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Battle of the Muppet All-Stars

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Xerus, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Bear. I just had to put in a Honker somewhere in my story. And I thought a witch in that crowd of Muppets would be a nice touch. I'm glad you liked it. :)
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    RUBBER DUCKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the Rubber Duckie plot! It's so *squeak squeak squeak*!

    And Gonzo is AWESOME! And Digit's autographed lightbulb... heeheeheeheehee... love it love it love it!
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So much funny... Where to start.
    When Beaker got squirted by the red liquid from the bicycle... Knew what was coming.
    Ernie losing Rubber Duckie and going to the dugout/locker room to find him... Thought you'd bring in a scene reminiscent of Ernie messing up the apartment, but Sherlock's cameo worked well.
    In my Big Bird's Big Book of Activities, I remember bits with Sherlock calling Ernie "Ernest instead.
    Loved how you had Red representing the Fraggles, she'll be especially keen of her appearance over in the dorms.
    Gonzo's dive... What can I say...
    Where you going for a rainbow effect with his electric lights? Will let you go with purple, though it should be indigo and violet.
    Works OK with purple instead.

    The Grim Reaper Muppet, nice touch. Does he have a Jamaican accent like in the animated series? Though you could've used The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come as well.
    And the autographed lightbulb Digit had... Another nice touch, laughed when it exploded.

    Definitely one of your best chapters Xerus.
  4. BEAR

    BEAR Well-Known Member

    The Honkers are some of my favorite characters on Sesame Street. I wish they were featured more.
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I loved this latest chapter, as ever. It's great! Glad that Gonzo won!
  6. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Thank you again for your kind words about my next chapter. :) Yeah, Count. I had thought about the Cartoon Network's Grim Reaper while writing this. But this was a Muppet Reaper instead of an animated one. And yes, The Ghost of Xmas Yet to Come from MCC would be a good Muppet to play the Reaper. :concern:
  7. G-MAN

    G-MAN Well-Known Member

    Encore, Encore, more story, more story
  8. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Battle of the Muppet All-Stars

    By Cullen Pittman

    Day 8

    LEWIS: Hello again sports fans to Day 8 of Battle of the Muppet All-Stars. I am Lewis Kazagger.

    NEWSMAN: And I’m the big N-man known as the Newsman.

    LEWIS: If you’ve all been tuning in these past few days, you’ve seen updates on the heavy duty cross country bicycle race and four Muppet athletes pedaling their hardly seen legs off on their bikes. Just what is it that keeps these Muppets riding for many vigorous days without a break? It’s really good coaches that drive them to do their best.

    NEWSMAN: Where do they drive them? To the movies, to restaurants, or just ride around the country and waste expensive gas?

    A SIGHING LEWIS: Two many things have fallen on your head over the years. Anyway, we happen to have one of the cyclist’s coaches here in the booth with us. It’s The Count’s coach and girlfriend, The Countess.

    (The camera turns to the left and we see a female version of the Count brushing her blonde hair.)

    COUNTESS: 94 strokes, 95 strokes, 96 strokes, 97 strokes.

    LEWIS: Excuse me, Miss. Countess. But is it true that you’re a loving girlfriend to the Count, but also a strict coach as well?

    COUNTESS: Well dahling, I’ll tell you how it went with my manly and batty Count. I had him doing push ups, chin ups, fang ups, and riding his bicycle for many hours. I asked him when he’d like to stop, but he refused. He wanted to keep going. So far, my beloved has done over 1000 push ups and bike laps.

    LEWIS: Wow! It sounds like The Count had a lot of endurance to keep all that up.

    COUNTESS: Mainly because he didn’t want to stop all that counting. My dahling Count’s counting endurance is a lot stronger than his physical endurance.

    LEWIS: And there you have it sports fans, an athlete who relies on counting power to get him through this rugged bike race.

    COUNTESS: That’s right. Never underestimate the power of counting. And now I must get back to counting my hair strokes. 98 strokes, 99 strokes, 100 soothing hair strokes! HA HA HA HA!

    (Suddenly lightning appears in the booth surprising both Lewis and the Newsman. Then it starts to rain in the booth!)

    LEWIS: Who turned on the sprinklers?! Is there a fire?!

    NEWSMAN: At least it’s not coming down in buckets. OH NO! What’d I just say?!

    (And sure enough, heavy metal buckets came falling down on the Newsman.)

    COUNTESS(looking in the mirror) My beautiful hair is wet and ruined. Oh well, that means I get to brush my hair again! Oh, vunderful! One wet hair stroke, two wet hair strokes…!

    (Lewis starts to wring out his wet microphone like it was a damp sock.)

    LEWIS: This is Lewis Kazagger bringing you to the event of the day. Reporting live once again is retired game show host, Guy Smiley.

    * * * * * *


    * * * * * *

    GUY: Hello again, sports fans. This is Guy Smiley giving you the report of today’s event. The any kind of object throwing event. You see, the committee had trouble deciding on what our athletes should be throwing. Either javelins, discusses, shot puts, or hammer balls. So we’ve decided that the athletes will get to choose what they’d like to throw and they’ll be judged on the weight and distance each object is hurled. And look, here come some members of the Fraggle team going over to the cart to choose which item their chosen athlete will throw.

    * * * * *

    WEMBLEY: Wow, Gobo. Do you think I’d be the best one to compete in this event?

    GOBO: Sure, Wembley. Back in Fraggle Rock, I trained you to throw all sorts of things like pebbles, sticks, radishes, and even Boober’s lucky hat. But by accident though.

    WEMBLEY: I remember. Boober was not very happy. But at least we got his hat back from that great big hat sitting creature.

    RED: Don’t worry about a thing, Wembley. Just relax and have fun throwing out there.

    WEMBLEY: Thanks Red.

    RED(with a stern look): And remember, Wembley. We’re in last place right now! So I advise that you don’t mess this up! OR ELSE!!!

    WEMBLEY(shaking): Or else what?

    RED: Please don’t force me to answer that. You would not like what I’ll have to say!

    GOBO: Red, don’t make Wembley nervous like that! Remember, you didn’t do so well in your diving event.

    A BUMMED RED: Touche!

    GOBO: Don’t listen to Red, Wembley. Just choose your object to throw and hope that you’ll do your best.

    WEMBLEY: Okay, Gobo. (Wembley approaches the cart and tries to decide.) Hmm, I could try throwing a shot put. But it looks too heavy. Maybe I’ll try a hammer ball. But a hammer might break my nails! I know, the javelin! But it looks so sharp that I might poke my eye out or somebody else’s! Maybe I’ll try the discus, it looks light and safe. No wait. It looks a lot like Boober’s hat! It’ll bring back that bad memory! What should I do?! Shot put, hammer ball, javelin, discus! OH NO! I CAN’T DECIDE! (Steam starts shooting out of Wembley’s ears and he starts running around in circles.)

    RED: Oh no! He would have to get a Wemble attack at this time!

    GOBO: He probably wouldn’t have if you didn’t threaten him about us being in last place.

    RED: Hey, it’s what a coach does!

    * * * * * *

    GUY: It looks like the Fraggles are having a tough time deciding on what object to throw. It’s just lucky for them they’ll be competing last. Right now, here comes the thrower for the Big Blue House team stepping into the ring. It’s Jack the Dog. And it looks like he’s going to be throwing the javelin.

    (Jack walks into the ring with a long javelin in his mouth. Then he puts it in his paw and starts to throw it.)

    GUY: Yes, he’s throwing it. And it looks like a good distance too.

    (Just then, Jack starts to pant and stomp his hind foot. He then runs out of the ring and grabs the javelin with his mouth.)

    GUY: Wait a minute! It appears Jack has left the ring and has caught the javelin before it has a chance to land. Now he’s returning to the ring. He’s going to throw it again. And he has. Wait a minute again! Jack is rushing out of the ring once more and has caught the javelin and is bringing it back. Now he’s throwing it, going after it, and bringing it back! Doesn’t he know this is not the way to throw a javelin?

    (In the Big Blue House dugout.)

    OJO: What’s Jack doing? Doesn’t he know he’s not supposed to bring back the javelin once he throws it?

    BEAR: Oh dear. I’m afraid that Jack’s dog instincts are kicking in. Once he sees a stick flying, he has this urge to fetch it.

    (Guy rushed over to Jack who has brought the javelin back to the ring for the sixteenth time.)

    GUY: Mr. Jack. Why are you doing all of this? Don’t you know you’re supposed to wait till the javelin hits the furthest ground?

    JACK: I know! But I just can’t help myself. I gotta fetch sticks, just like how bears gotta sniff, mice gotta eat cheese, otters gotta swim, and lemurs gotta be hyper-active.

    (The Big Blue House team look at each other funny.)

    (Jack then takes out a leash attached to a spike.)

    JACK: If you’ll be so kind to post this spike and tie this leash around my neck, this event will go much better for me.

    GUY: Anything for man’s best friend. (Guy posts the spike and puts the leash around Jack’s neck.) We’ll see if this unusual strategy will help Jack win.

    (As Guy gets out of the way, Jack throws the javelin one last time. He tries to go after it, but the leash he was attached to, stopped him from getting it. And the javelin finally lands.)

    GUY: Jack’s finally done it and according to the judges. He’s thrown that javelin 10 feet.

    (The Big Blue House team starts cheering for Jack while he makes a proud howl. Then he rushes to his team but forgets about the leash and falls down.)

    OJO: Poor Jack.

    BEAR: Don’t worry, I’ll fetch him. (And he leaves the dugout.)

    * * * * * *

    GUY: Our next thrower is Fozzie Bear from the Muppet Show team. And it looks like he’s chosen a discus.

    (We see Fozzie in the ring getting ready to throw his discus, until…)

    WALDORF: Hey, Bear! Try not to throw your back out!

    STATLER: Yeah, you already threw away your funny bone!


    FOZZIE: Listen you guys. Do not heckle me. I’m just here to compete in a sporting event. I’m not here to make you laugh today!

    WALDORF: When have you ever?!

    FOZZIE: Will you stop that?! This is not the time for me to tell jokes!

    STATLER: You’re right. It’s the time for you to be a joke!


    FOZZIE: Just ignore them, Fozzie. Just throw the discus.


    GUY: Uh oh! It looks like Fozzie is distracted. Will he be able to concentrate on his throw?


    FOZZIE: That does it! I can’t take this anymore. Scooter, bring me another discus!

    SCOOTER: Here you go, Fozzie. (Scooter rushes over with a second discus.)

    FOZZIE: Thanks Scooter. This is just what I need. (Fozzie takes out a can of whipped cream and sprays it on top of the discus Scooter is holding. Then he sprays the first discus as well. Fozzie takes both of the cream filled discuses and holds them up making them look like cream pies. Then he smiles wickedly at the two old men.)

    STATLER: Uh oh! What’ve we driven him too?!

    FOZZIE: Here’s my joke for today. What did the discus throwing bear say when the two old hecklers wouldn’t leave him alone? He said, “This DISCUS-sion is over!” (And Fozzie hurls the two pies at the men.)

    WALDORF: Duck Statler! Fire in the hole! (The two old men duck down under their seats, hoping the pies would hit the two other people behind them. A few seconds have passed.)

    STATLER: Do you think the pies have passed?

    WALDORF: Probably, let me check. (Waldorf takes a quick peak, and sees the pies slowly coming their way. (No, stay down! Those pies seem to be taking their time!)

    STATLER: How can that bear be able to throw pies at such a slow speed? Why can’t his material be that quick?

    (W & S look up and see the pies slowly pass over them.)

    WALDORF: Ah, that’s a relief. We can get back up now.

    (But when Waldorf and Statler returned to their seats, the pies started to boomerang and threw themselves in the faces of the two old men.)

    WALDORF: How’d he do that?!

    STATLER: Maybe this cream was made in Australia.

    (A smiling Fozzie walks up to the two cream covered old men.)

    FOZZIE: Remember, old hecklers. Never tick off a bear who used his entire college fund to go to clown college instead of Harvard! AAAAAH!

    GUY: And there you have it. Fozzie has thrown two discuses with cream filling at two elderly old men. Don’t you just love American sports? And the judges say he threw those pies 5 feet, which puts the Muppet Show team behind the Big Blue House team.

    FOZZIE: I may not have won. But it was worth it. HA HA HA HA! (Fozzie continues laughing while Statler and Waldorf continue wiping themselves clean.)

    * * * * * *

    GUY: And now here comes the thrower for the Sesame Street team. It’s everyone’s favorite bad sport, Oscar the Grouch.

    (A walking garbage can steps into the ring and sets itself down while everyone cheers. Then an angry Oscar pops his head out.)

    OSCAR: Will you all pipe down! All this praise is gonna ruin my grouch mojo!

    GUY: And it looks like Oscar has chosen a shot put to throw. Can he throw such a heavy thing really far?

    (In the Sesame dugout.)

    BERT: Why is Oscar competing in this event?!

    ERNIE: He asked me to put him in.

    BERT: Why is he even on our team?! You know grouches hate to win! Knowing Oscar, he’ll probably throw the game!

    ERNIE: But Bert. Isn’t this a throwing event? KEE HEE HEE HEE!

    BERT: I mean Oscar might lose on purpose!

    ERNIE: Don’t worry, Bert. Oscar gave me his grouch’s word that he’ll throw that ball as hard as he can. Otherwise, he’ll give up being a grouch forever.

    BERT: Oscar actually said that? Well, maybe we got nothing to worry about. Oscar would never give up his grouchy ways.

    GUY: It looks like Oscar is starting up this throw.

    OSCAR: Here’s the wind up and the pitch. And off you go! (Oscar throws the ball.)

    GUY: And look at that ball fly! It’s now flying over the crowd! It looks like it might even leave the stadium.

    (Suddenly, the ball explodes and a storm of yucky garbage lands on the crowd making them all messy.)

    WALDORF(wiping off the last of the cream): We did it, Statler. We’re all clean again.

    STATLER(looking up at the sky): You had to say those words, didn’t you?

    (Garbage ends up falling on the two old men making them messy once again.)

    GUY: Uh oh! It turns out that wasn’t a shot put Oscar threw after all. Just a huge exploding garbage ball! According to the judges, the Sesame team has just been disqualified for that stunt!

    (Everyone boos while Oscar proudly waves at them.)

    OSCAR: Talk about an ungrateful crowd. I gave you all some of my best trash. (The crowd starts to throw the trash back at Oscar.) You’re even returning it to me! Oh well. More trash for me!

    (An angry Ernie and Bert approach Oscar.)

    BERT: Oscar, what did you just do?!

    ERNIE: Yeah, you promised me!

    OSCAR: Hey, I only promised you that I’d throw the ball as hard as I could. But I didn’t say what kind of ball! Heh heh heh! Now if you’ll excuse me. I’m off to relax in a trash pile to celebrate a nice non-victory.

    (Oscar ducks down in his can, sprouts out his feet, and runs off while an angry Bert screams and chases after him while banging on his trash can lid.)

    ERNIE: And Bert hates it when I make that sound on my drums.

    * * * * * *

    (Meanwhile, Wembley was still trying to decide what object to throw.)

    WEMBLEY: Oh dear. I can’t decide! I can’t decide! I CAN’T DECIDE!

    (Then Wembley’s girlfriend, Lou, walks in.)

    LOU: Hi Wembley. Are you hoping you’ll do well in your event?

    A BLUSHING WEMBLEY: Oh, hi Lou. Yeah, I’m hoping I’ll do well too.

    LOU: I just want you to know that I’ll be cheering for you to win, just like you did for me when I did the pole vault.

    WEMBLEY: Thanks Lou. I’m just sorry you didn’t win it. I guess I didn’t cheer hard enough.

    LOU: That’s okay. Any cheer from you, big or small, makes me feel wonderful. And I hope I can do the same for you. (Wembley just stands there silently while hearts dance around him and he starts stroking the hammer ball he was next to.)

    LOU: Oh, are you going to choose the hammer ball to throw?

    WEMBLEY(snapping out of his love trance): Oh this. Do you want me to?

    LOU: Why not? I always thought hammer throwers were very cool and interesting.

    WEMBLEY: Okay, the hammer throw it is.

    LOU: Wonderful, I can’t wait to watch you. See you later. (And she walks back to the dugout.)

    (Wembley pulls on the metal wire attached to the hammer ball. But the ball was so heavy, that it landed on the ground with a THUD!)

    WEMBLEY(gasping): I gotta do this, for Lou! (Wembley starts to drag the heavy ball onto the field.)

    GUY: And here’s comes Wembley, the thrower for the Fraggle Team. And he’s chosen a hammer throw ball.

    GOBO: Why is Wembley choosing that?! I never trained him how to throw one of those heavy things!

    MOKEY: I think I might know why. (The Fraggles turn over to Lou, who starts cheering for Wembley.)

    GUY: Now Wembley is in the ring. And he’s getting ready to hurl the hammer ball. But wait, he’s not even starting!

    (Wembley tries to pull the ball off the ground, but it was too heavy for him.)

    GUY: Uh oh! Maybe this little Fraggle should’ve chosen something lighter, like my stock broker’s brain.

    (Wembley looks up and sees his fellow teammates looking concerned, then over to Lou who was looking really worried and sad for him.)

    WEMBLEY: THIS IS FOR LOU!!!! (Wembley’s little heart suddenly grew into a huge pumping muscle as he finally pulled the hammer ball off the ground and started swinging it around like a ceiling fan.)

    GUY: Whoa! Look at Wembley go! He’s spinning like an out of control merry go round. Now he’s launched the ball, and look at it fly into the sky. And it’s going over the crowd!

    (The Fraggles in the dugout start to cheer, especially Lou.)

    GUY: And there’s something that seems to be attached to the end of the handle. Something small and furry. Maybe Wembley tied some kind of love banner on it before throwing to show his affection for a certain girl.

    (The Fraggles look happy for Lou as she blushed.)

    GUY: Wait a minute, we have a camera close up of the ball and it’s not a banner, it’s Wembley! Somehow, he didn’t let go of the handle and he’s flying along with the hammer ball he just threw!

    (The TV monitor shows Wembley hanging onto the flying hammer ball with his dear life while he screams.)

    GOBO: How’d this happen?!

    RED: Knowing Wembley, he couldn’t decide when to let go of the ball after throwing it!

    LOU: Oh no! Poor Wembley!

    BOOBER: Hey, I’m the one who always says, “Poor, insert name here!”

    GUY: And now Wembley and his flying ball have flown out of the stadium and they seemed to have landed in the parking lot! Follow me, camera crew! (Guy and his crew rush out of the stadium exit while all the worried Fraggles follow after him. And Boober follows after them carrying a huge medical kit.)

    * * * * * *

    (When they got to the parking lot, they found that Wembley had landed safe and sound in a parked garbage truck.)

    GOBO: Wembley, are you okay?

    (Wembley raises his head out of the garbage with a banana peel on his head.)

    WEMBLEY: Yeah, I think so. Luckily this trash heap saved me.

    MOKEY: Ah, beautiful Trash Heaps. Not only do they give out wisdom, but they’re total heroes too!

    A PUZZLED GUY: A trash heap giving out wisdom?! Hmmm, must be a Fraggle thing. (Guy listens to his earpiece.) According to the judges, Wembley has throw his object the furthest making the Fraggle team the winner!

    WEMBLEY(climbing out of the truck): What, you mean I won?!!! (The Fraggles start cheering for Wembley as they picked him up and carried him back to the stadium. But then they stopped cheering and shouted, “PU!” and they dropped him onto the ground.)

    RED: Sorry, Wembley. But I think we’re actually gonna take Boober’s advice and not touch a stinky Fraggle. (Wembley starts to sniff himself and frowns.)

    WEMBLEY: Eyeew! I don’t blame you!

    (Everyone quickly backed away, except for Lou who started hugging Wembley.)

    WEMBLEY: Lou, you’re sticking by me? But I’m so smelly!

    LOU: Don’t worry, Wembles. I’ll stick by you no matter how filthy you are! (And she gives Wembley a quick kiss on his dirty cheek, making him all lovestruck. Half of the Fraggles watching go, “AWWWW!” While the other half hold their noses and go, “EYEWWW!”)

    OSCAR(rising from the garbage): Will you fuzzballs cut out the disgusting happyfest? I’m trying to meditate in my little trash spa! (And he climbs out of the truck carrying what looks like another shot put ball.)

    GUY(with a clothespin on his nose): And dere you haf id spords fans. Dis is Guy Smiley brinink you bag do Dewis!

    * * * * * *

    (We see Lewis and the Newsman wearing raincoats while trying to mop their rain soaked booth dry.)

    LEWIS: Well Guy, we were too busy mopping up the Countess’s indoor storm to know what happened with today’s event. So let’s go to Digit with the scoring.

    * * * * * *

    DIGIT: Well Lewis. With the Fraggle team winning today’s event, all four teams are tied with 2 points each.

    * * * * * *

    LEWIS: And there you have it sports fans, another tie by all four Muppet teams. But can at least one of them come out the big winner once this tournament is over? Find out on Day 9 of Battle of the Muppet All-Stars.

    (Newsman looks at the now clean booth and wipes his brow)

    NEWSMAN: I’m glad this place is clean and dry again. We should get a reward for all our hard work. (Just then, a ball flies through the door and Newsman catches it.)

    NEWSMAN: Hey, look Lewis. We did get a reward. Somebody threw us a nice black ball.

    (Lewis looks at the ball and reads the writing on it.)

    LEWIS: Just a small filthy gift from OSCAR?!!! Quick, Newsman! Throw that ball out of here!

    NEWSMAN: All right. Should I use my backhand?


    (Before Newsman could throw it out the door, the ball exploded and covered the entire booth with garbage.)

    NEWSMAN(with coffee grounds on his head): Oh no! And after all that hard work to clean up this place!

    LEWIS(with an old sock on his nose): And trash pickup isn’t till Thursday! YUCK!!!

    OSCAR(peeking his head in the door): You two are just as ungrateful about my trash as that crowd! Oh well. (Oscar takes out a shovel and starts scooping the trash back into his can.)

    A DIRT COVERED LEWIS: Camera off!

    (Camera goes off.)
  9. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    HA! Man, I don't know how many times I laughed reading this, but it sure was a lot!!!!!!!! This is great! I can't wait for day nine!
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    A fine chapter there Xerus. The line about the bicyclists peddling with their almost-never seen legs was a nice touch.

    The Sesame team got disqualified? Rats!
    No, I didn't call you guys.
    *Shoos off Muppet rats.

    The one thing I need to point out is that the opening bit with the Countess. This was wery vonderfully done... But, like many others, there's no name after the title of "Countess" to specify which of the two it is: Dhaling van Dahling or Countess von Backwards. However, what with the clues of the "dahling" speech and her blonde hair, we can tell which one it was and I'm inclined to let it slide.

    You know... For a bunch of creatures whose main hobby is aquatics, the Fraggles haven't done that well at the pool events. But I'm glad Wembley got a win thanks to his sweet Lou.
    Nice touches all around. Hope to get an update on the bike race on Day 9, that is if you include it.
    And keep the story coming!

    Oh, and a belated Happy B-Day buddy.
  11. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Hey Count, thank you for the nice birthday wish. And it wasn't belated. It's still my birthday and I read it. :)

    And thanks for the praise on my next chapter. :) And yes, I remember there were two Countesses and the one I was thinking of was the first Countess with blonde hair. I don't know why they gave the Count a new girlfriend in the first place, then brought the original Countess back later on.

    I'm still glad you enjoyed it and you liked how I let Wembley win that event. Expect another chapter soon. :)

  12. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Why how vonderfull! This vas great! I love the character you are giving to Lewis and Newsie!

    THis is still one of my fav fan-fics on the site.
  13. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Thank you Beau. I'm so glad you think very highly of my little fanfic. :)

    And yes, The Countess is a great character and I had to have her supporting The Count throughout his bicycle journey. :)
  14. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Battle of the Muppet All-Stars

    By Cullen Pittman

    Day 9

    LEWIS: Welcome back, sports fans, to Day 9 of Battle of the Muppet All-Stars. I’m Lewis Kazagger.

    NEWSMAN(wearing a helmet and body padding): And I’m your heavily protected Newsman.

    LEWIS: Newsie, what’s with all the armor? Why am I asking that? Of course I know why!

    NEWSMAN: That’s right. I thought ahead today. I’m fully prepared if something falls on me.

    LEWIS: But what if another monster tries to eat you?

    (Just then, the big giant monster known as Big Mean Carl enters the booth.)

    CARL: Hi! I’m Carl. And I’m gonna eat you! (Carl grabs Newsman by the neck while Newsman just looks at him with no fear at all. And just as he was about to eat the Newsman, Carl scrunched up his huge mouth.)

    CARL: Eyyech! Forget it, pal! I can’t eat you. I’m gonna look for a much fresher human to eat. (Carl leaves the booth.)

    LEWIS: That was amazing, Newsie! How did you get that behemoth to leave you alone? (Newsman just smiles and takes out a bottle)

    NEWSMAN: It’s all thanks to Dr. Honeydew’s patented monster repellent. It protects humans from getting eaten by ferocious monsters on the street or in announcer booths.

    LEWIS: Well this is certainly wonderful news to people who are monsterphobics. And speaking of monsters, here’s our friendly little monster, Telly, bringing you an update on the cross country bike race.

    * * * * * *

    (We see Telly standing in the woods.)

    TELLY: Thank you, Lewis. This is Telly, your Monster on the Spot, bringing you the latest bike race update. Right now, I’m in the woods where our cyclists will be passing through here. And here comes the first one. Pedaling in the lead is Doc Hog.

    DOC HOG: I just love riding through Mother Nature’s territory. Green trees, brown bark, birds chirping, and a cute little rabbit making panicking noises. Wait a minute?

    (A spastic white rabbit runs up to Doc Hog in a panic.)

    RABBIT: Excuse me! But do you know if there’s a doctor in the forest?!

    DOC HOG: Why, I happen to be a doctor. What can I do for you, son?

    RABBIT: It’s my wife! She’s about to give birth, but there’re no phones around here to call an ambulance!

    DOC HOG: Stay calm, son. Lead me to her and old Doc Hog will save the day.

    RABBIT: Bless you, doctor. Right this way. (The rabbit leads Doc Hog to his burrow while Telly follows after them.)

    TELLY: Excuse me, Doc Hog. But don’t you know you’re in a race right now? You could go from the lead to last place.

    DOC HOG: I know that, my boy. But haven’t you noticed the first three letters in my name?

    TELLY: D-O-C?

    DOC HOG: That’s right. I’m a doctor first and a biker second. But don’t worry, this shouldn’t take long. (Telly watches Doc Hog and the rabbit go down into the ground.)

    TELLY: Doesn’t that make your heart melt? This noble doctor is giving up his lead to help out a future mother rabbit who’s about to give birth any minute. If you’ll please get back to me later, Lewis, I’ll give you the latest report.

    * * * * * *

    LEWIS: Sure thing, Telly. And while we’re waiting on what will happen with the good hog doctor, here’s junior reporter, Prairie Dawn, bringing you today’s event.

    * * * * * *


    * * * * * *

    (We see Prairie Dawn in the stadium next to some Muppets near ovens.)

    PRAIRIE: Thank you, Lewis. Hello, this is Prairie Dawn bringing you today’s event which is a bake off. This is a perfect chance for certain people who are not very athletic to compete in something they are talented at, making delicious treats.

    (Cookie Monster suddenly barges in.)

    COOKIE: Oh, me want treats! Let me at them!

    PRAIRIE(pushing Cookie back): But Cookie Monster, you are not competing in this event. Your team already has someone competing.

    COOKIE: Me just want to taste and judge each dish! Oh please!

    PRAIRIE: But we already have a panel of blue ribbon judges who will taste each treat. You cannot judge because you are a member of the Sesame Street team and that would be unfair to the other teams if you were a judge.

    COOKIE: Me just want little taste of everything. Me even promise to hold nose while eating so me won’t know what each food taste like! That way me won’t judge which is best.

    PRAIRIE: Sorry, Charlie! That won’t fly in my book. Monster patrol!

    (A purple guy in an orange monster patrol uniform appears and sprays monster repellent at Cookie Monster.)

    COOKIE: BLEECH! Okay, me go! You don’t have to get forceful!

    PRAIRIE(speaking to the monster patrolman): Thank you, that will be all. (The man tips his hat and leaves.)

    PRAIRIE: Now let us meet the contestants for each event. Competing for the Sesame Street team is Big Bird.

    BIG BIRD: Oh, hi Prairie. How are you? (We see Big Bird wearing an apron while mixing something on top of the oven.)

    PRAIRIE: Hello, Big Bird. I am fine. Can you tell our viewers out there what you are making? It looks like some kind of cookie dough.

    BIG BIRD: It is. I’m going to be baking some cookies that my Granny Bird taught me how to bake some time ago.

    PRAIRIE: How wonderful. What kind of cookies will you be making, chocolate chip, walnut, or oatmeal?

    (Cookie peeks from behind the corner.)

    COOKIE: Oh, must she torture me with those sweet words?!!

    BIG BIRD: Oh no. I’m making the best kind of all. Birdseed Cookies! (Big Bird starts to pour a whole bag of birdseed into the mixing bowl.)

    PRAIRIE: Birdseed cookies?! Yechh!

    BIG BIRD: What did you just say?

    PRAIRIE: Oh, I said, “Yes that is birdseed all right. And I hope the judges REALLY show kindness for you. Honestly.”

    BIG BIRD: Aw, thank you for your support, Prairie. Care to lick the spoon? (Big Bird hands Prairie a birdseed coated spoon while Prairie frowns.)

    PRAIRIE: Uh, I wish I could, but I cannot. We reporters have rules about eating while on duty.

    CAMERAMAN IN THE BACK: No you don’t. I’ve see you eat candy bars a lot while reporting.

    PRAIRIE: Do you want to see your next paycheck?! Um, thank you, Big Bird, but now we have to interview the other competitors. (Prairie grabs the cameraman by the shirt and drags him away.)

    * * * * * *

    COOKIE: Even birdseed cookies sound delicious. If only me were a judge. Let’s see, how do you sign right forms and cut through red tape to be judge? (Then a light bulb appears over Cookie’s head.) ME KNOW! (Cookie rushes off, but then comes back to grab the hovering light bulb and then eats it.) Nice, light snack! (Then he rushes off again.)

    * * * * * *

    PRAIRIE: Next, we go to the oven where the baker for the Big Blue House team is working on her entry. And it’s Tutter’s own grandmother, Grandma Flutter.

    (We see the little grandma mouse on top of the oven.)

    PRAIRIE: Hello, Grandma Flutter.

    GRANDMA: Oh, hello Dearie. (Grandma takes one step back, then realizes she was about to sit down on one of the top burners.) Oh dear! I’m glad I noticed that in time. This old mouse doesn’t need another burn scar in her old age.

    PRAIRIE: You seem to have your hands full trying to operate a huge oven like that. Are you sure you would not want to operate an oven your size? I have one in my dollhouse that is perfect for you.

    GRANDMA: Oh no, sweetie. Thank you for your offer, but I need a big oven for the big treat I’m making. It’s something as big as the world.

    PRAIRIE: Oh my! I do not think a person any size can make something as big as the world.

    GRANDMA: Actually, I was kind of exaggerating. I meant to say it’s like the world.

    PRAIRE: Come again? (Just then, the oven timer goes off.)

    GRANDMA: Ah, it’s ready. Be a dear and take it out of the stove for me, please?

    (Prairie takes an oven mitt, opens the door, and takes out something that’s huge and round.)

    PRAIRIE: Wow, look at this thing! It looks like a huge globe of the world. (She starts sniffing it.) And it smells like cheese.

    GRANDMA: Exactly! It’s a giant cheese ball that looks like our wide wonderful world.

    PRAIRIE: This is amazing! And it looks like every country is made from a different cheese.

    GRANDMA: That’s right, Dearie. I have American cheese shaped like the USA, Swiss cheese shaped like Switzerland, Brie shaped like France, Mozzarella shaped like Italy with a dab of Parmesan for the Vatican, Australian cheddar shaped like Australia, and many more cheeses from around the world.

    PRAIRIE: This is so fascinating! What is the ocean made of?

    GRANDMA: It’s Bleu cheese like the blue ocean. I even sprinkled a little salt on the sea parts to get the actual flavor.

    PRAIRIE: What about Antarctica? I cannot think of a cheese that comes from Antarctica.

    GRANDMA: That part was tricky. But thanks to an Antarctic seal I once met while traveling, I asked her to send me some milk from a mother seal and I used it to make Antarctic cheese.

    PRAIRIE(making a funny face): How very interesting. I hope the judges will like their world wide feast.

    (Then Prairie walks over to what looks like a huge white medical tent.)

    PRAIRIE: This was supposed to be the spot where Boober from the Fraggle team is supposed to be baking his entry. But this huge tent is here instead.

    (Prairie knocks on the tent flap and Boober comes out wearing a white coat, hat, rubber gloves, and a surgical mask.)

    BOOBER: Can I help you?

    PRAIRIE: Yes, I would like to interview you and see what you are making. May I please come in?

    BOOBER: Well, okay. But first you have to put this stuff on. (He hands Prairie the same stuff he’s wearing.)

    PRAIRIE: But, why?

    BOOBER: Because I don’t want you bringing in any evil germs that might infect my dish!

    PRAIRIE: Oh, very well. (Prairie puts on the white coat, hat, rubber gloves, and mask.) I feel like a member of Scrubs!

    BOOBER: I almost forgot! Your cameraman will have to wear the same thing too! (Boober hands Prairie another set of clothes.)

    PRAIRIE: You heard the Fraggle. Suit up!

    (Soon booth Prairie and the cameraman were dressed up and ready to enter Boober’s germ free tent.)

    BOOBER: Perfect. You’re both germ free. But just to be really sure… (Boober takes a spray can and sprays both Prairie and the cameraman, making the picture fuzzy.)

    PRAIRIE: Oh dear! (Prairie wipes the camera lens clear and then she talks to Boober.) You seem to have a big thing about germs, don’t you?

    BOOBER: You bet I do! Germs are the vilest creatures on the face of the Earth! Never underestimate the tiniest of all evil! I don’t want them sabotaging my entry!

    PRAIRIE: And just what is it you are baking?

    BOOBER: I’ll show you if you keep your breath to yourself. (Boober leads Prairie to an oven where two Fraggles in the same germ protection clothes were standing in front of it. They raised their spray cans at Prairie.)

    BOOBER: It’s okay men, she’s been sterilized! (The two Fraggles step aside showing a soufflé through the oven window.

    PRAIRIE: Why, it is a soufflé.

    BOOBER: It’s an artichoke soufflé, one of my most favorite things to bake.

    PRAIRIE: I am sure the judges might find this an interesting treat to eat.

    BOOBER: Just as long as those judges brush their teeth and use mouth wash before eating. I don’t want germs getting into my soufflé when they start chewing it.

    PRAIRIE(looking funny at Boober): And there you have it, sports fans. A Fraggle who tries to make his goods germ free!

    BOOBER: Otherwise, they wouldn’t be goods, they’d be BADS! Heh, heh, heh! A little baker’s joke!

    (Prairie sighs as she and the cameraman leave the tent and get out of their germ protection clothes. Then Prairie heads over to the final oven.)

    PRAIRIE: And finally, competing for The Muppet Show team is the team’s own personal chef, The Swedish Chef.

    (We see the Swedish Chef singing in Mock Swedish while dancing around holding two wire whisks.)

    CHEF: BORK BORK BORK! (He ends up tossing the whisks and one of them almost hits Prairie.)

    PRAIRIE: Watch it, will you?

    CHEF: Soo-ree!

    PRAIRIE: Well, Mr. Chef. Care to share with our viewers what kind of recipe will you be cooking for our judges?

    CHEF: Enga bonga nonga zeenga cook de Oopsy-Daisy Cake!

    PRAIRIE: Oopsy-Daisy Cake? Oh, you must mean Upside-down cake.

    CHEF: Ya! Oopsy-Daisy Cake!

    PRAIRIE: Can you show our viewers how you will make your cake?

    CHEF: Ya, ya! Foost, teek de white iggies. (Chef takes out two eggs.)

    PRAIRIE(speaking to the camera): He means eggs. (She then notices the Chef cracking the eggs over the trashcan, causing the yolks to drop inside.)

    A PUZZLED PRAIRIE: Um, excuse me Mr. Chef. But that is the trashcan. You really should be putting those egg yolks in your mixing bowl.

    CHEF: Noo noo! Yooks goo indee treesh! Iggie shools goo indee bool! (Chef drops the two broken egg shells into the mixing bowl.)

    PRAIRIE: No, you are not supposed to put the shells into the mix!

    CHEF: Ya, ya! Shools ur goo! In fooct, here ur mur shools! (Chef takes out a bowl of walnuts.)

    PRAIRIE: So the recipe also calls for walnuts too? But I do not see a nutcracker on your table.

    CHEF: Goot nootcreeker root here! (Chef takes out a sledgehammer and starts smashing the nuts along with the table they were sitting on.)

    PRAIRIE: Oh dear!

    CHEF: Ya, ya! Nooties ull smooshed doo beats! (The Chef picks up all the nut shells and puts them in the mix as well.)

    PRAIRIE: You mean you’re putting more shells into the mix?!

    CHEF: Dats noot ull! Nooxt cooms de bananana-nanana-nanana! (The Chef starts peeling a banana and throws the peel into the mix.)

    PRAIRIE: That is the peel you just threw in. You are supposed to throw the inside of the bananana-nanana-nanana-nananan, I mean, the banana in the mix!

    CHEF: EYEEEEEW! (And he throws the bare banana away somewhere on the field and then takes a huge pineapple.)

    PRAIRIE: Oh no! Do not tell me that you are going to throw out the insides and put the prickly pineapple skin into your mix as well?!

    CHEF: HO HO HO HO! Dats ridicooloos! De whool peenoople gooze in! (Chef tries to cram the huge pineapple into the small bowl. Then Chef puts the bowl on the ground and starts to stomp into the mix with his bare feet.)

    A HORRIFIED PRAIRIE: What are you doing?!

    CHEF: Joost smooshing the moox! La la la la! OOCH! (Chef sits down on the stool and sees some pineapple prickles on his feet. He picks off the prickles and continues stomping while singing.)

    PRAIRIE: Now I see why you are calling it an Oopsy-Daisy Cake! Because it starts with one big OOPS! I am out of here!

    (Prairie and the cameraman leave the Chef and his slightly odd baking strategies.)

    PRAIRIE: While our bakers are finishing up their unusual recipes, let us meet our blue ribbon panel of celebrity judges who will taste each and every one of them. Oh, I sure hope these will not be the last time we will see them!

    (Prairie approached a dining table where three Muppets are waiting to eat.)

    PRAIRIE: Our first judge is that famous opera singing bird, Placido Flamingo.

    PLACIDO: Figaro! Figaro! I am a Figaro Flamingo!

    PRAIRIE: Our second judge is that celebrated actress, Meryl Sheep.

    MERYL: Baa! That is correct, ya?

    PRAIRIE: And our third judge is our favorite star of Bay of Pigswatch, Spamela Hamderson.

    (Instead of Spamela, we see Cookie Monster dressed in a blonde wig, a red girl’s swimsuit, and a fake pig’s snout strapped to his face.)

    COOKIE: Like, hello all you hunky surf dudes!

    PRAIRIE: Wait a minute! You do not look like Spamela Hamderson!

    COOKIE: Like, how can you say that! Me feelings are hurt!

    PRAIRIE: It is just that I have never seen you with blue fur before.

    COOKIE: Me was in hurry. No time for bikini wax!

    (The real Spamela Hamderson marches in.)

    SPAMELA: Hold it right there, you imposter!

    COOKIE: Uh oh! Me busted!

    PRAIRIE: Wait a minute! What is going on here?

    SPAMELA: A furry blue monster told me there was a surprise for me in the broom closet. But when I stepped inside, he slammed the door and locked me in! Luckily, a passing staff member heard my cute cries and let me out.

    PRAIRIE: A furry blue monster, eh? (Prairie pulls off the pig’s snout and reveals Cookie Monster.)

    COOKIE: Um, Me big Spamela fan and wanted to be like her?

    SPAMELA: Oh really? I’m flattered.

    PRAIRIE(sighing and then shouting out): MONSTER PATROL!

    COOKIE: Oh, bye bye! (Cookie runs away while the same monster patrolman chases after him.)

    (Cookie spies some huge medicine balls and curls up into a huge furry ball, causing the patrolman to run past him.)

    COOKIE(uncurling himself): Wheh! That close! Oh, if only there was some way me can taste those goodies! (Cookie then spies the unpeeled banana The Swedish Chef threw away.)

    COOKIE: At least me get some potassium. (Cookie was about to approach the banana until the referee walks by and accidentally slips on the mushy banana and ends up bumping his head on the ground. Cookie rushes to the referee’s aid.)

    COOKIE: You okay, Mr. Referee?

    REFEREE(with a dazed look): Wow! Someone actually slipped on a banana instead of a peel! (Then he faints.)

    COOKIE: Oh, poor referee! He really needs some rest right now. Someone needs to take his place. THAT’S IT! (Cookie then drags the unconscious referee to an empty locker room.)

    * * * * * *

    (Soon, all the bakers had finished their recipes and were waiting for their goods to cool.)

    CHEF: Foonally, muh moosterpeecee iz doon! (Chef takes out a horrible looking brown mutated cake covered with shell shards, banana peel bits, and pineapple prickles.)

    * * * * * *

    WALDORF: You know Statler, seeing the Chef’s cake makes me think of that old saying.

    STATLER: What’s that?

    WALDORF: Having your cake and dying from it too!


    * * * * * *

    BIG BIRD(taking out a hot tray): At last, my birdseed cookies are done. Granny Bird would be proud of me.

    COOKIE’S VOICE: Attention all bakers! (Big Bird, Grandma Flutter, Boober, and The Chef turn around and see Cookie Monster disguised as the referee, dressed in a black and white striped shirt and whistle. And he had on a black wig and black mustache.)

    GRANDMA: Is there a problem, Mr. Ref?

    COOKIE: Just one little rule me want to mention. Before you present goodies to judges, you must wash hands. It part of good hygiene.

    BIG BIRD: But I don’t have hands, just wings.

    COOKIE: Wings count too.

    BOOBER: You all heard the referee. You should always have clean hands or wings at all times, especially when dealing with food.

    GRANDMA: I agree. Grandma’s have to set a good example to you know?

    CHEF(checking out his dirty, prickly, hands.) Ya, ya! To de moon’s boothroom!

    BIG BIRD: Moon’s Boothroom? What’s a boothroom and why is it on the moon?

    GRANDMA: I believe he said men’s bathroom in Mock Swedish, Dearie.

    BIG BIRD: Oh yeah!

    GRANDMA: And I should be going to the women’s bathroom, or the woomoon’s boothroom in Mock Swedish.

    CHEF: Ya ya!

    (The four bakers leave their ovens and entries to get their hands and wings washed, leaving Cookie Monster alone with the food. Cookie looks over at Prairie who was still busy interviewing the judges to turn around.)

    COOKIE: All clear! COWA- Oops, better whisper it. Cowabunga! (Cookie rushes over to Big Bird’s birdseed cookies and starts gobbling them all up.) Oh, that’s so good! Big Bird is sure to win event, if me hadn’t eaten all cookies. Oh look, globe shaped like cheese!

    (Cookie then rushes over to Grandma Flutter’s cheese globe and takes a bite out of North America.)

    COOKIE: What they say is true! Wisconsin truly is cheese state! (He continues to eat the entire globe until all there was left was a cheesy red core.) That one way to reach center of Earth! (And he swallows the core as well. Cookie was about to approach Boober’s soufflé until he sees the bakers coming back.)

    COOKIE: Uh, oh! Me better speed this along! (Cookie takes out a remote control and hits the fast forward button. He starts to eat up the soufflé and the Chef’s cake in fast motion. Then Cookie goes over to the corner to lie down and rub his stomach in pain.)

    BIG BIRD: Hey, what happened to my cookies?!

    CHEF: Oh, Oopsy-Daisy Cake! Wer yoo goo?!

    GRANDMA: What happened to my cheesy world?!

    BOOBER: I knew it! The germs took away our food! You can’t leave your eyes off of them for even a minute!

    PRAIRIE: Excuse me, contestants. But the judges are waiting for you to bring them your entries.

    BIG BIRD: I’m sorry, Prairie. But all our food is gone!

    PRAIRIE: What do you mean gone?! All four foods could not have disappeared all at once!

    GRANDMA: Hey, there’s the referee over there. Maybe he saw what happened to our goodies. (Prairie and the bakers rush over to Cookie Monster, who was rubbing his now expanded stomach.)

    GRANDMA: Pardon us, Mr. Referee. But did you see what happened to all our food while we were washing our hands?

    BOOBER: The germs took them away, right?

    COOKIE: Uh, yeah, that’s it! Me saw little germs run away with oh-so delicious food.

    PRAIRIE: But how can you see germs? They are very microscopic.

    COOKIE: Um, Me googly eyes have magic powers? BURP!

    PRAIRIE: Googly eyes?! And I recognize that burp! (Prairie goes over and rips off Cookie’s false mustache.) COOKIE MONSTER!!!!!

    COOKIE: Uh, oh. Me busted again!

    PRAIRIE: And I ought to bust you like a balloon for eating all the entries for this contest!

    BIG BIRD: Cookie, how could you?! I thought we were on the same team?!

    (The Chef takes out a rolling pin, shouts out a lot of angry Mock Swedish curse words, and was about to flatten the monster. Just then, Cookie makes out another loud, “BURP!” releasing a cloud of brown gas. The Chef sniffs the gas, drops his rolling pin and smiles.)

    PRAIRIE: What is it, Chef?

    CHEF: It’s muh Oopsy-Daisy Cake! In goose form! (All the others take a whiff of the gas as well and then frown at The Chef’s horrible baking.)

    BIG BIRD: It doesn’t smell or even look like a goose at all. I should know for I have cousins who are geese.

    GRANDMA: I believe what The Chef was saying that his cake is in gas form.

    PRAIRIE: Yes, this gas does smell like The Chef’s unusual cake. (She quickly covers her nose.)

    (Just then, Cookie started belching out three more gas clouds.)

    BIG BIRD: Hey, this gas smells like my birdseed cookies.

    GRANDMA: And this one smells like my cheese globe. I even smell the Limburger I made to look like Belgium.

    BOOBER: And I smell my poor artichoke soufflé. Oh, he had to leave so quickly in life!

    PRAIRIE: Cookie, do you mean you can burp out the stuff you just ate in separate gases?

    COOKIE: Me no like to brag, but….

    PRAIRIE: That is it! Everyone! Help me get Cookie over to the judges’ table! (Everyone lifted up the full Cookie Monster and rushed him over to the table where Placido, Meryl, and Spamela were waiting.)

    PLACIDO: A Cookie Monster shaped cake! How splendid!

    SPAMELA: And it looks so plump.

    MERYL: Ya, I fear if I eat this, I may not be able to fit in my wool coat anymore.

    PRAIRIE: Uh, judges. There has been a slight alteration of plans. This monster has eaten all the bakers’ entries before they had a chance to reach your table.

    PLACIDO: You mean we don’t get to eat these fine bakers’ delicious recipes? What a disappointment!

    SPAMELA: I’ll say.

    MERYL: It looks like I won’t have to go off my diet after all.

    PRAIRIE: But do not worry. Cookie Monster will just belch out the smells of each recipe and you can sniff them and choose which one is best. What do you say?

    SPAMELA: You mean he’s gonna belch in our faces?! EYEEWW!

    PLACIDO: I suppose smelling delicious food is better than nothing.

    MERYL: Ya, I can go with that. Though belching sounds disgusting, at least the smells might be better than the sounds.

    SPAMELA(sighing): I suppose I’m in too, for the sake of Muppet Sports.

    PRAIRIE: It looks like the bake off is still on. All right, Cookie Monster. Can you belch out Big Bird’s birdseed cookie gas?

    COOKIE: Let me adjust stomach first. (Cookie starts wiggling and moving his stomach around like he was trying to find an object in a huge sack.) There cookie gas. BURP! (Cookie releases some gas shaped like cookies and the three judges start to smell them.)

    PLACIDO: Ah, yes! They are very sweet smelling birdseed cookies. Just like the ones my own Mamma used to make. MAMA MIA! MAMA MIA!

    BIG BIRD(blushing): Aw! Thank you, Mr. Flamingo.

    PRAIRIE: Okay, Cookie. Now release Boober’s artichoke soufflé smell. (Cookie belches out another gas cloud shaped like a soufflé and the judges sniff it.)

    A NERVOUS BOOBER: That soufflé cloud is sure to attract germs big time!

    SPAMELA: What a very interesting smell.

    MERYL: Ya, I like this smell judging more than tasting. It’s low in carbs.

    PLACIDO: This is certainly one artichoke smell that I won’t, if you’ll excuse the pun, CHOKE on. Ha ha ha!

    PRAIRIE: Now Cookie, release Grandma Flutter’s cheese globe smell. (Cookie complied and belched out a gas shaped like a cheesy world. And our judges sniffed that as well.)

    SPAMELA: Wow, so many cheesy smells tickling my snout.

    PLACIDO: So many different cheeses of the world. It is like I’m on tour of each country right now.

    MERYL: Ya, and smelling delicious cheeses is good for those who are lactose intolerant and cannot eat cheese.

    PRAIRIE: Okay, Cookie. There’s one last smell to get over with. The Chef’s Oopsy-Daisy Cake. (Prairie starts whispering to the camera.) I’m just thankful our judges will just have to smell it instead of tasting it.

    (Cookie belches out the final gas cloud that was shaped like a mangled cake. The judges sniff the last cloud and make horrible frowns.)

    SPAMELA: Eyeeww! What a stench!

    MERYL: Ya! How awful! It smells like someone had put their stinky feet in the mixing bowl!

    PLACIDO: And that smell makes me want to sing the blues instead of the opera! How gastly!

    COOKIE: To tell you all truth, me had better. A LOT BETTER!

    (Hearing these insulting words, The Chef angrily picks up a pot and a rolling pin and starts charging at the judges’ table shouting more angry Mock Swedish curse words! They start shaking in fear as the angry chef gets closer and closer.)

    PRAIRIE: Oh dear! Hostile Swedish Chef Patrol! (The same monster patrolman reappears and sprays a different spray at the Chef causing him to stop, scrunch up his face, and run away in panic.)

    PRAIRIE: Whew, I sure am glad Dr. Honeydew also created that Hostile Swedish Chef repellent the same day he created that monster repellent. Okay judges, go ahead and make your decision.

    (The three judges bunch together and discus which smell they liked the best.)

    PLACIDO: We have decided. Even though some of us were disappointed that we could not actually eat the delicious things we just smelled, we were also thankful we could not eat the things we did not really want to eat. Like a certain cake made by a hostile chef.

    SPAMELA: But we’ve decided that the Cheese Globe we just smelled was totally out of this world!

    MERYL: Ya, we give the victory to the very talented Grandma Flutter.

    (The crowd starts to cheer as Grandma Flutter looks around surprised and proud. Then Spamela approaches Grandma and gives her a golden spatula.)

    SPAMELA: And we award you with the Golden Spatula Award for winning the Battle of the Muppet All-Stars Bake Off! Congratulations!

    (Grandma looks at the golden spatula with pride, while a tear falls from her grandmotherly eye. Then she looks over at her team’s dugout and sees her grandson, Tutter, whistling and waving at her happily.)

    TUTTER: Way to go, Grandma!

    GRANDMA: Thank you, everyone, especially my dear sweet grandson, Tutter. Though I am kind of sad that no one here got to taste my cheese globe, except for that monster who may be greedy, but does have good taste, I am so glad that you still liked how my creation smelled. Maybe next time, I’ll cook up another cheese globe. And perhaps, more countries will be formed at that time and I can create more cheese countries.

    PLACIDO: Wait, we almost forgot to give you your winning gold covered baker’s hat! (Placido places a large golden baker’s hat on Grandma’s head. But it was so big for such a small mouse, that the hat completely covered her entire body.)

    SPAMELA: Um, make that your winning gold covered tent!

    GRANDMA: It feels kind of warm and cozy here. Like the first baker’s hat I first started baking in.

    PRAIRIE: And there you have it, sports fans. The bake off ends with Grandma Flutter taking the victory! Despite how a certain Cookie Monster almost ruined everything! (Prairie turns over to Cookie Monster, who was still lying on the judges’ table still burping out gas clouds.)

    COOKIE: This might be good way to solve expensive gas prices! HA HA HA! BUUURRRRP!

    PRAIRIE(shaking her head): Oh dear! This is Prairie Dawn bringing you back to Lewis Kazagger.

    * * * * * *

    LEWIS: Thank you, Prairie. That certainly was a flavorful event we just saw. Now let’s go to Digit with today’s scoring.

    * * * * * *

    (Digit was too busy playing Space Invaders on an old game system and then started cheering.)

    DIGIT: Yes! I scored 28, 992 points, I’M THE DROID! (Then he checks his earpiece) What, the scoring? Oh yeah! (Digit turns the knob on the chest and the Big Blue House section on the scoreboard starts blinking.)

    DIGIT: Well Lewis, it looks like the Big Blue House team has taken a huge lead with, 28, 992 points?! Oh my! They must’ve won the whole thing with that jumbo score. It’s the same as my Space Invaders score! Wait a minute. Oops! My bad! Hold on a minute, please! (Digit’s face turns red with embarrassment as he adjusts his knob again. The Big Blue House’s score dropped down to the correct score.)

    DIGIT: Sorry about that everyone. But in truth, the Big Blue House team does have the lead right now. They’re leading with 3 points while the other teams are tied in second with 2 points each. Now back to you, Lewis and Newsman.

    * * * * * *

    NEWSMAN: Thank you, Digit. Well, sports fans, it looks like The Big Blue House team is in the lead right now. And speaking of that team, let’s see how, Doc Hog, another member of that same team is doing right now with our Monster on the Spot, Telly Monster.

    * * * * * *

    (We see Telly back in the woods, surrounded by a bunch of baby bunnies.)

    TELLY: Thank you, Mr. Newsman. Once again, this is Telly, your Monster on the Spot, bringing you another update. If you had seen earlier in the bike race, Doc Hog had a good lead, but he had to stop to help a mother rabbit who was about to give birth. The Doctor had been at it for a long time pulling out baby bunnies by the dozens! In fact, he has been at it for so long, the other 3 bikers had passed him taking away his lead. But at least the noble Doc Hog has just delivered 123 baby bunnies.

    COUNT: No, make that 124 beautiful bouncing baby bunnies! HA HA HA HA! (Telly turns his head and sees the Count hugging some of the newborn bunnies.)

    TELLY: Count, why have you stopped? No, wait. Don’t tell me. You wanted to stop and count the bunnies, right?

    COUNT: Not only that, I love seeing newborn babies come into this world. It’s so heartwarming. (He starts tickling a baby bunny’s chin.) One coochy-coo! Two coochy-coos!

    (We see Doc Hog holding the last baby bunny while the mother bunny lies on the grass panting happily.)

    DOC HOG: Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. You’re now the proud parents of 124 cute little baby bunnies.

    MRS. RABBIT: Oh, I’m so happy. Thank you, doctor!

    MR. RABBIT: Yeah, Doc. How can we ever repay you?

    DOC HOG(with a serious face): Just don’t ever ask me to baby sit, okay? (The rabbits just look at the serious doctor, but then Doc Hog begins to laugh out loud and the rabbit parents start to laugh too along with their 124 new children.)

    TELLY: There you have it, Doc Hog giving up his lead to help out his fellow woodland creatures, another sign of good sportsmanship. This is Telly, Your Monster on the Spot, bringing you back to Lewis and the Newsman. (Telly then looks down and sees a baby bunny chewing on his microphone.) Please don’t chew on that. This is not a carrot, even though it has lots of iron in it.

    * * * * * *

    LEWIS: Thank you, Telly. Boy Newsie, this sure has been an exciting day.

    NEWSMAN: I’ll say. Lots of interesting foods were made, unusual belch clouds, newborn bunnies, and best of all, I didn’t get eaten today! (Then Big Mean Carl re-enters the booth.)

    CARL: Hi, again. I’m Carl, but I told you that already. And I’m gonna try and eat you again! (And he grabs Newsman by the neck.)

    NEWSMAN: You can’t! I’m covered with monster repellant!

    CARL: I can now. Thanks to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’s anti-monster repellant. When I spray it on me, it negates the smell of monster repellant. I asked Dr. Honeydew nicely if he’d make me some and he did because I was so polite. And now, IT’S CHOW TIME!

    NEWSMAN: OH NO! (Carl ends up swallowing the Newsman whole.)

    A NERVOUS LEWIS: Uh, um, this is Lewis Kazagger telling you to tune in next time for Day 10 of Battle of the Muppet AAAAAHH! (Carl ends up swallowing Lewis as well. Then Carl lets out a burp releasing two gas clouds that fly out of the booth’s window and down to the judges’ table where Placido and Meryl were still sitting there.)

    PLACIDO(sniffing the first cloud): That smells like a sportscaster with a cone shaped nose.

    MERYL(sniffing the second cloud): And that smells like a newsman who was tenderized all his life.

    * * * * * *

    (Back in the booth, Carl waves to the crowd and says, “THANK YOU!” Then he grabs the camera, eats it, and the screen goes into static.)
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So much funny... Had to stop and keep track of highlights with these notes.

    1 The rabbit in the woods... Is this meant to be a reference to Christina from BITBBH?
    Maybe her husband or close relative?
    2 Doc Hogg: "But don’t worry, this shouldn’t take long."
    *In Bugs Bunny voice: He don't know us vewy well, do he?
    3 The Bake-Off, what a wonderful idea. This had me thinking ahead...
    4 And sure enough, the laugh riot begins soon after as soon as Cookie Monster shows up, even more so due to that it's Prairie Dawn reporting.
    Though shouldn't there be his trademark intro of "Dum-de-dum-dum, dum-de-dum-dum"?
    5 Monster Patrol, nice cameo character, could be one of Chris Cerf's.
    6 Big Bird making... birdseed cookies. Double curve.
    Thought it'd be his famous banana bread from the SS Library.
    And then you go and reference to Episode 4086 from Season 36.
    7 Interlude between Prairie and Cameraman was funny, Prairie getting tough.
    8 Light bulb appears over Cookie's head, classic.
    And him eating it... "Nice, light snack" just histerical.
    9 Very inventive with the cheese globe.
    10 Nice to see Boober Fraggle as the entrant in this event, in his garb as Dr. Fun rather than his normal wardrobe. Treats his cooking like the delicate operation it is.
    Thought there'd be some M*A*S*H* references or humor here, at least Boober's got some helpers in there with him.
    11 Prairie's response to almost getting hit with the Swedish Chef's whisks.
    12 Prairie trying to say "bananana-nanana-nanana-nananan, I mean, the banana in the mix!"
    13 The Swedish Chef's recipe is a veritable laugh riot. From egg shells to walnut shells with the sledgehammer to smushing the whole pineapple into the mix as well.
    14 The bake-off judges, Placido Flamingo and Meryl Sheep and... Cookie as Spamela! Look out sides, this is going to be a gutbuster.
    15 The whole scene with the medicine balls and referee's quote. This is where it continues to get good.
    16 Wisconsin is truly cheese state, classic CM humor.
    17 Remote control... LOL!
    18 Big Bird admonishing CM, Thought they were on the same team myself.
    19 Judging the foods by their gaseous forms as emitted by Cookie Monster.
    Not sure if it's bathroom humor or plain genius, but it works well and I liked it.
    20 Look out judges! Guess noone learned from Kermit's intro of the Viking number back on TMS.
    21 Chef repellent works also... ROFL!
    22 Good thinking CM. Maybe that way those dumb Senators will finally get it through their thick skulls to stop reviving the bill to drill in the Alaskan wildlife refuge.
    23 Digit getting the scoreboard mixed up with his video game score, priceless.
    24 And you couldn't leave well enough alone... Carl coming back with his Anti-Monster repellent eating both broadcasters. Good stuff.
    Just hope my man's able to make up some headway in the race after stopping at the rabbits' burrow along with the good doc.
    Post when ready.
  16. G-MAN

    G-MAN Well-Known Member

    The whole thing was classic, especially Carl doing his famous "Thank You". Plus the Count popping up with the baby bunnies and everything with cookie Monster, just wonderful.
  17. DTF

    DTF Well-Known Member

    Had to compliment this one, too - one of the funniest yet. You do a great job of showing Praire getting tough. I don't know that I've seen her that way, just agitaated at Cookie Monster's eating of cookies and otherwise like the typical 7YO girl. (I hadn't watched SS at all in the 1980s or 1990s, though. Only int he last few years did I watch some.)

    I think this is how Prairie would react, though - Kind of reminds me of one of Dennis the Menace's friends, either Margaret or Gina. (Since both can read pretty well & are inthe same class, plus are a bit taller, they're about 2nd grade like Praire Dawn, though if you look at the *really* old DTM strips, fromt he '50s and '60s, Margaret was in Kindergarten with him, till they decided to age her & give her more of a personality, plus introduce Gina. SAme thing with Joey, he was originally 2, maybe just 3, but he was mentioned as 4 in one strip a couple years back, as they focused more on Denis & his friends and less on his just being a wild and crazy 5YO, somethingw hich I'm sure there was only so mjuuch Hank Ketcham could do with.)

    Yeah, that was a world class ramble, huh? :) I should find a way to cross comic strips and the muppets when I'm done w/my last couple exams.
  18. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I really liked how the Bake Off turned out. And to answer your questions, Count.

    1 What does BITBBH stand for?

    4. I guess I didn't think of Cookie singing that famous Dum-De-Dum line when entering.

    5 I have thought of some Muppeteers who would be good to play the unnamed characters.

    6 Yes, I got the birdseed cookies idea from that episode. :)

    19 I remember in a Letter of the Day skit, after Cookie Monster ate that giant G cookie, he said he was feeling pretty Gassy. I too was surprised when he used that line.

    I'm glad you liked everything in my story. The cheese globe was really fun to create. :)
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good Xerus... Looking forward to the next day/event.
    To answer your question... BITBBH = Bear In The Big Blue House.
  20. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Now that I FINALLY got time to read this- I LOVE IT! And um... well I'll just "ditto" just about everything The Count said...

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