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Various Muppet Items I Found at Walmart Today!

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by jacobsnchz, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. jrxing Member

    Hopefully I have better luck finding the blanket then the keychains
  2. ilovemuppet4eva Active Member

    Good Lu on your search! Hope u find it bc it's super cute. It even has Walter on it!!!
  3. jrxing Member

    So my walmart list is: no sew fleece blanket with kermit &piggy &Walter
    Keychains(sigh, if I ever find them) & kermit &piggy Pjs, Muppets books. Already got my kermit slippers! Thanks for the update & posting ! :)
  4. ilovemuppet4eva Active Member

    Is there any other new muppets merchandise besides the muppets no sew fleece blanket at walmart?
  5. jrxing Member

    Still no keychains(which I've just about given up), no sew fleece blanket, and no Pjs. Anyone have a pic of the Pjs? Are they fleece? Thanks
  6. ilovemuppet4eva Active Member

    The pjs are fleece. They have kermit wearing a scarf all over them in different poses with snowfakes. I am going to check my walmart this weekend to see if any new stuff is available. According to muppets.com there are supposed to be some new kids shirts available.
  7. Walter Active Member

    How much are the no sew blankets?? I like the way it sounds!
    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. ilovemuppet4eva Active Member

    the blankets are $17.00 each
  9. Walter Active Member

  10. Cindy Moderator

    I found the no-sew fleece blanket and I was really wanting to love it. But sadly, I don't. I mean don't get me wrong, it's got Walter and I love that part, but I don't care for the color-blocking thing they did with the characters. I'd rather see them in full color, personally. Still a cute product. I hope it sells well.

    I did find 4 different Animal t-shirts in the boys section. All were pretty much the same with the open mouth Animal pose, but one had him in hipster glasses and a big gold chain with his name on it - I was less impressed with that one.

    I need to go back and look for the pajamas (for myself!) and this elusive key chain everyone has been talking about.
  11. jrxing Member

    I have seen kermit pj pants that r fleece and r red with green as well as animal pj pants. They are in the womens pajamas department.
  12. Carl23 Member

    How common are the Kermit slippers around your area, guys? I've been to at least 3 now trying to track down a pair and only 1 has Muppet slippers at all, and they've got about 20 pairs of Kermit in medium and none of any other size. Of course they have tons of Animal in Large and XL though... But I did manage to find an awesome Kermit t-shirt though.

    And Walter, I love your new Avatar. How did you manage to get a pic of his Halloween Costume? I've looked everywhere for one, that was an awesome bit.
  13. ilovemuppet4eva Active Member

    Do you happen to remember how much the boys t-shirts were? Also, were they on the shelf with all the t-shirts or hanging up? These would be great presents.
  14. Cindy Moderator

    I believe the shirts were $7. There was one Animal design on the wall of tee's but I found most of the designs on a table display near that area.
  15. Walter Active Member

    Muppet wiki's page for Walter has some new images from the film, Hope that helps!:)
  16. Carl23 Member

    "Yaaaaaaaay!" Thanks, man.
  17. Cindy Moderator

    I found the women's pj's today. Very cute. They also had a pair of pajama pants that had Kermit and Piggy on them, they were only $5 versus the Kermit and Animal ones that were $10. (These are going on my Christmas list.) Also on the women's tee wall there was an Animal one, it was black and had lots of writing on it about being wild.

    I also found a really cute toddler girl's tee with Kermit on it. It was all green and his collar was glitter. Very cute if you've got a little girl in your life. I can't find anything Muppet in the toddler boys section. So disappointing.
    DannyRWW likes this.
  18. DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    I'll have to check for that shirt for my girls. We found Christmas shirts for them at Target to wear for Christmas cards this year though. Had Kermit Miss Piggy animal and Fozzie on them. They also have lots of jackets and sweatshirts at Target for Boys and girls.
  19. Cindy Moderator

    Oh right the jackets and t's at Target are super adorable! I was going to post about it, but I keep forgetting to start a new thread for Target stuff. Did you see the Muppet pj's at Target? The girls was really cute.
  20. Walter Active Member

    I haven't seen it yet(but I haven't been to walmart lately..) but apparently, Walter's kermit shirt is available at Walmart..The pic is on muppets.com in merch

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