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WINNER! 2007 Muppet Presidential Election Part 4

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, May 8, 2007.


2007 Muppet Presidential Election 4th Primary

Poll closed May 18, 2007.
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew/Luke 22 vote(s) 62.9%
Grover Monster/theprawncracker 13 vote(s) 37.1%

  1. Luke Active Member

    Dr Bunz : Ooooh yes, i do have some recollection of the events to which Mr Featherline refers to, although i can assure you that Miss Spears and Miss Hilton were willing participants and both enjoyed these activities. I would guess that these allegations are due to Quackvin being fired from my campaign team due to poor rapping and calling Mariah Penguin a "Ho", and thus no longer being permitted to play in the Jacuzzi.

    Please vote for me everyone, and help me keep this shennaniganary under control - under my watch, all Penguins will wear inflatable armbands and be treated fairly within the guidlines of the Supreme Court Of Penguin Rights!
  2. The Count Moderator

    *Crazy Harry proceeds to inflate the armbands on Bunsen's penguin supporters. And keeps inflating them. And inflating them. And over-inflating them. Until the armbands and penguins blow up.
    Hee hee hee hee hee hee.
  3. Luke Active Member

    Ummmm . hate to tell you this but Penguins can't vote !

    Foiled again Crazy Harry . BWAHAHAHAHA
  4. The Count Moderator

    Supreme MC Justice von Count: No. That vould mean you vould be foiled good doctor. As that vould mean ve vould have to disqualify many of your wotes/woters and reconvene all MC Justices in a special emergency session to decide vhether to allow this round to go forward, declare you ineligible on the ballot and start the round over vith Miss Piggy on the ballot, or declare Grover the automatic vinner by default. So I'd reconsider that statement if I vere you and make sure that all penguins are legally registered to wote and afforded the privilege/right to do so.
  5. Luke Active Member

    Dr Bunz: LOL, After taking advice from my legal advisors Beauregard, and Stone Cold Steve Austin we believe the rules from Super Moderator Foz to be final and as far as we can ascertain no penguins have voted for us as they could not be MC members due to having to enter their email address to register. After scientific tests we do not believe this possible with flippers. We would also question how Gofers managed this in previous rounds, as well as Frogs, Pigs, Rats, Prawns and large fingered Muppet Monsters.

    The Penguins do remain committed members of the Dr Bunz campaign team though and are busy decorating Bunz HQ for our party on the 18th.
  6. The Count Moderator

    Supreme MC Justice von Count: Vell. It's not that hard, all they have to do is wrap their flippers around the lever and pull down to cast their wotes. Either that, or my little hand here helps them cast their ballots.
    *Motions to live female disembodied hand.

    This ruling will stand, as the honorable Judge Undertaker has lent his decision to our findings upon the matter. And you can't argue with his impecable record of fifteen, fifteen vonderful wictories and zero losses at the grandest sstage of all.
  7. Luke Active Member

    ** Questions legality of the live female disembodied hand **

    I just had to look twice at my sig, thought i'd written Drunk Britney Penguin . now THAT would cause a scandal on Muppet News !
  8. The Count Moderator

    Supreme MC Justice von Count: Please. The woters are the ones woting, my little helper does just that, help cast the ballot and emit the wote the woter has already decided upon. So it's no different than the lever pulled to send off one's wotes inside the woting booth.
    *Sips dark brew to calm nerves after being caught in the recent MC timewarp.
  9. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Grover: Hey everybodieeeeee! We need VOTES! I, Grover, can not win this thing on my little old own! So, come vote for Grover and you will get a cute, fuzzy hug! And, act now and we will throw in flying lessons from SU-*dramatic pause for effect* -per Grover! Flying lessons only void while supplies last, no refunds, no returns, and also, Su-...-per Grover is not responsible for anything broken, crashed into, or completely destroyed during the duration of the flying lessons. Thank you! Thank you, public!
  10. Luke Active Member

    Dr Bunz : Yes everybody, as my furry friend and opponent Mr Grover said, we need your votes. So please vote me, Dr Bunz, your Muppet President as then i will have a job to do and won't blow as many things up or experiment with Beaker and small kittens. To illustrate my point i will soon hold The Dr Bunz Telethon in this very thread where Beaker will be advertising the voting procedure whilst strapped to a nuclear powered massage chair. Yes we'll be easing poor Beakers aches and pains, but i need you to vote for meeeeeeeeee.
  11. Luke Active Member

    Only THREE Days To GO - Vote For Whoever Ya Like But VOTE!
  12. The Count Moderator

    *Penguins making out with Brittany cut-out... *A sudden flash goes off from the secluded corner of the jacuzzi area.
    Squack! No pictures!
    *Scurries off before Bunsen finds out.
  13. Luke Active Member

    * Bunsen sends Bobo (head of security) to chase strangely behaved and disguised guy wearing a bikini, wig, and trying to conceal a camera *
  14. The Count Moderator

    *Little does he know the pre-programmed camera has already been retrieved, and its owner fled the scene to publish said sneak peak photos in the tabloid's next issues.
  15. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Judge: *bangs gavel* Overruled! All pictures to be confiscated for my private viewing pleasure...I mean, so, legal reasons and American standards and values...which must be presented at all times by runners for the Muppet Presidential Campaign. *bangs gavel* Hand 'em over. *finds scrapbook*
  16. The Count Moderator

    *Thundercloud appears and lightning shoots out, striking down Bo's gavel.

    Overruled on appeal by me, Supreme Justice von Count.
    Bo, don't dress up pretending to be a judge in these wery important proceedings. Now leave the newspaper reporter to print his story with his riské photos or you'll have to clean out all the stalls at the batroom for a wery long time.

    As for everybody else out there, please wote for whoever you vant to be the 2007 Muppet president please. We can't do this vithout your help and it's your wotes that count!
    Thank you and please keep the memory of Jim in your hearts today, May 16th.
  17. Luke Active Member

    Um, how could photos of a penguin in a compromising pose with a cut-out of Britney be anything than a vote winner ..... there are people here who collect Piggy pics. Naked penguins, (well, wearing a bow-tie), that's Grade A stuff.

    ** thousands of Muppet Central members head to stores to buy special edition tabloid paper with Dr Bunz editorial centrefold. **
  18. The Count Moderator

    And yet... The people go and vote for Bunsen in spite of his staff being rocked by scandal, not to mention a not that flattering pic of Honeydew that looks like the melon's spoiled past its expiration date.
    *Papers are thrown into the wastebasket, shoppers disgusted with the current political bruhahahahaha... Mothers are somewhat eased knowing Grover still has the lead. Patrons quickly exit, not wishing to do any business at the locals where the tawdry issues were stocked. And somewhere, a lonely printing press grinds to a hault, silenced by the droning of all the yellow journalism driving the political race to see who will win the office of 2007 Muppet President as if it were to be handed out to whoever doesn't get kicked off the island.
  19. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile on a deserted island..."Oy!"...a goat is kicked into the sea.

    But back to the regularly schedualed programming...
  20. The Count Moderator

    And as a consequence, a certain clumsworth custodian is rained upon by a shower of hot, then cold, then hot again, then subzero cold iced tea.

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