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Your Thoughts: Authentic Gonzo Replica

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by Phillip, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Keeermit Active Member

    hey there,
    I put my gonzo hairs in the same area but not all together - as if they are growing from a small area ( like a 5c area) :concern:
  2. muppetguy Member

    Hey KEEERMIT....

    Your puppets are FANTASTIC! I was wondering how your piggy came out? I remember seeing a pic of her awhile back. I'd love to see her, if you do not mind.

    -Great stuff! What other characters are you working on now?
  3. Keeermit Active Member


    my piggy is still the same i think - she just needs hands and gloves. then a few finishing touches. Im not really making any new replicas at the moment apart from piggy,gonzo and fozzie - i have been working on them for a while - just dont seem to find the time these days.
  4. Keeermit Active Member

  5. muppetguy Member


    I love her, Jarrod.
  6. rexcrk Active Member

  7. Nick22 Active Member

    that is an AMAZING Miss Piggy. will you be selling her?
  8. frogboy4 Inactive Member

  9. rexcrk Active Member

    Hmm, I haven't really considered it, I'm fine with the way he is, but thanks anyway! (I wouldn't wanna accidentally mess him up lol :concern: )
  10. Nick22 Active Member

    i am definetly planning on purchessing Gonzo in the future! i love the gonzo replica! the whole nose and mouth problems dont bother me THAT much, but i wish they were correct but i dont mind it. i am also going to have a problem fixing the pupils. it seems a bit confusing! (at least the directions on this site are)
  11. Telly Active Member

    The eye focus really isn't that hard to fix. It sounds more confusing more than it actually is.
  12. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    As the person who wrote those directions here's the quick skinny:

    1. Order the black sticker felt from the company link listed.
    2. Cut the felt into circles of the appropriate size.
    3. Peel up the existing pupils with your fingernail and rubbing alcohol.
    4. Apply your newly made circles using a Gonzo photograph as a guide.

    Presto! Easy peasy. Maybe it’s just my artistic perspective, but both sets of directions seem very straightforward to me. It basically is just applying your own stickers that look like the real thing. ;)
  13. Nick22 Active Member

    alright cool. thanks. when/if i get gonzo i will try!
  14. Davina Member

    *pout* I'm still waiting... *sigh* tracking number said they were coming today.. and Animal came.. but no Gonzo.. *sigh* guess they got stuck on different trucks.. bother! I'm not likely to be home tomorrow! This is just really annoying... and, of course, since I had to sign for Animal, the tracking info now shows them as delivered.. darn it!
    Was really looking forward to getting them both today...
  15. Davina Member

    he's here! yay!
    Gonzo just arrived a few minutes ago and is now sitting up on the shelf for a shake down period with Animal (who came wednesday - and was number 202) Gonzo is number 44! and his eye focus isn't too bad, really, so i might just leave it alone. Will get some pictures of them all soon as I get a new battery for my camera.. always figures it dies just when you want it.. :)
  16. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    So which one is your favorite of Animal and Gonzo? Mine's the weirdo hands-down. As much as I felt aspects of the nose could have been different I can easily look past that and mine's eyes were an easy fix. Plus, I can do fun things with his pupil placement on a whim. Sometimes I'm inside too much. Congrats on your new weirdo. I'm so very glad he is brightening another home. :concern:
  17. Davina Member

    Animal's hair is still in deperate need of some relaxing gel :) so hard to know for sure.. I was always more a fan of Gonzo as a character though. Animal, honestly, was more of a last minute addition to the order. We had some extra cash, and since it doesn't look like the line is going to be going any farther, we decided to go ahead and get Animal as well. Glad we did, but he's gonna need a bit of taming before we even really know what he looks like. As for Gonzo, love him. While the nose option they went with might not have been ideal, it could certainly have been a lot worse, and from across the room, looks pretty darn good. Can't wait for them all to get settled out so we can really start playing with them.
  18. Telly Active Member

    I still wait for Kermit and Gonzo to turn their heads and start talking to me while I'm on the computer!
  19. Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Davina, I found the best way for Animals hair to settle down was to lightly spray them with water. Initially, he may look like a drowned rat, but when they start to dry and hang naturally he looks great

  20. antonydavanzo New Member

    I just had a look at the other picture you have of Animal and I think that he looks wicked on that shot, I am gonna copy the pose. I havent messed about with my replicas for ages. See pics in my sig below.

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