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Custom figures and dioramas

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Dearth, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Active Member

    I might just try this, but I'm thinking about making the red long haired female whatnot and the blond noseless female whatnot.
  2. Dearth

    Dearth Active Member

    Nice recipe on the Loud Girl.

    muppetlover123 likes this.
  3. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Active Member

    I know a lot of people have made him already, but i made a tuxedo-less Rowlf figure that i have yet to fix and yet to paint.
  4. los

    los Active Member

    I'd be interested in seeing that. What is your recipe?
  5. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Active Member

    Fixed just yesterday with some Loc-Tite super glue i got at Home Depot and ready to continued being painted is my L.K. figure. I also fixed my Rowlf the Dog figure, but I haven't painted him yet.
  6. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Active Member

    What i did to make the tuxedo-less Rowlf was i took some white sculpey clay and made the body, legs, head, and ears all the same size, but not to the point that the figure would fall over. I made that mistake with my Louis Kazagger figure, who i fixed yesterday when his head and foot fell off.
  7. Promo Parrot

    Promo Parrot New Member

    I love Kerzie The Bog! The Great Muppet Caper is one of my favourite Muppet films.
    Kermit and Fozzie are twins... Quintessential Muppet comedy.

    Thank you Dearth for creating this, you've inspired me to create my very own cutom Muppet Figure...
  8. Promo Parrot

    Promo Parrot New Member

    My custom muppet figure...
    I have the idea and the muppet figure i'm going to customise. Just need to buy the right tools and get on with the job.
  9. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Active Member

    Has anyone made figures of Jowls, Calico, Zondra"Darci", Chip, Black Dog, Clueless Morgan, Mad Monty, and Zippity Zap? Because if not, I have plans to make those characters be my next figure line.
  10. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Active Member

    If anyone would like to see a Calico figure, then i'd be glad to make one anytime. I just need more clay in order to make it.
  11. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Active Member

    Anyone made an Angus McGonagle figure? If not, I might make him my next figure to work on. I just gotta remember how to make him look spot on to the real character.
  12. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Active Member

    If anyone has suggestions for which figures for me to make, which ones would they be? I personally feel like doing more MTI characters and also make a second BDM figure. I want to do Old Tom next.
  13. ceelos

    ceelos Member

    Not sure I've seen you custom figure Mad Monty fan. Are they posted in this thread? I'd like to see them
  14. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Active Member

    I haven't used my mobile device, more specifically my tablet, in a while to take pictures of them.
  15. Rugratskid

    Rugratskid Active Member

    I know these aren't uncommon characters, but I'd love to see figures of Wembley and Boober. I know someone on MC sculpted Wembley's head, but I don't think a body was ever made.
  16. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Active Member

    I'm shocked people didn't make the costume for Link, Lew, Scooter, Gonzo, Rizzo and Fozzie's super hero alter egos.
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    To be accurate, Super Scooter was made into an action figure part of the actual run by Palisades as an exclusive tied to Series 3.

    As for the other members of the Supergoofs... I had someone turn an extra Captain Link into his Super Link costumed persona, complete with Snacka-waves ray gun and roasted Swinetrek model ship. Sorry I haven't taken/posted pics of it all these years later.
  18. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Active Member

    Or how about PIMP Gonzo and Gangster Link, from the Macho Man number? Those look like they'd be fun.
  19. los

    los Active Member

    Should I do the purple orchestra tux or other color scheme? [​IMG]
  20. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Purple Tux defiantly.

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