! I'm glad Toby stood up for her. She doesn't like to get laughed at.
  3. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch 15.(I wrote 12 twice so it's really 15)
    "We'll be going to the Labyrinth when we come!"sang the prince merrily.
    "Stop singing that song!"Piggy yelled. He had been singing the same exact song for the entire mission.
    "Come on Piggy!"Kermit persuade her. "No fear!"
    Kermit-d We’re off on a mission
    Fozzie-We’re tough; in good condition
    Gonzo-We're short
    Piggy-But standing tall
    All No fear!
    Scooter-There's danger around us
    Earl They'd hurt us if they found us
    Sarah- Our backs are to the wall
    All No fear!
    Toby- ‘Cause we have all the courage we require
    Kira- Take it from a frequent flyer
    Grover-Try your luck
    Oscar-Our plan will fly
    All No fear!
    Earl-This plan if applied’ll
    Be simply suicidal
    You’ll be a sitting duck
    All No fear!
    Earl-Suppose that I do this
    Who knows if we’ll live through this?(to Fran)
    How ‘bout a kiss for luck?
    Fran- No
    Mokey and Wembley -Fear
    Gobo-Odette Our team is shy one green, big-footed volunteer
    Earl- No way, Jose
    No chance!
    Red- No choice
    Boober and Cotterpin- No fear!
    All-No fear!
    No fear!
    No fear!
    Junior-We will take any dare that the other side’ll dare to dream up
    Big Bird-We’ll fight tough; we’ll play fair
    But we’re sure to win because we’ll team up.
    Earl- I’m shaking!
    I’m leaking!
    Emmet-He’s freaking, frankly speaking
    Earl- We’re riding for a fall
    All No fear! (The Grand High Witch sees them finding the last piece)
    Earl She’s gaining!
    She’s faster!
    We’re heading for disaster!
    Ma- Our hero, warts and all!
    All No fear!
    Earl- I would be fine if one of us knew how to steer!
    Rugby- Get a grip!
    Mew- Get set
    Apple- That’s our respect!
    Jean-Bob No breaks!
    Hoggle- No sweat
    Didymus- And no regrets!
    Earl-We’re dead!
    Baby- Not yet
    Earl-Oh no, not there!
    All No fear!
    "That didn't help!"Earl said to them all.
    "It was catchy though!"Fozzie said.
    "We've got it!"Piggy said gleefully, but then they were surrounded by Witches led by the Grand High Witch herself.
  4. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Gahhhhh! Witches! I smell trouble again! Post more soon! Okay? So, they they have no fear, but they got to be careful what they wish for.
  5. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    The witches giggled gleefully at the trouble they were causing.
    "I vill kill you all,"the Grand High Witch announced."Vun Two Thrrrrrrrrree"
    Just then the Prince jumped in the way to save Toby from death, and was fried by her eye sparks. The witches cackled evily when Toby squinted at the time, and glared and glared until te witches grew more and more afraid. Toby glared so long most witches turned to stone, but as the Muppets watched in terror, the Grand High Witch ran off in fright to warn Jareth.
    "Your highness!"Toby gasped. "You're...you're dying."
    "Yes,"he said. Being murdered definenly calmed him down. "I wil be at peace for my spirit will be avenged."
    "What does that mean?"asked Fozzie clearly very confused.
    The prince said, "Someone's gonna stop him. Listen I'm not the last prince. He's closer than you think."the prince said winking
    "You don't m-m-ean me?"Toby asked. The prince nodded in approval. "Everything will be clear in the castle. Goodbye my brave ones."he said dying.
    (Authors Note-I didn't want to kill him, but I had to so Toby could become prince and it wouldn't be overly obvious who the Goblin Prince was. Now you know why he's the best at magic.)
  6. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Dominic you are putting me at the edge of my seat. Please post more soon! BTW: To surprise you, I put you in my fan-fic as well. Have you read "Remembering Jim Henson" yet? Well, you'll be surprised that I added you in my fan-fic. Other than that, I am loving where this story is going.
  7. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you again for that, and don't worry my friend here's more!
    Collgoff if you're reading this! My pal up here gave me a great idea, and you'll be here too as will will Hannah and Ashley. Muppetfan24/7, Figgie,.
    Ch. 17
    "And now to defeat Jareth!"Gonzo said. "Now knowing Toby's the only one who can use the staff."
    "Why me?"asked Toby.
    "Oh..."Kermit said."Well it's simple! We go to the castle which will make everything clear like he said!"
    "Ok Kermit"Scooter said.
    "Kill them!"Doc Hopper yelled. The Muppets ran as Doc Hopper, Nicky Holiday, and Rachel Bitterman attempted to catch them. They ran in through a basement door.
    "To evil we'll never yield so please power make a shield!" Toby said making a shield around the door,and as the villians ran they blew away until they landed into a fiery pit.
    "I wonder,"Robin said as he watched Doc, Bitterman, and Holiday scream as they disintegrated."Could it be?
    "Is anyone there?"came a voice of a young lady.
    "Who is it?"Kermit called back.
    "I'm Colleen,"the girl said. "Oh I didn't want you caught. You see my friends and I were protesting Jareth's cruelty. The most loyal Muppet fans can go to anywhere in the Henson Universe."
    "Colleen?"asked another girl. "Who are you talking to?"
    "You won't believe it Hannah."she said. (Hannah Is Shinycelebi225's name)
    "Jareth lured us here too,"a girl named Ashley said.
    "Yes,"said Muppetfan24/7. "He used the kids to kidnap us!"
    "He's duped the kids into...."Figgie began, but a woman came in.
    "Get ready,"the Grand High Witch said.
    "No!"yelled Colleen! "We won't do it!"
    "What?"asked Kermit.
    "Fans may live, but all Muppets must die,"the witch said coldly.
    "Think of it your fans killing you!"she added.
    "Never ,"said Figgie.
    "Right! Authority should thrive from the consent of the governed not from the threat of force!"Muppetfan added.
    "Very well."she said. "You asked for it! Just then Toby jumped in front of them and performed defensive charms on her magic.
    "Oh really,"she yelled stunning him. As she was about to kill him, all the girls who had cleverly brought mirrors for when they were up against magic, took them out, and all her evil magic merely bounced back to her destroying her forever.
    "Hey you think we'd bring for make-up?"Hannah asked.
    "Yeah.that's why moi brings them to fight evil!"Miss Piggy lied.
    "Good story,"Toby said. "Thank you ladies."
  8. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Overall, you are doing an amzing job. Post more if you can!
  9. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 18
    "There you guys are,"said Jaz but then she turned to Fozzie and smiled..."Hi,"she said.
    "Hi,'Fozzie replied. "I'm ..."
    "Fozzie Bear,"Jaz said. "I love you...r acts."
    "Aww that's nice!"said Fozzie.
    "Hey Jaz why don't you and Shannon tell them about Toby?!"asked Hannah.
    "Sure,"she replied. "This way please. Shannon get ready!"
    "Ok!"said a young woman who smiled at Pepe as she passed. "Toby when Jareth stole you little did he know he had adopted you as well. As he sat with you on his lap and sang to you. He didn't realize he claimed you as his own. (I borrowed this from a Labyrinth fanfic I can't remember the name of)."
    "After he found out. He spent years and years attempting to lure you back to kill you,"said Jaz. "But you never came, so he decided to kill you along with all your Muppet friends at once to get both his jobs over with to be truly immortal forever."
    "You mean...that's why he wanted to kill me first?"asked Toby. "That's right!"
    "Oh...my gosh. That explains a lot. Thank you both of you for telling me the truth about myself. Now I have to face him ....alone. "
  10. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 19.
    "No."Kermit said."You won't face him alone."
    "He'll kill you all!"Toby said. "I'm the only one that can stop him."
    "He's right you know!"Colleen said. "Besides Robin is in trouble."
    "Trouble waht kind of trouble?"asked Scooter.
    "Jareth has dangeled him over a pit, and cloned him!"Muppetfan24/7 said.
    "We'll have to save him!"Kermit said.
    "Be very careful guys!"Ashley warned.
    "Ok!"they all said as they walked out.
    "Uncle Kermit! I'm over here"shouted Robin.
    "Robin!"all his friends shouted untying him.
    "Thanks! We have to stop Jareth, but he has a weapon that might stop us..."Robin warned."The other children,"
  11. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Oh no! There is going to be war? Mokey? Mokey? Where is that computer fraggle clone? The other silly creatures are stopping us? NOOOOOOOO! Dominic? Post more! I'm worried about Mokey, Red, Gobo, Wembley, Boober and the Muppets. Please moreeeeeee! I can't ask enough!
  12. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Here you are! Here's the next one!
    Ch. 20
    "There's the Robin clone!"Robin said. "We have to defeat it!"
    "Ok!"Kermit said nervously.
    "Hey other me!"Robin said.
    "What?!"asked the clone.
    "Take this!"Gonzo said pluing a sword through the clone as it crumbled to dust.
    "Impressive now me,"Jareth said while behind tem.
    "Oh no!"the Muppets said together.
    "Oh yes! No more Mr. Nice Guy!"
    Jareth-Gosh, it's such a hoot to see them quaking
    When I'm king they'll treat me with respect
    I can't wait to watch their poor hearts breaking
    So much for politically correct
    Up 'til now I've pulled my punches
    I intend to eat their lunches
    No more Mr. Nice Guy, not for me
    If you think that I'm hard-hearted
    Well, let me by, I haven't even started
    No more Mr. Nice Guy, no siree
    Soon as my witchcraft has zinged them
    I'll gain control of the kingdom
    As for Odette, well that's tragic
    'Cause I'm going back to that old black magic
    Good behaviour is so much duller
    Time to show my one true colour
    Baby, Mr. Nice Guy's history
    Vengeance is what I believe in
    I don't get mad, I get even
    Odette can't get to the ball 'cause I won't bring her
    So I'll zap up a date who's a real dead ringer
    Up to no good, I love plottin'
    'Cause I'm so good when I'm rotten
    No more Mr. Nice Guy, wait and see
    Goblins(wait and see)
    I'll become that nasty, naughty, very spiteful
    Wicked, wayward, way delightful
    Bad guy I was born to be
    Goblins- One more time
    Lying, loathsame, never tender
    Indiscreet repeat offender
    No more Mr. Nice Guy, that's not me
    "Catchy!"Fozzie say.
    "Fozzie!"yelled his friends.
    "What?"asked Fozzie. "It was."
    "Now it's time for you to die!"Jareth said sucking them all through a portal. When you reach the end of the line, it's the end of the lives!"he said before vanishing.
    "What's this?!"asked Ojo stunned. "You lied to us!"
    "Why? Jareth don't you love us?!"asked Treelo.
    Jareth laughed evily. "I was using you now die along with your true friends".
    "Robin was right!"Pip and Pop said as they were sucked in.
    "He doesn't want to be our father!"Tutter said.
    "We can live without the obvious comments guys!"Ojo said as they were sucked in.
  13. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch. 21
    "I'm sorry Bear,"said Ojo.
    "He uses people Ojo,"said Bear. "It's not your fault!"
    "This is the end but at least we'll be together,"said Kermit
    Kermit-Remember when,
    Now and then,
    Everything went wrong?
    Piggy-And then our friends would sing,
    The friendship song.
    Remember, Guys?
    Fozzie-You and I,
    We'd nearly cry,
    To know their love was strong,
    Gonzo-And by and by,
    We'd start to sing along.
    Toby-We sang,
    Try a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Scooter-Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends.
    Boober-You work all night.
    Gobo-You work all day.
    Mokey-You still can't keep,
    Those worry blues away.
    RedTry a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Bear-Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends.
    Earl-Life comes up.
    Fran-Life goes down.
    Robbie-There's just one way,
    To keep it,
    Going 'round.
    Wembley--Try a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Baby-Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends.
    Sarah-Try a little longer,
    For your friends.
    Hoggle-Try a little a stronger,
    For your friends
    All-Remember when,
    Now and then,
    Everything went wrong?
    And then our friends would sing,
    The friendship song.
  14. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    "It can't end like this. There must be something I can do."Toby said.
    "No Toby,"Kermit said noticing he was on the bottom.
    "Maybe I can stop it somehow."Toby said.
    "Toby that's silly you'd be! No you can't!"Fozzie said.
    "But I must."he said. Just noticing a spider fly buzzing to close he caught it telling it to fly out.
    "Thank you,"it said becoming an odd old man.
    "You made me fly those times!"Wembley said.
    "Yes and I'll grant Toby three wishes since you can't use your magic in here, but don't wish a fourth or you'll lose your last wish!
    "I wish that my friends will be free. I wish they'll be safe from Jareth, and I wish that I'll seal up the hole by myself and it will never open again."Toby wished.
    "Very well,"the old man said freeing them all.
    "Goodbye my friends"Toby said. "I love you all."
  15. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Ch . 23
    "I can't believe Toby's going to die."said Kermit. "It can't end like this."
    "I know. He was very brave."said Piggy.
    "The bravest of us all."said Gonzo. "But now there's no hope. We need to have the Prince with us to defeat him, and Toby was the last one."
    "Treelo?"asked Bear.
    "No adopted Treelo"Treelo responded knowing what he was talking about.
    "He said he would, but didn't adopt any of us!"Ojo said.
    Meanwhile in the portal. "I wish I knew for sure my friends were alright!"Toby said.
    "Toby!"the spider-fly odd old man said! "You wished your fourth wish! The nice things is the portal was to be disabled after you were to die, but now you are free! Goodbye no go find your friends!"
  16. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your reviews!
  17. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    (sniffles) I'm goona miss Toby! More plz! In the meantime, what hapeens next, and Dominic maybe a muffin will give me strength. Thanks!
  18. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Oh no read closer at the end of the last one! He's tricked into wishing a fourth wish which saves his life! It's a reference to Darby-O-Gill and the Little People an old Disney Movie.
  19. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Oh! I am not going to miss Toby. I hope he is doing the right thing. Post more please!
  20. Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    He is!
    Ch. 24.
    "Anyone looking for me?"asked Toby.
    "Toby you're alive!"Kermit said hugging his friend.
    "Toby!"Scooter said happily. Everyone embraced him until the young prince started beging for mercy.
    "Well this is it!"Toby said. "Jareth open this door!"
    "Yes,"Jaerth said. "How did you come to life? I'll remedy that.
    "You may, but I'll die trying,"Toby said.
    "You will....die that is!"Jareth said shooting his powers at Toby knocking the staff out of his hands"
    "Toby you must believe in yourself"Kermit said.
    If just one person believes in you,
    Deep enough, and strong enough, believes in you...
    Hard enough, and long enough,
    It stands to reason, that someone else will think
    "If he can do it, I can do it."
    Kermit and Sarah-Making it: two whole people, who believe in you
    Deep enough and strong enough believe in you hard enough and long enough there's bound to be some other person who believes in making it a threesome
    Kermit,Sarah,and Scooter-Making it three people you can say believe in me.
    Kermit, Sarah,Scooter,and Fozzie-And if three whole people why not four?
    All-And if four whole people why not more and more and more and more? And when all those people believe in you deep and strong enough believe in you. Hard enough and long enough it stands to reason that you yourself start to see what everyone sees in you. And maybe even..maybe even you can believe in you too!
    "You're right!"Toby said taking his staff, and pointed at Jareth destroying him at once.
    "Come on Toby!"Colleen said "It's about time this castle has a good king again!"

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