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What's next for MuppetWriter's Fanfics?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by muppetwriter, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    You stole my friends, Sean!



  2. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    OK. The way I see it, we have three weeks left until the big debut of "Who Ya Gonna Call?", the first story ever to be posted for the new "Stranger Than Muppet Fan-Fiction" series. And we need to really get ourselves more hyped than we already are for this tale.

    So this is what I have planned: since everyone enjoyed the interviews most out of the special Spidey/Muppets celebration of last year, I'm going to bring in some interviews with the cast of the story (from Kermit the Frog to Jessica Lauren) and post them here in the "What's Next...?" thread, starting tomorrow evening.

    I should give warning that some of the interviews have just as much foul content as the story itself does, so read (and laugh) at your own caution.:)
  3. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    "Stranger Than...." Interviews
    "Who Ya Gonnal Call?"​

    Question #1: What happens when you cross the streams?​


    Kermit: Well, uh...*ahem*...would I be spoiling anything if I shared my opinion?

    Fozzie: No, I wouldn't think so. It might wet their appetites.

    M.W.: Let's hope that's all that gets wet.


    Jessica Lauren: Well, ya'll have heard these stories about your molecules imploding and stuff like that, but...

    Christina Renee: It doesn't turn out that way in the story.

    Stephanie Zimmermann: No, somethin' pretty cool happens when the streams are crossed in the story. I don't think anybody's gonna be disappointed.

    Jessica: Unless they are hoping for implosion, then that's a different story.


    Rizzo: Crossin' da streams? Oh, no, no, no, no. Dat is somethin' dat should be discussed while it's bein' done in da bathroom, near da toilet, okay?

    Gonzo: No, crossing the proton streams from our ghost-busting equipment.

    Rizzo: OH! Those streams! *chuckles* Riiiiiight.:shifty:


    M.W.: Well, one of the number one rules to being a Ghostbuster is that you never cross the streams. But we have fun with it in such a huge way that you cannot help to just hope that they do it in the story.

    Kermit: We live to please our readers...even if that means putting our lives on the line.

    Fozzie: I thought that was Gonzo's job.


    Jessica: I can't afford to die in this story. I just gave birth to a little baby boy a few months ago, and how's he gonna react to reading that his mommy got killed from crossing photonic molecular energy from a nuclear accelerator.

    Stephanie: Would he even know what that all means?

    Jessica: No. And that's what the scariest part about it is.


    Gonzo: Personally, I'd love to see what happens when my molecules vaporize into nothingness. Sounds really cool!

    Rizzo: You'd love ta...Gonzo! I'll tell ya what happens...YOU DIE! Dat's what happens!

    Gonzo: Well, you don't have to sound negative about it.

    Rizzo: Sheesh.


    M.W.: Of course I'm not gonna kill anybody off in the first story. I do have a sequel planned, you know.

    Fozzie: Well, that's a relief. I love to see what happens after the Ghostbusters defeat the almighty...


    Fozzie: Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Sorry! Sorry!:o

    M.W.: It's okay! It's okay!

    Fozzie: I know! I know!

    Kermit: Good! Good!

    M.W.: Stop! Stop!

    Kermit: What? What?

    M.W.: Why are we talking like this? Why are we talking like this?

    Fozzie: I don't know! I don't know!

    Kermit: This is crazy! This is crazy!

    M.W.: I know! I know!

    Kermit: Stop the interview! Stop the interview!

    Fozzie: Now! Now!

    M.W.: Wait! Wait!

    Kermit: What? What?

    M.W.: Lemme try something! Lemme try something!

    Kermit: Go ahead! Go ahead!

    M.W.:*imitates Animal* WOMAN! WOMAN! BYE, BYE! BYE, BYE! *laughs*

    "Who Ya Gonna Call?" - March 25th on Muppet Central​

    More interviews coming tomorrow.
  4. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    [Shrieks with laughter]
    Wonderful, I applaud the interview!


    Awesome! Awesome!
    Stop! Stop!
    Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this?
    It's your fault, Sean! It's your fault, Sean!
    LOL! LOL!

  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmmm... Why does this remind me of that song Kermit sang on Muppets Tonight?

    Great job Sean.
    You're welcome.
    Great job Sean.
    You're welcome.

    Statler: Same as it ever was.
    Waldorf: Same as it ever was.
    Both: Awful! Awful!
    *Both laugh.

    *Gives Squeeky a cookie if she'll check out my newest entry.
  6. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    (Takes the cookie)
    But I did check it out, Eddie! :p
  7. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    "Stranger Than...." Interviews
    "Who Ya Gonna Call?"​

    Question #2: So who's the big villain?​


    Jessica: Riiiiight. Like we're gonna tell you.


    Gonzo: Let's just say it's someone BIG.

    Rizzo:*thinks for a moment* Sweetums?

    Gonzo: No, BIGGER.

    Rizzo:*thinks again* Miss Piggy?


    Kermit: Well, it's someone who we're all very familiar with and have seen in a big-budget Henson-directed film.

    Fozzie: Wow. That could be anybody.

    Kermit: Well, not ALL our films were directed by Jim.

    M.W.: Yeah, like the Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie and Muppets' Wizard of Oz were directed by Kirk Thatcher.

    Kermit: And Muppets Take Manhattan was directed by Frank Oz.

    Fozzie: Frank who?


    Stephanie: Well, we have to tell them something.

    Christina: At least give them a hint.

    Jessica: Well if we tell them, then we have to kill them.

    Christina: Oh, goodness.

    Stephanie: Like we could really kill anybody.

    Jessica: I once killed a man with my bare hands. Had his eyes gushing out, his nose oozing, and his ears popping.

    Christina: Really?

    Jessica:*chuckles* Nah, I'm just %*-ing with ya'll.


    M.W.: The guy who plays the man who checked John Belushi out of prison in The Blues Brothers.

    Kermit: The guy who directed...uh...what's that movie called with the Indian in the cupboard?

    M.W.: The Indian in the Cupboard?

    Kermit: Yeah, what's the name of the movie?

    M.W.: The Indian in the Cupboard.

    Kermit: Yes, I know that's what the movie's about, but I'm asking what the title is.


    Fozzie: It actually has "freakin'" in the title? Sounds like a dirty documentary movie to me.


    Gonzo: You know, she's going to hurt you for saying that.

    Rizzo: I don't care. Like she ever reads what's on da Internet. Watch dis. *shouts* YO, PIGGY! PUT DOWN DA KEYBOARD! DOSE AREN'T DARK CHOCOLATE SQUARES YA EATIN'! *laughs*

    Gonzo:*chuckles* You really think she's not reading this, do you?

    Rizzo: Of course. When has she ever read anything in her life, other dan da menu?


    Jessica: Okay, we'll give ya'll one hint about the villain of our story. *clears throat* It's somebody with nasty breath.

    Stephanie: That's it?

    Jessica: Yeah. That's all I'm gonna give.

    Christina: That wasn't much at all!

    Stephanie: How are they supposed to follow with that?

    Jessica: Name one character in a movie or show made by The Jim Henson Company who has the nastiest breath on the planet.

    Christina: How are we...? THAT IS RIDICULOUS!

    Jessica: Oscar the Grouch.

    Stephanie: He don't...

    Jessica: That's who.


    Jessica: But his breath does knock the hairs off Robin Williams's arms, that's for sure.


    Rizzo: Go ahead! Try it!

    Gonzo: Alright! Alright! I will. *clears throat and shouts* PIGGY! YOU'RE SO HUGE THAT YOU DID MORE THAN ONE TAKE IN THAT PIZZA HUT COMMERCIAL WE'D DONE YEARS AGO! *laughs* Wow. That was fun.

    Piggy:*steps in* TAKE THIS, SHAKESPEARE! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYAH! *karate chops Gonzo*:mad:


    Piggy:*turns to Rizzo* YOU WANT SOME OF THIS, TOO, RODENT?

    Rizzo: Oh, no, no. I tried ta warn him dat you read dis stuff.:shifty:


    Fozzie: I'm not familiar with any of those movies.

    Kermit: Frank Oz, Fozzie. He's...he's...


    Fozzie: WHAT? UNDERNEATH ME? WHAT? *looks down* WHERE? WHERE?

    Kermit: Now you've done it, M.W.!

    M.W.: I'm sorry!

    Kermit: Stop the interview! Stop the interview!

    Fozzie: OH, NO! I THINK I SEE A BALD HEAD!:o

    "Who Ya Gonna Call?" - March 25th on Muppet Central

    More interviews coming tomorrow.
  8. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    AHAHAHA! This is hilarious.....
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Funny... But you might want to check the title before posting, "Gonnal" Call? Next time let Claudia, notably absent in these interviews, answer instead of Jessica. Jes's smarts are showing. Then again, she always was the smart one of Team Rocket... *Laughs at the bits with Gonzo and Rizzo. Can't wait for da actual story.
  10. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Thank you, Eddie.
    I don't mind.
    I'm rullly entertained. :D
  11. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    That's a good idea, Ed.

    Claudia, sweetie, if you'd like to take over the next set of interviews, I'll send you the question for them to answer. :)

    One cool fact I should mention about Jessica Lauren:

    When I mentioned her having a baby boy, that is a real fact. She gave birth to a baby boy named William this past January. He won't be in the story, but she did say she's going to try and read it to her other son by the time it gets on Muppet Central.;)
  12. GelflingGirl92

    GelflingGirl92 New Member

    Love the interviews! They are great!
  13. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    It's ok.
    Surprise me!
    But, I did not really want to...hog any interview, really. :3
  14. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    "Stranger Than...." Interviews
    "Who Ya Gonna Call?"

    Question #3: What does it take to be a REAL Ghostbuster?​


    Rizzo: A lot of Twinkies.

    Gonzo:*chuckles* What?


    Christina: Bravery, courage, strength, knowledge...

    Jessica: Love-making.

    Stephanie: NO!

    Jessica: YES!

    Stephanie: NO!

    Jessica: YES...INFINITY!


    M.W.: I always thought just having fun is what it took to be a REAL Ghostbuster.

    Kermit: I'd have to agree.

    Fozzie: What's so fun about catching scary, creepy ghosts that are bound to scare you to death or possess you, hurting the ones you love the most or bringing complete and utter chaos to the entire world?

    Kermit: Uh....

    M.W.: Geez, Fozzie. When did you get so deep, man?


    Gonzo: I'd have to say that finding the courage to be exposed to giant amounts of radiation every time you put on a Proton Pack is what it takes.

    Rizzo: W-Wait, hold on a sec! Ya mean ta tell me dat we get exposed ta radiation with dose dings on?

    Gonzo: Yeah, I remember losing some blue fur one day on set after taking it off.

    Rizzo: How long did ya have it on?

    Gonzo: About seven weeks.

    Rizzo:*stares at Gonzo for a long time* We were only working for one week.

    Gonzo:*stares at Rizzo* Oh.


    Stephanie: Well, I personally think being a REAL Ghostbuster comes from the heart.

    Jessica: AH-HA! So you do admit that sex is involved!

    Stephanie: No, I didn't say that! *raises her voice* Girl, do you know that we're on a family forum right now?

    Jessica: Oh, please. There are probably some folks on here right now while taking a sex education class.

    Christina: These poor kids.


    Fozzie: Every time I think about being a REAL Ghostbuster, I think of the cartoon show.

    Kermit: Fozzie, that's just a cartoon. It doesn't bring you the reality of being a Ghostbuster like our story does.

    Fozzie: Yeah, but I still love those voices. Did you know that Frank Welker, who voiced that baby version of you on Muppet Babies, voiced Slimer on the cartoon?

    Kermit: Frank who?

    M.W.: Oh, let's not start that again!


    Rizzo: Hey, are ya losing fur right now?

    Gonzo: Yeah, I'm molting as we speak.:concern:

    Rizzo: Shouldn't ya go see a doctor or somethin'?

    Gonzo: No, it's good. This isn't actually the first time it's happened.

    Rizzo: Really?

    Gonzo: Yeah. Remember during the filming of Muppets From Space, and everybody found bits of blue hair in the punch bowl.

    Rizzo: Oh, God. *gags* Dat was you?

    Gonzo: It was the time of the year!

    Rizzo:*runs off to throw up*

    Gonzo: Everybody might want to check your Starbucks cups, too. Because I stopped by there earlier today.


    Gonzo: Hey, I hear it's good luck to swallow a weirdo's fur.

    "Who Ya Gonna Call?" - March 25th on Muppet Central​

    More interviews coming later.
  15. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Nice bits of innuendo.
    (Skips away)
  16. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Didn't realize I had that much in it.:o Haha!

    I've got some cool news for everybody:

    I have thought of a cool way I can keep writing stories for "Sesame, DC" while still dealing with my other stories out of the upcoming "Stranger Than..." & "MARVELOUS" series.

    I'm going to develop a short story series, much like "The MARVELOUS Mini's", which I'm calling "Sesame Seeds". It will function much like "The MARVELOUS Mini's", providing backstory for an upcoming title or update us on the lives of the characters within the series.

    I'm going to start on the first "Sesame Seeds" tale soon, which will introduce Beth and Alex's characters, as well as those based on my friends Donna Kymberleigh and Elliana. It should come soon after the debut of "Who Ya Gonna Call?" later this month.

    And in addition to this news, I'm also changing Beth and Alex's characters from the sisters of Sean Thomas to the cousins of my fictional counterpart instead, while letting Donna Kymberleigh play the role of my only living sister.

    :wisdom: :super:
  17. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Doesn't matter who I play, I'm just excited to read it! Thanks for the update Sean!
  18. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    Sweet! I'll be looking forward to it! Thanks Sean!
  19. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    "Stranger Than...." Interviews
    "Who Ya Gonna Call?"

    Question #4: Muppets/Ghostbusters....The Sequel?​


    Kermit: Well, we can certainly hope there is going to be another story to follow this one.


    Stephanie: Maybe with more Ghostbusters, more ghosts, more....

    Jessica: Scantly-clad women?

    Christina: We've actually got that in our story?

    Stephanie: I don't remember reading a scene referencing something like that.

    Jessica: What do you mean? Every scene we did featured us in scantly-clad clothes.

    Stephanie: Jess, we were only in jumpsuits. What's so scantly-clad about that?

    Jessica: Ask me that again, when your costume is riding up your butt.


    Gonzo: Well, if we do make a sequel, I'd like to have more stunts.

    Rizzo: Ha! Trust me, pal. Ya had enough stunts in dis story as it is.

    Gonzo: There's only one scene of you and I falling out a window, after that we had to use a "Stunt Weirdo".

    Rizzo:*chuckles* A "Stunt Weirdo"?

    Gonzo: Yeah, his name was Dave Somethin'.

    Rizzo:*laughs* Dave Somethin'?


    M.W.: I can't tell much about what I have planned for a sequel, other than the villain who we have in this story will be back for the second one.

    Fozzie: Really? Does that mean we'll have to be even more careful with our spoilers?

    Kermit: Fozzie, by that time, we won't have to worry about giving away the surprise villain.

    Fozzie: You mean I can tell everybody that the surprise villain is none other than...



    Jessica: I ain't gonna lie. Those jumpsuits were the most uncomfortable thing about doin' this story.

    Christina: I thought they were very loose-fitting. I never once felt suffocated or itchy or anything.

    Jessica: Then you must've been wearin' Sean's costume then, because my jumpsuit was so tight, anybody standin' behind me got the show of the lifetime!


    Rizzo: What about da last part of da story? Ya had a lot of cool stunts in dere, right?

    Gonzo: Oh, sure. We got to fire highly dangerous proton beams that could melt anyone's face off if it were to come in contact with them and nearly get tossed off the rooftop of a fifty-story building and a lot of other boring stuff, but they were nothing compared to being thrown out of that window.

    Rizzo:*sarcastic* Yeah, I'd much rather be thrown outta a window dan ta have my face melt off any day.


    Kermit: One thing that I do hope comes out of a possible sequel is that we have a more G-rated atmosphere, 'cause this one was way too "grown-up" for me to handle.

    Fozzie: Like we've never dealt with anything worse?

    Kermit: Well...

    Fozzie: What about the time Raquel Welch guest-starred on our show?

    Kermit: Well that was...

    Fozzie: There was so much Muppet testosterone going on in that theatre that Crazy Harry nearly blew up himself.

    M.W.: Oh, my goodness! I did not need to hear that!

    Kermit: I take it back. We are the perfect group for a PG-13 atmosphere.

    M.W.: Ya can say that again. *laughs*

    "Who Ya Gonna Call?" - March 25th on Muppet Central​

    More interviews coming.
  20. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Just a small announcement on the first "Sesame Seeds" story that I'll be posting soon after the debut of "Who Ya Gonna Call?":

    The story will be titled "That Time Is Now", which is in reference to the old Super Friends cartoon series. It will be on M.C. starting March 26th with six parts--the same number of parts as a "MARVELOUS Mini" tale.

    :batty: :wisdom: :grouchy:

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