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Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 36

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Phillip, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    My thoughts on Season 36:

    What I Liked:
    *Episode #4088
    *Episode #4090(It had two of my favorite SS Muppets in it-Oscar and Cookie Monster)
    *Cookie's Letter of the Day segments(both the ones from last year and the new ones)
    *Trash Gordon

    What I Didn't Like:
    *Episode #4083
    *Episode #4084
    *Hero Guy(wish they'd get rid of it by Season 37 or 38)

    I have only seen the first 10 seconds of the Chasing the Cheese. Can anyone tell me everything that happened in it?

    I am still waiting to see Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy, Desperate Houseplants, and the Grouch Apprentice.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey MuppetManiac... Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy was on Episode 4091, towards the end of the episode before Elmo's World. As for Chasing the Cheese...
    The announcer, who sounded like Chris Vermen (SP?) from ESPN introduced the contestants, and each one said why they were chasing the cheese.
    Telly said cause exercise was good for you, Zoe said she knew it'd be good for her body, Elmo said that running/chasing was a good form of exercise, and Baby Bear said he chased the cheese for the sheer fun of exercising. The cheese, voiced by Joey Mazzarino with an accent, then popped up and the chase began. But then it turned into the cheese chasing the monsters. And finally the announcer said basically the same stuff again: whether you're chasing the cheese or the cheese is chasing you, it's a good form of exercise.
    Rully was disappointed with this "spoof" segment. Still looking forward to 24 and Desperate Houseplants.

    BTW: If you've seen Episode 4090 and can help with descripts of the new characters, then I'd appreciate if you could help me out by posting in the Season 36 Character Questions thread. Just find the appropriate post with the list of character names from 4090.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
  3. Convincing John

    Convincing John Well-Known Member

    Well, I haven't watched SS in ages...just snippets. I've read what's been going on with SS, and even though it's still there for kids, I still stand by my opinion of modern SS, with my opinion about "Hewo Guy", (hey, that's how Baby Bear pronounces his name):


    Same goes for the "Street We Live On" special...


    And as an additional note about Elmo's World, here's an Elmo's World theme I'd like to see:


    What's gonna happen in 10 years? I can just see it now. Cookie Monster becomes "Vegetable Monster", "Elmo's World" for 45 minutes of the show, and Gordon having to yank Bob out of his cryonic tube before each episode. Or maybe they'll use an animatronic Bob. Who knows? (One time...and this is the absolute truth...Telly thought that Bob was inflatable like his pool toy and had a "valve"...I don't have it on tape, but I remember it for those who want to know more about it).

    Convincing John
  4. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

    Believe it or not, WGBH made a mistake this morning. Instead of airing today's scheduled episode, they aired the Season premiere, episode #4083 again, the one with Telly learning to catch a ball. I looked at the date of the episode, and it DID say April 18, 2005. So, maybe it was a mistake. I'll have to check the 7:00 airing tomorrow morning to see if they show the right one.
  5. Dantecat

    Dantecat Well-Known Member

    Same thing happened with WHYY and NJN.I have no idea why! :concern:
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Missed out on today's episode due to a blackout with my cable service. And it was an episode I was looking forward too. We'd have gotten Hansel and Gretel and Jack and Jill.
    Oh well, here's to tomorrow.
  7. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    I'll try to get a listing for you. ;)
  8. Moominmamma

    Moominmamma New Member

    rerun first ep etc

    Hi -- first time posting here. I have a 19-mo daughter who loves SS, so I tend to watch along all the time. Today we also got the rerun of the 1st ep of season. I figured it wasn't a mistake but just the tendency to rerun the episodes to death already. As I'm new here, can someone point me to any posts already discussing this issue of how few episodes there are in a season and how many reruns? I might understand if the majority of the "new" season was actually new. But they use so many old clips (well, not so much "old" as in classic ... and at 35, I do remember the really classic stuff!), like repeat letter of day, etc. and what's with only 5 new Elmo's for the whole season? I don't buy the argument that kids like the repetition because my daughter (not even 2 yet) already got sick of all the reruns of last season. And as SS is pretty much the only show we let her watch, that meant we just turned off the TV (which I'm fine with anyway). But if there's a whole discussion of this elsewhere, point me to it, please!

    So this new season: the first segments again are going on for too long and losing steam. Some clever writing to appeal to adults ("Grouch Eye"), though. We miss the Count and his organ, as my dd really loved that and she already counts to 20 now thanks to watching that segment. Also miss "Journey to Ernie," but again what were there only 6 of them per season or something? So I don't have a problem getting rid of it if they replace it with something else, but now I feel like we're shorted on Ernie. I've got a feeling we're going to get way too much Baby Bear this season, which gets annoying. If they keep aging Curly, then she'll talk better than Baby Bear in about two months!

    Anyway, too soon to really comment on the season yet but I just hope that the re-runs aren't truly starting in already. I also am not crazy about the new tag for "No Child Left Behind." As an educator, I know how much bleep that campaign really is.
  9. astrotrain

    astrotrain Well-Known Member

    WHYY - Reruns?

    Yeah I was disapointed this morning to find the season opener was playing.

    I hope WHYY does not go into their "re-run rut".

    They did that with season 35, it was to the point, that it seemed they
    only played the same five episodes each week, just mixed them around.
  10. BeckyDR

    BeckyDR Well-Known Member

    Ok, folks, check this out: MPT today showed the first episode from...get this...SEASON 34! Something really weird is going on here!
  11. alizakaila

    alizakaila Well-Known Member

    on cablevision is says the episodes this week are:
    4/21 Cookie Monster gets upset when he is accused of stealing cookies.
    4/25 Ernie respects Bert's birthday plans for a quiet day.
    4/27 Telly takes care of a lost baby duck.
    4/29 While Super Grover waits for his new cape, his friends try to help him find an alternative solution.
  12. alizakaila

    alizakaila Well-Known Member

    repeated sesame street

    oh and on may 4 on wnet 13 it says Big Bird reads a story he has written to his friends, but the tale has no ending. Everyone takes turns suggesting one and Big Bird composes a conclusion that combines parts from each idea. all the other days are blank. perhaps, those are new eps.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK... Like BeckyDr, was confused that my PBS affiliate decided to go back in time and show Episode 4031, the Season 34 premiere episode. Was a bit concerned, but was willing to let them sort things out on their own. But after reading AlyssaKayla's posts, I'm seriously thinking about calling up my affiliate and getting to the bottom of this.

    Those aren't new episodes AlyssaKayla. The episodes you reported from your first post are the episodes from Season 34, the one about Big Bird reading a made-up story with no ending cause he can't think of one was from Season 35. So, should we call our affiliates and investigate?
  14. alizakaila

    alizakaila Well-Known Member

    what I meant was there are days when there are no episode descriptions so those may be new vs. the others that do have description and are from season 34
  15. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    When I figured they were rerunning reruns, I couldn't help but say, "What the Shell?!?!!?"

    But it did bring me some comfort. When they were throwing around scripts and ideas for the next Muppet movie, one concept that had promise that never made it was "The Muppets Cheapest Movie." The concept has reserfaced as "Sesame Street's Cheapest Season." :D

    I mean, the reused reused footage didn't bother me so much (dispite the fact they used it at least 3 times per season before in relentless reruns) as the fact they're rerunning reruns that have been reran to death.

    Now, I DO like the idea of stretching the season with prior episodes, but I just want to see the rest of the newer episodes first, before they do this. I was waiting for great stuff like "desperate houseplants" and Donald Grump. I'm glad I got to see that delightfully funny "Grouch eye for the Nice guy" segment (the highlight of the season).

    Does anyone know exactly why SW or PBS is doing this, and how long will it be for the rest of the season?

    >>Let me ask...what DO you guys have against Hero Guy?<<

    I feel the skit has potential, but comes across very reptitive and sort of self indulgent (towards Hero guy, anyway). It has it's moments (few and far between, though), but in the end it just doesn't work. It's the same way I feel about the skit that I do not dare speak the name of, or it will return near the end of the season. I'll give you a hint, it's manic, loud, flashy and has no substance. They chase an elephant around for no apparent reason, as well. It's like listening to really fast music really loud. Almost seizure inducing, and there's no real point to it. And there's four of them....

    Elmo's world I can sort of, reluctantly, live with, since kids really listen to Elmo. He's one of them. His segment is repetitive and long, but compared to Hero guy and ...errr ... the other thing with monsters in it... it's at least bareable.

    (Last rant)

    >>They even used the bit with Susie Kabloozie going to the judges for the Number of the Day. Never liked that particular series of animated bits with her cause it's just say the number and that's it, no originality, no nothing to associate with the segment like 8 bowling balls knocking down pins or something like that<<

    I dislike that segment as well. Wasn't it used in it's initial 90's run as an intro for the number of the day? I'm a big fan of the Animator Mo Williams (The Man who yelled, Kids next Door, and Sheep in the big city, espeically) and I'm kinda disappointed they don't use more of his stuff than just the "let's see what the judge says" junk....
  16. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

    I actually like the way they're doing this, because it really WOULD get too repetitive with only 26 shows. They can now rerun Season 34 episodes, because the format was very similar in Season 34 as it is this season. But they couldn't rerun Season 33 shows in Season 35, because the format was slightly different.
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I think it's a good idea, and I'm all for it. In fact, this is what I wanted them to do for some time... EXCEPT, I think it would have been better to air all the new episodes first, then midseason show reruns.
  18. alizakaila

    alizakaila Well-Known Member

    wed espisode

    wednesday episode on WLIW is 4084 "Banana in the Stone"
  19. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Okay.... now, stretching the season by filling it with older episodes ONLY works when you actually use OLDER episodes. It's almost like they WANT people to not tune in.... :grouchy:
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So... By my calculations... If they continue repeating the first ten episodes of Season 36, mixing in the episodes from Season 34 and 35 AlizaKaila reported earlier... That'd mean 4093 from Season 36, the next new episode wouldn't air till 5/10/2005? That's just wrong, and I hope it doesn't come to that.

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