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Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 36

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Phillip, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. astrotrain

    astrotrain New Member

    So far... So Good

    It was nice to see old skits from the Classic years. Today 'Everybody Eats' was on (counterpart of 'Everybody Sleeps').

    The Counting song, the first set of lyrics are the same. After they counted the numbers the numbers zoomed in as they counted.

    Afterwards, you had kids with the same number of objects which the choirs counted...(10 bells for instance).

    Then (MY FAVOIRTE part of the song), this eventually led to Henson (if I am not mistaken) as the Chef with the daily baked goods who fell down the stairs (aka: 10 COCUNUT CREAM PIES!!!...*falling down*).."and thats the song of ten...!"

    I do like the format of season 36, health and exercise.

    Although, thre are a lot of classic segments that deal with it, and I don't understand why CTW is not pulling them out and dusting them off. They had MUCH better music to them then the new segments today.

    I hated when they remade 'Theres A Bird On Me' for season 35. I hope they do not do anything horrid like that for season 36.

    Good to see the Chick who who had the raspy voice (don't know her name) who worked at Hooper's store split.
  2. Daffyfan2003

    Daffyfan2003 Well-Known Member

    You mean Natalie? I didn't think they were going to make her a regular. She was just supposed to be there a week while Alan was on vacation.
  3. DTF

    DTF Member

    I've caught a couple this year so far, but it looks like I mised the best - the King of Eight, etc. :)

    I was impressed with the NotD when they talked about how 1+3 is 4 and 2+2 and such. They haven't dumbed it down too much I guess :) It sounds like they are trying to do more of the old stuff, or at least remake it.

    Maybe that's why, as someone mentioned, they are doing so manyh of the old songs. Perhaps they've heard fans complain that they don't do them, so they have gone overboard this year in doing them.

    Unfortgunately, I saw a Hero Guy one in this season, and while it was good as a response to 9/11 - "Hey, there's so much talk about heroes, lets have a segment where kids see they can imagine their own heroes" - it's old stuff now. (Of course, now watch, someone will say that Hero Guy appeared before 9/11 and blow my whole theory on why it came about to bits. :)

    Besides, if there's going to be a hero on Sesame Street, it doesn't have to be in Baby Bear's imagination - it should be SuuuuuuperGrover. :)
  4. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    True, but at least he's still on it. (But why did the credits read he was from JHC? Didn't it change to MHC owning them?)
  5. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    I empathize with your sentiment, but I think it's important for all folks here to keep in mind that there is a heck of a lot of SS commercial videos put out in the last two decades, many now being issued as DVD's, that have versions of various songs and the like, before any remakes were made. (I know, I know, not all of them, but a lot of the most popular.)

    This is certainly obvious to some of the older folk here, but as a helpful reminder to others, if you found a song you hold dear was unnecessarily redone ("C is for Cookie," "Rubber Duckie", "Healthy Food", etc.) , if the earlier version still exists on VHS or DVD, you can rent or buy it and enjoy it the way it was anytime you want to.

    Just my 2 cents, and not directed at anyone in particular. Anyone can take it or leave it.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    My thoughts on 4090: Cookie Moon.

    1 The street story was a good/interesting one.
    2 The references to Slimey going to the moon from past seasons, and even the appearance of two worms from WASA.
    3 The inclusion of the song "If Moon Were Cookie". The only changes I thought took place were that now we have a version of the song sung by both of Cookie's puppeteers, and the addition of the quirky sound effects when it's all dark and only Cookie's eyes are seen.
    4 The bit where Cookie tells Buzz he's going to be an astronaut.
    5 Some segment about kids making a T voiced by Sonia Manzano, from the early 90's.
    6 The song by Telly where one of the Martians shows up, what's the name of that song?
    7 The new song for the number 2 sung by this soft-sounding Vaudevillian voice who sang songs for the letters L, S and U.
    8 The bit with Buzz and a kid where they countdown a rocket launch.
    9 Surprised that there were a few clips including the one mentioned about Buzz and the kid counting down between the segments for the Number of the Day and Elmo's World. Usually they go straight from the number to the red furry one.

    1 The song with Ernie, "I Go Zoom-Vroom-Boom in my Room", eh, it'll do I guess.
    2 The Chasing the Cheese segment wasn't what I expected and it fell flat what with the characters just talking about the benefits of exercise for the umpteenth time. Rully expected more out of that bit.

    There was a new Adventures of Trash Gordon with the Wicked Wingtips, some jokes were thrown out, felt like At the Dance from TMS.
    And thanks to Daffyfan2003 for reminding me about the song "Everybody Eats" from 4089.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  7. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Its called either called "Telly's Trip" or "Yip Yip ahuh ahuh" I don't know how to spell what that one word. But I have that song on my computer. A mp3 of it.
  8. Al Hempker

    Al Hempker New Member

    Another cool thing is that Joe Raposo was represented.

    "Everybody Eats"
  9. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    I liked how this street story revolved around classic Muppets for a change. Cookie Monster, Oscar, and Slimey.

    Also when Snuffy wanted to float like a cloud, that episode revolved around classic Muppets too. Snuffy, The Count, Big Bird, Oscar, and Slimey.
  10. astrotrain

    astrotrain New Member

    And another thing

    Its good to see the Muppets interacting with the kids again like on the Classic
    series. The one kid with I think Telly, looked like a dead ringer for the '16 TEEN!' kid from the 70s with Kermit.

    Yes!, I about fell off my chair, when I saw The King Of 8 played a few days
    ago!. That great to see the king of 8!
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    My thoughts on Episode 4091: Snuffy's Too Big.

    1 The street story was OK, nothing particularly spectacular. But I do symphatize with how Snuffy felt about being too big, that sometimes that which defines or identifyies you is what makes you feel down at times.
    2 Classic Animation: The man who took the letter I for a trip in his car.
    3 Classic Animation: The bit with the word CASA, where a normal house, doghouse and birdhouse are formed out of the word "Casa" itself.
    4 Song: "Dance Away the Blues".
    5 Sign Language Word of the Day, good concept just not that enthused by it due to my own blind batty eyes.
    6 Song: "I'm an Original" sung by Kingston Livingston III though it was shown last season too.
    7 Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy, that was a good spoof segment.
    8 Trash Gordon on the Planet Nothing, styled for this episode cause 0 was the number of the day, ended like the one with the Wiggly Squiggly Worms. Since there was nothing happening on the planet, Trash Gordon decided to read his own book.
    9 Song: "I've Got 0 in my Cup".

    Elmo's World: Dinosaurs was a repeat, as were the bits with Cookie Monster and the letter I and the Count's organ getting blown away for him to count 0 organs.
    But these aren't really nitpicks, I understand that they've gotta repeat some of these sometimes. Would like it if they brought back the Letter of the Day Game Show though, it's like that bit fell off the face of SS after the first two Season 36 episodes.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  12. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I did that SAME THING with the song "Eight Balls of Fur"!!!! When that came on, I screamed, "OMG This is LIVE!!!!" and I cranked it up REAL LOUD!!!!! I can't believe they used something with LITTLE CHRISSY!
  13. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    The episodes have been good so far.Seems like Season 36 will be like a really good season. :)
  14. BeckyDR

    BeckyDR Member

    did anybody notice that the first 0 segment shown (the dancer in the circle) was the exact same one shown for the letter O a few days ago? only instead of the man getting people to say "Ooooo", there was a woman(I think Maria) saying "0 dancers" when the dancer disappeared. I just found that very interesting.
  15. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Let me ask...what DO you guys have against Hero Guy?
  16. astrotrain

    astrotrain New Member

    My .02 on Super Hero Guy

    IMHO... He is seriously annoying.
  17. DTF

    DTF Member

    I don't mind him if he's on 2-3 times a season out of 26; but there's just not enough adventure stuff Baby Bear could be doing that's reall interesting for 26 whole episodes. And when they had it on every single episode it just got old fast.

    It might be better if Hero Guy actually taught something like int he old days - for instance, BB and HG doing some skits with under/over, around/through, and so on, with BB trying to draw one thing and HG another, or something like that. Or, BB looking at HG and drawing something to the right of HF as BB looks at it, only to be told it's on HF's left, and then they get into a discussion of left and right. Now *that* would be like the old SS, and something that the 1-4 age range does need help with. (Actually, till I was 7 or 8 that confused me a little about how my left could be the right of someone I was facing. I distictly remember a time I was 5 or 6 and after trying to understand it when my mom was teaching me left and right, I thought I had it figured out - I figure left and right were different for girls than for boys! :)
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    My thoughts on Episode 4092: Sesame Street Hike.

    1 An Ernie and Bert sketch/song about Ernie being fascinated with his toes. This must be an old one cause it was Frank's Bert voice, and even Bernice appeared at the end of the sketch. But it was new to me.
    2 Classic Animation: The Bellhop Series: 8 Steamer Trunks.

    Basically, this was a throw-away episode. Not that much good stuff in it.
    1 The hike was short and kinda predictable given what was already posted in the Episode Guide thread by MuppetDude.
    2 Letter of the Day: U was the one with the rocket ship coming back to CM.
    3 Didn't even stay to watch when Destiny's Child came on to sing "I've Got a New Way to Walk". But the Monsters coming up with their own walks before that was OK.
    4 Elmo's World and Trash Gordon were repeats, though that really shoudn't be a nitpick at this point.
    5 They even used the bit with Susie Kabloozie going to the judges for the Number of the Day. Never liked that particular series of animated bits with her cause it's just say the number and that's it, no originality, no nothing to associate with the segment like 8 bowling balls knocking down pins or something like that.

    A couple of other good things were... At the end of the hike when Luis and María left on their own, they said they might even see an elephant doing a summersault. And then, we hear the results of something like that by Fluffy summersaulting inside Oscar's can. Also liked the bit with the kids talking about how people walked, reminded me of bits from the older days.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  19. DTF

    DTF Member

    Yeah, that judge holding up the number always seemed real lame to me, too. It's like when Elmo says "Let's sing the Sesame Street song" and he doesn't even sing "Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away..." I mean, just once he could have done soemthing other than singing the same word over and over.

    Then again, this seems from the bits I've had time to peek at like a pretty good season, like maybe they stoped dumbing things down and actually because more intelligent, like someone said about the math.

    It makes me wonder - maybe they finally got the hint from the response to Elmo singing "Ses-a-me" like that. Because I can name you half a dozen children I know right off the top of my head who as 3-year-olds would have complained enough for it to be heard all the way acros the country to Sesame Workshop that, "Ses-a-me... is NOT the Sesame street song!" Maybe a bunch of complaining little tykes finally got their attention :)
  20. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    hated this episode. it would of been nicer if they would of really gotten far. but both Big Bird ans Snuffy had to make an ordeal of stuff stuff. matter of fact i turned it away when the began their hike though returned a few times durring the segment.

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