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Ask Ken at Palisades

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Cindy, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. Squigiman

    Squigiman Active Member


    Hey Ken,
    I know that they're no longer directly attached to Henson, but why exactly would it be so difficult to get the rights to Bowie and Connelly. I know they're both big, Bowie with his music, though he has been laying sorta low, lately (look at all of those "l"s), and Connelly with her Oscar win and Hulk starring role, but I imagine Henson might still have connections with them, and I don't see why they wouldn't be willing to allow it.
    Also, I disagree to those saying Dark Crystal would be more popular than a Labyrinth line. I feel like Labyrinth has more of a wide 80's/nostalgia appeal, not just to Muppet/Henson fans. Plus, as far as the characters, while the core 5 are a must, the Fireys stick out in their scene, and each of them is unique. Not just one could be made and bought 5 or 6 times. Plus their were several types of goblins, as can be seen in The Goblin Companion, Brian Froud's book of illustrations. Sorry to pressure the argument, but I'm just a really huge Labyrinth fan, as an extention of being a Muppet/Henson fan. I have the movie on VHS, DVD, the soundtrack on CD, a poster, and even the 3-issue comic series (thanks, eBay). A figure series would be a dream come true. I believe, also, having seen their work with the core Muppets, thus far, that Palisades would be the people to pull it off, with both detail and articulation. Thanks for hearing me out. Oh, also, the EM stage looks great. Can't to see it painted with (hopefully more wild-haired) Animal, as well as the rest of the group. See ya, take care.

  2. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member


    The set looks fantastic! You guys have done a great job walking the line between accuracy and creativity. Argh, I wish I could go out and get 'em now! I have been emailing links of these pics to everybody I know.
  3. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    That's a really interesting statement to me. "Walking the line between accuracy and creativity." I have felt of late that it is exactly what we are doing, because it is a delicate balancing act to do something that is at one time representative of the flavor of the show and at the same time create something that has mass appeal and a slightly higher level of sophistication than was achievable back then on their shoestring budget and the time constraints that plague a television show.

    It is nice when somebody really notices or observes the true nature of the difficult responsibility and process of how we try to live up to the responsibility.

    Anyway, thanks dude. I appreciate the sentiments. Now I can't wait to show the Swedish Kitchen, which takes it even one step further than the EM playset in that it has a sense of functionality when the show sets really were not "kitchens" in the real sense of what makes a kitchen a kitchen. Just a lot of kitchen setpieces with little cohesion. The playset looks like you could really prepare a meal in it.

  4. kane31666

    kane31666 New Member


    I can't wait to see the Kitchen now! I can't stand the excitement, i wish series 1 ship already!!
  5. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member


    The kitchen? You have my attention again. I can see many posibilities. On the Muppet Show, the set was pretty simple, but that would be pretty boring to play with. It wasn't too stoked about a potential Swedish Chef playset in the beginning for this very reason. I'm glad you're putting more thought into it. And lobsters too! I'm sure it will be spectacular!:)
  6. bw0000

    bw0000 New Member


    Has series one shipped yet? If not, when is the shipping date?
  7. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    Orders have started to ship. In the next three weeks they all go. just at different times. I am guessing that some will have it on shelf at late June and others early July, depending on their distribution networks.

  8. bw0000

    bw0000 New Member

    When is the earliest we could possibly get our hands on series one?
  9. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    KB Kids.com will probably be the first retailer who has them available. It was a fairly small order but it did go first. Other than that, we might have a few cases as the Philly show, but I am not sure of that yet. Other than that I really don't know. You really should contact individual retailers to determine when their stuff will be on shelf.

  10. bw0000

    bw0000 New Member


    2 days ago ebgames.com changed thier shipping date from 5/3 to 5/13. Will they continue moving it back until June, or did they place a very early order?
  11. BEAKER128

    BEAKER128 New Member


    My local Electronics Boutique says they are getting the figures in on May 14th. Are they leading me on? What's with the late June release date now? :confused:

  12. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member


    Man, dude! That EM Playset rules, dude. I'm too excited about that.

    Your company is just the coolest!!

    Can't wait to see what all you do with everything else that I love so much!

  13. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member


    A few questions about the Muppet Theater:

    -Will there be box seats on both sides? Though there is not a clear consistency of the theater architecture, they were sometimes featured in books etc and ballance the compostition.

    -How tall/wide will it be? If a playset is about 6 inches tall and 10 inces wide, the theater would have to be at least 10x16 in my assumption.

    -if there is no orchstra pit, what sort decoration/architecture will be in place of it? Will the stage be raised? Will it have the footlights too?

    -How much space in front of the stage is there? Is there room for an audience (though no seats, of course).

    -How did the archs come out?

    Again, you guys have done the greatest job! You rock!
  14. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    I really don't have any idea about anybody's shelf dates, ship dates and everything else dates. All I know is that all the goods will be out of China by May 14th. That is really all I can tell you. Someone mentioned June. It has always been June...for a shelf date. It ships in May, on shelf in June. Everybody has their own distribution channels. Some take longer than others.

    As for the stage, I have no answer to any of the questions because it hasn;t been designed yet. I do that in the next two weeks or so.

  15. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member


    May I make a suggsetion to include a box seats on both sides of the theater? That would be really cool! And even though there is no room for an actual orchestra pit, some (curved) archetecture under the stage to represent one might work. I am sure you guys will do a wonderful job whatever you decide.
  16. Electric Mayhem

    Electric Mayhem New Member

    KB Kids, you say??? Hmmmm... now I'm faced with the question of whether or not I buy them there to get my hands on them as soon as I see them, or do I wait & get them cheaper elsewhere, since KB likes to jack the prices up?? Decisions, decisions....

    Who am I kidding? As soon as I see them, I'll mark out with fanboy excitement & buy them!! :D

    I told myself I wasn't going to buy any of the new Star Wars figures to save money for the Muppets, but as soon as I saw them, I got Jango Fett & Anakin. I would have got a Boba Fett, but he was bent up. :mad:
  17. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    Remember...I said KB Kids.com. So you won't ever actually SEE them...that is only their on-line component. KB stores won't have them.

  18. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry New Member


    I just saw the stage playset on the Palisades site (Great work, sorry it took me so long to say that) but now that I've gotten a real close look at it, I'm a little confused. Are there still plans to put in smaller platforms that slide out of the stage for the other band members to stand on?
  19. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    No. That was an early idea/hope that got nixed due to costs. Sorry...

  20. Gonzo

    Gonzo Active Member

    Hiya Ken--what with new babies coming out of my wife and all, I didn't see the Electric Mayhem set until just know....

    I have complete and utter faith in your decision making skills: accuracy, creativity, playability--you know your stuff, man....this set is EASILY the best I've ever seen. And that includes a whole lotta toys. I think these playsets are going to blow the Simpsons playsets out of the water as far as play value goes; as much as I love the yellow-skinned denizens of Springfield, their figures are so stiff, and the playsets are ONLY good as voicechips for the figures, WHEN they work. These are going to be the sweetest bacon ever made. And my wife's gonna freak.

    If I were wearing a hat (and goodness knows I should be at this time of day), it would be off to you.

    You rock. Keep up the amazing work.

    For the record, I've NEVER seen a Muppet Theatre shot that has balcony/box seats on both sides of the stage--I know that it makes sense architecturally, but who would you have sitting in the other box seats? I'd be fine with just Statler and Waldorf's box seats.

    If the first TWO playsets have been this sweet, can't WAIT to see the Kitchen, the Theatre, the Swinetrek, the Hospital....

    I'm grinning from ear to ear, and my wife is gonna freaking KILL me.



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