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Battle Within: The Spider-Man 3 Thread (Spoilers Ahead!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by muppetwriter, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. muppetwriter Active Member

    Well, you know these writers and directors are always talking about a sequel, as soon as they get done with the film (case in point, Ang Lee soon after the release of Hulk in 2003--a sequel's in the works, but not under Lee's supervision).

    I have heard something about a sequel, but I doubt if it'll happen, despite the film's huge box office record this past weekend.
  2. crazed gonzo fa Active Member

    Yeah, it seems to be getting a poor reception. By the way, thanks again for helping me with my avatar! I can't express my graditude!
  3. muppetwriter Active Member

    You're welcome.:D

    Looks like there's going to be another exclusive "never-before-seen" look at Spider-Man 3 during next week's broadcast of Heroes on NBC. I just hope they live up to their word and actually have new footage to show.

    Also, I'm finding out about some "Collector's Edition" to the video game that's coming out for the PS3 platform (another bit of good news for those of you who own two of the next-gen consoles next to Xbox 360). In it, there's a special exclusive in which players can be Harry Osborn (a.k.a. The New Goblin) and roam through the city as him

    Some new pics have been appearing on the official site for the game, some are on SHH!'s website right now. Pretty marvelous.:)
  4. muppetwriter Active Member

    Here's something else I meant to bring up in the previous post: an interview about the game.:)

  5. muppetwriter Active Member

    Some more pics of new SM3 toys have popped up online, as well as some marvelous ones of character busts.


    Also, there's some news about a new Spider-Man animated series coming to Kids' WB on The CW, starting early next year. This is what was posted on SHH!:

    I just hope it's more like the Fox Kids series rather than that poor MTV one.
  6. crazed gonzo fa Active Member

    Greg Weisman? Awesome! Can't wait to see what this is like!
  7. muppetwriter Active Member

    Me, too. If it's going to become anything like Gargoyles or The Batman, then this'll be the first Spidey series to have the exact same formula that the movies carry. The MTV one tried to have it, but they couldn't.

    Here's some more updates I've found from SHH!'s site:

    There's going to be a new trailer attached to the release of 300 next weekend. As if the new footage surrounding this Monday's season finale of Heroes on NBC wasn't enough.:)

    Also, check out this new artwork that has just come up online:

  8. crazed gonzo fa Active Member

    Thanks again muppetwriter!
  9. muppetwriter Active Member

    You're welcome.:)

    Here's a description of the new Spider-Man 3 trailer that might be attached to the release of 300 this upcoming Friday.

    That last part sounded like something out of a horror movie to me!:eek:

    Can't wait! Can't wait!:excited:
  10. crazed gonzo fa Active Member

    Awesome! Thanks You So Much!
  11. muppetwriter Active Member

    In a few seconds, you're about to thank me even more, C.G.:)

    Everybody! Prepare to be amazed! The 7 1/2 minute extended footage of Spider-Man 3 has made it online. If you were watching tonight's episode of Heroes (great episode, by the way...won't spoil the shocker at the end for those that haven't seen it), you would've noticed the one minute footage that was shown between commercials. But what's online now is a thousand times better!

    Don't bother going to NBC's website, because the downloading time takes WAY too long. Instead, click on this link, which will give you a clear picture and that high definition quality that you would get from NBC.com.


    Hope you all enjoy it! It's really marvelous!:excited:

    EDIT: YouTube also has a link ready for everyone to click and watch the cool footage. :)

  12. muppetwriter Active Member

  13. crazed gonzo fa Active Member

    AWESOME!!! Thanks for finding these! I'll have to wait a while before I can see the footage (of course).
  14. muppetwriter Active Member

    I'm not sure if these links will be up long, considering that the footage contains major spoilers. NBC's website is supposed to be closing down their Spider-Man 3 site tonight (there's only a 24-hour limit to watch the avaliable footage).

    So I don't know if Sony or NBC plan on hunting down the people on either of the links I posted above for bootlegged copies of it. Let's hope not though.:)
  15. muppetwriter Active Member

  16. crazed gonzo fa Active Member

    Thanks again muppetwriter! By the way, have you heard anything else about the upcoming Deathlok movie?
  17. KCJ506 New Member

    Leaked Venom Pics!







  18. muppetwriter Active Member

    Good God!!:eek: Where did you find these?! They're Awesome!!!:excited:
  19. KCJ506 New Member

    AICN posted these earlier today, but Sony made them take them down nearly right after they posted them, I was able to save some before they did. I hope that posting these wasn't a no-no. I just thought they were cool and thought that other Spidey fans here would been interested in these.
  20. muppetwriter Active Member

    No, it's cool. Stuff like that is what this thread is for. We find anything on the film, even the spoilerish material, and post it here. I remember posting some leaked photos and a vid of a Hulk-sized Venom a while back, but they weren't official.

    This, however, is definitely official! Thanks for sharing them with us, and if you find anymore out there, please post them as soon as you can.:)

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