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Fan-Fiction: The Revenge of Elmo

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by theprawncracker, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 6: The Reason Why

    Elmo sat alone in the dark room for a while. He was holding Dorothy's fish bowl and stoking it. The end was finnally here, and he knew it. He had been plotting this ever since he was destroyed 2,000 years ago. He remembered that day, and all of the days before that, but, he didn't know why everyone hated him. He was a powerful king, but he was fair. He kept his people fed, he was always sure everyone had a place to live. It was the perfect society. Yet, not as perfect as Elmo thought...

    Pepe: It's flashback time! Hokay?:end Pepe

    "Is Baby Bear sure?" King Elmo asked his loyal adviser.

    "Yes, it's twue, thewe's been a webellion against yow weign as king." Baby Bear told his friend and master.

    commentary: Baby Bear is so much fun to write! Even though I hate his guts, just writing his dialogue is awesome!:end commentary

    "Well than, Baby Bear should leave." The king told him. "Elmo will lead the troops into battle. Elmo doesn't want Baby Bear to get hurt."

    "If yow suwe." Baby Bear said as he ran out of the room.

    "So, the day has finnally come, when Elmo's reign as king of the world will be over." The king said to himself.

    Pepe: And someday, Pepe's reign as King Prawn will be over...Sigh...Hokay?:end Pepe

    "But at least you're not alone!" A friendly voice said to him.

    "Who said that?" Elmo said.

    "It was me, Zoe, your slave." She told her king.

    "Elmo has slaves?" He asked her.

    commentary: Alright, time for a shout out! To BEAR, aka Bryan. He loved this line, so much, that he even used it as his signature! Thanks Bryan!:end commentary

    Pepe: Si, and muchos gracias to jew for playing me so good in de Muppet's Big Brother game. Hokay?:end Pepe

    "Yeah, that's whose rebelling. A group of slaves." She told him.

    "Elmo really didn't know he had slaves. Elmo is so sorry." He told the young girl. "I think Zoe should leave, follow Baby Bear, Baby Bear will lead Zoe to safety." He reassured her.

    "No, I won't leave you my king. I'll stay here by your side and fight the rebels with you!" She proclaimed.

    "Don't be silly Zoe, Elmo doesn't want to be responsible if Zoe gets hurt. So go with Baby Bear, please, for Elmo!" He begged her.

    Pepe: So, now jew are telling me dat he was a good guy one time?:end Pepe

    commentary: Well...It depends on who you are, and your point of view. Some people think that Elmo was good, and others think that he just had to high of an opinion of himself. So he was actually bad but he thought he was good, which is bad. But It's good that there are so many different ways to look at it, but bad that no one can figure it out. Get it?

    Pepe: What? Jew are talking in circles. Hokay? I have no idea what jew are saying. Hokay? So, if jew'll please stop talking, we can get back to de story.:end Pepe

    "Okay, but be careful." Zoe said as she ran off to find Baby Bear.

    "It is time." The valiant king said as he stepped off of his throne and went to the stables.


    The rebels put up a fierce fight. Elmo's army of his own clones were failing. As the rebels and their leader Kermit the Frog fought valiantly. Elmo could hardly make out the faces of the rebels, because of the dust. It had been very dry lately. Elmo knew that the only way to defeat the rebellion was if he used his powers. The powers instilled with him when he was crowned king. These powers all flowed from the large red ruby he wore around his neck. Elmo called to the ruby and a flash of red light emerged from it knocking all the rebels off their horses. He now had the advantage. He rode his horse in front of the rebel leader and spoke to him.

    Pepe: So Ryan, was I part of de rebels?:end Pepe

    commentary: Yeah, you and the rest of the Muppets.:end commentary

    Pepe: Si, si, so Elmo was with his clones?:end Pepe

    commentary: Yep.:end commentary

    Pepe: Ok. Still, it's very weird. Hokay?

    "Why?" The king asked. "Why would you rebel against Elmo?"

    "Because!" The Frog leader said. "You've enslaved me and my friends! We've been your slaves since you've been king! My brother died under your service! I had to raise my nephew as a slave! You've tortured us long enough!" The valiant knight said. "Now Robin!"

    commentary: Hey Pepe, Lisa liked that line!:end commentary

    Pepe: Who?:end Pepe

    commentary: Lisa.:end commentary

    Pepe: Who es dis Lisa? I do not know her. Hokay?:end Pepe

    commentary: Sigh...The crazy nagging girl!:end commentary

    Pepe: Oh! Her! I thought her name was Phil.:end Pepe

    commentary: You're really bad with names aren't you?:end commentary

    The rebels young nephew fired his slingshot at Elmo's ruby. The source of all of his power. The small pink stone hit the ruby and cracked it. The crack then grew until it spread and broke the ruby. Thus turning Elmo's fur into thousands of rubies and turning his body into a statue.


    That's all Elmo remembered. Being locked away as a statue for 2,000 years. Spending the whole time seeking revenge on the green menaces who ruined his kingdom. Until the day he was released by that stupid detective.


    He knew what he had to do. He was no longer a statue, he could move, he could breath, he could feel! He could feel, he could feel the way to his once proud kingdom. He went there. And it had been turned into a place called Sesame Street. With monsters, and humans, and birds, and a frog. A suspiciously familiar frog. Elmo paid close attention to this frog, finnally learning his name, Kermit the Frog. Elmo knew that name. It was a name he could never forget. The name of the man who destroyed him. He spent the next 10 years perfecting a fool proof plan to destroy Kermit the Frog and his friends.

    Pepe: Kermin lived on Sesame Street?:end Pepe

    commentary: Yeah...It's a huge part of his legacy.:end commentary

    Pepe: Really? Huh. I geuss it's true, jew do learn something new everyday.:end Pepe

    It would start in the media, he'd push for Elmo merchandise, practically causing all the other characters on Sesame Street to disapeer. He was even allowed to build his own world, Elmo's World. Where he'd finish his plan. Which is what he did tonite. Soon there would be no more Kermit the Frog, no more Ernie, no more Bert, Big Bird, Miss Piggy, Rowlf, Robin, no one! He'd destroy them all, except for Zoe. The girl who brought Elmo to his knees. He knew that she was the only pure soul this world could produce. And he and Zoe would rule together.

    Pepe: Even Pepe?:end Pepe

    commentary: Even Pepe.:end commentary


    "ThAnK yOu MrS. gRoVeR. dInNeR wAs WoNdErFuL!" Robin said to Grover's mother.

    Pepe: I lOvE dE fReAkY tYpInG. hOkAy?

    commentary: Oh no! You must be under Elmo's control! NOOOOO!!!:end commentary

    Pepe: No, no, I was just displaying my love for jur creativity. Hokay?:end Pepe

    But Kermit knew that it wasn't really Robin, he knew there was something wrong. He didn't know how, but he knew.

    "You wanna go outside and play lil buddy?" Sweetums asked his best friend.

    "nOt NoW sWeEtUmS, i'M rEaLlY tIrEd." Robin told him. Then he walked up the stairs and closed the geust room door.

    "Kermie, is Robin okay?" Miss Piggy asked Kermit.

    "Yeah, he's actin' really weird." Rowlf added.

    "Maybe he's forgotten to breath, in and out." Grover suggested.

    commentary: Ha. That's funny.:end commentary

    "I don't know guys, but I really wish I did." Kermit told his friends. "I really wish I did..."


    "Are you sure you're okay Robin?" Kermit asked his nephew.

    "YeS uNcLe KeRmIt, I'm FiNe. CaN i Go To SlEeP nOw?" His nephew asked him.

    "Okay, if you're sure. But Robin if you need to talk, I'm always here for you." He reassured his nephew. "Remember, I know that it's not easy bein' green to."

    "GoOdNiGhT." The frog said unemotianally.

    Pepe: Is dat a word? Unemotianally?:end Pepe

    commentary: I think so...Hold on, I'll go to www.dictionary.com! :end commentary

    Pepe: Hokay, I'll sing.

    I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts,
    Der dey are a standing in a row,
    Big ones, small ones, some as big as jur head...:end Pepe

    commentary: Well son of a gun, it is a word. Cool:end commentary
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <shakes head> Phil, huh?

    More fantabulous commentary, prawncracker, keep it coming!
  3. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 7: The Muppets Fall

    Pepe: Great, we fall...I hate dat little red demon. Hokay?:end Pepe

    Kermit climbed into bed at 10:47pm. He was asleep by 11:00. Miss Piggy had to have her beauty sleep, she was asleep by 10:30. Rowlf and Sweetums stayed up and watched Disney/Pixar's Toy Story, and they were asleep by 11:30. Grover and his mother were asleep by 10:00. Robin the Frog did not sleep at all. He knew he had a job to do. He had alot of traveling to do tonite as well. And he had to be back before the others woke up. His first stop was a small country house.

    Pepe: To many numbers!:end Pepe


    Fozzie and Emily Bear were asleep when Robin arived. He was ready. He placed bars on every window and door of Emily Bear's house. The Bears could not leave.

    commentary: Poor Fozzie...:end commentary

    Pepe: Si, he's surrounded by dat old bat during his vacation!:end commentary


    Robin was already in Canada by 1:00 am. He had already nailed Gonzo's barrel shut. And Gonzo and Camilla were trapped.

    commentary: Yeah, and Gonzo liked it...:end commentary


    Sam Eagle was the hardest. Robin had to get past all of the secret service at the White House, and then he had to get inside and put it on permanent lockdown, and get out before it was finished. Once on permanent lock down, no one could get in, and no one could get out, including Sam.

    Pepe: He he, de birdy can't get out, serves him right! Hokay?:end Pepe


    Robin was at the actual location of Woodstock by 3:00am. And had the Electric Mayhem bus locked and de-motered by 3:10.

    Pepe: Which es White Lake/Bethel, New York.:end Pepe

    commentary: Thank you Google!:end commentary


    He was at the Muppet Boarding house next. And had bars on every door and window there as well. Including the Muppet Labs Trap Door. And the hole Crazy Harry had made in the wall.


    After Florida, Robin had two more stops, halfway around the world. In Florida, Robin had Pepe, Rizzo, and Clifford locked in their hotel room by 4:00. He had an hour to get home.

    Pepe: Dat was him? He locked us in der?!?: end Pepe


    Robin was in the Amazon jungle when he ran into trouble. A tiger would not leave him alone, but he was taken care of. As were Scooter and Skeeter, thanks to a cave in.


    Robin made his final stop in Italy where he had Johhny and Sal locked in a canoli joint by 4:30.

    commentary: I've been to that canoli joint.:end commentary

    Pepe: Didn't jew work der?:end Pepe

    commentary: Yep.:end commentary


    He was back in his bed by 5:00. And Kermit woke up at 5:13 to get coffee.

    How did the little frog do it? Travel around the world in 5 hours. The answer is, it wasn't really him. Elmo was controling him, transporting him throughout the world with the help of his newly reaquired powers. The ones he regained when Elmo used Robin's brain to find the Fraggle Pebble that destroyed his ruby to rebuild it. So now, Elmo was just as powerful as he was 2,000 years ago. And soon, the world would rightfully be his once more. And Kermit would pay.

    Pepe: He just wanted him to pay de monies? Well, I wouldn't have payed him either. Hokay? De monies are to important.:end Pepe


    "So Kermie what are vous doing today?" Miss Piggy asked him.

    "Well, I'm going to spend today with Robin. I didn't get to show him around Sesame Street yesterday. He was playing with Elmo all day." Kermit said.

    Robin walked down the stairs, but today he didn't stop halfway down them like he usually does. Something was wrong.

    commentary: Halfway down the stairs is a stair where I sit...:end commentary

    Pepe: Will jew stop that?!?:end Pepe

    commentary: Sorry.:end commentary

    "Good morning little froggy!" Grover said to Robin.

    "GoOd MoRnInG." Robin said emotionless.

    "So Robin, you wanna come with me and Kermit today and tour Sesame Street?" Sweetums asked him.

    "SoRrY I'm GoInG tO eLmO's WoRlD tO pLaY sOmEmOrE." He told them.

    "Robin, I thought we were going to hang out today." Kermit said to his nephew.

    "ElMo WiLl Be UpSeT iF i'M nOt ThErE." He told his uncle. "i'M nOt HuNgRy, I'm LeAvInG, sEe YoU tOnItE." He said as he walked out the door.

    "Good grief!" Kermit said. "There is definatly something wrong with Robin. And I'm going to find out what! Who's with me?"

    commentary: I am! Oh wait...I can't be, I have to help write...:end commentary

    "I'll do anything to help my little buddy!" Sweetums said.

    "I've got your back Kermit!" Rowlf told him.

    "Moi has a hair appointment Kermie. I'll have to take a rain check." Piggy told them.

    "Don't worry Kermit, I'm coming with you!" Grover told him.

    "Oh good. Well let's get going." Kermit said as the group headed out the door.


    "Bork Bork!" The Chef cried as he tried to get out the door of the Muppet boarding house. But it wouldn't budge.

    "Oh my." Bunsen said. "It seems we are locked in! I better call Mr.Kermit!" Dr. Honeydew picked up the phone and dialed Piggy's cell phone number.

    "Elmo is sorry. But Bunsen cannot call right now. Because he is now Elmo's prisoner." The phone message said.

    commentary: Poor Bunsen...:end commentary


    The rest of the Muppets got the same message. Except Gonzo. Who couldn't call because he was having the time of his life trapped in a barrel going down Niagra Falls. They didn't know what their fate would be. But one thing was for sure, they were scared.
  4. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Yay for commentary! More please.
  5. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 8: Return of the King

    "Baby Bear!" Elmo called. "Bring me Robin's brain!"

    "Yes sew, wight hewe sew!" The frightened bear said as he carried in a tank containing a brain about the size of a chocolate chip cookie.

    Pepe: Some cookies sound good right now. I'm going to go out to de snack bar and get someting to eat. Hokay? Do jew want anything?

    commentary: Some nachos would be nice.:end commentary

    Pepe: Si, hokay, nachos for jew, and popcorn for me.:end Pepe

    *He leaves*

    "Excellent. Now hook the brain up to the mind reading machine!" Elmo said as Baby Bear hurried over to a large machine and sat the brain on top of it. Elmo put on a set of headphones and plugged them into the machine, then pressed a large green button.

    The machine flashed and buzzed as it read Robin's brain. Elmo heard all of the information the young frog knew.

    commentary: Poor poor Robin...:end commentary

    All useless. Elmo thought to himself. Frog Scouts, fly eating, singing, leapfrog. Wait! The Fraggle Pebble is located in... "Shut it off Baby Bear." Elmo told him.

    commentary: That's not totally useless...:end commentary

    "Did you find what you needed?" Baby Bear asked his master.

    "Yes, indeed Elmo did." He turned around to face a motionless, lifeless, Robin. "Now Robin, get Elmo the Fraggle Pebble." Elmo told Robin, as Elmo pressed a button on a remote control.

    "YeS mAsTeR." Robin said.

    commentary: This is kinda boring without someone else...Hmm...I've got an idea.*takes out cellphone* Hey Grover...Yeah...It's Ryan, what's up? You wanna come do some commentary with me?:end commentary

    *Super Grover crashes through the roof*

    Grover: Hello people! Furry old Grover is here!

    commentary: Great! Let's keep watching.:end commentary

    Grover: Yes!

    "Well, here we are. Elmo's building." A nervous Kermit said as he, Grover, Rowlf, and Sweetums approached.

    "Yes, and Elmo's World is on the very top floor!" Grover told them.

    "How are we s'posed to see what's happenin' up there if their on the top floor?" Sweetums asked.

    "Oh, I know!" Grover cried as he rushed into a nearby phone booth, and leaped out wearing his Super Grover costume, backwards. "Oops, ha ha ha." He went back in, and came back out with the costume on correctly. "I Super Grover will fly up to Elmo's window to see what is going on!"

    Grover: There I am! This is so much fun Ryan. Thank you for inviting me!

    commentary: No problem Grover.:end commentary

    "Grover," Kermit asked. "Can you fly me up there with you?"

    "Sure Froggy Baby, anything for you." Grover told him as he picked him up and flew to Elmo's window.


    Robin hopped on to the front porch of the Muppet Boarding house and knocked on the door. Hard. So hard that the door fell to the floor.

    Lew Zeland was the first to notice. "Hey! It's little Mr. the Frog!" Lew said as he came up to Robin. "What's going on Robin? How'd you get in here? Why's the door broke? Is something..."

    Robin cut him off, he picked him up and hurled him across the room like a boomerang fish.

    Grover: That was very mean of Robin.

    commentary: It wasn't really him though, it was Elmo.:end commentary

    Grover: Yes, but Elmo is not mean anymore. So neither is Robin.

    commentary: Right.:end commentary

    "Ow!" Lew said before fainting.

    Robin walked up the stairs, to his room. And there, sitting on his nightstand was a small pink stone. He picked it up, put it in his backpack and walked out of his room.

    Grover: I thought Robin gave me the Fraggle Pebble.

    commentary: Um...You gave it back remember?:end commentary

    Grover: Really? Oh, I must have forgotten.

    commentary: Ha ha, yeah, you must have.:end commentary

    "Mr. Lew!" Bunsen cried. "Are you alright?"

    Robin walked down the stairs.

    "Mee mo mee!" Beaker said as he saw Robin coming down the stairs.

    "De froogy!" Chef said.

    "Robin are you okay?" Beauregard asked. "Did you do this?"

    "Crazy Frog!" Crazy Harry said.

    Robin reached the bottom of the stairs and looked at them all. Once his friends, now he felt no emotion towards them at all. In fact, he felt no emotion at all. He was no longer frog. He was Elmo's mind slave. Robin punched the floor, causing a tremor knocking the Muppets on their backs.

    "How..." Bunsen started to say as he got up. But he stopped, because Robin had dissapeered.


    "Hey, hey, Clifford. Get up. Hokay? It's Pepe." The prawn said as he sat on top of Clifford who was still asleep. "Hokay Ritzo, it's not working. Bring de water. Hokay?"

    commentary: Hey Grover.:end commentary

    Grover: Yes Ryan?

    commentary: Pepe's doing this with us, he's out getting us snacks is that ok?:end commentary

    Grover: Yes, that is great! I love little prawny!

    "Right!" Rizzo said as he brought Pepe a bottle of water.

    With his bottom left arm Pepe held the bottle, and with his top right, he unscrewed the lid. "He he he." He chuckled as he poured the water on to Clifford's face.

    "Okay, not cool!" Clifford said as he awoke with a jolt. "What the heck are you doing?"

    "Well, we were waking jew up. Hokay." Pepe explained. "Jew see, WE ARE LOCKED INSIDE OUR HOTEL ROOM!!! Hokay?"

    Grover: Did he really have to yell?

    "What? How?" Clifford asked as he got out of his bed and picked up his cell phone.

    "We dunno, that's why we woke ya up!" Rizzo told him.

    Clifford dialed a number on his cell phone. But Elmo was the one who answered.


    Fozzie awoke and went into the kitchen, where his mother already had coffee prepared. Fozzie looked inside a cabinet and rumaged around for something.

    "Mom, do we have any honey?" He asked.

    "Oh fiddlesticks." She said. "I forgot to get some from the bees out back before you came. Be a dear and fetch some for Mom."

    "Well, I would, but there are bars on all the doors and windows!" Fozzie screamed.

    Grover: Oh, I feel so bad for Fozzie and his mommy, They don't have any honey.

    commentary: And their locked in the house...:end commentary


    Zoot awoke when the sun rose and hit his eyes.

    "Aww man." He said quietly as not to wake the others. "What a night. We musta jammed all night. Man, glad we have this bus to sleep in. Or we'd be stuck on the ground!" He felt his sax proping up his feet. And he wanted to play. He knew that if he played in the bus he'd wake Animal, and that wouldn't be pretty. So he decided to go outside. He walked to the front of the bus quietly so he wouldn't wake Dr. Teeth at the wheel. He grabed the handle to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. "Huh?" Zoot said. "What's wrong with this thing? Man I better wake Dr. Teeth. Psst, Dr.Teeth get up!"

    "What, what? Oh Zoot it's you. What's wrong?" The good doctor asked.

    "It's the door man, it won't open." Zoot said.

    "That's crazy." Dr. Teeth said as he pulled the handle and it wouldn't budge. "What's goin' on here?"


    "Please remain calm Mr. President." Sam Eagle reasured him.

    "I don't know if I can Mr. Eagle, all of my secret service is gone!" President Bush said.

    Grover: Oh! It is the president of the United States!

    commentary: A very special cameo.:end commentary

    "Don't worry, once the White House is on permanent lockdown, no one gets in, and no one gets out." Sam told him.

    "Well, then how are we supposed to get out?" He asked.

    "It's quite simple really, we just over ride the system! I know this house by heart, and I know every room. Even the control room. Now quickly, let us go!" Sam said.

    "I'm gonna call Laura and make sure she's okay." The president told Sam.

    "But of course!" Sam replied.

    The president dialed a number on his phone and geuss who answered.


    "Skeeter! Are you okay." Scooter called to his twin in the pitch black cave.

    "I'm fine little brother." She said as she ignited her lamp.

    Grover: I thought they were twins.

    commentary: They are, but Skeeter was born like three minutes before Scooter.:end commentary

    Grover: But that means they are not twins.

    commentary: No, they are, but, oh sheesh Grover, you're to much.:end commentary

    "Thank goodness." Scooter said. "What do you think caused that cave in?"

    "Probably an earthquake." She replied. "Wait, do you hear that?"

    "Hear what?" Scooter asked.

    "Running water! Come on." Skeeter said as they ran into the dark depths of the cave.


    "Sal, I don't believe this." Johnny said.

    "I know Johhny I can't believe we're stuck in a canoli joint!" Sal said.

    "I know! All the canolis I can eat!" Johnny cried.

    Grover: Ryan what are canolis?

    commentary: I dunno, hold on, I'll try and find a picture.:end commentary

    Grover: Alright.


    "Alright honey hang on, here's the drop!" Gonzo told his girlfriend as they plummeted over Niagra Falls. "WHEEEE!!!"

    "BAWK!!!!!!!!!" Camilla cried.

    When they hit the bottom, Gonzo tried to lift the lid, but failed.

    "Uh oh, looks like we're stuck!" Gonzo said. "Cool!"


    commentary: Here, http://www.merrittsbakery.com/images/brochure/cannoli.jpg that's a canoli.:end commentary

    Grover: Thank you!

    Robin teleported back to Elmo's World with the Fraggle Pebble in hand.

    "Look at that!" Grover said.

    "How did Robin do that?" Kermit asked.

    Robin walked over to Elmo and bent down on one knee and held the Fraggle Pebble out in his hand.

    "No! Not the Fraggle Pebble!" Grover cried as he lifted his hands to his face, and let Kermit fall.

    Grover: Oh no! I dropped Kermit! I have to go save him! Bye Ryan, I will see you later! *He flies off*

    commentary: Grover, wait! Sheesh, oh well...:end commentary

    *Pepe comes back in*

    Pepe: Hola Ryan, here's jour nachos. Hokay?:end Pepe

    commentary: Thanks Pepe. Hey Grover was...Oh never mind.:end commentary

    Pepe: Hokay. Whatever.

    "Thank you Robin. Elmo loves you." Elmo said as he combined the Fraggle Pebble with his ruby and a flash of red and pink lights blinded Grover.
  6. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Heh, nice change of pace bringing Grover in. Very well done.
  7. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 9: Elmo's World

    As Kermit plummeted to the ground Sweetums ran to catch him, which he did.
    "Thanks Sweetums." Kermit told him.

    commentary: Nice catch.:end commentary

    "No problem. Just tell us what you saw up there!" Sweetums said.

    "Yeah, and what's that weird light?" Rowlf asked.

    "We saw Robin, giving Elmo the Fraggle Pebble, then Elmo combining the pebble with a ruby around his neck. That's what that light is." Kermit explained as he saw Grover just staring at the light.

    "Robin... No... Not the Fraggle Pebble..." Grover sighed. He recalled the day he gave the pebble to Robin. It was Christmas, at Fozzie Bear's mother's house. Grover had the Fraggle Pebble, and he thought it would be wonderful for Robin to have it. But now this... Grover didn't understand. So he flew down to his friends.


    "Ha ha ha!" Elmo laughed as the light from the two stones shined throughout his world. "Now with the unlimited power of the Fraggle Pebble and my ruby, Elmo will be all powerful!" Elmo said as the light began to spread. Turning everthing it touched into crayon drawings.

    Pepe: Ryan, your allergy is not acting up. Hokay?:end Pepe

    commentary: Oh, sorry, DEMON!!!:end commentary

    Pepe: Dat's better.:end Pepe

    "Mastew? What is going on?" Baby Bear asked.

    "Fool! Now Elmo will rule the world once more like Elmo did 2,000 years ago!" Elmo told him.


    The light transformed Sesame Street first. Starting at Hooper's Store, and working it's way to 123 Sesame Street, Oscar's trashcan, Big Bird's nest, The Count's castle, and the rest of Sesame Street.

    "What's going on?" Susan cried as she came out of her home.

    "I don't know!" Gordon screamed as he watched the street they live on being destroyed.


    "Ernie!" Bert called. "Don't go outside!" He told his best friend after looking out his window and seeing the disaster.

    "Bert!" Ernie called. "Don't stay inside!" Ernie said as he watched the light spread through his home.

    commentary: Ha, I like that.:end commentary


    "Snuffy! What's going on!" Big Bird asked.

    "I don't know Bird." Mr. Snuffleupagus said. "But I do know that I'm scared!"

    "No!" Big Bird cried as he watched as his picture of Mr. Hooper turned into a bad crayon drawing. "Mr. Looper!"


    "Ahh! That's one bat turned crayon! Two, three, four, five..." Count von Count said as he tried to count all of his precious bats that were being turned into crayon drawings.


    "Herry! Don't let cookies go!" Cookie Monster told his friend as they desperatley tried not to let their cookies turn to uneatable crayon drawings.

    "I'm trying!" Herry told him. But it was to late the cookies were now made of crayon.

    "NO! Not me cookies!" Cookie Monster cried.


    "What is going on Maria?" Zoe asked.

    "I'm not sure Zoe." Maria said as she watched her Mail-It-Shop turn to crayon.

    "I'm scared Maria." Zoe said.

    "Me to Zoe." Maria told her.

    "I wish Elmo were here." Zoe sighed.

    commentary: Irony, you gotta love it.:end commentary

    Pepe: No jew don't, I gotta love Maria! Hokay?:end Pepe


    The madness didn't stop on Sesame Street, it spread throughout the entire world. From Emily Bear's home, to Italy where Johnny and Sal were.

    "It's is all Elmo's once more." Elmo said as the light began to dim, and he knew that the world was his.

    The motionless body of Robin the Frog stared on as Elmo was dawned with a cape and crown both made of crayon.


    Kermit watched horrificly as Elmo's building was turned from an apartment complex to a castle made entirely of crayon.

    "How?" Was all Rowlf was able to say.

    "Robin." Sweetums sighed.

    "Mommy!" Grover cried.

    "It's over." Kermit said as the castle grew and grew.

    Pepe: Ooo, very spooky. Hokay?:end Pepe


    Elmo looked over his shoulder as a throne grew for him, he then glanced at Robin, and a chain apperead around the young frog's neck. Elmo then sat down in his throne and took his place as king of the world. Elmo's World.

    commentary: Wow...Well Pepe, I'm leaving for the weekend, so we'll finish this later okay?:end commentary

    Pepe: Si, I'm sure der's a place for me in crazy nagging Phil's fan-fic. Bye!:end Pepe
  8. Ernie101

    Ernie101 Well-Known Member

    true greatness! I am very proud of you.. very interesting read.
  9. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Yes, more fantabulous commentary.

    ...Phil, huh?....
  10. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 10: A Glimmer of Hope

    commentary: It's about time right Pepe? Pepe? Hey where is he? He must be in Lisa's fan-fic. Fine, be right back...

    *Leaves to Summer in the Theater*
  11. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 10: A Glimmer of Hope

    commentary: Ok, I'm back. And Pepe's here, so like I was saying, it's about time huh Pepe?:end commentary

    Pepe: Si, si, but it was very mean of jew to pull me out of Phil's fan-fic. Hokay? I was having fun.:end Pepe

    commentary: Sorry.:end commentary

    "Well, what do we do now?" Rowlf asked.

    "Um, we could call the police." Grover suggested.

    "ThAt WoN't Be NecCeSaRy." Robin said as he emerged from the castle.

    "Robin!" Sweetums cheered as he ran over to hug his friend.

    Robin did not want a hug right now. So Sweetums was sent flying by Robin's tiny fist.

    Pepe: Wow, dat is one strong frog. Hokay?:end Pepe

    "Sweetums!" Rowlf cried as Sweetums flew over his head and landed on the ground.

    "Are you okay?" Grover asked.

    Kermit hadn't moved since the castle doors opened.


    Piggy had fallen asleep at the hair salon. She had cucumber slices in her eyes, and her hair under a curler.

    "Miss, miss!" The hair salonist said as she shook Piggy trying to wake her.

    "What, what! I'm up!" Piggy said as she jolted up right sending the cucumber slices out of her eyes. "Huh?" She said as she looked around the once beautiful hair salon and saw that it had been changed into hideous crayon drawings.

    "Miss, please, we have to get out of here!" The woman said. Piggy nodded and looked at the salonist, she saw her name tag which read "Kay."

    commentary: There's my Mom!:end commentary

    Pepe: Jur mother?:end Pepe

    commentary: Yep!:end commentary

    "Thank vous miss Kay, but why must we leave?" Piggy asked, confused.

    "First of all it's misses." She said as she held out her hand to show off her wedding ring. "And second, we have to get out of here because we're closing the salon."

    "But why? Vous seemed to have good buisness." Piggy said as she followed Kay out of the salon.

    "We're all going home to our families, to make sure there all right." Kay explained as she walked out the door.

    Piggy followed her, into a new world. She looked at everything. Everything on Sesame Street had been changed into the same hideous crayon drawings as inside the salon. "But how?" Piggy asked.

    Pepe: She es always out of de loop. Hokay? She never knows what's going on.:end Pepe

    "No one knows. But I suggest if you have loved ones you need to get to, you should get to them now." Kay said.

    "Thank vous dear, you've been most helpful." As Piggy ran off towards the site where Elmo's Building used to stand.


    "Don't worry Camilla, I'll have us out of here in no time!" Gonzo said as he began fidgeting around inside the barrel.

    "Bawk?" Camilla clucked.

    "Oh, I know, just watch!" Gonzo said as he began stomping his foot on the base of the barrel. Gonzo knew that the barrel was now made of crayon, how he did not know. And he also knew; from one of his more recent stunts; that crayon gets very delicate in water.

    commentary: Don't ask...:end commentary


    "Alright!" Gonzo cheered as the barrel began to break under his feet.

    "BAWK!" Camilla cried.

    "What?!? You can't..." Gonzo started to say as the floor broke beneath him and he and Camilla fell into the water. Gonzo managed to surface himself in the rapid water. "Camilla!" He called. He saw Camilla float to the top of the water gasping for air. Funny, Gonzo thought. She can't swim, yet her mini-game on Muppet Party Cruise revolves around swimming under water. Hmm. Gonzo swam to Camilla and grabed her with his left arm and a hanging tree limb with his right. He pulled himself and the chicken out of the water and on to shore. "Oh no!" Gonzo cried. "She's hyperventalating, she needs mouth to beak recesitation!" Gonzo said as he placed his mouth on Camilla's beak and started giving her air. "Are you alright honey?"

    commentary: I loved that part.:end commentary

    "Bawk." Camilla sighed.

    "Phew, well, what do we do now?" Gonzo asked her.

    "Excuse me!" A man dressed in red on top of a horse said as he galloped to Gonzo. "Can I help you?"

    "Yeah! What impecable timing!" Gonzo said.

    "Well, with all this buisness of the world bein' turned to crayon, we mounties are everywhere lookin' for straglers like you and your chicken there." He explained. "Can I give you a ride?"

    "That'd be great! Can you get us to Sesame Street?" Gonzo asked him.

    "Well, if you can tell me how to get to Sesame Street, I don't see why not." He told him. As he helped Gonzo and Camilla onto the horse. "By the by, my name's John, and this," pats his horse. "This is Robby."

    commentary: There's my dad and brother!:end commentary

    Pepe: Jur brother es a horse?:end Pepe

    commentary: No, I just named the horse after him.:end commentary

    Pepe: Oh, well, dat was nice of jew.:end commentary

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Gonzo, and this is Camilla." Gonzo told him.

    "Now, which way do I go?" John asked as Gonzo pointed him in the right direction.


    "It's no use." Zoot said as he pulled the door lever once more.

    "Shoot!" Dr. Teeth said as he slammed his fist on the steering wheel. As set of keys fell from Dr. Teeth's pocket. "Hmm," he said as he picked them up. "I wonder?" He placed a key in the ignition and turned it. The engine started. "Ha ha! Well Zoot, I'll tell ya one thing, whoever locked us in here's must not've been to smart!" Dr. Teeth said.

    Pepe: I thought de little froggy took out de motor.:end Pepe

    commentary: Well, um...he...just wait, and you'll find out.:end commentary

    "Yeah, well, I bet whoever did this to us is also behind this whole crayon thing!" Zoot said as he glanced around the Mayhem bus, redecorated. Floyd, Janice, and Animal were still sound asleep in the crayon seats. "I can't even play my sax! It tastes like wax!"

    "My my Zoot, you're a poet and you didn't even know it!" Dr. Teeth laughed as he put the bus in drive and headed on the road again.

    commentary: Ha! That's good!:end commentary

    "So where are we gonna go?" Zoot asked.

    "To Sesame Street. We gotta see if we can help Kermit." A determined Dr. Teeth said.


    "Alright, everyone ready?" Bunsen asked as he looked around the Muppet Boarding house.

    "Ready!" Crazy Harry said gripping the plunger of a dynamite ignition.

    "Bork Bork!" The Chef said preparing to finish a meal. The way he usually does.

    "Mee Mee!" Beaker said as he positioned the Muppet Labs Turn Objects Into Cheese Ray to point towards the house wall.

    Bunsen looked at Lew, he had bandages on his head, and was holding an ice pack to it. He gave Bunsen the thumb's up sign.

    "Alright then, go!" He cried as Harry blew open the front door, Chef created a hole in the kitchen wall, and Beaker turned another wall into a hunk of swiss cheese.

    Pepe: Oh, so dat was what all dos holes were...:end Pepe

    "Wonderful! Now quickly everyone, to my car!" Bunsen said as everyone ran out the door, I mean hole, trampling Beaker.

    "Mee mo." Beaker said as he lay squashed on the floor.

    "Come on Beaker, we don't have all day!" Bunsen cried as he took driver's seat, Beaker took passenger's, and Lew, Chef, Beauregard, and Harry crammed in back of his lime green Volkswagen Beetle, now composed of crayon. "To Sesame Street!"


    "Well what do we do now!" Rizzo said, rather than asking. It apeared as if he demanded an answer.

    "Well, Ritzo, I don't see jew coming up with any bright ideas!" Pepe said as he held a frying pan, and Clifford held a burnt out match. "We are trying de best we can. Hokay?"

    Pepe: Dat try didn't work very well. Hokay?:end Pepe

    "Well, if you wanted my help, you should of asked me." Rizzo said as he walked over to the side of his bed. He pulled the nightstand aside to reveal a small rat, or, prawn sized hole. "See ya!" Rizzo said as he jumped through the hole.

    "Adios Clifford!" Pepe said as he to jumped through the hole.

    "Those little rats!" Clifford said.

    "Very nice work Ritzo." Pepe said as he joined Rizzo on the outside.

    "Whoah." Rizzo said as he looked around and saw everything turned to crayon.

    "Hey shrimp!" Clifford yelled through a window. "If ya'll don't get me outta here, I'm gonna step on your cell phone!" Clifford threatened.

    "My baby!" Pepe cried as he ran to the door and yanked it open.

    "Thanks man. Oh, and check your pocket." Clifford told Pepe.

    "Why?" Pepe asked as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. "Mios dios, jew are a very tricky man. Hokay?"

    commentary: That's funny to!:end commentary

    Pepe: No it isn't.:end Pepe

    "Aww man, it's worse than I thought." Clifford said as he looked around the crayon world. "Well, I know what I gotta do." Clifford said as he pulled a small remote with a single button on it. He pressed it.

    "What is that?" Rizzo asked.

    "Just watch." Clifford said as he looked into the sky and saw a helicopter landing in front of the trio.

    "Sorry it took so long Mr. Clifford." Pops said from the helicopter's driving seat. "I was asleep."

    commentary: That's so cool!:end commentary

    "That's okay Pops!" Clifford said over the whirl of the propelor.

    "Nice." Pepe and Rizzo said simoultaneously as they hopped in the helicopter.

    "Well, being co-host does have its small perks." Cliffod laughed as he climbed in. "Can ya get us to Sesame Street Pops? We're kinda in a hurry!"

    "No problem!" Pops said as he flew the copter towards Sesame Street.


    Scooter and Skeeter had already inflated their raft and headed down the river inside the cave.

    "So sis, where do you think this river leads?" Scooter asked as they floated down.

    "Hopefully out of the cave." Skeeter replied.


    "Here we are Mr. President!" Sam said as he lead the president down a flight of stairs. "The control room." Sam flipped a light switch and a whole wall of computers suddenly turned on, along with a whole ceiling of lights.

    "Well I'll be." President Bush said as he gazed at the computers.

    Sam approached them with care. And entered a password, granting him full access. "Now Mr. President, I have a favor to ask of you. Do you mind if I use your satelites to check on my um... friends?" Sam reluctantly said.

    Pepe: He called us his friends. Huh, I thought he didn't like us. Hokay?:end Pepe

    "You let me call Laura. I wouldn't have it any other way." George W. said as he placed his hand on the crayon chair.

    "Thank you sir." Sam said as he searched the files for satelites.


    "Sal," Johnny said.

    "Yeah Johnny?" Sal asked as he continued to search for a way out.

    "I need more canolis!" Johnny said as he licked his finger.

    "Right." Sal sighed as he approached the front desk and ringed the bell.

    A new person walked through the kitchen doors. He wasn't the same guy that had taken Sal's order before. This guy was tall, with brown hair and hazel eyes, the other was kinda short with blond hair.

    "Can I help you?" The new cashier asked. Sal saw his name tag that read "Hello my name is Ryan!" and under that it said "Carbondale, IL."

    Pepe: Is that jew?:end Pepe

    commentary: Yep.:end commentary

    Pepe: Jur kidding! Jew were in dis to?:end Pepe

    commentary: Yeah, you know it! I had to!:end commentary

    "Yeah, if you don't mind me asking. How'd you get here?" Sal asked.

    "Oh, I'm on internship here in Italy, this is just a job to make a little cash." Ryan told him.

    "No, in here. The front door's locked!" Sal said.

    "Oh. I came in the back. I didn't even realize the front's been locked. It's been kinda crazy since this whole crayon thing." Ryan told him.

    "Well, if you don't mind, could we go out the back? We've been trying to get out since yesterday." Sal explained.

    "Oh no problem. Right this way guys." Ryan said as he opened the kitchen door for them to get through.


    "It'S oVeR." Robin said.

    "Fine. You win. Take us away." Rowlf told Robin. He didn't want anymore of his friends to get hurt.

    "I kNeW yOu'D sEe It My WaY." Robin replied as he motioned for them to follow him.

    "NOOOOOO!!!" Piggy screamed as she was running towards the group. "Stay away from them! I'll judo chop you so hard you'll..." Piggy stopped, she saw Robin standing there. She saw Kermit, motionless. She saw Sweetums on the ground. She saw Grover, trying to help. And she saw Rowlf, petrified.

    commentary: I like Piggy.:end commentary

    Pepe: What is wrong with jew?!?:end commentary

    "Or WhAt?" Robin demanded.

    "Or I'll, or I'll, I'll..." Piggy stopped. She shed a tear. "Okay, you win. Take us away."
  12. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 11: Friends in all Places

    "Fozzie. Fozzie dear, get up." Emily said to her son as he slept. "FOZZIE GET UP!!!" She finnaly screamed causing Fozzie to awake with a jolt.

    "What? What? I didn't do it!" Fozzie cried.

    Pepe: Hey, der's Fotzie!:end Pepe

    "Fozzie get up!" Emily told him. "We've gotta get outta here!"

    "But Ma, it's early morning, and we're locked in the house!" Fozzie wined.

    "Not anymore we're not!" She explained. "While you were sleepin' someone turned the house into crayon. So I grabbed that flamethrower your crazy cousin gave me for my birthday last year and melted the front door."

    commentary: Really liked that part.:end commentary

    "Are you crazy?!?" Fozzie asked.

    "Bein' crazy's better than bein' afraid of everything!" Mrs. Bear said.

    "Well, what do you want me to do?" Fozzie asked.

    "Go." She told him. "Go to Sesame Street, find your friends, make sure they're okay."

    "Okay." Fozzie said as he walked out the hole where the front door used to be. He walked outside and observed the world of crayon for the first time. "Who..." Fozzie mumbled as he hopped into his uncle's studebaker. He never had come back from hibernation. I hope he's okay... Fozzie thought. "You're not coming with me?" Fozzie asked his mother.

    "No dear, it's not my place. And besides, I've got to redraw the front door!" She said as she waved goodbye to her son as he drove away in the car. Please be safe. Was all she could think.


    How could I be so foolish? Kermit thought as Baby Bear restrained him and his friends on the wall. All the right clues were there. The merchandise, the persuasion. He was even allowed to create his own world! Kermit thought as Elmo approached.

    "Kermit, Miss Piggy, Sweetums, Rowlf, and Grover." Elmo said. "Elmo's first catch of the day, and it's Elmo's most important."

    "What are vous going to do with us you little red menace!" Miss Piggy demanded.

    "Nothing. Yet." He chuckled. "Elmo must wait for the rest of Elmo's bait to arive."

    "Bait?!? You are going to pour worms on us?!?" Grover cried.

    "No, you fool!" Elmo yelled. "The rest of your friends! They're all on their way. On their way to doom."

    "Our friends?" Rowlf asked. "Oh no. Fozzie, Gonzo, Floyd..."

    "No, those friends are all trapped in their vacation places." Elmo explained. "I meant the friends from Sesame Street."

    commentary: But Elmo got a little surprise didn't he?:end commentary


    Bert and Ernie walked out of the 123 building to see Elmo's World. They stopped in front of Oscar's can. Even the trash was now crayon.

    "Yuck!" Oscar said as he was tossing out trash.

    "What are you doing Oscar?" Bert asked.

    "I'm getting rid of all this stuff made of crayon, it's to cute!" Oscar explained.

    "Well Oscar if you're getting rid of all the crayon, you'll have to get rid of your can." Ernie told him.

    "I don't care! I just have to get rid of all of it!" He told them.

    "Or, you could just come with us to try and find out why this is happening." Bert told him.

    "What? Come with you?" Oscar asked. "Well, if it'll get rid of all this crayon." He climbed out the top of his can. "Come on, let's get going!"

    The trio approached Big Bird's nest. They walked in.

    "Come on Bird," Mr. Snuffelupagus said. "Let's go see if we can find our friends."

    "We're some friends!" Ernie told them.

    commentary: Yep, they're some friends all right.:end commentary

    "Ernie, Bert, Oscar!" Big Bird cried as he ran and gave them all a hug, at once.

    "Oh no!" Oscar cried. "More mushy hugs!"

    Just then five honks were heard outside. They all ran out to see The Count in his Countmobile.

    "Ahh, look, I was correct! Five, five vonderful friends!" Count said.

    "Seven!" Herry Monster said as he and Cookie Monster approached.

    "What going on?" Cookie asked. "Me cookies taste yucky!"

    "I was hoping you guys might know! Because Gordon sure doesn't!" Susan said as she, Gordon, and Rosita walked towards them.

    Pepe: Dios mios, it's Rosita...:end Pepe

    commentary: Aww, do you two have a date?:end commentary

    Pepe: Um...well...hokay, fine, si, we do have a date tonight. Hokay? Are jew happy now?:end Pepe

    "Ya, I did not know what was going on either." Rosita said.

    "I hope everyone else is okay." Ernie said.

    "Well, we are." Maria said as Zoe, her, and Bob ran to catch up with their friends.

    Pepe: MARIA!!! Now, dat es a foxy lady. Hokay?:end Pepe

    "Where's Elmo?" Zoe asked. "Is he here?"

    "Yeah, and where's Kermit?" Bob asked.

    "I'm sure they're all fine. Now let's go to Elmo's building and start looking there." Gordon said.


    The Sesame Street gang approached Elmo's castle in shock. Then the questions poured in.

    commentary: Oh, Lisa did this in her fan-fic, so will I, I'll tell you everyone speaking!

    "What in the world?"


    "How did this happen?"

    Big Bird

    "Who could of done this?"


    "Why would they want to?"


    "Where's Elmo's building?"


    "That's one, one scary castle of crayon!"


    "Aye Carumba!"


    "Let's all try to stay calm!"


    Ring! Ring!

    Kermit's cell phone...wait...:end commentary

    Everyone stopped talking. They looked down on the ground and saw a green cell phone.

    Gordon answered it. "Hello?" He said.

    "Hello?! Mr. Kermit?" A deep voice asked from the other end.

    "No, this is Gordon. From Sesame Street." Gordon said. "Are you looking for Kermit the Frog?" He asked.

    "Yes, if he is there please relinquish the phone to him. Tell him it is Sam Eagle." Sam said.

    "He's not here." Gordon sighed.

    "Well where is he?!?" Sam asked.

    "We don't know. Where are you? What did you need to tell him?" Gordon asked back.

    "I am in the White House! The secret underground base did not have it's phone line cut!" Sam explained. "I needed to tell him that the satelites here have showed me that my other Muppet um... friends, are headed his way!"

    "The rest of the Muppets are headed this way?!" Gordon exclaimed.

    "Yes indeed! In fact..." Sam began to say before...

    "This is the place John!" Gonzo said.

    "Well, we made great time!" John the mounty said.

    "Thanks again!" Gonzo said to him before he rode off. He looked at the group. "What are you guys doing here?"

    "We live here!" Big Bird told him and his little chicken friend.

    "Oh, yeah." Gonzo said.

    Just then a helicopter landed 25 feet away from the group.

    "Thanks Pops! Catch ya later!" Clifford screamed as he, Pepe, and Rizzo hopped out of the helicopter.

    "Alright Mr. Clifford!" Pops screamed as he flew away.

    "Hey ya'll what's shakin'?" Clifford asked.

    "I haven't stopped shaking since this whole crayon mess!" Maria said.

    "Mios dios!" Pepe said as he approached Maria. "Look at jew, jew very pretty lady jew! My name is Pepe. Hokay. Single. If jew are looking."

    Pepe: Ha ha, she es so hot! Hokay?:end commentary

    "You little rat!" Maria cried as she slapped Pepe.

    "Actually I'm the rat." Rizzo said.

    A lime green volkswagen beetle flew above and landed where the helicopter did. Except harder.

    "Crazy driver!" Crazy Harry said as he got out of the car.

    "I thought he was Bunsen, not Crazy Driver!" Beauregard said.

    "Beau, my head hurts enough all ready, don't make it worse." Lew Zeland said.

    "Feeshie man hees a heedache! Bork bork!" The Swedish Chef exclaimed.

    commentary: Bad, bad, mock Swedish.:end commentary

    "Well Beaker, you make an excellent co-captain!" Bunsen said stepping out of the car.

    "Meeee..." Beaker said as he walked out, petrified.

    "Oh, hello all, nice to see you again." Bunsen said as he saw everyone.

    Then, a tan studebaker crashed into Bunsen's car, and Beaker, sending him flying.

    commentary: Ha! That's funny to!:end commentary

    "Oops, sorry 'bout that." Fozzie said as he got out of the car.

    The loud screeching of brakes was all the music the Electic Mayhem bus played as it came to a halt just missing the two car pileup. Animal was the first one out of the bus. Probably because he was the only one who could break the crayon bars on the doors. And because he had to go potty. Floyd was right behind him holding onto his chain, desperatly. Janice, Zoot, and Dr. Teeth followed.

    "Hey check it out. The gangs all here!" Dr. Teeth said.

    "Fer surely! I'm like totally glad to see you all!" Janice said.

    "Yeah." Zoot remarked.

    "AHHHHHHH!!!" Johnny and Sal cried as they sky dove to the ground.

    "Phew. Sal, I can't believe you talked me into that!" Johnny said.

    "But Johnny it was your i..." Sal started.

    "I don't wanna hear it Sal!" Johnny finished.

    commentary: I love Johnny and Sal! Don't you Pepe?:end commentary

    Pepe: Si, der hokay. De monkey does have a mean karate chop. Hokay?:end Pepe

    "Sam, I'll have to call you back..." Gordon said as he hung up Kermit's cell phone.


    "And once they are all in Elmo's castle, Elmo's master plan will be unleashed!" The demon exclaimed.

    "Wasn't your master plan to take over the world?" Piggy asked him.

    "No, Piggy, no. Elmo's master plan is much bigger. Elmo's master plan is to clone Elmo's self. Once Elmo's clones are made, Elmo will be able to be everywhere at once! No one will disobey Elmo!" He explained. "But for now, how about a little torture? Robin, begin." Elmo said as the frog android approched. He was ready. Ready to do whatever Elmo told him to.

    commentary: So said...:end commentary
  13. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm glad Pepe's been enjoying "Phil's" fanfic.

    More wonderful commentary, prawncracker, and just the laugh I needed. I mean, sad part in the story, but comedic commentary can change things so much...
  14. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Chapter 12: Strike Back

    "So what do we do now?" Fozzie asked.

    "We've got to go into the castle and find Elmo!" Zoe said.

    "We can't do that!" Bob said. "We could all get hurt!"

    "But we have to find Elmo!" Zoe told him. "He's my best friend."

    "Me think Zoe right!" Cookie Monster said. "We not want loose Elmo. He good friend!"

    commentary: You have got to love irony!:end commentary

    "I say we just leave the little furball and go home!" Oscar suggested.

    Pepe: Si, me to. Hokay?:end Pepe

    "Oscar!" The group said at once.

    "Well, what are we waiting for?" Gordon asked. "Let's go find Elmo!"

    "But what about Kermit?" Gonzo asked.

    "Yeah, we can't forget about him!" Big Bird said.

    "Well, Robin has been playing at Elmo's World, so maybe Robin's here to, and he'll know where Kermit is." Ernie said.

    "Ernie. Kermit said he was going to spend the day with Robin today!" Bert said.

    "We'll never know unless we try," Dr. Teeth said. "I say we go in there since we're already here and find whoever we can!"

    commentary: Very wise that Dr. Teeth...:end commentary

    "Good idea Dr. Teeth." Susan said. "So what are we waiting for let's go!"

    The gang follows Susan inside.

    "Oh sure," Gordon said. "They listen to her."

    commentary: He he, funny.:end commentary


    "Mistew Elmo sew!" Baby Bear said. "Thewe hewe!"

    "Good. Take Dorothy, Mr. Noodle, and Baby Natasha to meet them." Elmo said as he sat on his throne. "Robin, take Mr. Kermit and his friends to the dungeon to be tortured."

    "YeS mAsTeR." Robin said as he and the group were teleported to the dungeon.

    "Robin, please do not hurt us." Grover said. "We are your friends!"

    "Come on little buddy, I know you're in there!" Sweetums said.

    "It's not often you see a guy so green be so mean Robin!" Rowlf shouted.

    "Kermie say something!" Piggy told Kermit who hadn't said a word in the longest time. He just sat there, head hanging. Piggy was worried. "Kermie?"

    commentary: Pepe, big tear jerker here. Do you have the Kleenex?:end commentary

    Pepe: Si, right here. Hokay?:end commentary

    "It's not easy bein' green." Kermit began to sing.
    "Havin' to spend each day the color of the leaves,
    When I think it could be nicer
    Bein red or yellow or gold,
    Or somethin' much more colorful like that."

    commentary: To quote Lisa, "SQUEEEEE!":end commentary

    Pepe: Crazy nagging Phil, jew have to love her. Hokay?:end Pepe

    Robin looked at Kermit. He wanted to sing with his uncle but he couldn't. There was no Robin left. No brain. Just his heart. But his heart was what he needed. His heart is what kept him from really demotorizing the Electric Mayhem's bus. His heart is what kept him from really injuring Sweetums and Lew. His heart is what will make him sing.

    "It's not easy bein' green." Robin sang.
    "It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things.
    And people to tend to pass you over,
    'Cause you're not standin' out like
    flashy sparkles in the water,
    Or stars in the sky."

    commentary: Kleenex Pepe!:end commentary

    "Robin!" Sweetums cried. "You're you again!"

    "What is it with frogs singin' "Bein' Green" in dungeons?" Rowlf asked.

    commentary: There ya go, a reference to "Destination Home" by TogetherAgain(Lisa) and "And What's on the Other Side" by Beauregard. Thanks for the stories you two.:end commentary

    Kermit shed a tear, his nephew was back.

    "But green's the color of spring,
    And green can be cool,
    And friendly-like.
    And green can be big like a mountain,
    Or important like a river,
    Or tall like a tree." Kermit continued the song.

    "When green is all there is to be.
    It could make you wonder why.
    But Why wonder? Why wonder." Robin sang.

    "We're green." They both sang.
    "And we'll do fine.
    It's beautiful.
    And we think it's what we wanna be."

    Robin began to cry as he unlocked his friends from the wall and hugged his uncle.

    "Uncle Kermit." Robin said. "I'm so sorry."

    "It's okay Robin." Kermit comforted him. "It's okay."

    commentary: Ok, I'm done, no more crying...:end commentary

    Pepe: Wimp.:end Pepe

    commentary: Oops, I sat on your cell phone.:end commentary

    Pepe: WHAT?!? *cries*: end Pepe

    commentary: Look who's calling the kettle black! Oh, and by the way, I really didn't sit on your cell phone.:end commentary


    The group walked through the doors of the casle into a large room. The room was decorated with banners and rugs drawn from crayon. Above them a large chandelier hung. Ahead of them a staircase led to three hallways. They walked up the stairs.

    "I guess we'll have to split up." Rizzo said.

    "No, don't split me! I like my body whole!" Beauregard cried.

    "I want to go with the hotty. Hokay!" Pepe shouted as he ran over to Maria.

    "Please, I'm married!" Maria told him.

    "That's hokay, we'll date in private!" Pepe said.

    commentary: That's what got us the PG rating.:end commentary

    Pepe: Dis es rated?:end Pepe

    commentary: I dunno, it sounded good though.:end commentary

    "I wanna go with this cutey!" Rosita said as she ran to Pepe and hugged him.

    "Mios dios! What are jew doing?" Pepe asked.

    "Everybody quiet down!" Bob said. "We'll have to divide into three groups. Susan and Gordon will lead a group, Maria will lead another, and I'll lead one. Cookie Monster, Herry, Rizzo, Fozzie, Bunsen, Beaker, Beauregard, Ernie, Bert and The Count will go with Susan and Gordon. Pepe, Rosita, Big Bird, Snuffy, Gonzo, Camilla, Oscar, and The Electric Mayhem will go with Maria. And everyone else come with me!" Bob told everyone as they split into groups.

    "What do we do if we get in trouble?" Fozzie asked.

    "We can call each other from our cell phones." Bob said. "Maria has Pepe's, Grodon has Kermit's, and I have Clifford's."

    Pepe: Maria can use my cell phone whenever she wants. Hokay?:end Pepe

    "Be careful Bob." Gordon told his old friend.

    "I will. Good luck, call if you find anything." Bob told him.

    Gordon shook his head yes and he and Susan lead his group through the far left hallway.

    "Bob, why'd you give me the shrimp?" Maria asked.

    "Just trying to make everyone happy." Bob said.

    "I am not a shrimp, I am a king prawn!" Pepe shouted.

    Pepe: To true.:end commentary

    "I like you whatever you are!" Rosita said.

    "Good luck Maria." Bob told her.

    "I'm going to need it." She replied.

    Maria lead her group in the far right hallway.

    "Ready guys?" Bob asked his group.

    "Bob." Zoe said.

    "Yes Zoe?"

    "Will we find Elmo?"

    "I hope so Zoe. I hope so."

    commentary: More irony! Yay for irony!:end commentary
  15. TogetherAgain

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    <hugs prawncracker>
  16. theprawncracker

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    <hugs TogetherAgain back>

    In case you're wondering why I've posted so much commentary today, it's because I really wanna finish this story and start a new one. The problem is, I don't have any ideas...sigh...oh well.
  17. theprawncracker

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    Chapter 13: A Bump In The Road

    Kermit and Robin hugged for a long time. They knew that they were finnally back together. But not completely. Robin still didn't have his brain.

    "Robin, why have you been so, so, so not yourself lately?" Kermit asked him.

    "It was Elmo." The young frog explained. "He used that brain sucker thing that they almost used on Gonzo when he was trapped in the alien place!"

    Pepe: Dat was fun. Hokay?:end Pepe

    commentary: What?:end commentary

    Pepe: rescuing Gonso from de bad peoples. Hokay?:end commentary

    "And he actually took your brain?" Rowlf asked.

    "Yes." Robin began to cry again.

    "Don't worry Robin, no matter what, we will get your brain back." Grover reassured him. "I promise!"

    "So how do we get outta here?" Sweetums asked as he pointed to the bars.

    They all looked at him. "Well, now would be a good time for you to put that buldgy body into action!" Piggy said.

    commentary: Why does Piggy have to be so mean?:end commentary

    Pepe: Because she's her.:end Pepe


    Scooter and Skeeter gently floated to shore on their raft. They got out. They could see they were surrounded by stalagtites and stalagmites. Skeeter tuned on her flashlight. Directly ahead of them was a wall, a dead end.

    "Great. We're stuck!" Scooter said.

    Skeeter walked closer to the wall and shone her flashlight in front of her. "Scoot come quick!" She called.

    "What? Did you find a way out?" Scooter asked.

    "Maybe." Skeeter said as she showed Scooter the wall.

    commentary: Reference time! More reference to Beauregard's fan-fic "And What's on the Other Side?":end commentary

    Pepe: I wasn't in dat one was I?:end Pepe

    commentary: No, I don't think so. I don't think Beau likes you very much...:end commentary

    Pepe: Well, maybe I don't like him very much. Hokay?:end Pepe

    The drawings were beautiful. They depicted a once proud kingdom on one side. And the other, a war. A hideous war. Skeeter and Scooter could almost imagine this war happening.

    "That drawing looks like Kermit!" Scooter said.

    They observed and saw a figure that looked to be Kermit atop a horse leading his troops.

    "It does." Skeeter replied.

    "So how do you think we can get out sis?" Scooter asked.

    "Remember when we drilled through the rainbow to find Raenbu? Well, maybe if we drill through the picture of the kingdom, we'll find the kingdom..." Skeeter started.

    "And from there we can find our way home!" Scooter finished. "Great idea sis!"

    They got their drills out of their backpacks and started drilling.


    Maria's group was doing fine. Aside from Pepe filirting with Maria, Rosita flirting with Pepe, Maria slapping Pepe, Rosita getting mad at Maria, then everyone was mad.

    Pepe: Dat hurt...:end commentary

    "How could you take my man Maria?" Rosita asked. "Or hit him?"

    "I didn't take him!" Maria explained. "And I hit him because he wouldn't leave me alone!"

    "Maria, you don't hit people if you want them to leave you alone. You ask them nicely to stop." Big Bird told her.

    commentary: Ha! That's to funny!:end commentary

    "Thank you Big Bird I..." Maria began to say.

    But she stopped when she heard loud crashing noises coming from ahead of the group.


    "Gordon. Me hungry." Cookie Monster said.

    "Yeah, Gordon I'm hungry to." Herry told him.

    "I like the way these guys talk!" Rizzo said.

    Pepe: Dat's Ritzo for jew.:end commentary

    "Well, if I had my Muppet Labs Turn Ordinary Objects into cheese ray, I could make you some cheese!" Bunsen told everyone.

    "Mee Mee!" Beaker meeped.

    "Alright, if we find some food, you guys will be the first to have it." Gordon told them as he continued walking while the others stopped. "Now I don't want to hear anymore about it!"

    "Gordon!" Susan started.

    "I said I don't want to..." Gordon began to say before he walked right into a pool of water.


    "So Bob, what's been goin' down here at Sesame Street lately?" Clifford asked.

    "Well, until today, everthing was going the same as normal." Bob told him.

    "Well, I wish I could say the same, but with us things are never normal." Clifford said. "Everything always has to be crazy or blown up or somethin'."

    BOOM!!! Crazy Harry blew something up after Clifford said blow up.

    "See what I mean?" Clifford said before he crashed into an invisible wall.


    "Everything is in place Baby Bear?" Elmo asked his lackey.

    "Yes sew." Baby Bear said.

    "Good, soon, there will be no one to oppose Elmo, and Elmo will rule the world!" The demon chuckled. "The end is now."

    commentary: No, the end is in Chapter 20...:end commentary
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    Yay for more wonderful commentary! I like your little exchange with Pepe about Miss Piggy being mean. And "The end is in Chapter 20". That was cool.
  19. theprawncracker

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    Chapter 14: Fight!

    Sam Eagle glanced at the monitors once more. Still no sign of any of the Muppets on Sesame Street.

    They must have gone inside the castle. Sam thought to himself. I hope they're okay.

    "Hey Sam you hungry?" The president asked.

    "Only if you are Mr. President!" Sam said as he jumped to attention.

    "Well you think there's any food around here?" He asked.

    "Of course sir. Right this way!" Sam said as he led him up the stairs.

    Then on the monitos something appeared on Sesame Street. A small magenta dot. Except, it wasn't a dot it was...

    Pepe: Oh no! Not a magenta dot! Hokay?:end Pepe


    "Where is everyone?" Telly said to himself, expecting an answer. "And what is this huge castle?!?"

    Telly gazed at the castle of crayon wondering if his friends might be in there.

    "Hmm. I hope they're not in there!" Telly said. "If they are, I'm not going in!"

    "What are you chicken?" An aged voice said from behind him.

    "If he is the weirdo sure would like him!" Another said.

    commentary: Ok, not the greatest S&W joke ever written...:end commentary

    "Do ho ho ho!" Both voices lauged at once.

    Telly turned around, facing two old Muppet curmudgens. "Who, who, who are you?" Telly said frightened.

    Pepe: Dey scare me to. Hokay?:end Pepe

    "I'm Statler!" The taller one said.

    "And I'm Waldorf!" The short one said.

    "Well what are you doing here?" Telly asked them.

    "We're here to see what's going on! We were just minding our buisness on a beach in Jamaica," Statler said.

    "When everthing turned to crayon!" Waldorf added.

    "Then everything melted in the sun!" Statler continued.

    "And then everyone left." Waldorf sighed.

    "And no more bikinis!" They both said.

    Pepe: So sad...:end Pepe

    "Well, I'm Telly Monster. I live here." Telly told them.

    "No you don't." Statler said.

    "Yes I do!" Telly said. "Why would you say that?"

    "Because in order to live somewhere you have to have a life!" Waldorf said.

    "Do ho ho ho!" They both laughed again.

    "Oh boy. What have I gotten myself into." Telly sighed.

    commentary: Poor Telly...:end commentary


    "Ow!" Clifford said. "My nose!"

    "Clifford, are you okay?" Johnny asked him.

    "If Johnny Fiama wants you to be okay, you'd better be okay!" Sal yelled at Clifford.

    "Guys I'm fine. Chill." Clifford said as he looked in front of him. And saw nothing.

    "Ker de Ciliffki bumpski into wall de dishapear!" The Chef said.

    commentary: Shout out! To Beauregard! Who wrote this line for the Chef!:end commentary

    "What?" Bob asked.

    "He said that there isn't a wall for Clifford to bump into!" Lew Zealand explained.

    "Sure, and there's not a box around me right now either!" Clifford yelled as he was hoisted into the air in an invisible box.

    "Clifford!" Bob yelled up to him. But before he knew it, he and everyone else were being trapped in the same boxes.

    "Bob help me!" Zoe cried.

    "Don't worry Zoe, I'll think of something!" Bob said.

    "Hey who's he?" Lew asked as a human with a black mustache, and red suspenders approached the group.

    "It's Mr. Noodle!" Zoe shouted.

    Pepe: Noodle...:end Pepe


    "Will someone get me out of here please?!?" Gordon shouted.

    "Well, if you wanted to get out, you shouldn't have gone swimming." Beauregard said.

    "Come on Count let's get him out!" Fozzie said.

    "Yes, that's von, von good idea." Count von Count said as he and Fozzie grabbed Gordon's hands and pulled him out of the water.

    "Thanks." Gordon said. "What a strange place to put a swimming pool!"

    "MEEEEEEEE!!!" Beaker cried as he looked behind Gordon and saw a huge, orange, fin.

    Pepe: Orange...:end Pepe

    Just then, Dorothy jumped out of the water, but she was 15 times her normal size.

    "It's Dorothy!" Ernie shouted.

    "She must be 10 times her normal size!" Bert said.

    "Actually, she's 15 times her normal size." Bunsen told him.

    commentary: *Hysterical laughter*:end commentary


    "What is that noise?" Maria asked, already knowing that no one knew the answer.

    "Don't worry my sweet! I will protect jew no matter what it is! Hokay?" Pepe said jumping in front of Maria spreading all four arms is protection.

    "Aww, thank you Prawnie!" Rosita said as she hugged Pepe.

    Pepe: Prawnie...:end Pepe

    commentary: Stop!:end commentary

    Pepe: He he, sorry.:end Pepe

    "Mios dios." Pepe sighed.

    "BIG BABY! BIG BABY!" Animal shouted.

    "What are you talkin' about man?" Floyd asked.

    "Like I think he's talking about that!" Janice said as a giant baby crawled towards them.

    "It's Baby Natasha!" Big Bird cried.

    "But she's huge!" Snuffy said. "Bigger than me!"

    "And I think she's hungry!" Dr. Teeth exclaimed.

    "Cool!" Gonzo shouted.

    commentary: I love Gonzo.:end commentary

    Pepe: But jew are not a chicken.:end commentary
    "Thank you Sweetums." Grover told him as he walked out of the hole Sweetums had blown in the bar. shortly followed by Piggy. "Are not you going to say thank you Miss Piggy?" He asked her.

    "Ha. As if. Moi does not give "Thank you's" to big oafs like him."

    "That is not very nice." Grover told her.

    "Get over it blue boy!"

    commentary: Love that part.:end commentary

    "Sheesh." Kermit sheeshed. "Well, guys let's get going! Robin lead the way to Elmo's throne room."

    Robin pointed straight ahead and said,"Alright Uncle Kermit this way!"

    "Need a lift?" Sweetums said as he picked up Robin.

    "Thank you Sweetums." Robin said.

    "See, you could be nice like little Robin!" Grover said to Piggy.

    "I could... Or vous could just leave moi alone!" Piggy shouted as she ran to catch up with Kermit.

    Grover turned to Rowlf. "She is so mean!" He said.

    "Welcome to my life." Rowlf replied.

    Pepe: Si, and mine to. Hokay?:end Pepe
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    Si, jew are not a chicken, hokay... <laughs hysterically>

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