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Your Thoughts: Authentic Gonzo Replica

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by Phillip, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. I finally went through with it and bought the Gonzo Replica. I Cant wait it is supposed to arrive between January 7-January 12. I Cant wait and i am counting down the days.:concern:

    I might buy Animal replica next hmmm...........:halo:
  2. hey everyone,
    I just ordered the gonzo replica and I was wondering...
    Do gonzo's eyelids move or do they stay like they are?
    Answer back.
  3. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    They do move BUT you will need to pin them back to get them to stay. A few members here have perfected this, maybe they will be able to help.
  4. muppetguy

    muppetguy Well-Known Member

    Ok everyone, New gonzo pics!

    Hello everyone. First off I want to thank KermiBaby for getting the sizes. The 18 mo's for both shirt and pants worked perfectly and fit him like they were made for him. The size 6t sneakers also fit, a bit snug, but still fit. Thank you. Well, I really couldn’t find anything for gonzo to make him look exactly like the Muppet caper, but what I did come across seemed to, in my opinion, fit his personality as well as I think this outfit could fit into the Muppet caper era. Old styled sneakers with a vest, with a bit of an update.

    The only thing that really bothers me is his stare dead on. The eye focus. I know people on here have changed it, but I am terrified to do so. That’s why I am always posing him sideways. LOL. Oh well…

    Hope you all like the pics! :concern:

    Gonzo 1:

    Gonzo 2:

    Gonzo 3:
  5. Was Once Ernie

    Was Once Ernie Well-Known Member

    I think the shirt looks good, but to my eye, the vest and the pants are too long. That's why I went with 12 months instead.

    But as long as you're happy with it, that's all that counts. :)

  6. muppetguy

    muppetguy Well-Known Member

    hey once was ernie. The pants are long, but considering, the waist just fit him. The shirt also just fit. If I had a smaller size, the pants wouldn't of fit around his waist. Hope u like the pics
  7. WoW

    Wow Muppetguy Great Photos! Those clothes fit Gonzo's character so well. I am trying to find clothes like the ones he has in the Great Muppet Caper and those are very close. Where did u find them?
    Just wow great photos.
  8. I have to say i prefer Gonzo without the pupil changes because he already looks so real and if i did those changes i would probally think he WAS REAL and that would not work out.
    (That Chucky movie scared me so much when i was a kid)

    But you know Whatever floats your boat it is up to you.

  9. Thanks

    Thank you for this photo reevz! The photo with all of them on your computer finally got me to make up my mind and buy gonzo.
    -:concern:;)04 ps he should come tomarrow
  10. muppetguy

    muppetguy Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the kind words on my photos, Gonzoscooter. Yeah, it's the v neck sweater vest that's hard to find, really. It's the argyle print that I could not find anywhere in any store and online. The clothes you see on him now I bought from macys.com where as the sneakers I bought in baby's r us. They had way cheaper sneakers. I think the best time to get that type of sweater is in the beginning of winter, when the winter clothes start showing up. I'll have to do that next year. But for now, this will do just fine. Thanks!;)
  11. HE's HERE!

    GONZO came today. I am so Happy and he is big. I thought he would not be that big but he is huge. So worth it. I am number 1815. Well bye!
  12. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

  13. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    "TA-DA!" Right Telly? Lol, cool pose.

    And great pics from MuppetGuy too! I'm still on the lookout for an open black vest & hat (Muppet Movie Style) for my Gonzo to feel complete. Then I'll hafta build my own Camilla, but that'll wait for awhile.

    Cool that these poser threads are keeping busy! :):concern::halo:
  14. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

    He looks like he's mad and having a fit. haha I don't know what to do with him.

    Anyone buy a "daredevil" outfit for him? I kinda thought about doing that.
  15. Davina

    Davina Well-Known Member

  16. Kevin Knight

    Kevin Knight Well-Known Member

    Does anyone who has a Whatnot tried to fit the clothes onto a poser? I'm considering getting Gonzo and having his tuxedo dyed black for use on Kermit. Then transferring the whatnot lounge jacket to Gonzo.

  17. SweetPiggy

    SweetPiggy Active Member

    My only worries about the Master Replicas Gonzo is that even thought the netting covers the nose to keep it "safe" if they still made the nose out of real foam instead of using something else to stuff the netting with wont the noses still turn to dust underneath the netting over time kinda like the foam body Fisher-Price® used for the Miss Piggy puppet from the 70s?

    I wonder if the Master Replicas Gonzo nose is made of real foam or if they stuffed it with something else? :confused:

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