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FanFic: A Grand Adventure In Life!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Every story ever!!!

    I wanna read 'em!!! When I am stuck out of MC it will definatly be a nice taste of MC for me! And better than the junk that I've been reading lately. Really, I just want some nice wholesome Muppet stories to sit in bed and read of an evening.

  2. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member


    You poor kid. Don't worry about writing anything today. Stay in bed and get plenty of rest and relaxation. We'll get through the day without any chapters to read. Your health is more important.
  3. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    My mind overworks so much sometimes, I just seize up literally and I can't move. It's not some fullblown seizure or anything. I've slept for a long time, and I'm taking it easy right now. Got a huge soft chair I'm settled into, with a wireless keyboard in my lap. ;)

    I'm just messed up and I know it. XD So I'm okay, guys. I won't try a 10 posting marathon like yesterday though. >_O

    Just a couple of chapters today and stuff. Love ya'll.
  4. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Well, thank God you're okay now.:) That's all that matters.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Hugs for Renee, hope you're OK...

    Now then, just gotta make a quick run over to Mike's Bakery and see if Angie has something I could bring...
  6. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Forty Seven

    A blast of cold air rushed through the Boarding House, as a large bus pulled up into the driveway. Doc Brown stepped out from it, and he smirked pulling off his shades. Looking back inside the bus at the time readout, he smiled broadly.

    "The year 2043....tracked them right down to here....the boarding house. As I thought." He stepped up to the front door, and a young male pig answered it.

    "And who are vous?" He asked, frowning a little. "It's...7am in the morning. It's way too early to be up.."

    "I'm Doctor Emmett Brown. And you...must be James, am I correct?" Emmett smiled a little bit, as he backed up a bit.

    "Uhoh." Suddenly James' slammed the door on Browns face, and ended up catching his foot in it.

    "Oooohhhhh...." He backed up, and held his foot. It was the same foot that had gotten broken a few months back at least in his timeline with the muppets. The door opened again, with a female frog behind him now.

    "That cannot be Dr. Brown, James....you're just..." She stopped talking, and eyed him from top to bottom. "...seeing things. Holy crap! You're supposed to be dead, Dr. Brown!!"

    "Dead?" He asked, curiously. She stepped back so he could enter into the house. The only other people that were up were Renee and Skeeter, but the both of them hnd left for their early morning jog. "It hasn't changed much since I...left I guess?"

    "Not really. Dad's kept records of a lot of things ever since they time-traveled that first time. It was really just a matter of time before you came back." She walked into the kitchen, and rifled through some folders, and pulled a couple out, handing it to him. "These are for you."

    He flipped through them, and saw all types of experiments and notes on the pages. Some were neatly printed out, others were just handwritten in a small tight script. "What are these, Jane?"

    "The're Bunsen's work notes. We've not seen in him years, ever since he went time-traveling by himself. He told us to give these to you whenever you showed up." She sat back down at the table, and took another sip of coffee, looking at the skit layout for a moment. She shook her head, and looked over at him. "Why are you here, Emmett?"

    "I came because I'm following these two men." He took off his shades and slipped them into his pocket. "They're not to be trusted one bit."

    "Who are these men, Dr. Brown?" James asked, curious. He picked at his nails a little bit, while watching them both. "They can't be that bad, you know."

    He was about to answer, when the front door opened, with Skeeter and Renee walking inside chatting away. As they walked inside, Scooter was walking down the stairs, yawning.

    "You know for a dead guy, Scoot...you sleep a lot." Skeeter remarked as Scooter was covering his mouth while yawning.

    'Dead guy?' Doc pondered, as he looked a little closer at Scooter as he passed him. "GREAT SCOTT!" He yelled out loud, and he leapt up from the chair he was sitting in, and backed up a few feet from Scooter.

    Scooter looked over at him, and gave him an odd look. He grabbed a couple of mugs, and started to make some tea. He just shook his head, without saying anything, and when the tea was done, he started for the stairs again, both mugs in his hands. He stopped and gave Renee a quick peck on the cheek. She smiled and went into the kitchen with Skeeter.

    "What is up with you?" Renee asked as she settled at the kitchen table, smirking.

    "Ah...oh....eehhh..." Doc sputtered, as he watched Scooter intently until he went into one of the rooms, then closed the door behind him with his foot. "...he's a zombie!"

    "Yeah?" She shrugged her shoulders a little bit, and picked up a doughnut, and started eating it. "He's always been like that, far back as I can remember."

    Skeeter chuckled and sat down, she smiled a bit; drinking some coffee. She held out the pot and an empty mug to Emmett. "You want a cup? It's..." She sniffed it. "Wooh...it's that strong stuff again. Jane, you must've made the coffee this morning then." She poured Emmett a cup, and sat down.

    Everyone was seated again at the table, and James kept filing his nails, and picking at them. Jane kept on reading the papers, and signing various things. She noticed Doc hadn't touched his coffee, but was wrather just sitting there, staring at it.

    "What's wrong? ...What were you saying eariler anyways? About those two men? Who were they anyways..?" She asked, still halfway flipping through the papers.

    "That...was a good night's sleep, Griff. Gotta hand it to these stupid muppets, they may be crazy. But they know comfort!" Biff stated, as him and Griff walked into the kitchen, they didnt' realize anyone else would be awake at this early in the morning. Other then seeing Scooter walking up the stairs, two mugs in his hands, they figured everyone else was asleep now. Skeeter glared at them, a sour look on her face.

    "Stupid. Muppets?" She stated, her arms crossed, glaring at them.

    Griff swallowed quickly, feeling uncomfortable. Biff started to say something, when he noticed Doc sitting at the table. He saw that he was already almost halfway out of his seat now. He turned around quickly, and dashed for the front door....he had picked the wrong time to get there. His hand was on the doorknob, when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder.

    "Biff Tannen. I should have known." Emmett sneered, spinning Biff around to look at him. "I followed your trail Tannen. You're not that smart you know....and furthermore, how on Earth did you get here!?"

    "I stole the DeLeoran, you crazy old man. That's how I got here." He frowned a bit. "But I'm freakin' stuck here now."

    "Like I would help you." He turned around for a moment. Then he just about leapt on him, he was so angry. "Leave this house now, I never want to see your sorry face around here again. These people are not to be bothered!!"

    "Oh, you're sticking up for the felt and foam are ya? They're not real, Emmett. They're fake, just like you are with your crackpot theories!" Biff countered, he was getting angry as well. He started to see all the muppets start to come out of their rooms, hearing the ruckus. One of them, a tall orange skinned young man, with dark purple/red dreads stepped forward. His arms were crossed over each other, and he was glaring. An older purple skinned man was standing beside him.

    "We're not real, eh?" The tall young man asked Biff. "We're just felt and foam then.."

    Biff chuckled at the sight, it started out as a small chuckle, and then went into pure deep belly laughs. He thought that was so stupid...Doc Brown standing up for these fake things. Just...playthings he thought of them as. The tall young man laughed as well, smirking.

    "Oh...you think we're funny then?" He kept laughing along with Biff, keeping his eyes locked on him, he reached over and laid a hand gently on his shoulder, still laughing. "We're really funny huh?"

    "Yeah, you're all so stupid, you're just....you're just fake!!" He was laughing as he kept talking.

    "Get 'em, Kev." The older man said, smirking as well. Skeeter was watching from the kitchen, laughing softly.

    "Alright, Dad. You really think we're funny, then?" Kevin asked him.

    "Yeah, you're all just funny and stupid." He stated, smirking looking up at Kevin.

    "You think THIS is funny!?" He clocked Biff across his chin then, Biff just toppling over on the floor, unconsious. He cracked his hand, and picked up Biff with one hand, pinning him to the wall. "You're quite the funnyman yourself. Dad, take this."

    Kevin reached into Biff's coat pocket, and pulled out a gun; handing it to Clifford. "Take it to Kermit. Tell 'em what's happened. He'll know what to do with 'em."

    "Right, Kevin.." Clifford responded as he went up to Kermit's room and spoke to him.

    "Okay, funnyman....you're coming with me. Coz, Frank...let's take care of 'em." Kevin stated, as Renee and Frank followed him down to Muppet Labs. They found an old disused Electric chair and they strapped him to it, then left him there. Kevin slapped Biff's face to wake him up.

    "We're gonna be back in a bit, with some others. They'll wanna talk to you, okay?" He stated simply.

    "I ain't speaking to anyone you hear, you stupid things!" He yelled.

    "Fine, suit yourself. We're not gonna torture you, but we won't let you outta there, until you tell us why you came here. Understand?" Kevin shook his head, as he did the last secure around Biff's chest. Biff didn't struggle but he stayed silent. "I guess you understand then."

    Then he and Renee left going up the stairs. Frank stayed behind for a moment, looking at him. "You're a really horrible man." He stated, then he left.

    It was only Biff and his thoughts then, down in that dusty and cobwebbed lab. As Frank left the room, the closing of the door sent clouds of dust flying off of the ceiling to settle on Biff. He sneezed, frowning.

    "I should have learned my lesson that first time I tried time travel..." He said sourly to himself, while alone..
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah! You know, the bit with Clifford and Kevin... Me likes. Reminds me of Clifford's mannerisms from the MT I've been watching.
    OK, now that you've got Biff down there... How are you gonna take care of Griff? And how are the Muppets and Doc Brown teach them a lesson? And get everything back to the right time?
    These questions and more, hopefully answered in the next installment.
  8. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Al-right, I am now sitting in bed eating slightly burnt (*ahem* Caramalised) popcorn and reading this story!

    Note to Emmet: Try not to fight with toasters...
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Bo... If you want a copy of Sara's works... Then head on over to the Challenge and Contribution thread... Oh wait, you already know about that one.
    Well, I'd say just contact her with the info and you'll probably get a copy when she sends out the rest.

    Hope this helps.
  10. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh my word!!!

    Gonzo is dead...oh my danish butter...ROBIN!!! *crying*
  11. G-MAN

    G-MAN Well-Known Member

    Oh man, this is a wonderful story, I read some of it, and then I took a break while I read your previous stories, and I just got caught up now, and all i have to say is Bravo.
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmmm... Wonder if I should tell Bo about... Nah, think I'll just let him read and get caught up on those two deaths.
  13. Smiles

    Smiles Well-Known Member

    WOW! This is really great.
    and man do you really type up a storm! I thought I'd never catch up!Ohmygoodness though its really great, i can't even make a specific comment at the moment but... wow.... just wow
  14. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Forty Eight

    Biff sat in the basement for quite awhile. He started shifting a little bit, he was itching. He found out he could move the chair around. Then he started to move it more towards the table in the middle of the room. He saw the overhead lights had dust and cobwebs hanging from them. Except for a few clean boxes in the corner, the entire room looked unused. Everything had a good quarter-inch of dust on it, including the table. He blew some of it off, and looked around, curious.

    "..Must be some lab or something..." He mused to himself. He hated it down here, he was starting to get lonely.


    "So...what about you, man?" Kevin asked Griff who was just standing in the hall, looking scared. "You're his son....what's his motive?"

    "Uh...uh...I'm not going to talk to you..." He looked away a little bit, and his eyes locked with Scooter, who had walked down the hall, with Kermit and Sara beside him. He backed up a little bit. "...can't believe you've got..a zombie...uggh.." He mumbled, his eyes never leaving Scooter's face.

    "What did you say about my Uncle?" He asked, grabbing Griff's head gently, so he would look straight at him. "You quit looking at him, and look at me. Tell me what in the world your Father wants here. Doc's been telling us about him, and he's up to no good. We ain't gonna hurt you, you don't seem to want to hurt us. But tell us...what is he wanting to do here!"

    Griff sighed softly, frowning. "...He never told me everything. Just that he wanted to get "The Butthead and The Snoop". And that we would be finacally secure for the rest of our lives, some dude was going to pay us off." Kevin made a threatening look at Griff, who shrunk closer to the wall. "It's all I know man! Just lemme go! Please!!"

    Kevin dropped Griff, and frowned. "Fine. Let's go see if Biff'll tell us anything." He started off towards the hall, until Kermit patted his arm. "Hm? Yeah, Uncle Kermit?"

    "Let me handle this, Kevin. You show Griff around the house, watch him, okay?" Kermit stated, smiling.

    "Alright Uncle Kermit. You'll know how to handle him I guess. Just make sure someone else is there, okay?" Kevin said, smiling.

    "I will, thanks Kevin." He told him, as he and Scooter started walking towards the basement door.


    The basement door opened creakily. Kermit, Scooter, Fozzie, and Sara made their way down the stairs. Clifford and Skeeter were standing at the top of the stairs, watching from above. Biff turned in the chair uneasily, seeing the four come down. He sneered, backing up.

    "...Cute. I think I know why you're wanting to mess with us here." Sara stated, frowning.

    "You. YOU STUPID *****!! YOU MESSED EVERYTHING UP FOR ME!!!" He was yelling wildly now, as Sara stepped off of the stairs; she backed up hearing him yell like this.

    "What is wrong with you? I've done nothing to you!!" Sara countered, pushing her grayed red hair out of her face.

    "Denays." He stated, frowning. "Denays was going to PAY ME to get rid of you!"

    "...Kill me?" She asked, worried for her life now.. "Wait...wait a minute. ...I think you've got..." She started to snicker a little bit, looking at him from the side. "I think you've got the wrong year Biff."

    "Like I don't already KNOW THAT!" He shouted back, getting angry again. The door opened once more, and Emmett walked down the stairs, frowning. "Oh great, the crazy old man's gonna give me his two cents..."

    "I have a mind to send you back to 1885, just to get a taste of what's really hard in life." He muttered. "You're always pushing people around, and trying to get your own way. You always aim for the most slezy and easy way out, Biff. You deserve to be punished, and brutally."

    "But..." Biff pleaded, he could see the looks in their eyes, they were ready to tar and feather him he thought. "Just let me get back to my own time, and I won't bother you people anymore!!"

    "Goodness, and what time is yours? 2006? 2027? None of us have a single clue!" Sara exclaimed, feeling frustrated and annoyed towards the man.

    "It's 1985! Just send me back there, I'll get back into my auto business...and I'll leave you all alone!!!" He was pleading hard now. Sara started to feel some pity for him, and she walked forward, about to untie him.

    "Sara, don't. He's lying to us." He knew Biff's face. He had threatened Sara with a gun before, a long time ago when she was pregnant. "You don't remember?"

    She stopped in her tracks, and looked back at Scooter, he looked so concerned she thought. "What do you mean, hon?"

    "He's the one who pulled the gun on you." He stated, her hand went slowly to the old scar on her chest. She turned and glared at him, furious.

    She was about to say something, but nothing came out. She instead just snap-kicked him upside his head. The chair went tumbling with him still strapped inside of it. She knelt down and glared at him hard.

    "You are a sick, sick man, Biff Tannen." She leaned down and hissed in his ear, then. "Pulling a gun on a pregnant woman....you're just putrid."

    He smirked a little, and looked up at her. "Like your dead husband?" He asked her. He wasn't sure why he asked her that, he knew she was going to kill him after that statement, but instead, she just stared at him her eyes going blank for a moment.

    She refocused on him, and frowned. "..."I can't believe you, Tannen." She stood up, and looked over at Doc and Kermit. "Whatever you guys feel is approaite for him, just go ahead and do it. I'd rather see him get shot like I did...but that's inhumane."

    "...You're sparing me?" Biff asked. "You're a nicer broad then I thought you were."

    "You're lucky I abhor guns, or I would have already shot you." With that she walked up the stairs. Scooter stayed behind, frowning.

    Kermit walked over and undid the straps and clamps that held Biff to the chair. He sat up, and rubbed his wrists lightly. Kermit just stood there, watching him for a moment. He had both hands leaning gently on his cane, smirking a little bit.

    "What're you smiling at, you old frog?" Biff retorted about to stand up.

    "You remind me of Doc Hopper." He simply said, still smiling. "You're as cruel, heartless, and as selfish as he was. Yet, you don't have a shred of remorse for what've you've done to us. You're the one who reported Sara to Denays, arn't you?"

    Biff grumbled, and looked away from Kermit. He rubbed his wrists again, and frowned. "So what if I was the one who snitched...that was a long time ago."

    Fozzie, who was silent the entire time; he looked at Biff and he frowned. Then he shook his head, and started also for the stairs. Scooter followed him, and glared back at Biff one last time.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well... At least you got in one good kick... And that's what he deserved... Good that Doc Brown's down there with Kermit... Now how are you going to spin this forward? Looking forward to more story soon.
  16. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Old Biff does kind of remind you of Doc Hopper once you get to know him for the first time. And I love your wording in this chapter. "Abhor" and "Putrid" are some pretty interesting terms.:)

    Nice chapter, Renee.;)
  17. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <Wonders how far behind I've fallen>

    I'm sorry, Renee, I just can't keep up... But far be it from me to ever tell a fanfic writer to (Can I even type it?) stop writing. (I guess I can type it...) The thought alone makes me shudder. So please, continue! Post, post away, post story to your heart's content! Or to the content of your readers, whichever is higher- I mean, more comfortable. <cough> At some point- perhaps as my birthday present to myself, depending on about fifty things- I shall come back and finish reading this story, and I'll probably enjoy it! But in the mean time, <curtsies,> Happy writing to you, and best of luck.
  18. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Certainly keeps getting more and more intense! Still really enjoying this so keep it coming! :)
  19. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    All right, Renee, let's see Biff get what's coming to him. He's caused enough mayhem for the Muppet gang as it is.
    Besides, at his young age, Scooter needs to have a nice full head of red hair.
  20. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Forty Nine

    Kermit leaned against his cane, and he smiled again. That sweet knowing smile, Biff couldn't even look at him. He knew that that frog knew something, and it was horrible that he knew it. The room was silent, as Biff was looking everywhere except at Kermit. Then his gaze settled on Doc Brown.

    "You're pitiful, Tannen." Emmett stated. "I know who you've been associated with. The devil himself, then huh?"

    "The..devil? I've never been with the devil, Brown. I'll admit, I've done some stupid stuff that could get me jailed." Biff frowned, standing up and leaning against the dusty desk.

    Emmett reached into his front pocket, and fished out a few pieces of paper. He set them on the desk, still frowning softly. It was some pictures, of some men. One of them had some men with puppets, in it one of them was smiling broadly, a visible gap in his teeth. He had an orange puppet on his arm, and was making the arm of it wrap around the other person in the picture. The other person was a very young Emmett Brown. He was smiling as well. Another man in the photo had a blue...thing on his arm, and was goofing off, it looked like he was dancing when it was taken. In another one, there were 6 men, smiling and standing proudly in front of a new set. The last one, had just the gap-toothed man, with Emmett standing beside each other, smiling.

    "...You killed him, Tannen." Brown stated, as he pointed to that last picture. "Does Takashi ring a bell?" He said sourly, glaring at Biff.

    "Takashi?" He didn't remember anyone with that name, he frowned trying to remember. "..I'm sorry...I don't remember anybody named 'Takashi' you crazy old man.."

    Doc glared at him, and stepped forward. "You don't.....you have to remember it! Eli Takashi!! HE PAID YOU TO KILL HIM!!!!"

    "Kill!? I've never killed anyone in my life!!" Biff backed up suddenly, trying to get away from Doc, who looked livid. He looked like he was ready to kill Biff if he said the wrong thing.

    "GREAT SCOTT MAN!!! You did something horrible.....and you were there that day when it happened...." He frowned suddenly remembering that day at the set.


    "When's the people who're gonna get us food coming, Jim?" Frank asked as he lifted Piggy up off of his arm. He stretched his arm out, and frowned. "Man, if Piggy get's any heavier we're gonna have to put her on a diet or something..."

    "How bad is it getting, Frank?" Jerry asked, as he stretched out his fingers, and put them inside of Robin, testing out the new lining. "At least you're not having to scrunch your hand so tiny...man...I gotta fix his eye." With his free hand, Jerry picked slightly at the wobbling eye on Robin. He looked up at Jim who still had Kermit on his arm.

    Kermit's mouth was holding some papers, as Jim walked over to the other men. He handed them some scripts then sat down for a second. "Okay guys. We've gotta get this song right. Piggy keeps losing her place." He smiled a bit over at Frank.

    "Heyy...not my problem Scooter over there broke my glasses last week! Still waiting for them." Frank complained, as Richard laughed softly.

    "I said I was sorry, Frank. Didn't realize those were your glasses on the table." He smirked, as he lifted Scooter onto his arm, and moved the mouth a little bit, getting his feel again really quick. "Okay...there we go. I've gotta reline him soon."

    "It's wearing out already?" Dave countered, as he slipped Gonzo onto his arm. He fiddled with the nose, and settled back into the chair.

    "Yeah, yeah. That song just about did him in. Plus, I've not gotten him re-lined in nearly 6 months now." He picked at the eyeglasses for a second, then he settled back as well.

    "Oh, hey Emmett!!" Jim exclaimed as the young man walked over holding some large papers in his hands. "How did the set building go?"

    "Got the hole all prepared. The fake insert for the Borcellino Brothers skit is ready as well. And I also took the liberty to fix some of the muppeter's chairs as well. I repadded the head supports for you." He said, positively gushing. He was so excited when Jim had picked him to be head Set Builder for that season.

    "Yah!" Dave yelled, happy. "Those seats were murder!! Thanks!"

    "Happy to oblige, Dave!" Emmett frowned for a second, then he remembered something. "Oh yeah, Jim. The caterers are here now, if you guys would like to break for lunch right now."

    Richard and Frank went ahead and stood up from their chairs. "Yes...lunch!" Frank exclaimed happy. He had forgotten to eat breakfast eariler, so he was quite hungry now.

    "Come on guys. Lunch, then I guess we'll practice some more, right?" Richard said, smiling.

    "Right everyone. Come on then." Jim smiled, as the rest of them went over to the break room for lunch.

    "Well, hi there! My name is Mr. Tan, and I've got just about whatever you fine men would like!" A tall young man waved his hands over this large table filled with all types of lunch. The nearly 40 or so workers started filing inside the break room, starting to get lunch. Mr. Tan served them all, dutifully and effientally.

    "...man...that last take was hard, Dave. I don't know how you do that spinning thing with Gonzo. I tried it, I feel like my shoulder's about to pop out!" Richard said, rubbing his shoulder softly. Mr. Tan was filling some drinks at another table, and he walked over to the muppeters table and overheard what Richard was saying about his shoulder.

    "Would you care for a neck massage perhaps?" Mr. Tan offered. "It's complientary. I absoutely love your work, it's so...endearing."

    "Interesting choice of words. Um, sure I guess. That would really help out, cause I've got a song number with Scooter next take we do." He leaned back, as Mr. Tan started to do a neck massage for him.

    "Richard Hunt, right?" Mr. Tan asked, as he started gently massaging the muppeter's shoulders and neck.

    "Yep. I'm him." He relaxed into the massage, then looked over at Jim, a look of pure bliss on his face. "Hey...Jim?"

    "Yeah, Richard?" He smiled, taking another bite of his sandwich.

    "We need to get an on-site massuse..that would be..great.." He replied, feeling more and more sleepy with it. His shoulders were hurting so badly, and that really made it feel so good just then.

    "Don't get too comfortable, Mr. Hunt. Your shoulders are so tense, you may feel some kind of pricking feelings, that's the tendons and nerves, okay?" Mr. Tan reminded softly.

    "Oh sure. I understand, I've had massages before."

    Mr. Tan was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, which hid something quite interesting in it's sleeve. A needle. Just a slim needle, nothing more. He slid it out softly, while he was doing the massage on Richard. He then slipped it quickly into his shoulder, while massaging. With a swift movement, he pressed a small button on the wrist, it held a small amount of a liquid, which then went into the muppeter. Richard didn't seem to notice it a bit, as did anyone else. He let the slim, almost invisible needle slip back into it's holder, and he finished up his massage on him.

    "Wow...that was great! Thanks!!" Richard smiled, turning back around to Mr. Tan.

    "No problem. Does anyone else want a massage then?" He asked the rest of them. Only Jim wanted one, so he gave one to Jim as well, using the same techique that he had done to Richard....then after that day...no one ever saw the massage giving caterer again.

    As Mr. Tan was leaving the set pushing the bins of food and supplies outside, Emmett stopped him. He was glaring at him. "Biff Tannen...what on earth are you doing here?"

    Mr. Tan...or Mr. Biff Tannen, smiled graciously. "It's just a quick job I'm doing to help out a friend. Mr....Eli was sick today, so he couldn't cater for them, so I came to help out. That's all."

    After three years had passed....two men died. The reports say of natural things, but Doc Brown knew what it was. It was that needle, that he saw in Biff's watch.


    "You massaged them to their deaths' Biff." Emmett stated, frowning sadly at his memories. Biff started laughing at what he had said, until Brown pushed him up against the wall. "Takashi ordered you to kill them, didn't he?"

    "Yeah, so what if he did!!" Biff countered, frowning deeply. "He paid me handsomely for it. He had many people under him, they all worked for him and what he believed. Even people who didn't know who he was, worked for him."

    "What do you know about him?" Emmett asked, Sadie had not told him much about Eli, as whenever she spoke about him, she ended breaking down after a short while. "Tell me, please."

    "Sure. You might recoginize a few of these names, Mr. the Frog...Nancy, his sister, she rounded up kids for the New Order Militia. Steve, he built it up so much...that until he was killed he could have taken over a small city with no problem. His home was only a small amount of what that man was capable of. Then there was Doc Hopper, he intended to go after you, Kermit. You were too close to Jim." He glared over at Kermit for a moment.

    "How do you know all this?" Brown asked, curious now. Biff was usually...just stupid and underhanded. Not...this knowing of what he was doing. He just usually had stupid luck at what he did.

    He slicked his blond hair back for a moment, and he frowned. "I've stolen your DeLeoran before, Brown. Eli found it out, when I accidently ended up here once. He saw it, and pratically begged for me to help him. Those muppeters had too much influence on the muppets."

    Emmett held up his hand for a second. "Wait...wait a moment. The muppeters, and the muppets are both real here?!"

    "Yes! The muppeters are people who operate those puppet things to imiate the real muppets! It's...kinda strange, but it works I guess. The regular public don't realize that they are real, cause they think their just ingenious puppets that some man built." He shrugged a little. "...I..I really don't know why they do that. They just do."

    Doc raised an eyebrow over at Kermit who just smirked a little bit. "I guess something's are better left unasked...anyways, Biff...what about that them being too close?"

    "Jim was about to file a lawsuit against Eli, get him put away for the stress and maniuplation that he had caused to the muppets. Richard used to be a good friend of Eli's, but he squealed to Jim about it...so they both had to be taken care of." Biff looked down. "And I was the one to do it."

    "You do have remorse then." Brown acknowledged, looking at him carefully.

    "I ended up hating to do it! But if I didn't, Eli would have killed me! I was all ready to just outright kill them, a slow and painful death, but for them it mutated into two different things....that infection to Jim and something that imiated aids, for Richard. They were both so sweet and kind...they weren't vicious and mean as Eli had made them sound..."

    "I see...but they're dead now. And he's tried to kill Scooter, and then you've tried to kill Sara. What is with you!?"

    "Denays, not Eli...he ordered me to find her and kill her! He already paid me half when I found out she was connected to the muppets! I thought she was just some...regular human..." He looked away, frowning.

    "So..if it's just a regular human, you'd kill it?"

    "NO! I...I don't know anymore, Emmett..." He shook his head, as he sat there in the dust, wanting to just go away from it all.

    He had dug himself into a ten foot deep hole and he couldn't find the ladder anymore.

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