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What Would You Like to See on SST?

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Oscarfan, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. JimJudy New Member

    Yeah, they could do the Swedish Chef making real food, that would be a good idea. But what about Roosevelt Franklin. Does anybody else really wanna see him like me?
  2. Redsonga Active Member

    Yes :) It would drive me to be a vegetarian:o
  3. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I could see a slightly altered Roosevelt Franklin working. He wouldn't be too thick on the hip talk... something similar to Kingston Livingston (whom I'll just come out and say he's the reincarnation of Roosevelt... or close to it). But I could see it working. But not as a major main character. Similar to one of the old characters they revisit every so often... Wolfgang, Mumford, Gladys, Barkley (or they tried to do it with Barkley)... you get the picture.
  4. wwfpooh New Member

    Perhaps he and Kingston could become another Bert and Ernie of sorts?
  5. Muppet dude Active Member

    I think they should really do a new segment about crosswalk signals. They already have quite a bit of skits and a song about the older-style crosswalk signals with the "WALK/DON'T WALK" lettering, and many of those are disappearing around the country. I think my city has only five intersections/crosswalks left with those signals, all the others were upgraded to the ones without words. They should do a new segment about those wordless crosswalk signals, about the hand and the walking-person symbols. Maybe even mention how some of them have countdown timers! (All of the ones in Washington D.C. have the timers on them)
  6. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    We need to take more muppets out on the street, have them talking to real people, and having them visit different actual places, like Murray has a Little Lamb does. The realism of those kind of segments, and taking them out of a sound stage studio is just AMAZING! Man, I wish Henson would do that as well with the Puppet Up characters.
  7. ISNorden Active Member

    Kids today could definitely use updated street-crossing material; I haven't seen a crosswalk signal with words since I was in grade school. :o The countdown timers would be good to mention in a film about listening, or one about how people with disabilities cross a street. (I've heard the timers click-click-click away here in Madison; Sesame Street's produced in New York though, so I don't know the way their signals handle timing.)
  8. wwfpooh New Member

    I have. A lot of the big cities still have them.
  9. ISNorden Active Member

    You've got a point; I bet some still exist in New York, too. Maybe the reason Sesame Workshop hasn't shown new material about those signals, is that they think teaching about both kinds might confuse the kids.
  10. wwfpooh New Member

    But yet, kids are not as ignorant or whatever as people may perceive them to be.
  11. Muppet dude Active Member

    I don't think New York City has ANY countdown timer signals! My city doesn't either, but I really want some of them installed in my city, particularly at the really dangerous intersections.
  12. RyGuy New Member

    I would like to see the humans have more "one-on one " time with the viewer. I suggest this because other than "welcome to Sesame Street " The humans seldom apppear alone and rarely " play " with the viewer by themselves The Seegment could by called "Grown-up time" where a human could say something like "Hi, I'm ( insert name here )I'm glad you took time to visit me today , today we're going to play a game " it would be as if the humans had a segment of their own that would be an excllent way for them to appear by themselves . It could be set in a green backdrop with a brick wall and they could either read a story or play a game with the viewer just them . There wouldn't be any charcters in this segment just a human and the viwer .

    The segment could alternate between a game one day and a story the other . This would be the first time a human will have appeared by themselves in a non-street segment. This could be a Seson forty consideration.
  13. wwfpooh New Member

    No thanks. We don't need any of that talk-down-to-the-viewer dribble. Now, if the segment were like Mr. Rogers, then I could understand it being instituted whole-heartedly.
  14. RyGuy New Member

  15. wwfpooh New Member

    What I mean was that we don't need the Street to institute a Dora-esque format, because said format is horrible!
  16. The Shoe Fairy Active Member

    How on earth did you guys get on to Street signals!
  17. ISNorden Active Member

    By mentioning that the "walk/don't walk" lessons from Sesame Street's earlier years were out of date (because signals with words are rarer than they used to be). Sorry about the thread-hijacking...
  18. wwfpooh New Member

    What I'd like to see is the gradual merging of the Street gang back into the Muppet family as a whole. Granted, they're owned now by seperate companies, but that shouldn't matter, because both were created out of the many facets of Jim Henson.
  19. ISNorden Active Member

    That would affect the Muppet Show more than it would Sesame Street, of course; even before the breakup, only one character (Kermit) appeared regularly on both shows. I do think it's sad that Kermit's relegated to the same 3-4 old clips now; maybe if they were allowed to share the frog as freely as they used to, Sesame Workshop would not only create new Kermit sketches but be more willing to repeat the classic ones in later episodes.
  20. wwfpooh New Member

    Plus, the refences to his other friends (pig references being nods to Miss Piggy, for instance) could possibly pave the way for a non-special crossover. ^_^ But sadly, that's probably just a pipe dream. XD

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