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Why isn't Skeeter a Muppet?

Discussion in 'Muppet Babies' started by Disneys Muppets, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. AAO Member

  2. Redsonga Active Member

  3. Grundgetta2800 New Member


    :flirt:Wow you all have really got me beat... I didn't like Muppet Babies as much as I like the Muppet show. And what was the deal with Nanny? All you saw was that woman's legs.
  4. Redsonga Active Member

    I hardly ever saw the Muppet Show when I was little so Muppet Babies means more to me:flirt:. I think the point of Nanny was the same as why they never showed adults in Peanuts, it is the babies world and showing her face might have taken too much of the spotlight off of them:). Her face really wasn't important to the series and so she was never given one at all...
  5. unclematt Active Member

    I also think it was much easier to animate Nanny with out a face.
  6. Grundgetta2800 New Member

    LOL, yeah I understand... As a child it used to drive me crazy though. The muppet show ended before I was old enough to watch it, but they had reruns on this UHF channel in Baltimore. I used to get up early and watch it whenever I could.
  7. The Count Moderator

    You know... I wonder if the same baby-perspective POV explaining why Nanny's head was never seen also applied and held true for Doc in the FR animated series. Oh well...
  8. Grundgetta2800 New Member

    :coy:Which one was DOC?
  9. The Count Moderator

    In FR, Doc is the human or silly creature as Fraggles call us. In the animated series he was seen only from the neck down, just like Nanny. Hope this helps.
  10. Redsonga Active Member

    I think so..to them humans weren't really important yet I guess...
  11. unclematt Active Member

    I betchya the Nanny and Doc thinkg had alot to do with each other.
  12. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    In my fic-verse, she and Scooter got into it because she wanted to be an athlete, not an actress ... and she resented being compared to Piggy all the time. She only comes back when Kermit offers ESPN exposure, because he knows she's upset the Olympic committee won't admit her due to her muppet size.

    You also don't have messy image rights problems to deal with.
  13. Redsonga Active Member

    For some reason never seeing Nanny's face never troubled me I think become I thought the babies could not look up higher than that *lol* :)

    But I really think Skeeter has a lot more going for her as a character than most new female muppets they could make. She is very much a part of the muppet family by now IMHO :)
  14. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Yay for Skeeter! *waves flag* Let's start chanting...

  15. The Count Moderator

    You know... I thought that the role of Beaker's Girlfriend from LTS was far too brief to have been hyped with a celebrity cameo like Petra Nemcova's. For that little amount of screen time I've opined that they just as easily could've made a new Whatnot, cross-promoting the Whatnot Workshop in FAO Shwartz Toy Store. Although... If they'd've gone that route, this might've been a good spot to finally see a grownup Skeeter. Just because she's Beaker's girlfriend doesn't mean that she too also only has to speak in "meeps", rather that she understands what he says clearly as we do with our own languages. Oh well... :shifty:
  16. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    That would be an intriguing way to get her. Backstory? Screw that! Let's just have Beaker wish her there! Works for me! :)
  17. Redsonga Active Member

    OMG the Beaker's girlfriend idea is the cutest thing ever :D!
  18. Teheheman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but personally, I would MUCH rather have the hot human than Skeeter. Not saying that Skeeter wouldn't have been hot, I'm just saying that if I were Beaker, I would have wished for the human too.

  19. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Oh, yeah ... no offense to Skeeter ... of course ;)

    But it still would have been an intriguing way of bringing her back and would have shocked Bunsen ten times more! :D
  20. bazooka_beak Active Member

    Here's how I saw it... they only ever showed the legs of EVERY adult that ever appeared on the show (save for Statler and Waldorf?)... so we have to believe it was seen through a kid's eyes (only seeing up so high, keeping things low to the ground). The faces of the adults weren't important.

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