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Fan-Fic: Remembering The Good Times We Had

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Oh, thanks you guys! *huggies everyone reading her story*

    Aw, to heck with it, I'll post even MORE now!!
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Holy mosquitoes, Renee, even MORE? You're AWESOME!!!!!!
  3. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter Eleven

    The next morning came and went. Robin woke up, and Sweetums carried him back to the house, making sure he was alright. But...Uncle Deadly wouldn't wake up.

    "Sheesh. I should go and see how Robin is doing...he's missed some school because of this...." The frog's feelings were being torn at the seams, he wanted to watch over Robin, be the careful protective Uncle...yet, this Uncle needed to be taken care of.

    "Uncle Deadly?" Kermit softly shook the old dragon's shoulder, still a little worried about him. "Why won't you wake up, you old ghost??"

    A soft light lit the room up once more. And in a puff of white smoke, Life stepped into the room. She silently walked beside Kermit and Uncle Deadly, then sat, indian-legged on the floor.

    "Hello, Kermit. You are wanting to know why he won't wake up?"

    He turned his head, towards Life, and he looked down. He didn't feel it right to look right into her face.

    "What is the matter, Kermit? I am not like that shadow, you can talk to me. I will listen." She looked like a beautiful frog now, to Kermit. Her white robes where gathered around her body, as she smiled at Kermit. Her long white hair, flowed over her shoulders, and she grasped a slim olive branch in her hand.

    "You...you're....I just can't...." He could not bear to look in her face.

    She reaches out, and tilts his chin upwards, smiling softly. "It is alright Kermit. What is it you wish to know about your friend?"


    "Why, yes. He has saved this theatre many times, without you even realizing it. Have you ever thought as to why their are no robberies, or vandalism to this theatre? Although the rest of the area is littered with it?"

    "Well...no...I haven't..."

    "And then....with your little nephew. He protected him from the Shadow in the little frog's time of need. So...what is it you wish to know, Kermit?"

    Kermit took a deep breath, and he sat back, reflecting for a moment on what she told him. It was true. He had noticed it, but he had never made any comment. He looked her straight in the face, determined now.
    "When will Uncle Deadly be alright? When will he wake up, Life? I want to know....Robin wants to know."

    She stood up, and looked down at him, then over at Uncle Deadly. Her voice becomes deeper, as if echoing across time.

    "The phantom of this theatre shall awaken when he meets his true soulmate. Only when those two are reunited, shall he awaken. But, frog. You must act quickly, for his soulmate is nearing the time of passing herself. If you do not find her....he shall be lost to Limbo, for all time."

    Life nodded softly, and before Kermit could respond, she popped out in her white smoke and light.


    Kermit lifted Uncle Deadly onto an old mattress they had backstage, and he folded his hands across his chest.

    "Yeesh. Looks like he's dead." Kermit stopped for a second. "He is dead already." He just shook his head at that. Then he grabbed his coat, and his keys. He closed the door to Uncle Deadly's room, and left the theatre, thinking about what Life had said.

    "....You must act quickly, for his soulmate is nearing
    the time of passing
    herself. If you do not find her....he shall be
    lost to Limbo, for all time...."

    He couldn't believe what he had heard. He kept replaying those words over and over in his head. Then he stopped in his tracks.

    "Why should I save Deadly? He's been nothing but a thorn in our sides ever since we came into the theatre..."

    He kept walking, thinking that. Then he remembered, just how much Robin enjoyed Uncle Deadly's company, how every Halloween Uncle Deadly would help the kids that always came to the theatre to dress up, and he would always say to them.

    "I'm too old to go with you children...why don't you go with Fozzie instead? Or Kermit!"

    Kermit smiled at those memories, the children would miss Uncle Deadly...if he were gone. By this time, he was at the house's door, and nearly every muppet that lived there was almost squashed against the windows. Kermit frowned for a second, then he laughed.

    Then he remembered what he had to do. He's got to find that letter that Deadly had written before!
  4. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Make that 11 chapters now! *blows smoke off of fingers, smiling sheepishly*

    Well I did just finish reading...somebody's....story about Death and stuff. I think it was your's, but honestly I've forgotten, all the stories blend into this huge melting pot of ideas and fuzzy memories for me. :)

    Yes, thanks you so much!! Ooh, I feel so loved right now!!!
  5. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I think you'll hold the record for most chapters posted in a day! WOW!!! I stepped away from the computer for a couple of hours and came back to find so much more AMAZING story! This is so awesome!!!! I'm going to need a teddy bear though, I wonder where Lisa is....anyway I wish I could go into detail, but anyway this story is truly great and you're amazing for writing so much in one day and having it be REALLY good.

    Oh yeah, LOVE the classic Janice line. Funny stuff!
  6. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    I don't know what to say! Yeah, I'm totally awesome!!

    *blows smoke off of fingers*

    I'm honestly suprisied I can write/type this much in one day. Heck, the rate I'm going at I might just finish this story in 4 days. XD
  7. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Yeah, I felt I had to fit it in. XD That's why the "old joke" thing came up. XD Also, it helps that my typing speed is about 86 wpm (words per minute) and that I'm just really making it up as I go along. You know what all this came from??
    "I wonder what Uncle Deadly's wife would be like?"

    And all this came from that thought. Amazing huh? :excited:
  8. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I totally understand how that goes! Most of the fan fics I wrote (all 2 1/2 of them) started the same way. I wonder if Rowlf has a family? What would happen if Bert and Ernie had a huge fight? What if Grover went to Hollywood? A simple question can start you on the biggest tangent and the next thing you know, you've got a story! I'm glad you had that thought Renee because you are producing one of the best stories I've read in awhile from it! Keep it up!
  9. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter Twelve

    Robin was sitting at his little desk, in his room. Doing his math homework. Or rather, trying to do it.

    "So, if x=94, what is 97 + 54x - 9 - 234 + 87% of 234? I'm only 5 years old, and they expect me to do this?? They're crazy!"

    Kermit knocked on his door, and waited for Robin.

    "Door's open, Uncle Kermit! You can come in!!"

    "Oh good, Robin. I...need to talk to you for a moment."
    "About what, Uncle Kermit?"
    "It's Uncle Deadly. That letter...he wrote. Do you know where it is?"

    Robin didn't answer, but he shuffled some papers on his desk, and pulled out the crumpled parchment roll. He handed it to Kermit.

    "I tried to read it, but I didn't understand what he meant in it. Do you know what it means, Uncle Kermit?"
    "Yes, I do Robin. I'll be back in a little while, okay? I just wanted to read something from this letter."

    He handed the letter back to Robin, and he left his room. Walking down the hall, he wondered how he could find Eleanor.


    "No I'm not Eleanor! She's moved away. And I've never known anyone named 'Uncle Deadly', so just leave me alone, please!!" The person on the phone answered angrily to Kermit. Fozzie and Gonzo sat beside him, each with a phone book in their laps.

    "I'm...really sorry mam...sorry to have--*click!*---bothered you...what other numbers are on that list, Gonzo?" Kermit grumbled, setting down the phone reciever.

    "My list is empty, Kermit. There arn't any other numbers that have 'Eleanor' as a first name." Gonzo shrugged his shoulders, looking over at Fozzie. "You got anymore numbers, Fozzie?"

    "Well...we got one last one, Kermit. 555-0699. Try that. It says here her name is 'Eleanor Devonshire'. Maybe that will be the Eleanor we're looking for..."

    Kermit scrunched his face, before he dialed the number. He heard the other end ringing, and it kept ringing for a few moments.

    "Sheesh. I sure hope it is the right one. I'm getting tired of dealing with mean people."

    The phone rang. Someone picked it up. A soft, feminaine voice; but with a familar tone to it answered.

    "Hello there. For whom would you like to converse with?"

    "Oh! Hi ho, this is Kermit the Frog. I'm calling for an old friend of mine, perhaps you might know him?"

    "Well...what is this person's name, perhaps?"

    "He's known now as Uncle Deadly. We don't really know his last name, I--" Kermit stopped speaking, as he heard the woman gasp, and heard the phone clanging. It sounded like she had dropped it.

    "D-Deadly!? Deadly Devonshire!?"

    "Like I said before, mam. We've never known his last name."

    "Where is he now?"

    "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

    "I've seen much in my long life, sir. I'm sure you won't throw this old dragoness for a loop."

    Kermit placed a hand over the phone for a second, and he turned to speak to the guys.

    "I think she might be the one, guys! She's said her name is Eleanor, and she just told me 'I'm sure you won't throw this old dragoness for a loop.', she's gotta be the one Deadly spoke about in this letter of his!!"

    Kermit scrambled to the phone's reciever once more, and he laughed softly.

    "Sorry about that mam, had to talk to someone for a moment."

    "Oh that's perfectly fine, Frog. But what we were speaking about, before. Where is he?"

    "He's...uh...stuck, at The Muppet Theatre."


    "Yes....he died at the theatre, and he's a phantom...a ghost you know? And he haunts that place, and has been haunting it for sometime now."

    Kermit hears a silence at the end of the line, then the soft voice, has become a bit deeper, more happy, one would seem.

    "Is the theatre still standing where it was so many years ago?"

    "Yes, it is."

    "I shall be there in three days, Frog." And with that, she put the phone down.

    Kermit looked at Gonzo, then at Fozzie. His disbelief was clearly visiable on his face.

    "I think we found Deadly's wife, guys." He gulps softly. "And she's coming here in three days."
  10. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    For anyone who might have read that post before...and thought that.

    Scrap it. I can't sleep.

    Sooo...MORE STORY....

    Fingers: No! No Renee!!
    Renee: Yes, you shall keep typing the glorious words for my friends!!
    Fingers: Then give us icy hot.
    Renee: Alright.

    ....Kidding, my hands don't hurt yet. XD
  11. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    *faints* *wakes up* Ok, before I faint again I must tell you that this is quite simply one of the most amazing stories I have ever read I love Uncle Deadly and life and Kermit and Scooter and Fozzie and Janice and Floyd!! And Robin's math homework!! A reference to my story "Sometimes It's Better to Go" I presume? I love love love this!! And I cannot wait for more!! :excited:

    Oh, and yes it was my story with Death, it was called "We Know That It's Proabably Magic" and thank you again for the references!! And this fabulous story!! *faints again*
  12. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter Thirteen

    The old dragoness, Eleanor set the reciever down on it's set. She smiled. Deadly was still around after all these years. She wondered why he had never called her. She felt like a little schoolgirl almost, she was so giddy with happiness. She went to her bedroom, and packed her bags quickly. She made sure she had the most frightful dresses she's ever bought, so she can show them off to Deadly.

    'He'll love that.' She thought, 'He's not seen me in so long...I wonder if he's forgotten me? Oh well, the Frog told me he's there! So he must be!!'

    Her friend, helped her into the taxi, and to the plane that she took alone, going towards the small town of Hensonville.

    She was so excited. She was going to see her love again. She slept during most of the trip, she felt so tired all the time lately.


    Kermit paced in the theatre, he was watching Uncle Deadly sleep on that old mattress. Like he was some twisted version of "Sleeping Beauty"...well, everything felt twisted lately to Kermit. He felt like someone just threw him into the pond head first without warning.

    He paced somemore, glancing back at Uncle Deadly. Fozzie had taken his old station wagon to pick up Eleanor at the airport, she was flying in from another state.

    "I hope she gets here soon!! I can't stand it!!" He picks up his cell phone from the desk, and dials the car phone. "Fozzie! Do you have her yet??"

    "Yeah, Kermit! She's not really talktive though. And she threatened to blast me with lighting if I told her another joke..."

    "Well, then, don't tell any jokes! Just get her here in one piece, okay?"
    "Alright, Kermit!"

    Kermit set the phone down, and he looked at it. Then he shook his head. He sat down on the stage, but his legs wouldn't let him stay still, so out of sheer nervousness, he took to hopping around stage and seats. He finally settled into the third row, just checking the lights. He heard the station wagon pull up in front of the theatre, but he didn't budge, he did not want to make Eleanor seem nervous.

    Fozzie pulled up, and parked. Then he walked over to where Eleanor was seated, and he opened the door for her.

    "My...you're a very nice gentleman, Fozzie. Except for those horrid jokes, you've been great company."

    The dark-blue dragoness stepped out from the station wagon, her long thick tail dragging behind her on the ground. She was wearing a dark purple dress, with a beautiful cameo necklace around her neck. She wore no shoes, but had instead beautiful bracelets around her ankles. Her eyes were a georgous pale yellow, they shone like gold, set into white eyes, much unlike Deadly's black eyes. She wore little makeup, and her face was heavily lined with age, yet a beauty still shone through, with little effort on her part. She took Fozzie's paw gently, as he guided her up the steps, and into the theatre.


    "Where on Earth did Foz--Oh hey, there is he!! Hey Fozzie!! Hello Mrs Devonshire." Kermit smiled at the elderly dragoness, who merely smiled a fanged smile back towards him.

    "You may call me, Eleanor, Frog. Where is Deadly, I wish to see him."

    Kermit nodded softly, and led Eleanor back to Deadly's room. She stepped away from him, when she saw him laying on the mattress.

    "Deadly?? Deadly, are you alright?? He looks to be dead, Frog!! What has happened to him!?!"

    Kermit sighed, and he walked into the room, he stood at Uncle Deadly's feet.
    "He is dead. But not in the way you would normally think. He is a phantom, Eleanor. He cannot leave this theatre--"
    "He died here."
    "Well...yes. He did. How did you know that?"

    Eleanor looked down at Deadly, grasping his hand. Fozzie brought a seat over to her, and she sat down beside Uncle Deadly's bed.

    "It was his first performance, in this new theatre they had made, only months eariler. I was helping with costumes, while Deadly...he played the lead role in their new performance of 'Hamlet'. He praticed night and day for it. When he was supposed to go on stage, he had smelt something horrible backstage, so he went to investigate it. He told his understudy to take over for a few moments."

    She sighed, looking down into Deadly's face. She leaned down and kissed his cheek, no thinking much of what it would do. Deadly stirred a little, almost awakening, but he didn't move an inch. For he knew who was beside him, and he wished to hear how she told the story. He loved it so. He loved to simply hear her speak.

    "I believe it was probably that stupid cleaning man...what was his name? Beauregard, I believe it was! He never fixed the charcoal hopper, and it had caused some of the smoldering charcoals to fall out, into the floor. By the time, Deadie got back there, the entire room was in flame. He came out yelling about the fire, and we all dashed to leave. But.....darn him....he went back inside to save a little boy. We never knew what happened to him, after he went back inside the second time."

    Kermit nodded at the approiate places, then he tilted his head, when she talked about the little boy.

    "Little boy? Would you know who that was?"

    "Yes. A bratty little boy, named Jerry Peters Grosse. A terrible little cretin who always made it a notion to yell out, "MY GRANDPA OWNS THIS LAND" and such nonsense like that. As if we were going to shower him with gifts just because of that..."

    "J.P. Grosse! Wow..."

    Eleanor raised an eyeridge towards Kermit, who just laughed a little bit, saying it was nothing. Uncle Deadly started to move a little bit, to get her attention.

    "Deadly? Deadly....are you alright!?"

    He raised himself up off the bed, and he smirked softly.

    "Yes, my dear. I'm quite fine. I'm so very glad to see you once more."

    Eleanor leaned across the small mattress, and gave Deadly a great big hug. He leaned her over his lap, and proceeded to give her a kiss on her lips. Or what could be called dragon's lips at least. They finally broke away, after what seemed like forever, and Uncle Deadly stood up on the floor, and grasped Eleanor's hand.

    "Well, Ellie. Would you like for me to give you the Grand Tour of the theatre?"

    "Certainly, Deadie. That would postively frightful!"
  13. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <shivers> There is so much awesomeness here, and I just love it... I would go into detail... but sleep becons... and well... <hugs teddy bear>... Here, I'll just leave a few of these teddy bears here for anyone who needs or wants them... and in the meantime... what a perfect chapter to be my "bed-time story"... Thanks, Renee.
  14. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter Fourteen

    So, Uncle Deadly, and Eleanor took the grand tour of the theatre, while most of the Muppets sat out in the seats, and really just looked bored to death.

    "Kermie...what are you waiting for?!"

    "Yeah, I really need to get my act ready for the show!"

    "And my jokes aren't write themselves, are they?"

    "And when are we gonna eat?"

    "Jou right, Ritzo. When are we gonna eat somshing, hokay?"

    "Well, I got half a sandwich here guys. You can have that, but it has jalapenos in it."

    "Jalapenos! Gracias, Bubu."

    "It's Bobo."


    So they all talked, and griped and grumbled, until Kermit stood up watching the two dragon-lovebirds walking out towards the stage.

    "Hey guys. Did you enjoy it?"

    Eleanor smiled, looking up at Deadly. "Why yes, it was wonderful, frog. Deadly, would you do some of Hamlet for us!?"

    Deadly looked to the side, and he frowned a little.

    "Deadly...what's the matter?"
    "I..forgot it, Eleanor."
    "You forgot 'Hamlet'?"
    "Y-Yes...but...I've got another one I could do for you..."

    "Anything you do I would love to see Deadly."

    Deadly coughs a little bit, thinking of what to do for his love. And it hits him, the play they were both performing in, when they met each other the very first time, over 65 years ago....

    "O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
    It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
    Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope's ear;
    Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!
    So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows,
    As yonder lady o'er her fellows shows.
    The measure done, I'll watch her place of stand,
    And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand.
    Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!
    For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night. "

    Deadly stood up, from his position kneeling in the floor. He smiled, his old fanged smile to Eleanor, who just at that, was about to cry.

    "Oh...Deadly....fools hath no candle to you, my dear."

    "You call me a fool, Eleanor?"

    "Yes, I do. You just made yourself one with that saying. But I jest, dearest, I jest! Surely you know that!"

    He chuckled a little bit, perhaps he had been around Kermit and his friends for too long. He did not remember how she did use to jab at him like she did just then. Perhaps...it has been too long for them. No...it can't be.

    Eleanor shifted, then she yawned a little.

    "It has been a long night, Deadly. Perhaps we should turn in? I'm getting very tired now."

    The two old dragons walked back towards the bedroom, to retire for the night. Kermit and the gang left as well.

    Uncle Deadly's yell could be heard all the way to the boarding house the next morning..
  15. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    What's up with the shivering stuff? XD It is because I've like broken every friggin record in MC history concerning fanfictions or something? XD

    Oh well, I'm very glad you like it, Lisa! Much loves around! Now, <yawns> Time for me to go to bed, finally!

    <Grabs a teddy bear, and curls up going to sleep.>
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So... Comes the dawn and I must away, back to the ol' coffin. Yaey, we finally meet Eleanor. And where's that passage Deadly recited originally from? I feel like I should know it. Oh well, till the dawn brings the morrow.

    And I hope everybody's ready for the next chapter, me thinks to know what might happen. Teddy bears and tissues will be needed, maybe?
  17. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    It's from Romeo and Juliet, Act I. Actually Romeo isn't speaking to Juliet though, but about her to either his cousin or someone else. It was 11:45 last night, when I was looking for the "What doth through yonder window breaks" I remember most of it, but not all of it, and I did not want to mis-quote Shakesphere. So, I just skimmed around, and I found this passage. And it's so beautiful...and it was so late....I just threw that in there, and it sounded so wonderful!

    And yes. Teddy Bears and tissues will be needed. But...it will also be happy too. :)

    How I love keeping you all in suspense. XD
  18. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Wha ha ha!! This is so good!! It's scary!!

    ...No pun intended...
  19. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter Fifteen

    He stared at the bed, the old dragoness seemed still...and cold. But he was dead himself, how could he tell?

    He leaned forward, and gently placed a hand on her neck, he felt no pulse beneath her skin. No rushing blood....no....warmth.

    He sat on the floor in front of her, bewildered. Astonished. He finally got to see his love, after all of these years....and....and she was gone.

    He knew not what else to do. He covered her up gently with the old, tattered blanket that was in his room, and he simply sat beside her, holding her icy hand. He was numb to all feeling, and thought. The world outside this room, did not exist at that time.


    The tall spirit, with her long white hair, and white robes stood in the theatre, in the orchestra pit. She saw the old theatre, and she smiled.

    "His friends love this theatre, as they love him. He may not know it, but they care for him."

    She looked towards Deadly's room, she heard the crushing silence evading the entire theatre. It felt like time had stopped in that ancient playhouse.

    She heard the frantic cries of his very friends outside the door. Kermit could not get the door open. Life simply stayed put, wondering how they would overcome it. She backed up when she saw something quite unique..


    "Aw, man! Cheese it, this door ain't opening, Kermit!"

    "It will open, Rizzo!!" Kermit had both flippers up on the door, tugging with his hands, trying to get it to open now.

    "Kermie, let me handle it!" Piggy prepared herself for karate chopping the door.

    "No, it's over 50 years old, Piggy! I don't want to damage it!!" Kermit yelled at Piggy, still tugging on the door.

    "OP-EN OP-EN!" Animal yelled, pounding on the door, while Floyd and Janice were pulling backwards on Animal's chain.

    "Like rully, Floyd baby, what are you feeding him? He's getting too strong for all of ussss!" Janice suddenly got yanked forward, as Animal slammed himself into the wall, taking a huge bite out of it.
    In his feral mind, he figured, if he couldn't bite the door, bite the wall!!

    "Haahhaahhaa....it's open..." Animal laughed, looking back at his friends.

    "Sah-reee, Jani.." He lifted Janice up roughly, who walked back over to Floyd.

    "Wow...like maybe you should get him some ritilan...or something..." Janice looked sideways at Animal, her arms still hurting a bit from that, but otherwise she was fine. Floyd nodded, keeping his arm around Janice, watching Animal walk inside, while keeping a hold on his chain. Then he let the chain go, knowing the brute knew his way around that theatre.


    She had walked near the door, to watch them, then Life stepped backwards, hearing the wall crack.

    'What are they doing?' She thought.

    Suddenly a huge chunk of the wall fell down right in front of Life, and Animal clambered through it.

    "Sah-ree, Jani.." Animal had said, lifting up the girl quickly.

    Kermit scrambled through the hole, scrunching his face towards Animal.

    "Hey man, he got us in, didn't he?" Floyd responded, smiling.

    "Yeah, I guess he did." Kermit still frowning, walked a little further inside. He stopped when he nearly walked into Life.

    "Hey! Oh! Hello there. Um...why are you here?" Kermit asked, a little timid.

    Life merely smiled softly, and pointed down towards the backstage area.

    Piggy watched as Life took Kermit's hand, and walked with him. Piggy positively boiled with anger. Spirit or no spirit, no one was going to lay a hand on her FROG. She walked swiftly towards them, ready to karate chop, that woman in white, when Life turned around on her.

    "Do you intend to harm me, pig? I advise you stay here, or it will not be pretty."

    Piggy took a mocking tone to her voice then, "I advise you stay here, blah, blah, blah!"

    Piggy thrust her hand out at Life, pointing a finger at her."I don't care, little Miss White aura, he's MY FROG, and you will lay your hands off of him NOW!"

    Life's smile dropped. This mere mortal was threatening her. This insignifant pig was threatening her. Her eyes closed for a moment, regaining her composure, but this time, she didn't smile.

    "I warn you, pig. Do not anger me. If you loved your frog that much, you will let him come with me, and you will not speak anymore concerning it."

    She was crackling with energy now, she did not like being spoken to in such a fashion. Apperently this pig did not know when to stop.

    "WHAT? Oh, like what can you do?? I've got a double black belt in Tae Kwan Do, Judo, and a triple in Karate! What do you say to that!?!" Piggy was right in Life's face by this time, and Life was frowning deeply now. She raised one hand, palm flat against Piggy's chest momentarily. Life's voice is a deep, emotionless monotone.

    "I had warned you pig."

    And with that, a bright bolt of light came forth from her palm, hitting Piggy square in the chest. She went flying across the room, landing in the orchestra pit. A clamor of instruments were heard, then silence.

    Kermit stared at Life, who slowly let her hand come to rest at her side. She was watching with intent eyes at Miss Piggy, who for the moment, wasn't moving.

    "Why did you do that!? She was fussing yeah, but...but you didn't have to hurt her!!"

    Life looked down at Kermit, and she nodded vaguely.

    "She shall be alright. She will get up in a few minutes. We must go see Deadly." She turned back to the others. "When the pig wakes up, do not let her back here. If she tries, tell her that was only the beginning of what I can do to her."

    Everyone nodded, murmuring their agreements. They learned from that, they did not want to tick off Life.


    The door to the small room was still open, Deadly still sitting in the creaky old wooden chair, grasping his love's hand. He turned it over in his rough old scaley hands. He noticed every single crease, and how her claws were still beautiful. They had a pretty black nailpolish, he noticed. He laid her hand back down beside her on the bed, and he gently raised his hand to her shoulder. He saw her face, deeply wrinkled...but so was he? It did not matter anymore. Her eyes were closed, but to him, she just as beautiful as she was opening night.....
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    Chapter Sixteen

    Deadly's memories replayed what happened...it was such a beautiful night, until it...had happened....


    "Deadie! It's almost time for you to get on stage...have you got those wretched pants on yet?" Eleanor knocked on the door to his dressing room, frowning. She had about four other pairs of pants over her shoulder, that needed to be fixed, and she had her long sissors banging everywhere she walked, making such a racket.

    "UH! Almost, dearest!! The...the zipper won't zip." Deadly tried once more, he was in such a rush, he had forgotten to fit his tail through the hole in the back. Eleanor walked inside the room, and smirked, about to laugh.

    "What is so funny, Ellie?"

    "Your tail is caught in your britches!"

    He looked down, and blushed deeply, shoving his tail out the back, then it zipped up perfectly. He tucked the ruffly shirt inside, and grabbed the sword, to clasp at his side.

    "I look the part, don't I, Ellie?" He smiled, looking quite the troubled King for his part.

    "Yes, my handsome king, you do. Now you'll come in during the 3rd act."

    "The 3rd act? I can't believe Mr. Grosse would do such a thing as 'rotating characters' it makes no sense to me!" Deadly frowned, remembering how Mr. Grosse couldn't say no to anybody wanting to join, so they ended up with every act using new people each time. Which normally went well, but that mean a whole lot of people backstage at a time.

    "I know darling. But, just keep an eye out Jerry. He likes to run underfoot of us, alright?" She replied to Deadly, leaving the room, so she can get back to her sewing machine.

    In another part of the theatre, Jerry who was only 5 years old at the time, was jumping up and down, trying to scramble onto his Fathers desk. Then he went running back to where the janitor was.

    "HEY!! Mr. Bowie!!!" He yelled at Beauregard, the janitor. He was mopping up near the exit, humming a soft tune to himself.

    "Hello, Jerry. Anything you need help with? And my name is Beauregard, not Bowie." Beau leaned against his mop, and smiled at the little boy.

    "You got any change? Or candy? Or something??" He was popping with energy, and he wanted to do something. Everyone that night had told him to get away, leave them alone. They had no time for him, no one except for the old janitor.

    "Well...I got this." He pulled out a small bag of lemon drops, and he handed a few to Jerry, placing the bag back into his pocket.

    Jerry smiled at Beauregard. "Thanks, Mr. Bowie!!" With that he went running off to the dressing rooms. He always liked hiding there, while they did those stupid old plays.

    Deadly was wandering around backstage, waiting for Mr. Grosse to alert the third act players to come forward for their time. He noticed the boiler room was open, so he closed the door quietly. No sense making everyone else suffer that unbearable heat, when it could be solved.

    "Act Three players! Get ready to go on stage! Act Three players!! Get ready to on stage in 5 minutes! 5 minutes!" Mr. Grosse announced into the old loudspeaker that was backstage.

    Deadly nodded his head, and started to amble his way up to the front, of the right wing. His nose caught whiff of something quite bad smelling. He stopped for a moment, sniffing once more. He tapped his friend on the shoulder, quickly.

    "Terrence, would you take over for me, in the 3rd act? Something isn't right in here."

    Terrence nodded his head, and told Mr. Grosse that he was going to take Deadly's place, so Terrence went out on stage instead of him.

    Deadly walked back, following the smell. He stopped in front of the boiler room, it was always hot down there, but this time, it felt like the pits of heck to him. He opened the door, and immedatiely he was hit with rolling flames, envolping the ceiling of the hall.

    He RAN. As fast as he could go...he didn't know what else to do, he ran out on stage, in full costume, his nose whips singed off from the heat before.


    The audience scrambled out, the preformers scrambled out, and so did he. Just a moment after the backstage crew had stepped outside, Mr. Grosse stopped for a second.

    "Where's Jerry? People, have you seen Jerry!?"

    Deadly shook his head, then he pushed his way through the crowd. "I'll save the child, I can take the heat longer then you all can! Let me through!!"

    He pushed his way into the theatre, it was already starting to crumble in places. The seats and stage were alit in a fearful golden-orange dance of light and heat. He picked his way, towards Jerry's favorite hiding spot, he knew he had to save the boy. He finally found him.

    "Jerry, come quickly! You must come to me, child!!"

    Jerry was crying, and afraid. To his child eyes and mind, Deadly looked like a specter of death to him. He was rooted by fear to where he sat.

    "Come child! You'll be dead in a minute if you don't come with me!!!!" He glanced around behind him, the theatre could drop on top of them any moment then.

    Jerry started to crawl out from under the large vanity, he slowly made his way towards Uncle Deadly. Before the child got close to him, Deadly scooped him up in his arms, whisking him away outside, to Mr. Grosses safe arms. He was covered in burns, and his clothes were partially burned off now. He started to walk outside, when Jerry yelled.


    Deadly's eyes opened wide, he knew the girl wouldn't last at all. He ran back inside one last time, praying to whomever would listen to give him the strength to save himself and the child from burning to death.

    He saw the small girl, red hair and thick glasses. She was clinging to a small teddy bear, amidst the flame licking at the door to where she was. She was crouched inside the cafeteria, hiding underneath one of the many metal tables. She was crying. She was scared too. Hugging the teddy bear more, she wished her Momma was here, to hold her tight, and tell her everything was going to be fine...but...no one was there.

    Deadly knew where she might be. Her mother worked at the cafeteria, so she must be there.

    "Sadie!! SADIE!!! Where are you!! It's Uncle Deadly!!!" He flung himself at the double doors, they were shut tight because of some of the wall, crumbling off, blocked off the doorway inside. He huffed a bit, inhaling the noxious smoke wafting in from the seats and stage. It was starting to make him feel nausous now. He took one last slam at those doors, and tumbled through. He saw the small yellow teddy bear underneath one of those tables, then he saw the bespectaled red-head poke out from that very same table. She came running to Uncle Deadly, sobbing. She didn't like to be there. But...she was only 3 years old, she didn't understand what was happening.

    Deadly picked her up into his arms, cradling her tightly as he ran for the nearest window. He yelled out the window. "I've got Sadie!! I've found her!!" The others ran to the window, and grabbed her from his arms. Delirum was kicking in though, because as soon as he handed off Sadie...he thought he heard more children crying within the theatre. He went off running back towards the same dressing room, that Jerry was trapped in.

    Weather it was the inhaled smoke....or the wooden beam that fell...

    Uncle Deadly did not remember. He only remembered waking up, as a ghost, trapped in the theatre for all eternity...

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