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Dreams about Muppets...

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by punkNpuppets, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. Piggy The Frog

    Piggy The Frog Well-Known Member

    Just some info before I talk about my dream. I have two CDs with the Muppet Show theme song: Music, Mayhem and More (first season theme) and a CD of various TV theme songs (fifth season, with Statler and Waldorf singing "Why do we always come here..."). Both songs start with Kermit yelling "It's the Muppet Show!" but no special guest is mentioned.

    In my dream from a couple of nights ago, I was listening to one of the songs, though I'm not sure which one because I kind of freaked out after Kermit spoke. He actually said the name of a guest star! Only problem is that when I woke up, I forgot the name. *headdesk*
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  2. Pianogirl

    Pianogirl Member

    I have dreams with Muppets in them all the time. I just recently had one earlier in the week that involved Fozzie, Gonzo, Kermit, and I in a green-gray warehouse hiding from someone. If I remember correctly Robin was there and Fozzie was comforting him. I was really scared and Kermit was trying to keep everyone calm, Gonzo ended up clinging to my leg.
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  3. Piggy The Frog

    Piggy The Frog Well-Known Member

    Last night I had a dream where I was watching MTM. The wedding scene was a bit longer than I'd remembered it, with the minister asking if anyone objected to the marriage. Uncle Deadly stood up and looked like he wanted to say something, but Piggy gave him a look and he sat back down. Was Uncle Deadly even in the movie? I don't think he was... *runs off to check Muppet Wiki*

    Edit: Yes, he was! He was sitting behind the pigs.
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  4. Birdon the bird

    Birdon the bird Active Member

    Last night, It's was Robin's birthday. He turned 6! WOO! It's was nice party! There was cake, piñata, even a moonbounce! But Robin was in the moonbounce for 2 days. Kermit asked me to tell Robin what's going on. When i went outside, I asked Robin "Can we talk?" But Robin yelled "No! Im never getting out!" Then he give me the face. Then i asked if i can bounced with him. Robin said " I guess so." Then, I went in the bounce house and talk to him. And i forgot the rest.

    It was one of my Muppet borading home dreams.
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  5. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Active Member

    I once had a dream I was married to Zoot and I was best friends with Rowlf, Janice and Floyd. Zoot and I had 4 kids a set of twins (a boy and a girl) and 2 more girls.
  6. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    I had a dream the other day where I found Kermit and Robin Palisades figures being sold for a dollar each at a Christian bookstore. :p
  7. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Wow! How cheap! :)
  8. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I got super excited, and I was dissapointed when I realized that it was just dream. What's weird is that they were being sold loose with no box or accessories or anything. Not to mention the fact that they were at a Christian bookstore.
  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    That is everyone's dream my friend. :p


    So It was me, Piggy, Kermit, and Animal. We were like, secret agents who fought evil and stuff. It's wierd, because I never dreamt of a bad guy so...
    So, for some reason, I was calling Animal Fuzzy, which I think I MEANT to say Fozzie. That's what it sounded like... (In... My head... :))

    So, of course, Kermit and Piggy were a couple, but... SO were me and Animal.


    Unless you never met me, you know I've got a things for Bears with bad puns.
    (That means Fozzie you slow peeps. :p I'm joking. :))

    And for the rest of the dream, Piggy was fighting bad guys, while Kermit disabled a bomb.

  10. Pianogirl

    Pianogirl Member

    I just had another muppets dream earlier in the week, along with a couple other dreams. It was after reading Toga's heartbreaking fanfic "Heart of Gold" so it was pretty tragic.
    It took place in my backyard, which had become a battle field. I had a bunker sort of thing where Rizzo and Gonzo were scrambling to fix things up inside. Kermit was wearing an old timey helmet adn we were all running into it. Thats all I remember.

    I also had another dream that took place just last night. There was a muppet themed mall sort of things complete with a little food court where swedish chef was working. Gary, from the latest muppet film, was showing me around. Kermit was there giving a tour, and people were coming up to Gary, asking for his autograph. There was a room for learning how to puppeteer, and Fozzie was teaching it.
    The only bad thing was it was a little pricey.
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  11. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Last night, I had a dream where I saw unique photos and videos of the Muppet crew (Rollie Krewson, Ed Christie, etc) setting up the Fraggles for the episode, "Wembley and the Great Race". I even noticed Red with her hat on. I saw photos of various background Fraggles on stands. It was really interesting.
  12. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Last night, I had a dream where I was at a playroom with a TV, which was in a mall. In there, I was playing with cartoon plushes and Fraggle Rock plushes. They included the Red, Gobo, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, Murray Minstrel, and Brio Minstrel plushes. I think there were also Sesame Street and Muppet plushes, too. I looked up on eBay later to find out that there were plushes of the Trash Heap, Philo, Gunge, and all the Minstrels. I was so excited. My mother was looking out for me but I wanted to stay there some more.
    Also in my dream, I watched a Good Morning America-type program in which Grover appeared as a special guest. It had a yellow background on the program.
    That's all I could remember.
  13. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    Last night, I dreamt "The Muppets...Again" was out on DVD (although it was still 2013), and I was watching it for the first time. Odd, since I know that in reality I would have seen it in theaters at least once.

    Anyway, the nightmarish part was that the movie just wasn't good. I remember the Muppets were underused, and I had to keep fast forwarding through scenes with the human cast (which strangely included Amy Adams).

    The movie bored me so much that I got on my computer to do something else while it was still playing (my back was to the movie). While online, I remember seeing a two star rating of the movie on IMDB. I also saw a promotional photo with Ricky Gervais and some of the main Muppets (and Uncle Deadly).

    The few Muppet scenes I saw only had about four or five characters in them. There was some guy (who might have been Jason Segel) getting the Muppets to help him with something. Gonzo said a funny line that I can't remember.

    Then there was this weird longshot of walkaround Muppets (surprisingly, Clifford was one of them) doing a show.
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  14. Auberoun

    Auberoun Member

    Last night I dreamed that I met Frank Oz and performed all my muppet voices for him. He was very impressed with my Piggy, and Kermit, and he said he would help me with my Sam. Then, he said he would get me in to the "network" of Muppet performers. I got to meet Steve, who was really impressed, and chose me to be his successor! Then I woke up feeling down that it was only a dream. Especially since I am out of work right now. :sigh:
  15. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Wow, cool dream, Auberoun. I'd love to have these dreams where I meet someone within the Muppet company and talk to them, yet it's only happened on one occasion when I talked to Kevin Clash.
  16. PanthraDion

    PanthraDion Well-Known Member

    Well, last night I drempt of the muppet babies at a restaurant in the desert. They were around the outside of the building talking (I was not directly interacting with them) when the subject of women came up and a huge dust storm arose. There was a comment about women and what they could do when the storm started. Next, they were at the bottom of a cliff holding jars of something. I am currently watching muppet babies through a second time, so I guess that this makes sense, even though I am a huge Fraggle fan.
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  17. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Last night, I dreamt of the Sesame Street Muppets and some TMS Muppets guest starring on the first part of the 2013 Miss America pageant which strangely ran from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am.

    The first batch of Muppets included Big Bird, Zoe, Herry Monster, The Amazing Mumford, Narf, and an orange AM monster. Narf revealed that he had dark brown teeth. One black-haired female guest star said to Roosevelt Franklin that he's so awesome, which upsets Kingston Livingston III. Herry Monster watches from the audience to keep track of Zoe doing the right speeches. The Amazing Mumford wanted to do special effects for the program. The program then showed Muppet clips including various SS clips and Gonzo blowing the horn from The Muppet Show theme.

    Kermit the Frog said how great the show was and The Count shows up to Kermit's surprise. The Count say that he's here to keep count for Sesame Street's billionth view on Youtube. Ernie then introduced the Sesame Street gang again. They get crowded by several other Muppets including Elmo, Bert, Grover, Herry Monster, and a Fuchsia Honker. The Count gets excited as he counts them one by one. That's all I know about that dream.
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  18. Mary Louise

    Mary Louise Active Member

    This wasn’t a dream about a Muppet, but it did relate to Sesame Street. I dreamed that I was interviewing Paul Benedict and that he was saying how much he enjoyed being the painter of all those numbers!
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  19. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    I had a dream months ago where I was at some Wizard World-type convention and Dave Goelz was there as a guest. I went over to his table where he was signing things and he didn't have a line at all. We were talking for what felt like a half-hour and it was awesome. I don't even think we were talking about Muppets or anything, I think we were talking about The Avengers or something. I've never so mad that a dream was just a dream. :concern:
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  20. Birdon the bird

    Birdon the bird Active Member

    Birdon had a Muppet dream last night. It took place in Birdon's house. Droop(Birdon call him Crybaby Droop.) was trying make a video, but Birdon keeps interupping him and he keeps being sad as always. 4th time. when Droop was saying the introduction, instead, Birdon said the introduction. Droop had it. That's when that Crybaby Droop started to Cry FRECKIN' loud!! And Birdon ran out of that place fast and ran into Birdon room, cuz She thougt she was in trouble. Only too bad for Birdon, cuz she keeps hearing a rustle in her closet, so, she went into the bathroom instead. Birdon looked out the widow and it was snowing! Birdon ran into the kitchen and her mom was in the kitchen. Crybaby Droop was there too. When Droop saw Birdon, he whimpered like a baby and scooted away from Birdon. Birdon told her mom about the snow and she said "Wow, that just strange.". Birdon said "I know, right?.". Birdon looked at Crybaby Droop. He whimpered at her again and curled into a ball and said the words "Go away!" very weak like a baby. And Birdon forget the rest...
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