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why were there three gordons?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by minor muppetz, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. BEAR Active Member

    Maybe she is. I mean, she isn't really an actress aside from what we see on Sesame. She is a school teacher. I dunno if she is still teaching, she could be retired. I would be at her age. But she has not been on much at all. And when she is, it is sad air time.
  2. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Well, she did appear recently in the "Healthy Foods Game" episode and in "The Street We Live On" special. Hopefully she'll get more airtime this season.
  3. doctort13 Member

    Let us not forget Caroll Spinney, he's played Big Bird & Oscar since day 1.
  4. BEAR Active Member

    I know, you're right. i was only referring to human cast members though.
  5. mikebennidict New Member

    1 was just thinking about Matt Robinson since he was a TV producer I wonder what it was like for him to be in front of the camera playing a character on a national TV show? it's was probably different for him since he wasn't a professional actor and while most of the SS cast past and present are actors and actresses and would of had experiences with other projects even though most of them over the years have been best known as their roles on SS.
  6. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Well, that might be why he left. Though it must have been a shock for most viewers when that happened because judging by some merchandise I've seen from around that time, Matt was pretty popular as Gordon. I was just reading at the other thread that the reason Roscoe auditioned for Gordon on "Sesame Street" was because his role on "All My Children" was too scary for children who watched soaps with their moms. I just thought I'd make a note of that.
  7. mikebennidict New Member

    I think you better re-read that Roscoe Orman article. I don't think he's stop playing a role on a soap opera because of that. why would any parent even allow their kids to even watch that garbage.
  8. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I think I have read that he was on All My Children at the same time that he joined the cast of Sesame Street, and eventually had to choose one show to do, and chose sesame street because bad guys on soap operas don't usually last very long.
  9. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Yeah. You're probably right. That's just something that somebody mentioned on another thread. I just thought I'd comment on that here while we were on the subject of the three Gordons.
  10. GeeBee New Member

    Yes, he played an abusive pimp named Tyrone. It was strange that he was playing a part like that and Gordon at the same time. And it's true, outright villains like his character don't last very long on soaps; they're either killed or arrested. I think he made the right choice.
  11. BEAR Active Member

    Yeah, he made the right choice! If you ask me, since he is now playing Gordon, I think that as long as the show keeps going, Roscoe Orman is always guaranteed work. I say this because they would never just get rid of the character (that would be weird), and after all this time they are not likely to recast the role cuz Roscoe is just so perfect in that spot.
  12. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    In a way, it's sort of funny that he was on both shows at the same time. That's hard to imagine.....

    "Hello foxy lady, wanna take your clothes off so we can get it on..... Hi, kids. Welcome to 'Sesame Street.'"

    Seriously though, you gotta admire the guy. He just turned 61 and he's still one of the main adults on the show and still has sort of a "hosting" position in a way with the voice over production work and Trash Gordon and stuff like that.
  13. GeeBee New Member

    Especially if you were a child and saw him on both of them. I'd see him on the soap opera as the adults were watching it and I just couldn't believe he was a bad guy.
  14. BEAR Active Member

    He may be 61, but he sure doesn't seem like it. He ages well. Bob on the other hand, though he is still kickin', really shows his age (70s). I also couldn't believe Sonia Manzano is already in her 50s! She still looks great, but I watch Follow That Bird and think "Look how young you were." Not to mention Christmas Eve on SS, she was like a baby. Our Sonia is growing up... :cry:
  15. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    I see what your saying. Sonia does look quite different now than she did when I watched the show as a kid. Still I think she looks good. Bob doesn't look too bad, he's just getting kind of gray. In response to what you said about Roscoe Orman. I think his baldness has to do with why he doesn't show his age. He can't really grow gray hairs since he doesn't really have hair on his head. Just a thought.

    Just thought I'd comment on this. I see what you mean. I saw John Stamos as some kind of abusive husband on a movie once. That was freaky since I always remembered him as Uncle Jesse on "Full House."
  16. mikebennidict New Member

    how do you know he can't grpw hair? maybe he shaves his head.
  17. BEAR Active Member

    Right, but there is a lot more to growing old than grey hairs, and Bob is certainly showing it.
  18. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'm sure he can grow hair. I must have phrased that wrong. Sorry about that. You're probably right that he shaves his head, considering he was much younger when he first came on the show.
  19. fuzzygobo Well-Known Member

    Time has certainly been kind to most of them. I met Susan (Loretta Long) back in 1998, and except for gaining a few pounds and changing her hairstyle,
    looks almost EXACTLY as she did in 1969.

    Growing up, it was easy to see most of the cast members as adults in their 30's. The one major exception being Mr. Hooper (Will Lee). You just knew he was an old man. Now the cast members are getting to be the same age Hooper was, but it's still hard to perceive them as OLD.

    And us kids growing up in the late 60's/early 70's, we're the same age now as most of the cast members were back then. I just turned 37 myself, but I don't feel old. Watching the Unpaved episodes now, I still feel like the 5-year-old I was back then.

    As we all (cast members and audience alike) get physically older, that spirit, that childlike innocence, that sense of wonder, that imagination, none of that has to get older. That doesn't have to die as we grow up.
    Perhaps because we were exposed to Sesame Street at the right age in our lives, part of us can stay young forever. Pretty neat deal, huh? :)
  20. BEAR Active Member

    Yeah, they are older, but they look happy and healthy. They sure do act as young as they can though. Did you see Loretta Long in the interviews on Sesame Street's A & E Biography? She was singing and clapping and being all spunky. Its so fun to watch them get older as we do as well. I mean, seeing Bob and Susan still there after 35 years or so. We grew up with these people. We know them like our own family. I turn on the tv and see Susan and I feel like I am spending the day with my grandma. It's comforting.

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